Busty blonde hottie has her pussy plowed fetish gonzo

Busty blonde hottie has her pussy plowed fetish gonzo
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Daddy's Tool Shed Heaven &hellip.My daddy built me a 'Queens Chair' i want my stepmoms attention cherie deville and athena faris his tool shed. I loved to spend time with him in the big shed, so he built me a 'special' chair. I would climb up and sit and he always had a cold drink for me. He would come over and tell me how beautiful I was and how he loved me keeping him company.

He would come over and stand between my legs and we would kiss and hug each other. He had a stool he sat in front of me and we'd talk. I noticed he would look between my legs a lot. Did he think I was sexy? I think he did. &hellip.I got an idea. That evening I put on a short skirt and left my panties off. I went to the shed and got up in my queens chair. He came over as usual and we kissed and hugged. He sat back down on his stool doing something.

Then he glanced over at me. I watched his face. He got a big smile but said nothing. I parted my legs more. Now I knew he could see my slit real well. He kept looking and got a little pink in the face. I wanted him to think I was sexy and keep looking. I got some little tingles in my pussy now when he looked and stared at my slit. Oh I liked those tingles real well. I wanted more tingles. &hellip.Mom never came out to the tool shed. She was always gone doing something. I think daddy was lonely and I didn't want him to be.

I held out my arms for more hugging. He stood up and had to adjust his jeans. Oh my god, he had a big lump in his jeans. Did I cause him to get an erection?…I hoped so. Seeing that made me feel sexier still. He came over so I could hug him. I scooted to the edge of my chair. His lump fit perfect in line with my slit. I pushed it tight to him.

We both gasp as I guess he got tingles too. .I started gently rocking back and forth as it just felt good. I kissed him, but not like usual. I held it and let my tongue trace his lips. We both started getting warm and breathing heavy.

When we broke the kiss I whispered and told him how much I loved him and how he made me feel so good. He whispered back how I was the sexiest daughter in the world and how lucky some guy was going to be to make……he stopped talking and too a big breath.

His lump was huge now as I rocked more on it. His big warm hands felt my back. My titties now got tingles. I reach up and felt them with one hand. .They tingled more.

I was in heaven with pussy tingles and now tittie tingles. "Daddy, your making me feel so good, let's extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy this up." I said. I just took one of his big warm hands and put it on one of my titties. He felt it so nice and gentle. We had never done this before and I know he liked it as much as I did. We kissed more as I got him to tongue kissing me.

I was aroused like never before.

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. He knew just the right thing to do to me to get me hot. His touch was so sexy, his kisses were warm and slick, his hands just knew what I liked and now I wanted to lay down with him and keep going.

Just the thought of having sex with my dad sent a spike of tingles through my body. &hellip.Right now I didn't care about anything else but feeling his big lump inside me. I had never been this hot in my life. He let me have sex in my bedroom with my boyfriend, but he was so fast and didn't warm me up like daddy was doing right now. I got bold. I reached down and started feeling daddy's big erection.

He didn't stop me. He let me feel all I wanted and I wanted to feel it more. . I went for his zipper. He wins a blowjob from a blonde was hard to get down, but I got it. My hand went in and in his boxers. There it was, all warm and hard.

I felt his hand go under my blouse and under my bra. Now I really got tingles, right in my nipples. His gentle fingers felt them and I was gasping for air.

I whispered: ("…keep going daddy, I've never felt this good, ever.") &hellip.I soon felt his hands lifting my legs up. Then I felt his warm hand feel my little bush. He pulled my hips forward and slowly ran his finger up and down my slit. He massaged my clit and that made me go crazy with joy. He put one finger in my pussy.

I had his erection out now and stroked it slowly.

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I wanted it in me so bad my fingers trembled. I pulled his hips to bring his erection close to his wet finger in me. .I moaned and quiet 'yes…yes…yes' as he started moving his wet finger out of the way.

I pushed my pussy towards him as my heart beat so fast. I put my legs up high. We kissed passionately as I guided his erection to the entrance of my pussy. He was panting and let it slide in me, a little at a time.

He held me tight as we started in letting him go deeper.

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I felt new things I had never felt before. He was very big, and tight in me. I loved the feeling so much my moaning became steady.

.We fit perfect now and the motion bumped my clit with each stroke. I thought I was going to heaven it felt so good. He knew just how to hold me as we speeded up our fucking. I felt the biggest orgasm of slutty blonde is down for some dp life coming fast and I held on to him so tight&hellip.I yelled when it hit me and I started shaking all over.

That's when I felt a warm blast of cum go in me. Daddy jolted and whispered: ("…Oh baby.yes!") I got another orgasm blast when he said that. My body twisted in euphoria as he kept shooting his warm cum in me.

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My head went side to side in wonderful joy as I got carried away with passion&hellip. The End &hellip.

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I finished reading daddy's story. I whipped the chair around to my daddy standing right behind me smiling big. I said: "You wrote down everything that happened that day!…then you have ME read it!&hellip.come here my little daddy…your going have to pay the price for making me this hot.

&hellip.He took off running down the stairs with me right after him. "Come here YOU!…you can't do that to me and not pay for it!" I chased him all over the house. Good thing mom wasn't home because I had 'daddy rape' on my mind! He ran and teased me behind the couch. He grabbed at his cock and said: "Is this what you want? Huh?" I was steaming horny now and I slowly stalked him.

He ran to his bedroom. I yelled: "Get your clothes off daddy, I'm coming for you&hellip.and your going to pay for making me so hot…you rough sex for sexy asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore what you were doing, so get ready to suffer." I went in his bedroom as he was undressing.

I quick started taking off all my clothes. I grabbed him and tossed him on the bed. I got him on his back as he giggled. I put his legs up and dived for his erection. I sucked it and got it wet before I was going to 'take' what I wanted!

I said: "The Queen is pissed!, tricking the queen is a capitol offence! I crawled on top of him and put his erection right where I wanted it…in me!. We grabbed each other tight as we moved together fast. I cried out "Oh daddy!".and the cum began to flow. we were wrapped together .over and over we slapped our body's as euphoria took over.I felt the flow of his cum coming out and it felt wonderful.pumping the cum.over and over.till it went d a r k .