Bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science

Bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science
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FAMILY OF 4, FAMILY TOGETHER PT 2: BORN: A NEW LIFE (Long gap since Pt1 I know, but have just discovered a few readers actually enjoyed Pt 1, so encouraged to continue; thanks readers) Life continued after our illness and its remedy's electrifying impact on our sex lives; the visitors, daughter of my best friend and her friend, went home, so my family of 4 - mother-in-law, my wife and younger sister, and myself: the foreigner in our country, and the man in the house - settled back into something of a routine.

Sound boring so far? It was. Although the physical effects of the anti-flu medicine had worn off, there was a tension in the air, everyone seeming to know that something good had been lost - mostly this being my medicine-induced horse-sized cock which had shrunk to its normal (reasonably-sized to me 7-8" full) size For myself, routine life meant no sex with my wife; she needed sleep more than sex, and pushed me away every time I tried to be romantic.

The Vision Lady appeared once, reminding me she had plans for me, and to continue my patience. She said my job had been to bring joy to my family, and the 2 girls who became temporary members, and I had done well, but that a wider world awaited my intervention, a new environment to help the troubled world we inhabit. Of course, this sounds ridiculous!

What was I supposed to do, even if I agreed the World was in a pitiful state? And what did giving sexual pleasure, via a drug-induced monstrous cock, have to do with helping the fucked-up World?

The Lady, as I referred to her, She knew I hadn't cum despite all the sex, all the beautiful orgasms I had helped the ladies feel; all the ways they had taken my cock, swollen to a huge size by the flu tablets, unable to release myself but bringing others to massive heights of pleasure, which of itself gave me joy - truly, if a woman is satisfied, this is what I have always tried to do: I am secondary, but get immense pleasure from the pleasure of the woman.

Who this incredibly beautiful woman-apparition was, I still had no idea, but her demeanour, her loveliness, her sexiness!, and her calmness, always enthralled me yet calmed me also.

I waited for her promised avi love sure loves to suck cock pornstars. With a cock needing attention!

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About a month after things had quietened down, I was sitting in our courtyard reading my daily paper, sucking on a beer, and dressed as always in just shorts. For some reason, certainly not the news in the paper, I had a half hardon when the village street sweeper came past. He, per normal, was clothed and masked against both the sun and the rigours of his job, so only his eyes were visible.

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two slutty girls in bikini nasty way sex on speedboat group sex and hardcore I knew him casually, as I was home alone virtually every day, and I always gave him recyclable items to help his life a little. We never talked much - if you remember, my native tongue is English, but here it's another language, in which I am less than fluent.

This day, I stood up to give him a bag of empty beer cans, and I noticed a) his eyes sweep to my bulge, and b) the sweat on his brow, so I asked him if he would also like some water.or even a beer. He declined, saying he wanted to finish my street, and finish work for the day - but, if my offer was still open in about 30 minutes, yes, he would share a beer.

I agreed as he continued sweeping, and my cock continued growing. Why? I had always fantasised about being with a man, and had read lots of beautiful gay love stories, but other than some small-pricked transexuals (nice as they were) had never 'done' anything much, yet here was I excited about a man I hardly could even see! When he returned, I suggested we sit inside; his name was Mot, and he looked so hot and worn out I asked if he would like to shower and refresh himself, before a beer.

He smelled himself and agreed it would be great! I showed him to my wife's upstairs bathroom, which has hot water, and told him to go ahead, and retired to my beer in front of the tv. 5 minutes later, thinking about Mot, I realised I hadn't given him a towel, so back upstairs, grabbed one and knocked on the bathroom door.

He didn't just open it a little - he flung it wide and faced me, shampoo in his hair, a quizzical expression around his closed eyes and open mouth.

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"I .aah.forgot this." as I handed the towel to him, my eyes swooping oldlady fucked and jizzed pornstars and hardcore a muscular, yet small body, and naturally coming to rest on his penis. Not extra big, but looking oh-so beautiful, wet and soapy and soft like female skin, but enough strength in it to show he was a Man.

He dropped the towel. Well, actually, I think I dropped the towel, but we both bent to retrieve it and collided heads of course. I apologised, as did he, and I ruffled his head to feel any bumps. Then I couldn't help myself; I stripped off my shorts and entered the bathroom.

The Lady appeared in my mind: you see, I need you to spread your Joy wider, give pleasure to those whose lives are hard, those whose environment is a daily grind, those whose feelings you can uplift.

My cock blossomed, no medicine, no trickery, it just bloomed like a flower, a rose from a bud into perfection. I had my horse-sized cock back. And I knew what to do with it. As if he too was under the Lady's spell, he washed the shampoo from his eyes, looked longingly at me, and brought his mouth to mine in such a delicate manner, slowly entering his tongue, then entrapping mine in my mouth, tangled and clinging together, while his hands felt down my body to my arse, and mine seemingly copied his.

He turned around. He pushed his body back against mine, wrapped my hands around his torso to his nipples - oh, a man's aroused nipples are so sexy, so tiny but passionate - and then used some soap to lather my cock and his beautiful arse. Me? I had never done this before - I don't know if Mot had - so I was in something of a trance, but he seemed to be in an active trance, and I let him proceed as seemed ordained.

His hands on my ever-growing cock were delightful, so smooth despite his daily manual labour, and his body pressed back against mine like nothing I had ever felt. Was I gay? Was I bi?

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I didn't even question it; it was Beautiful, and The Lady smiled in my mind, as I gently held his hips and he guided my rigid cock towards his love-hole. "Wait" I said, as I dropped down, leaving his nipples and lowering my hands along his chest down to his stomach, to his cock, averagely small but strong Asian one, and my mouth to his buttocks.

Nothing needed wetting as we were under the shower, so I moved straight to my first man-hole, and licked. He shuddered, I licked more, my tongue not long enough for my hot babe sucks cock in the shower and cant get enough as I felt I wanted to bore inside as far as possible, but enough to elicit groans and pleasured moans from Mot. He said "Now, please", so I drew up slowly, my now fully straight 14 inches prodding itself up against Mot's legs, to his so-smooth behind.

My cock found it's place, nestled in his crack for a moment, then as he bent over, his puckered love-hole seemed to breathe, open and closed, open again.and my cock found it, and slipped in it's head. He moaned, I moaned, he opened, I slid forward, and more groans and slides and I hit a wall - he couldn't take all of me ( I am damn sure I couldn't either!) so I stopped where he indicated it was comfortable, and waited for him to decide the limits.

Knowing my cock's power, given to me by The Lady - though now I am asking myself if maybe she is a Man, well, at least some of both a Woman & Man - I allowed Mot to dictate the pace and the depth, as I was certain She still would not let me cum. Wow, did Mot try! Pushing me almost fully out, then his hands wrapped behind my buttocks and slammed me back in as far as he could take me.again, again, a little more, little more.and I swooned over his back as I realised man-to-man can be as romantic, as sexual, as full of feelings- of Love?

- as with a woman, and I kissed his back and his neck, nibbled his ears until he shivered, nipped lightly back at his neck, and used jade petty john porn story hands to grasp gently his manhood, so in need of attention, and he sprayed it all at my touch. I scooped it up in my fingers, fed myself and Mot with his own cum, then twisted his neck enough to combine mouths, join tongues, share his cum, together in the throes of such a passion.

A Man I had never been with, but it was Beautiful. I was able to continue pounding as Mot wanted, but eventually he climaxed again on my still strong rod, and he had to stop.

We calmed down when he had had enough (for today) and I kissed him as I left him to finish his shower - giving him a new towel also. I lounged downstairs and when he appeared, he looked more tired than when he had arrived! Neither spoke as he sat down-gingerly- gulped a beer as we watched tv, then he rose and asked: "Can I come back again?" "Sure", I replied, "That was something special, I would like you to come back again".

"Can I bring my wife?" Mot asked, "She gets bored sweeping too". "I will be here" my cock responded.

Over my shoulder, or so it seemed: The Lady whispered "Now do you understand, you can spread your joy from one to another, man and woman, just Love brings Life to us all.

But you are special and have yet more to offer." .TO BE CONTINUED, PART 3: BACK TO LADIES, AND MEN