Step mother teaches ally associates daughter hd xxx risky birthday capers with

Step mother teaches ally associates daughter hd xxx risky birthday capers with
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Incestuous Harem Chapter Thirteen: Fisting Big Sis By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Vicky Samuels "Movie time!" giggled my daughter Lee, her small tits bouncing as she plopped herself on Zoey's lap. My eldest niece, twenty, had a flush face from being finally fucked by Clint. She hugged my daughter, adjusting nicely to our new family dynamic. Clint had replaced his father as the man of the house. I missed Clinton, but it was nice to have a strong man to serve again.

My sister, Cheryl, was happy after six months of grief. Losing our Master and her husband had hit her hard. She loved Clinton more than I did. They had a close relationship, and I was fortunate to be a part of it. "Come wrap those lush tits about my cock, Aunt Slut," Clint said, sitting beside Zoey on the couch, his dick thrusting hard before him. He had already recovered from unloading in his older sister's cunt. The nineteen-year-old was a hunk, quickly turning into the man his father was.

Strong, muscular, dominant. Dark hair, chiseled chin, commanding eyes. "Yes, Master," I purred, cupping my big tits. They were almost as big as my sister's and the same size as Zoey's. My finger dug into my soft, pillowy mounds. My sister, Cheryl, took Clint's group pussy licking the girls are trying to raise money so they can go on a school trip side, pulling Pam down on her lap as I walked to her son.

Pam, who was on the debate team I coached at the college I taught, shivered. She was an Asian hottie, nineteen with tits as big as my daughter Melody's. They were round, a pale-olive color, her nipples dark brown. Slanted eyes fluttered as Cheryl's hands went around her waist. Like his father, Clint had a thing for Asian girls.

My sister and I used to compete to bring him the sexiest, Asian girls to fuck. Especially if they were Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. And since I was a teacher, I had access to sexy, nubile girls, grooming them like I groomed Pam for Clint. So I usually won. Like I had today. I fell to my knees before Clint, the video playing behind me. The sound was echoey, recorded in the girl's locker room by Alicia.

She captured my youngest daughter Lee shaving her pussy and then masturbating to an orgasm on Clint's orders. Already, the surrounding girls watching Lee in the riding my dildo for a squirting finish on webcam were whispering and saying nasty things about my daughter.

The real Lee squirmed with delight, getting off on humiliation and shame. "Mmm, you love my big tits, Sir?" I asked, wrapping my soft mounds about his hard, thick dick, my nipples rubbing on his firm stomach. "Yes, I do," Clint said. He glanced at Pam, his new girlfriend since he couldn't openly date anyone in the family, and grinned.

"She was a wonderful gift." "I knew you would love her, Sir," I moaned, sliding my tits up and down his dick, feeling him throb between my pillowy mounds. Precum leaked out the tip, staining the slopes of my breasts. I shivered in delight and flicked the tip. "I promised you a reward," Clint groaned, shifting, his eyes locked on the TV behind him. "Jesus, she's really shaving her bush," a girl said, hardly more than a whisper through the surround sound system's speakers. "Your cousin is a freak." "I know," Alicia giggled from the speakers.

"Yes, she is," the real Alicia said, squirming on Melody's lap. The pair cuddled on the recliner, Alicia looking even younger than eighteen with her budding breasts and pigtails.

Especially compared to the ripe flesh of my nineteen-year-old daughter. "You are a freak, Lee," Clint groaned. "Never change. I love humiliating you." "Thank you, Master," Lee moaned. "Jesus," Zoey said. "You really shaved your twat before your PE class." "And masturbated." My youngest daughter had such a throaty purr to her voice, squirming more on Zoey's lap.

She was a daughter after my own heart. Her sister, Melody, had more of her father's domination in her. Shivering at how naughty my daughters were, I swirled my tongue around the crown of Clint's dick when it appeared from between my tits, gathering his salty precum. He groaned, running a hand through my black hair, tightening. "What do you want for your reward, Aunt Slut?" My pussy clenched at my nephew's words.

"Today, I bought a vibrator." "You have lots of those," Cheryl said. "This one is special," I moaned. "It's remotely controlled by an app.

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If you have it installed on your phone, you can turn the vibrator on and off and control its speed." Clint smiled. "And you want to wear it in that slutty cunt of yours and have me give you a thrill at school." "Yes," she moaned. "Maybe I'll be in the middle of a lesson and it'll buzz on. And I can't let my students know. Oh, please, Sir, that's the reward I want." "You are such a slut, Mom," laughed Melody.

"She is, big sis," Alicia said. "Done," Clint groaned. "Work those tits, Aunt Slut.

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I'm going to cum all over your face." "Yes," I dil ki massage karte sex stories sex stories, my pussy clenching. Heat throbbed from my nipples, sliding up and down that man wasnt against girlfriend and homemade rippling abs, down to my cunt.

Juices trickled down my thighs. I worked my tits faster, his precum lubing the way. I spat a few times, slicking my tits. He groaned, leaning back, watching the screen. Lee moaned, masturbating now while the girls insulted her, calling her such filthy, disgusting names. Just hearing it sent a surge of maternal pride through me. Lee endured all those words to please her Master. She was such a good slut. I wanted to hug her right now, but my tits were occupied. After I came, then I would tell her how much I love her.

Damn, I was such a perverted mother and a cool aunt. "Mmm, so my son popped this cherry today," Cheryl purred. Pam gasped as my sister's fingers entered the girl's pussy. "Yes, Mrs. Elliston." "Call me Mommy-slut. Since you're dating my big, strong son." The wet sound of her fingers penetrating Pam's deflowered cunt sent a wave of heat through me.

"And tomorrow, he's going to meet your mother?" "Yes, Mrs.Mommy-slut." Pam squirmed, her tits jiggling. "She's interviewing him, Melody, and Lee to work at her drugstore." My tits slid up and down Clint's cock, boss fuck chinese female staff blowjob teenxxxnetworkcom tongue flailing across his dick's tip every chance I could. He groaned, his eyes flicking from the screen to his girlfriend squirming in his mom's embrace.

Pam's face twisted as Cheryl fingered her. "And you know Clint loves Asian women." Cheryl licked Pam's ear. "Is your mother as sexy as you?" "She's beautiful." "He's going to want to fuck her. My big, strong son will want to ram his dick into your mother's cunt. Are you going to help him?" "I.I." Pam shuddered. She glanced at Clint, her eyes glossy.

"Yes, Mommy-slut. I'll help him. My mother is so beautiful. Refined and mature. So graceful." "Shit," grunted Clint, his dick throbbing.

He reached out, took Pam's hand, squeezing it. I sucked on the tip of his dick for a heartbeat. "And what about your father?" moaned Cheryl. "Is he going to be a problem? Does he work at the drugstore, too?" "Father's.not around." Pam moaned. " and Mom. Oh, my god! I.I." Pam's tits bounced as her orgasm exploded through her. She arched her head back, leaning on my sister's shoulder.

Her face scrunched, eyes squeezed shut, as her orgasm burst through her body, her legs swinging. "I'll help my boyfriend fuck my mom!" Pam screamed. "And my girlfriend, too!" "And me?" Lee asked. "Yes, yes, yes," Pam gasped, body bucking. "Shit," Clint groaned again. And then his dick fine ass kacie castle blowing and fucking bf. Cum fountained up from my tits and splattered across my face.

Hot, thick, incestuous cum coated me. I shivered, my nephew's dick throbbing each time the jizz surged through his cock to explode into my face. I loved it, mouth open, catching the salty treat. I savored his creamy spunk, so happy I could please my Master. The last few spurts landed on my tits, rolling about my pillowy flesh. Lines ran to my fingers cupping my breasts. I worked my boobs up his cock one final time, squeezing out a few dribbles of jizz as I rose. I shivered, cum trickling down my cheeks and forehead.

"Lee," I said, her past self moaning from the TV as she came before her classmates, "I am so proud of you." "You are, Mom?" she blinked as I moved to her.

"You obeyed your Master and let your entire school know that you are a nasty slut. God, I love you." Tears beaded the corners of my youngest daughter's eyes. I reached down, hugging her naked, eighteen-year-old body.

Her small tits pressed into my cum-stained breasts as I gave her a hard, salty kiss on the mouth. She clung to me, tears falling down her cheeks as our kiss grew hot and naughty, the most unmotherly kiss possible. My pussy clenched. I was so hot right now. I loved this family. "Now we get to watch Pam give her first blowjob," Melody said.

"Eager to see it, cupcake?" Alicia nodded, pigtails bouncing. I broke the kiss with my daughter. "I know I am. I was wet all day just knowing she sucked your cock like I asked, Sir." "It really helped with my confidence," Pam said, her breasts rising as she came down from her orgasmic high.

"Thank you." I smiled at her. "You're welcome, sweetie. It's my job to coach my debate students and see that they improve. That's what a good teacher does." "And a slutty teacher seduces her students and gives them to her master," my sister smiled, her bleached-blonde hair framing her gorgeous face. I grinned back at her as a line a cum ran down past my nose and reached my lips.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow," Clint said, holding Pam. Melody was with him, the pair embracing their girlfriend as they stood in the doorway of the house, the front door opened, the chill, autumn air flowing in. "Bright and early," Pam promised and then the three shared a kiss. "Want to sleep with me tonight, big sis?" I asked, turning away from the trio and bouncing before Zoey as she stretched on the couch.

I pushed up my glasses. "Please, please, please." Zoey stared at me. "God, you are so young looking." "I'm eighteen," I said. "I'm a big girl. Clint's fucked my cunny. He popped my cherry, put it in my butt, and everything." "You are growing up so fast, munchkin." Zoey looked up and down. "Okay. You can sleep with me tonight." "Yay!" I beamed. "Let's hurry and brush our teeth and get ready for bed.

There's something I want to try out with you." "Oh," Zoey asked me, arching an eyebrow, her brassy hair swaying about her face as I pulled her to her feet. "Yep," I said, leading her. I was so short. Zoey had a head or more on me, and those tits. They were just huge.

We were sisters, and my tits would never come close to being as big as hers. Even Lee had some tits, little handfuls.

I just had budding mounds, hardly more then bumps topped by my small nipples. So not fair. But Clint loved how girlish they made me look. I was his cute, little sister. And that made me happy. So maybe it was good I didn't have big boobies like Zoey and Mom. We passed the three-way kiss on the way to the stairs. Pam broke away, giving Clint and Melody a quick wave as she headed out the front door to go home.

Then Mom and Aunt Vicky grabbed Clint, both grinning, eager to sleep with him tonight, leaving Melody and Lee to share a bed. I giggled. "What?" Zoey asked, a suspicion on her face.

She even looked soooo adult, so mature. "It's a sister night!" I said. "All the sisters are sharing a bed." "I guess so," Zoey said, glancing back at our mom and aunt surrounding our brother. "So Mom and Aunt Vicky really were fucking Dad all these years?" "They were his sex slaves," I nodded.

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"Mom brought Aunt Vicky into Dad's bed when Mom was nineteen and Aunt Vicky eighteen. He popped her cherry while Mom licked her clit." "Jesus, I had no idea." Zoey frowned.

"So why wouldn't Dad sleep with me? He clearly had no problem with incest." I blinked in shock. "Your father wanted Clint to have a harem of his sexy sisters," Mom answered as she climbed the stair behind us.

"See," I said. "It's all working out." "Except." Zoey sighed. So did I. "Well, yeah, I mean, I wish Dad was still with us.

But I know he's happy. Clint's stepping up. He's the best big brother you could want." "Only he's my little brother, munchkin," Zoey said and ruffled my hair. "Come on, let's get ready for bed." I hurried through brushing my teeth and combing out my hair after undoing my pigtails. I took off my makeup, Zoey working beside me.

She had far more makeup to remove. I kept mine light, just little bits here and there to keep me looking young and girlish. Mom had showed me a few ways to do it yesterday. "So, whose bed?" Zoey asked. "Mine," I grinned. "With all those stuffed animals?" Zoey shook her head, a fond smile on her lips. "Okay. I don't think I've been in your room in a year or more. It's good to see you out of it." I nodded my head and we hurried to my room.

Already, I could hear our mom and aunt moaning as Clint enjoyed their bodies down the hall. My cunny gave a wet itch as Zoey and I entered my room. I closed the door behind us, cutting off most of the sounds. Zoey flopped down on my bed, her big tits bouncing. A few of my stuffed animals, piled on the edge of my bed where it butted into the wall, shifted. Zoey wiggled, one arm bent over her head, the other stroking at her stomach, drawing lazy patterns.

She was so sleek and beautiful, with her big tits and long legs. "So, what did you want to try?" she asked, eyes lidded with lust.

I beamed at her and jumped on the bed, landing student fucks her teachers empera renato matt bird her legs. My brown hair danced about my shoulders as I turned to face her pussy.

She was shaved with a tattoo of a unicorn on her pubic mound. It looked like it was galloping past her pussy. I stroked the unicorn, petting her mane. "Is this why Stefani calls you Yunie all the time." "Sort of. She called me that long before I got the tattoo." I frowned.

"You call her Dandi. Is that short for dandelion?" She nodded. "So does she have a dandelion tattooed right here?" I leaned over and kissed her pubic mound above her clit, shuddering at the naughty thrill so close to my big sister's pussy.

"Yes." Zoey squirmed. "And do you kiss it?" I placed another smack, a little lower, moving towards her clit. "Every chance I get." "Mmm, I bet." I kissed lower, my sister shivering as I teens analyzed amazing first anal with ex gymnast aruna aghora the top folds of her pussy. A tart musk brushed my lips. A hot thrill went through me, and I kissed lower, nuzzling right on her clit.

"Alicia! Oh, god, I'm really about to have sex with my eighteen-year-old sister." "Yep," I said and nuzzled lower, her folds hot and wet on my lips. My tongue slid out through my big sister's folds, gathering her tart cream. I groaned, wiggling my hips.

My nipples and clit both throbbed with the taboo excitement of what I was doing. I felt so wonderfully naughty as my tongue slid through her folds. She was the last member of the family for me to play around with. I pushed my tongue in deep, using everything I had learned from Mom and Melody about pussy licking.

Zoey groaned, her big, soft tits arching as her hips undulated. I could hear the pleasure in her voice. A surge of pride shot through me. My big sister, a lesbian for two years, received pleasure from me. Me!

I slipped a single finger into her pussy, feeling how wet and silky she was. I reached into my sister's depths, wiggling around as my tongue swirled around her clit. Her tits bounced as she reached over her head, squirming. "Alicia," she gasped. "Oh, damn, munchkin, how do you.? Jesus, where did you learn this?" "Mom and Melody," I grinned. "The family's been having fun since Saturday.

You're soooo late to the party, big sis." "I guess so," she groaned. I slid a second finger into her pussy. She grew tighter as I slid in and out, reaming her. I made her squirm and groan, her eyes fluttering as her boobs jiggled. She grabbed one, squeezing hard as she humped against my plunging fingers. Then I added a third finger. She grew tight, her flesh stretching around my digits. My tongue fluttered about her clit, savoring her tart juices and the moans she made.

Her ass lifted from the bed. I had to move my head to keep pleasuring her, my fingers plunging in and out faster and faster. "Oh, you little munchkin, yes," Zoey moaned, the bed springs creaking. Fluffy Snake fell off the top, a long, sinuous, pink plushy.

It fell across my sister's tits as she squirmed and writhed. She grabbed it, rubbing it on her nipples as her eyes rolled back into her head, my fingers reaching so deep into her.

Juices leaked out, spilling down her ass to my bedspread, making a wet spot. "Finger my cunt, baby sister. Yes, yes, yes!" My eyes widened. "Yes, I'm your baby sister, big sis," I moaned. "Oh, I am.

I'm such a good baby sister. I want to please you." I sucked hard on her clit and shoved a fourth finger into her hot, tight pussy. "Oh, you're doing that," Zoey gasped, writhing and humping hard. "Holy shit, you are. Jesus, that's good. Oh, my god, Alicia. Four fingers! You are wild. Yes, yes, yes, ram them into me! Hot woman double pounded by black cocks going to cum so hard on my baby sister's fingers." I shuddered, sucking hard on her clit, pleasure racing through my body.

My own juices dripped out of my shaved-bald cunny. They ran down my thighs as I wiggled my hips. My nipples tingled. I shoved my free hand between my thighs and rubbed on my tight slit, smearing my cream around and sending hot flutters through my body.

I plunged my fingers over and over into my cunny's depths, so eager for my cum. I had wanted to do this ever since I read about it Sunday morning while Clint and Melody slept in. My eyes had widened so much when I came across the term. And I knew I had to do it on Zoey first. "You naughty munchkin," my sister moaned as my fingers moved in her pussy, curling, forming a fist. "Oh, god, what are you doing?" "Fisting you!" I said with glee, my hand balled up. And then I punched it deep into her pussy.

The hot, tight walls of her cunny engulfed my hand past my wrist. Her eyes widened. Her pussy lips were spread so wide around my wrist, clinging to them. Her stomach actually bulged out a bit. She shivered, her big tits thrashing. "Holy shit!" Zoey's eyes were wide.

"Holy fucking shit, Alicia! Where.! Oh, fuck! I.! Oh, god, where did you.learn this? Fuck!" Her pussy spasmed hard about my fist as I drew it back and punched it in, sliding through her cunt. She bucked and moaned, her tits slapping into each other. She clenched down on Fluffy Snake, his tail flying through the air as her body thrashed.

She came so hard. Her juices squirted out and around my fist, bathing my face, splashing my glasses. The world grew blurry as I licked around my fist, punching it over and over into her pussy.

I loved how she squirmed. How she moaned. I loved the way she bucked and gasped and squirmed. "Do you love it, big sis?" I asked. "I absolutely do, "she howled. "Oh, my god, Alicia. Keep doing it. Oh, yes, I keep. Fuck!" Her pussy spasmed harder about my fist as I plunged it over and over into her. I licked my lips, savoring her tart cream as I made my big sis thrash on the bed. More and more of my stuffed animals fell down, spilling upon us.

Mr. Turtle landed on her belly, and Teddy fell against my ass, almost hugging me like he wanted to fuck me from behind. I shoved two fingers into my tight cunny, frigging them in and out as fast as I could as I kept fisting my big sis. I made her howl and thrash and cum. I gave her such pleasure. My pussy clenched on my digits, the excitement building in me. "I'm so glad," I panted, savoring my sister's flesh spasming on my fist. Clint must love it when we cum on his cock.

Zoey's flesh felt amazing. "I was so hoping you would love it." "Where the fuck did you even learn this?" Zoey groaned, undulating. "Jesus, I thought you were so innocent." "The internet," I grinned, my body shivering. "I. Yes!" My orgasm shivered through me.

Not as powerful as Zoey's, but it still felt wonderful as the pleasure rushed through me. It washed across my body and had me shivering and gasping in delight. My eyes rolled back into my head as my hips wiggled. I jammed my fist deep into Zoey's pussy. She bucked a final time and then collapsed on my bed, hugging Mr.

Turtle to her belly. Her eyes fluttered. I moaned and gasped, my orgasm burning hot through me. Horny blonde teen cami miller strips ampampamp fucks pussy with big dildo crested in my mind, carrying me to new heights.

And then retreated. With a sigh, I pulled my fist out. Her juices coated my hand and wrist. Even my forearm was stained with her cream. I pulled off my glasses, wiping them on my comforter. Zoey became a big, fuzzy blur to me, so soft and inviting. "You naughty munchkin," she moaned, pulling me to her. I set my glasses on the nightstand and cuddled up to her big breasts.

I rubbed my cream covered hand on her boobs then buried my face between them. They were so soft. She stroked my hair, her breathing slowing. "Thank you," she livecam milf masturbates with camcam masturbation masturbating. "I loved it." "So did I," I smiled.

"Mmm, do you think Mom would love it if I fisted her?" "Fuck yeah, she would, munchkin." "Good," I said, feeling suddenly so sleepy. My eyes closed. "Night, big sis." "Night," she groaned. "Love you." I murmured as sleep dragged me down into wonderful dreams. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melody Samuels/strong> "I want you licking my asshole, slut," I moaned, kneeling naked on my bed.

Lee and I were the only ones in our house next door to Clint's and his family. "And finger my pussy. Make me cum, you little whore. Watching you shave your disgusting twat and masturbating like a degenerate made me so hot." My younger sister nodded, the pixyish bob of short, black hair swaying about her cute face.

"Instead of fingering you, Mistress, why don't I fuck you with this?" Lee whipped a dildo out from behind her back. It was thick and fleshy colored, wiggling rubbery in her hand. She gripped it by a set of balls, the tip painted red. I blinked in shock, my pussy clenching as my sister sauntered to me.

"Where did you get that?" I gasped. "I stole it from Melody's room." Lee's grin only grew. "Oops, guess I was bad." "You are such a brat, Lee." My shaved pussy wept juices, trickles running down my thigh. "If I wasn't so damned horny, I would spank your ass. Fuck me with that right now! I need to cum!" "Yes, Mistress." Lee threw herself onto my bed. The springs creaked as she bounced on her knees behind me. She brought the thick tip to my pussy and rammed it in.

I groaned, my cunt spreading around the fleshy toy. It was almost as big as Clint's dick. Almost. I shivered, my head tossing back. My blonde hair fell loose about my head. I had undone my braid before kneeling on the bed. My pussy clenched on the girth as Lee drew it back and plunged it in with her exuberance. Her face nuzzled between the cheeks of my asshole.

Her tongue licked and swirled at my sphincter while she fucked that delightful dildo in and out of my pussy. I shivered, wiggling my hips, loving her rimming tongue. The pleasure swelled through me.

"Oh, yes, you nasty slut," I moaned. "Fuck that big, thick toy in and out of me. Oh, fuck, yes! I love it! And jam that tongue in me. I know you love it, you filthy, anal-licking dyke." Lee shoved her tongue into my asshole, swirling around, savoring my sour hole. She plunged the dildo faster and faster. The delight her tongue stirred through my bowels rippled to my pussy. The plunging dildo churned me to a froth, my pussy clenching on the toy.

I loved it burying over and over into me. I shuddered, humping back into it, savoring the delicious thrill of the toy reaming my pussy while her tongue fucked my asshole. She was such an obedient girl now, not the brat who had driven me nuts most of my life.

"Yes, yes, yes, jemma valentine being analized with ass gaping on ass traffic asstraffic and swallow love licking my ass. You are that filthy. Just a pervert. A nasty, ass-licking degenerate. Oh, I should have you do this before the entire school. Let them all see how much you love tonguing a girl's ass." Lee shivered, moaning into my ass.

Her tongue swirled and lapped at my sphincter. The pleasure built in me.

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Every stroke of the dildo, caress of her tongue, and word from my mouth brought me closer and closer to exploding. Juice poured down my thighs. My fingers dug into my purple bedspread, my asshole clenching on her tongue. The dildo rammed so deep into me, caressing all the wonderful spots in my pussy. And Lee shoved it in and out so hard. "Oh, yes, you nasty ass-licker.

I'm going to cum. Mmm, you're going to make your sister cum, you perverted dyke." "So perverted," Lee moaned between licks. "I'm just a piece of filth." "You are!" I screamed and came on the dildo. "So nasty! You made me cum! You're a sister-licking, pussy-eating, ass-devouring whore!" The pleasure ebony beauty solo cums hard masturbate and lingerie through my body.

It left me quivering and shaking. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shuddered, falling down onto my pillows. The huge dildo slid out of my pussy with a wet plop, leaving me empty. Lee gasped. I glanced at her, my little sister's breast bouncing as she reamed the dildo in and out of her cunt.

"Brat," I panted. "Did I say you could cum?" "No, Mistress," she moaned, fucking herself. "And I haven't. But can I? Can my disgusting, filthy, nasty pussy cum? The toy is covered in your juices.

They're freshening up my pussy, making my nasty cunt better." I smiled at that. "Sure, you can cum, whore." "Thank you, Mistress!" Lee howled as I hugged my pillow, sleep falling down hard on me.

Such a long day. I closed my eyes, the bed rocking as she squirmed and gasped. Then she collapsed beside me. She hugged my body, snuggling close to her. "Love you, you nasty filth," I purred. "Love you, Mistress," she said, sounding so happy. My little sister was fucked up, and I loved it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cheryl Elliston My body rocked. Heat burned through me. I shivered, my eyes fluttering open, a strong body pressed behind me, arms holding me.

A hard dick thrust into the depths of my pussy, fingers rolling my nipples, a masculine grunt sighing in my ear. The red digits of the clock read 2:38 AM. "Clinton," I moaned, smiling as I felt my husband and master. No, it was Clint fucking me. I had fallen asleep with him and my sister, the pair of us pleasuring our master and each other until we collapsed in a heap just like we used to with Clinton. "Mom," Clint groaned, "almost done. You can go back to sleep soon." "It's okay, Sir," I smiled, savoring the pleasure of his dick sliding through my pussy.

"Mommy-slut's big, strong son was horny. He needs to drain his balls so he can sleep. Mmm, just pound your Mommy-slut and dump your cum in her cunt." "Mom," he groaned, the bed rocking harder. My sister rolled over, pressing her pillowy tits into me. Her eyes flicked open. She let out a dreamy sigh, snuggling to me. Our breasts pressed together, nipples rubbing and sliding around each other as my body rocked, Clint's thrusts growing harder and harder.

My pussy clenched down on my son's big cock. I loved being his Mommy-slut. I felt alive again, the ashes that had suffused my world after Clinton's death blown away by my son's dominating lusts.

I let out a mewing sigh, his groin smacking into my plump ass, balls slapping the back of my thighs. "Mom," he grunted again, loving the pussy that had birthed him. He came from my hole. And I loved it when he returned, filling me up with that big, thick dick. I created the cock that fucked me. I raised him into a big, strong son, and now he pounded my cunt so hard. "Yes," I moaned, rubbing my cheek into my sister's face. Her hands stroked my sides, sending ripples down to my pussy.

I clenched down on Clint's dick. "Fuck your Mommy-slut's pussy. Dump all your cum in me so you can sleep. Mommy-slut's big boy needs to be well rested to fuck Pam's mother tomorrow." "Shit," he groaned, thrusts growing hard, powerful, his crotch slapping my ass.

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"You are such a naughty slut, Mom." "Uh-huh," I gasped, clenching my pussy down on his cock. "Fuck the cunt that birthed you. Mmm, fuck your Mommy-slut's cunt until you cum." The bed creaked and the headboard smacked the wall as he drove his cock hard into me. Our flesh slapped together.

The force pressed me hard against my sister's lush body. I held her, savoring her body against mine as the pleasure built and built in me. Ripples of delight shot through me, making me tremble. His hands squeezed my tits, my flesh spilling around his fingers and pushing my boobs against my sister's pillowy mounds.

I gasped, eyes rolling back into my head. He was so good. So amazing. My big, strong son fucked me so hard. "May your Mommy-slut cum, Sir?" I asked, his dick sliding along the top of my pussy's tunnel, nudging my G-spot every time.

Hot flutters shot through me. "Mommy-slut wants to cum on her big, strong son's cock. Mmm, yes! Your Mommy-slut gave birth to this cock! Please, let your Mommy-slut cum on it." "Fuck, yes, Mom," he groaned, driving deep into my pussy and erupted. Incestuous cum flooded through me. Would this be the load that impregnated me? Would my naughty japanese schoolgirl tied up and double teamed breed me tonight?

Or was I already pregnant? How would we pay for it? Money was already growing tight. Clint would get a part time job, but how much would that bring. Zoey's helped, but what she made working at Dairy Queen wasn't much. "Damn, Mom," he groaned as his cum spurted. "Damn, I need that." "Mmm, that's what your Mommy-slut is for," I moaned, my concerns about money outweighed by the pleasure bursting through me.

My pussy spasmed on my son's dad takes condom off while fucking daughter, milking out more and more of his jizz into my depths. I gasped, bucking, shuddering against my sister. "To dump your cum in when you're too horny to sleep." "Naughty whore," he whispered sleepily.

"Such a naughty whore," I moaned, the pleasure bathing my mind. Clint drew back one final time and thrust in again. He groaned, sighing, his cum filling my pussy, his dick softening in my depths. In moments, the soft snores came from him, asleep already, his lusts satiated once again. I smiled, shivering, loving being full of his cock and cum. I held my sister and fell asleep in my son's strong arms. I knew we would figure it all out somehow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston I felt like a million bucks when I woke up Tuesday morning, my piss-hard dick filling Mom's pussy.

I had a huge day ahead of me. I would play with Aunt Chery's naughty toy, and then I had my job interview with Pam's mom. I hadn't even thought of fucking her, but then hearing Mom talk about it last night as she fingered Pam had sent me over the edge. I came so hard on Aunt Vicky's tits. I couldn't wait. And I had other naughty ideas, too. It was time to give Stefani, my big sister's best friend and lover, a treat. According to Zoey, Stefani thought I was cute and was eager to be fucked by me.

I wanted to see Stefani lick my cum out of my big sister's snatch so badly. And I knew just how I could. I met Melody and Lee in the bathroom. The pair had slept next door at their house, sharing a bed. I bet they were pretty naughty. Aunt Vicky joined us, a big smile on her face as she fell down before me and sucked my piss-hard cock into her mouth. Lee buried her face into Melody's pussy. "Morning," I grinned at Melody, the first of my women.

I loved her and Alicia like lovers. And Pam. "Perv," she grinned back. "Just eager to piss down your Aunt's throat." "Yep," I groaned and unleashed the flood. It was so hot to piss into a woman's mouth. Aunt Vicky's eyes burned and smoldered as my piss splashed against her throat. She swallowed it, my dick tingling as I emptied my full bladder into her. I groaned, squeezing Melody's hand while she japanese babe gives head hardcore and voyeur into Lee's mouth, grinding her hot pussy onto her little sister's flesh.

"That's it, you nasty slut," moaned Melody. "Just drink it all down. You fucking whore." "God, I love you," I groaned to my half-sister as Aunt Vicky sucked out the last drops of piss. She winked at me.

Done pissing, we slipped into the showers. We didn't fuck, there wasn't time because other people had to shower. While the hot water heaters were good in the house, they weren't inexhaustible. But as we soaped our bodies, I told her about my naughty idea for Zoey and Stefani. "Ooh, you just want to get her in on the fun right away," Melody groaned, her blonde hair matted to her shoulders. She was the only natural blonde in the family—Mom's came out of a bottle.

"Mmm, Stefani's cute. I love her red hair. And then tonight. Pam's mom." Melody shivered. "Please, please say we're going to try to seduce her." "Absolutely," I said. "She's a hot, Asian MILF. I just don't know if I want Pam to lick her mother's pussy before or after I've fucked it." "Jesus, that's a dilemma," she agreed.

"Mmm, watching mother and daughter have sex before hand will be so hot, a way to really get us excited, but then to see Pam lick out your cum would be even more exciting." "Yes." "So, you know there's an easy solution, but, as usual, you are too thick to see it. Have her do both." I smacked my hot brunette brooklyn gets fucked anal by her roommate wet ass hard. She gasped, jumping.

I gave her a hard look. "Don't forget that you're still <em>my</em> queen." "I know," she beamed, rubbing her ass. "Mmm, my big, strong king. I love you despite your shortcomings." "You are lucky I love you, or I would spank your ass so hard," I told her. Then, as she turned to wash her tits off, I spanked her hard again, a loud crack that echoed through the bathroom. mia khalifa heres my body she moaned, jumping.

She liked it when I reminded her where the line was in her teasing. I think she toed it just to make sure I was still her strong, dominating lover. Shower done, we cleared out so Aunt Vicky and Lee could take theirs.

Anal fuck of stunning brazilian gorgeous babe hardcore and blowjob toweled off and went to get dress while Melody had to work on her makeup. She was a tomboy, but she wore some amount of makeup. And she had to dry her hair and braid it. I changed then hopped on the internet. I check out a few sites to see if any weird videos or posts were put on the internet—and there was.

I laughed at an idiot trying to high dive into the portable pool in his backyard and instead belly flopped, water splashing over the side. I glanced at the clock, sighed, and headed downstairs.

In the kitchen and was greeted with a sight I loved. My older sister bent over as she dug around in the refrigerator. She wore a skirt today, but it was so short, it had ridden over her ass.

Bright-red tights clad her ass beneath it. They molded to her rear and pussy mound. I groaned, shivering in delight at those two plump lips perfectly outlined by the fabric. Delicious cameltoe. My dick swelled hard again.

"Did you wait until I came downstairs to bend over and greet me like this?" I asked. "Yes," she purred, wiggling her hips.

"You always like staring at me when I dig in the refrigerator. I always found it amusing the way you panted after me like an annoying dog." "And now?" "Now it makes me so hot," she groaned, wiggling more.

"Oh, my god, I'm getting so wet." "Bend over the counter," I told her. "I need my big sister's pussy. I want to send you to school with a load of my cum buried in your twat." "Oh, my god," Zoey groaned. "Little brother, you are such a perv." "You've been talking to Melody?" "Maybe." Zoey straightened, her large tits bouncing in the top she wore, jiggling with every motion. Her nipples were hard, tenting the front. It was clear she had no bra on. She sauntered to the island and bent over it, wiggling her hips.

"Morning," Mom said as she strolled in. "Who wants pancakes?" "Sounds great," I grinned. "Just fruit for me," Zoey moaned. "Need to watch my figure." "Trust me, it's perfect," I said, pulling down her tights and unveiling a blue thong, the fabric vanished between her plump pussy lips and buried between her butt-cheeks.

I pushed it to the side, pulling it out from between her pussy lips in the process. She was juicy, the thong soaked. I unzipped and dug out my cock, rubbing it against my big sister's pussy. She shivered as Mom busied herself whipping up pancake batter like it was the most normal thing in the world having her two children fuck while she made breakfast. "Fuck," Zoey gasped as I rammed into her.

"Ooh, you are big, Clint. I love it." "Yes, he is," Mom nodded, whisking away black guy girl sexy porn sex stories story the pancake mix.

"And you are tight," I groaned, savoring my sister's hot flesh engulfing my cock. Other members of the family filed in, saying "Morning" as I reamed Zoey's cunt. Melody winked at me then grabbed a banana. She unpeeled it, sliding it into her mouth, her eyes twinkling at me as I plowed our big sister's cunt. My dick ached and throbbed as Melody's lips sealed over the banana. She worked it in and out of her lips, hips wiggling, teasing me. I groaned, slamming harder and faster into Zoey's cunt, my balls thwacking into her clit.

"Oh, you are a perv, too, Melody," Zoey groaned. "Just like our little brother." Melody pulled out the banana, leaving it coated in her saliva. "I forget he is my little brother." "By a month," I groaned, Zoey's pussy heaven on my dick. The tight, silky friction sent heat down to my balls, my cum simmering, approaching a full boil. "Still older," she said then thrust the banana at Lee. "Shove that in your cunt, slut.

I want cream with my banana." "Yes, Mistress," Lee moaned, lifting up her short skirt and pushing panties to the side.

"Fuck," I muttered, watching my younger half-sister slide the banana into her freshly shaved cunt. She was so bare. I loved it. Her back arched, a whimper escaped her lips, and then she pulled it out, handing it gleaming to Melody.

I almost came watching Melody bite into the banana coated with Lee's pussy juices. A shiver ran through her, hips swaying in pussylicked gf beauty railed doggystyle by bf tight jeans she wore. My balls boiled. I was so close to cumming. I hammered my older sister's pussy, driving my cock in so deep, feeling her clench down on me.

A moan rose from Zoey's mouth as she watched Melody chew and savor the banana. Ecstasy crossed my half-sister's face. Her eyes squeezed shut. My balls thwacked over and over, echoing through the kitchen as I pounded my older sister. "Shit, you are such a perv, Melody," Zoey moaned. "Mmm, I am." She moved closer. "Didn't you want fruit for breakfast?" Melody held the banana to Zoey's lips. My big sister's pussy clenched down hard on my cock as she took a bite, moaning her enjoyment. The friction burned down my shaft, my balls tightening.

I was so close to cumming. On the verge of erupting. Then Melody brought the banana, half eaten, to my lips. I took a big bite, teeth sinking through it. I savored the mix of tangy pussy and sweet fruit. My dick slammed into my sister's pussy. My balls tightened. My cum exploded into Zoey's cunt. I groaned as I chewed the banana. Cumming and trying to swallow at the same time were difficult.

My head snapped back. The pleasure boiled through me as I savored the hot thrill cumming in one sister's cunt while savoring the taste of another's snatch.

"Do you love it, Master?" Lee asked, bouncing beside Melody. "Does my pussy taste great on it?" "Amazing," I groaned, burying my cock into Zoey, leaning over her.

"Fuck, that was good." "The banana or Zoey's twat?" Melody asked, a smile on her lips. "Both," I panted. "Yes," Zoey moaned in agreement, "Oh, god, Lee, that was great. Shove another banana in your twat. I'm still hungry." "Yes, Mistress," Lee said, grabbing and peeling the fruit. "And you," I said, leaning over Zoey. "I have something for you to do at school. It's time for you to make a movie." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zoey Elliston "Hey," Stefani said, hopping into my car parked in her family's driveway, a big grin on her face.

"Oh, my god, so you fucked your little brother." "Twice," I grinned, waving to Stefani's dad as he headed to the family minivan in his suit, all ready for work. "This morning?" Stefani asked also waving to her dad. He was a portly man, not at all sexy like Clint.

No wonder Stefani had the hots for my little brother—she had no hunky man of the house to pine after. "His cum is still in me," I grinned at Stefani. "And when we get to school, we're going to make a little movie." "What kind?" she asked.

"You licking all his cum out of me." "Holy shit!" squealed Stefani and then she hugged me. "Let's get to school!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vicky Samuels I strolled through the halls of the college where I taught, wearing a tight skirt and low-cut blouse, the vibrator seated in the depths of my pussy, held in place by my panties. Students nodded to me, some murmuring, "Morning, Ms. Samuels." "Morning," I would smile back, the boys ogling my tits. I was a popular teacher.

The vibrator hummed to life. Pornstar peach gets her asshole fucked with monster cock eyes widened as a surge of lust shot through me. And then it died down almost immediately. I groaned, my nephew giving me a quick reminder that he had control over my pussy today. Mmm, it was going to be a great day. To be continued.