Fat ass tinder date slow fuck coz her moms awake

Fat ass tinder date slow fuck coz her moms awake
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I came home one day from school, and heard the yelling of my parents. My mom was yelling so laude they didn't hear me come in.

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"what the hell are you doing, why are you even telling me this" I could see my dad standing in the living room, in a suit and tie taking it all in.

"I just had to" he whimpered and walks out up the stairs. My mom stood there for a second in rage, and walk out the front door without even acknowledging me. I didn't understand what had happen, when I tried to talk to my dad he told me to "leave it alone".

How could I do that, I mean come on. My mom didn't come home until the next day, and when she did it was with the news that they were getting a divorce, no explanation why nothing they just where.

It was a shock to me that whatever my dad said it caused this response. Ever since that say they avoided echoer, and I was miserable at home. I was also determined to find out what happened, I didn't bother asking my dad so I just spied on him, shock his study, and inspect his phone when I got the chance.

It worket, one day when he was showering I took a look at his phone. He had several messages telling him to meet her in several places, hotels, restaurant, and a house on the other side of town.

That was it there in that house there was someone that could tell me what was happening. But that wasn't all of it; there were several pictures of some unknown women.

She to me seem like a stunning women, tan, long shoulder length black hair, DD36 breasts, and a face that could make you melt in her hands. I understood what was happening at that point, my father was having an afar with these women.

She was responsible for all this; she was the one that should answer for this. For a moment I fealty anger at her (something that would later pass forever), how els could my father do this unless she forced him somehow. She was beautiful, and sexy in the pictures.

Was he leaving us for her? I had to go to her, confront her about all this; maybe if she stopped everything could be fix (I was so maybe). The next weekend wile my father was at work, and there saniy levon xxx pron story no one home I took a bus to the other side of town and locket for the address.

I found it in a suburban housing area, it was blue and white. There was also a medium red Ferrari it seemed new. Then I stood still for a moment in far, what if she was there, what am I suppose to say, will she even care what I have to say, or will she throw me out.

I came all the way over here I thought so myth as well do something. I walk timidly towards the front door of the big booty and cock look good. I stoppet for a moment collected my nerds and rang the door bell. I almost jumpet when I heard noises from inside the house coming towards the door. The door opened and behind it there she was the most beautiful women I have ever seen or ever will see, I saw her picture already but in person it was completely different, wearing a black tang top, and skinny jeans with high heels it felt like everything ells except her diapered.

For several moments I was trapped looking at her, silent, paralyzed, in love. She was looking at me all of my head to toe, as if dismaying the pulpous of my existence, and I blushed as I saw she looks at me too. "Can I help you" she said in a voice so sweet and inviting me completely forgot why I was there.

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It was as if I was back at school with one of the hot girls, but she was so many levels ahead of them, they where nothing compared to here. "I. I. I am here to talk about" I forgot completely why I was here, I just wanted to keep looking at her, then it came back to me, I wanted to ask her to stop ruining my family. "About you sleeping with my dad" the words came out in bluer and I after that I staid paralyzed in fear of her response to it.

When she heard me she looks a bit surprised, and a cute sadistic smiled came to her face, she opened the door wider and said "oh I do now you, steves son, please come in" she put a hand on my shoulder, and I cadent help taking a quick look at her cleavage. I followed her into her house, a large two story house, and her living room had a sofa, two chairs and a big flat screen TV. "Please wait here sweaty, I'll bring you a drink and daniela de itaquera sp caiu na net will talk" she said again in that voice so splendid I wanted to marry her.

I remained silent as she walks out the room into her kitchen. I was left alone in her living room still with images of her in my mind. What was I doing I was there to save my parent's marriage.

I locket around her living room, there was pictures of her playing tennis, laughing with other woman, and I think with a younger girl. Could it be her daughter, the girl did have the stunning look that she did only younger, less develops and her hair dyed bright red.

Even more surprising was that next to that picture there was one of her and my… my father. He was well groomed, wearing a suit and tie, and she was wrapped around him in a tight fitting white dress. I stayed focused looking at that picture of them, she was so sexy.

"Hey am back" I turned around nervously as if I've been couth red handed. But she seemed calm so I relacst a bit still nervous around her. She let a tray on the table with a jewelry box, a bottle of wine, and some water. "Come sit next to me" taping a hand on the couch next to her, while she looks at me with a small.

I sat down slowly, I was so nervous. She turns to face, and it was hard for me to look strait at her. I could feel my cock growing under my pants. "So I understand that this situation with my father could be hard for you" she said while putting a hand on my shoulder.

The feeling of her touch made me tremble. " y yes, it's um, I would like you too um" I couldn't get the words out. "Stop it" she finished, I looks at her a nodded, her hand was making its way to my neck. "Well that's not going to work for me, you see, I and your father are have a berry special relationship" "But what about my mother" I said without thinking.

She looks at me amused, as if I was here to entertain her. Her hand had reached my neck and was playfully crashing the bottom of my chin with one finger nail. "lysine" she began white a harsher tone that made me lysine to her every work like an obedient dog looking at his master "your father loves me, and he means a lot to me, he serves me as I deserve" Serves!?

Did she mean sexually, like he was her instrument, of use, or was it part of their secret love. "But it's ruining my family, my." she gave me one look that told me to be silent, and I was.

"You don't understand amber chase and her daughter seduces brad knight and gets their pussies fucked hard belongs to me" her hand feel to my lap, and I was nervous she would find my hard penis. "He will give me everything he has to give, and I have the feeling so will you" she said it as she was looking at the small bulge coming from my pans.

"No I." I could barley talk right, and her looking at saniy levon xxx pron story cock only made it harder (take as you will). " yes am shure you will, look at you only a few minutes and you already forgot why you're here, so weak" she said as her face came closer to me, before I could protest her tong tap my lips gently and I could fell a warm heat taking over me, I was nose shaking.

"You're like your dad, weak and easy to control. But I think I could have a use for you. How old are you?" "Seventeen" "good you have more time to give me, the rest of your life" she put one finger on the bulge of my cock "I can make you into whatever I want, can't I" I tried to resist her words but they were so sweet, so erotic, and it made me melt for her.

I didn't she dated my father (screw him anyway), and no one cares about me in that family anyway, but she made me happy more than ever before. So I agreed. "Good boy, but you need to prove your worthy" she un-zipped my pans and pulled out my penis. It wasn't big but it was rock hard in her hands that touches it gently and lightly shook it. It took all my wile not to cum in her hand. "well your smaller than your dad, but there's other ways for you to satisfy me" she said it in a hushed erotic way that made me tremble with the tooth of having sex with her, my hearth races.

She unbuttoned her pans and pulled it down showing her sexy pink panties. "Get the rope that's inside the box" she ordered and I obeyed.

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I opened the box and handed her the rope inside. "Stand in front of me" I did. She raped the rope around my cock, and balls, pulled gently and I led out a moan.

She giggled and did it a few more time just for fun. "Now hand me the wipe" I handed her a wipe that was also in the box. "Get on your knees and lick my pussy, prove you can serve me" I excitedly got on my knees stressed my neck to her panties, and licked it with my tough vigorously.

I always knew I had a long tough but still being a virgin I never got to use it like this. She moaned slightly and my cock was throbbing in the tight restraint of the rope. "Pull down the panties" I used my mouth to clamp on to the silky pink panties and pull them down.

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The feeling of her silky russian couple having anal outdoor couples and amateur made loose myself in the pleasure. She pulled on my cock and I could feel my balls swelling more, and more. "You're a berry good pussy licker, but I want to see how far I can push you, pull down your pans". She started using the whip to slash my ass check imposing me to lick faster and deeper into her perfect pussy.

The pain felt good, and her pussy tasted heavenly. I it was beautiful when she started moaning and my ass was red and swelling. "Mmmh yes, yes, do it faster, ugh, faster" her moans where getting louder, and my cock was dripping pre-cum. Finally a shower of cum covered my face, as she pulled my cock so hard a load of cum came out of it. "Clean me up new slave" she graved my head and pushed it into her pussy. "Good work bitch, I will allow you the honor of becoming my slave for life.

It will be a pleasure to use you for my needs" I was liking up a swallowing all her cum, but I could also feel my cock getting hard as she talk down to me like I was a pet (I was her pet). But then in the back of my head I remembered my family falling apart all for her gain, and pleasure.

I pulled my head away from her pussy "But my family is falling apart all because you're." she came in and slapped my across the face, throwing me down to the ground. "Don't ever dare to go against my again slave" she said in a commanding voice "you are my slave, my property, your old family means nothing to you ". She sat back adopting a sensual pose "your father already a banded you why won't you want to serve me" again a sweet inviting voice. I consider it for a moment why should I care, what happened wasn't my fault, but could I really commit to anything.

"But I. am only" "Silent" she interrupted me. She graved me chin in her hand. "Remember from now on you are my slave, You will do as I command, when you turn 18 you will live with me like an adopted pet, you will help me get what I disserve from people like your father, and in return you will get the honor to serve me, to see me every day of your pathetic life, and lick my pussy" I took one look at her perfect body and beautiful face, and I fealty week, all my doubts where gone.

"Yes miss, thank you, I will serve you happily" she relist my chin, and I return to the task of cleaning her pussy. "offcous you will bitch, now first of all we will finish taking everything your father has, you can even help me" her hand was on my head, her nails digging into my head.

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I made chur her pussy was completely clean, and swallowed the cum still in my mouth. "His coming over tonight, and am going to make sure he knows who he belongs to, and when I take everything from him, and then I will get rid of him" I didn't understand why but my cock started getting harder and harder.

She stood up and commanded me to pull up her panties and jeans. "Follow me" she said as she tug teencreeper kylie quinn stalked and tied pornstars and spanking the rope wrapped around my cock and balls.

I was beginning to rise when she stop me "no no, in my presses bitches walk on all fours" and she pointed at the floor. I got on all fours and followed her, I couldn't stop looking at her perfect ass on the way up the stairs. Whit all I had done, I was so excited, I felt like I loved her so much, and the idea of serving her for the rest of my life felt like heaven. We went into a room, whit a large bed, drors, a closet, and a bath room. On the bed there was a silk underwear pink night dress, with flower pattern "your dad loves when I wear pink a nightdress" I looked at her.

She took of all her clothes. And when she was done I couldn't stop staring at her. She had a perfect curved figure, she was a goddess, and I was her slave.

She picked up the nightdress and slip it on. It was see throw. "now license slave this is how things are going to happen" she said as she pulled the rope, and me closer to her "your dad is going to be here any moment, am going to be ready to teach him who he really serves, he will fall to his knees, and when he agrees to give all his money, I will throw him out like the trash he is" as she talk she also walk around me and started to tie my hand with the rope.

" and you're going to be in that closet hearing everything" leaning close to my ear " now you will learn what your dad is, my bitch". She pushed me toward the closet, opened the door and sat me down in it. "You're going to be a good boy and wait till it's all over, be silent" "Yes miss, I will do whatever you say" She closed the door in my face and I feel back, still incredible snatch drilling session momsandteens and threesome a rock hard cock.

It was some time later I heard the noise of her giggling and coming in the room. I put my head against the door to hear what was about to happen. It was easy to her the noises of my father saying sweet thing to gstring whore acquires bawdy cleft plunged lingerie and japanese new mistress. But it didn't last soon I could hear the sounds of the bed shaking, as he was aloud to fuck my mistress.

It lasted for hours, hours of the growing, her screaming his name, and I couldn't stop focusing on it. The Ii could hear someone going into the bathroom next to me, and someone opened the door of the closet, it was my mistress. "hi bitch, my and your dad are having a lot of fun, I hope so are you, you hear how he loves me" she reached her hand to get a bottle on a shelf above me "am gana need some lube for his cock, it's going to be a long night" she poured some on my bare cock and whit an evil small she closed the door.

The hot feeling of the lob made me cock throb in pain. That was what made me suffer most, and it lasted the rest of the night. -- Sometime after that nigh my parents finalist there divorce, and as my mistress Denise said my dad put all his money into her bank account the first day.

Soon after that mistress dump him in some crape bar, I haven't hear from him. I soon graduated from high school, and moved in whit my mistress, living in a closet as my room, I also learn how to cook and clean for her. I was her perfect slave, just like she wanted, and I have never been happier.

But am getting ahead of myself, Meany more erotic and life changing experiences happened to me in that time. The end? Kinda