First time ebony girl sex story

First time ebony girl sex story
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The business conference The sun coming in the window woke me. My company held a business training conference at one of the large hotels in Lake Tahoe. We spent all day going to several training sessions and then went out to dinner. After dinner there was an open bar social for all the attendees. Because I had a room in the hotel and did not need to drive, I had a couple of drinks.

Well maybe more than a couple. I don't remember. The sun was too bright, especially after last night so I rolled over so it would not be in my eyes. When I did, my hand touched another body. I opened my eyes and was looking into the face of girl put panties in pussy beautiful young woman and I had no idea who she was or how she got in my bed.

In a cheery voice she said, "Well good morning. I was wondering when you would wake up. That was quite a night wasn't it?" She moved over and gave me a nice kiss. "Well good morning to you and who are you?" "You didn't ask my name last night so I don't think I will tell you this morning", she laughed. With that, she pulled down the sheet that was covering us and I got a look at her sexy naked body. She was probably in her early to mid-twenties, five feet six and very slim.

She had breasts that I guessed were small B-cups. They looked like someone had cut a small orange in half and put the halves on her chest. Her nipples were large and hard. She was cleanly shaved between her legs and her mound was puffy. Her skin was smooth and snow white. There were no tan lines and no tan. She had shoulder length light brown hair and a face that you would just want to gently kiss all night. What a special girl like her was doing in bed with an average forty year old man that she did not even know was beyond my comprehension but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

She gave me another kiss and then started trailing kisses down across my hairy chest, stopping to suck on my nipples, over my stomach and too my manhood which was starting to react. She planted a little kiss on the tip of my cock and gave the underside a lick, then opened her mouth and gently slid it half way down over my quickly hardening six and a half inches.

Her lips kept tight contact around my shaft but her teeth never touched my now firm erection. She started moving up and down on me and each time only my cockhead remained in her mouth she would swirl her tongue around the tip.

She really knew how to give a great BJ. Moving so one leg was on either side of my head she lowered her crotch down to my face without stopping her sucking. I parted her labia with my tongue, worked between her inner folds and found her clit and fuck hole. I tasted cum, a combination of hers and mine so I knew that we had already enjoyed each other's pleasures even if I did not remember it. I could see that her ass hole that beautiful babe takes off his blue shirt slightly open and wet so I had spent some time in there also.

I don't mind the taste of a cum filled pussy. I have tasted several and large shapes merit hard fucking hardcore blowjob the all. When my tongue first touched her clit, I felt her jump a little and heard her moan around my cock. She kept sucking and I kept licking.

Soon she started rubbing her pussy against my face and constantly moaning as I licked her slit and probed her fuck hole with my tongue. Suddenly she mashed her cunt against my face and shuddered as she had a hard orgasm.

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Girl cum mixed with some of mine from before flooded my mouth and onto my face. She cried out and opened her mouth wide, shoved her head forward and I felt the remainder of my cock being swallowed. I could feel my cockhead enter the top of her throat. Her throat walls felt wonderful as they squeezed my cockhead. She held still with my prick in her throat as she came down from her release. The beautiful young stranger then got off and repositioned.

She got on her knees facing me with a leg on either side of my waist. She reached down and held my pecker and guided it to her hole as she lowered herself down on to it.

When she was completely down onto me she put her hands on my chest and started lifting up and dropping back down.

I started matching her with thrusts of my own but she told me to hold still. She reached one hand down and started rubbing her own clit as she fucked herself on my pole.

Her hips started rapidly moving on my cock in a twerking motion. She had another orgasm before she brought me to a climax. I warned her that I was ready to come but she never slowed down. I groaned and showed my cock upward as I exploded a big load of cum deep in her belly. She came again at the same time and then collapsed onto my chest. We laid there for a minute breathing hard, each regaining our composure. She hopped up off the bed, "We need to get cleaned up and ready for the day." She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower water come on.

Then she was back next to the bed. She took my hand and led me to the shower. It was plenty big for two people. We spent several minutes soaping and washing each other.

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Standing behind her I reached around and cupped her high firm small breasts. "I bet you belong to the IBTC", I laughed. "What's that?" "The 'Itty Bitty Titty Club', I responded.

She laughing reply was, "Remember that any more than you can get in your mouth is wasted anyway." She could feel my cock pressing against her ass. It was getting hard again and she noticed it. At my age it was getting harder for me to be quickly ready for seconds but I was today. She spun around and dropped to her knees.

She put me in her mouth and put her hands on my ass cheeks. Pulling me in she let me know that she wanted me to fuck her mouth which I happily did. I held her head so she could not move away and soon my head was happily feeling the walls of her throat on my cockhead each time I entered it.

She struggled to keep her breathing timed with my throat fucking. She played with my nuts as I fucked her face. When she felt my sack tighten she knew I was getting ready to blow my load. She pulled me tight to her and I pumped several blasts of cum straight down her throat.

She never gagged or spilled a drop. Finally she pulled off and stood up. We got out of fuck hary pussy com in her shower and dried off. I never took my eyes off her sexy body.

She quickly put on her dress but kept her bra and panties in her hand. "I've gotta get back to my room and change. It's been nice meeting you." Then she was gone. About an hour later the first meeting of the day started. I walked into the room and went to my table. Up near the front of the room I spotted my surprise guest for the evening. She was all dressed in a pretty new dress with her hair and makeup all straightened out.

Then I noticed that she was sitting at the same table as the owner of the company. She saw me and smiled and gave me a little finger wiggling wave and then turned away.

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The meeting started with the owner getting up and talking to everyone. "I would like you all to meet my daughter Stephaney. She turned eighteen a couple months ago and has graduated from high school with honors. She has decided that she would like to work at the company. She will be starting as an intern in the R&D dept. Everyone say Hi to Stephaney." 1215