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Nerdy teen slut foxy gets fucked pornstars hardcore
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THE HUNT, Chapter 5: LIFE WITH FREEDOM The next morning breaks early for me. When I awaken to the sounds of the new day, I realize just how early it is and that I am the first one of the group. Even the dogs and Wolf are still curled nearby. I sit up and move to the dead fire, then watch the others sleep for a few moments. My attention is drawn to my surroundings and their significance. I see the men sleeping peacefully nearby, the tranquility of the setting of the camp by the river near the South shore of the lake, the forest and mountains looming nearby.

I breathe deeply and take in the freshness of the new day, the smell of the pine forest, the sounds of the water gently lapping against the stones on the shore, the calls of the birds in the nearby trees. The day's light is only just beginning to be evident over the tops of the mountains leaving the ground around us still in heavy dawn light while the mountain tops and peaks are in bright sun.

It isn't that I wasn't as tired as they were last night, I was probably more so. This day is just different for me, this is a new start to a life I have hoped for without having a clear image of what it was I really wanted.

The realization settles in on me, I am just too excited to begin my new life. I have never known the complete lack of freedom like the others of the village or like my mother. But, I am now an adult, finally come of age, and as such I can make my own decisions, and in this group, I am free to live as I want without the additional confines and restrictions of societal mores.

This morning my life potential truly feels like a life with freedom for me to explore and develop. I move to start the fire, again.

The fire will take the slight chill from the air but will also be needed to prepare a simple warm meal to start the day.

While I busy myself with creating a nest of dried grass, wood shavings, and small twigs to catch the initial spark for the fire, I glance repeatedly at the men sleeping, and I remember in detail what we as a group did last night. I smile to myself as I refocus on the smoldering spark as I blow and nurse it to a flame on which I carefully and strategically place pieces of wood in increasing size for the fire to catch onto.

Then, I smile even bigger as my thoughts of last night expand to recollection of what all seven of us did, adding in not only the men but also the dogs and Wolf. I feel that tingle in my body core that I have come to recognize as my sexual excitement getting my body ready. I slip a hand between my legs and feel how I have already begun to moisten, just from remembering last night.

It is all I can do not to wake one of them right amateur wife on real homemade doggystyle stockings to start it all over, again. My mind may have been preoccupied by my carnal desires, but I see in front of me a well-started fire. I place several larger pieces over the top to create good coals for cooking, then I stand up to go to the river with the bucket for fresh water.

In the protected pool I can see my reflection. They called me beautiful. I study my face, then lean over further and see my breasts. I am a woman. I look up into the sky at a soaring eagle high above, feeling like I am that eagle, now free to soar and live my true life. This is my life now, with these men as my father and mother taught me.

Yes, this is my life; a life with freedom, to live as I want, to dream as I want, and to accomplish what I dream. As I am bent over the water surface studying my reflection, I suddenly feel a wet tongue between my legs. I am at first startled but then know the type of touch, it is canine, a touch I have quickly become very familiar with. And, I know it is not Wolf.

As I made my way to the river, I saw him lope off into the forest earlier. He is still a wild animal, even if we travel through this life together. He comes and goes as he wishes, also being free.

But, he always comes back to me and is always nearby if or when I truly need him. No, this was one of the dogs. I see the other to the side, patiently hoping for his turn at the new bitch. I move back from the water's edge, not wanting to fall in during the mating, although a bath might be deserved after last night.

I smile, again, at the memory of last night. The dog backed away from me as I crawled backwards to move a few feet from the water's edge. Once satisfied with my position, I turn to him and pat my thighs. He comes to me so I can pet him and scratch his ears. At the same time I look down between his legs. He is just showing the tip of his cock, but he is clearly interesting in mounting me, I presume, or he wouldn't have come to lick my pussy.

I remember the playing with Wolf and motion for him to lay on his side. I pet him and stroke his body, moving my hands ever closer to the his hind end and his belly.

I touch his sheath, almost like it was incidental and he flinched but didn't move away or make a threatening sound. I touched him more deliberately on the sheath and an inch more of his cock came out. I pushed him fully onto his side and he seemed very pliable to my handling of him. I smiled at that thought.

That only meant he was a smart male and knew what was possible if he behaved himself. Now that more of his cock was out, I bent over and touched it with the tip of my tongue, again tasting the pre-cum that had formed there. I stroked his sheath while I licked at the tip, satisfied by the steady emergence of his cock until I took it between my lips, sucked the pre-cum from the end, then took more of it into my mouth, licking it with a swirling action of my tongue and sucking hard enough to pull in my cheeks.

I soon had nearly a mouth full of dog cock, pulled back slowly until it was at my lips and I gave it a final kiss. I then turned on him and presented my ass to him, wiggling it and patting my ass cheek as an invitation. After last night, he knew exactly what was available and what he wanted and that the two were the same. I felt him on my back a moment later and his cock slide along my hand into my waiting pussy a moment after that. I gasped at the penetration and the difference between a man's and a dog's cock came flashing through my brain as I remembered the feeling of the men as I re-experienced the actual feeling of a dog.

They were both wonderful in their own ways and fulfilled different needs and desires in their own ways. Dogs had a distinct animalistic nature to the mating, not surprising, and the knot was completely unique. Men could be gentle, controlled, and sharing in the act of fucking, attentive to the feelings of a woman or dominating depending on the approach. I found last night that both were favorites, I like and love and desired to experience both in the many forms and variations that I trusted existed but were still unknown to me.

That also was stimulating, that despite the night of variety, there was undoubtedly more to be discovered. But now I had a dog inside me, his knot was pressing at my pussy, and I needed to again feel him completely in me, tied and owned by him the way a dog takes his bitch.

What a thought! He is taking me like I was just his bitch, to seed, to impregnate, and to make his own. It made me shiver in response. I pressed back against, instinct I guess, but it had seemed to assist Wolf and these dogs previously to get their ball of engorged cock into me. He pushed with short thrusts and I held rigid against him, pressing back to assist him. Then, I groaned out as the ball pushed through my stretched lips and opening and I felt that engorged ball inside me, filling me like nothing else I could imagine, moving slightly by the limited play it now had.

Then, just as suddenly, I spasmed around that cock and knot as my orgasm came over me and that spasming provided the stimulation to the dog for it to jerk and twitch repeatedly, spewing my insides with his cum, his doggy seed, splashing against the walls of my pussy and the entrance to my very womb.

My arms shook as all this washed over me, centered in that spot, my pussy, and spreading through my body, even into my nipples. I allowed my body to relax to the ground, my ass still held by the dog as he turned to face away from me, somehow his cock and ball rotating inside me to allow that movement. I relaxed a few moments while continuing to feel an occasional release of a small amount of cum from his cock.

That is another significant difference I have already realized between man and dogs: the volume of cum they give me. Knowing I am to be tied to this dog for a little while, yet, I raise to my arms and call the other dog to me. He comes and I manage to get him to lie down in front of me where I can work his sheath and cock.

I smile at the sight of several inches of cock already outside of the sheath. He was indeed waiting his turn. With the dog now on the ground, it is just slightly uncomfortable to reach him, barely out of my comfortable reach. I pull forward against the dog still tied in my pussy and manage to move him just that amount.

I lick and suck on the tip like I did for the previous one, but this one is progressing quickly. I have to slow my efforts to this dog or he may cum in my mouth.

Although that would not be a negative thing, I still want him in my pussy, to feel not only his cock inside me but his knot as well. I enjoyed Tupac in my mouth last night while being fucked by Wolf, but perhaps not the same preference level. When the dog releases me, I momentarily sigh after the pulling of the knot from my pussy but quickly move around to the other dog, wiggling my ass to him. With the cum dripping out of my surely gaping pussy, the dog is instantly at my ass, licking me, until I pull away and pat myself to get him to mount.

He does, then, clamping onto me at the waist with his front legs and humping his hips into me. I moan again at the penetration. I moan a lot, I realize with a smile. Returning to the camp, I see that my fire has burned down to good coals and the all men are now awake, even if just so. They are watching me walking towards them carrying the bucket full of water, some sloshing over the sides as I walk, wetting my thigh and calf in the process.

But, when you are naked, no harm in getting a little wet. The dogs are following me, being very attentive and staying very close. I can see the men making comments to each other as they continue to watch me. The men are now standing, Herve comments without taking his attention from me, "Look at those dogs. They are following her as if they don't want to be far from her.

They are like love sick young men." Tupac isn't so sure, "No, we are making too much of a simple action from the dogs. Surely, last night would have been enough for her. She took the three of us and then the dogs and her Wolf. That would be more than enough for any woman." Herve shakes his head, "You might think so, but she is still naked. It is obvious that last night didn't frighten her to change her attitude. See, the dogs lick her thigh and she smiles back at them." I kneel down comfortably in front of the fire coals, my knees comfortably spread for balance as I reach for the flour dough I had prepared before going to the river.

I now placed balls of the dough around the coals on flat rocks for baking. The rocks are hot enough from the fire and coals that the dough slightly sizzles as it is put down.

I then cut strips of the pre-cooked meat from yesterday and put it into a pan over a pot of water that is reaching boiling and place a cover over the combination. The men have taken up positions across the fire ring from where I am working. Dreng expresses the curiosity shown by them all, "What are you doing with all that?" "Something my mother did with dried meat.

The steam from the water in the pot heats and softens the meat in the pan." I look up at a warm smile on his face, "You are full of bibi noel is a very sensual blonde who has an amaz, aren't you Maia?" I smile in return.

After the simple breakfast, we are still sitting in a tight circle. I feel a need for talk and planning. Busty blonde babe goes cray riding an hard cock with her horny cunt don't have the desire to take over, far from it. These guys know what they are doing and how it has worked well in the past. But we need to address the obvious before it becomes a conflict with our functioning as a group.

From the time they saw me approaching from the river, through the preparation of the simple breakfast, eating, and now, they have been watching me intently.

Maybe watching doesn't quite hit the mark … staring. "What's the plan? Are we staying here for a few days? Are we moving on? Where to?" A constant stream of questions.

Tupac holds up his hand to me signaling 'stop'. "What's going on, Maia?" "I'm excited, I want to know what we are going to do." "No, you were excited yesterday. This is different." "Yes, it is. We have to get past something to really get comfortable. The sex. Having me here naked and the sex. Me here and the dogs and sex. We have to get some of it out of our systems." "Maia, we didn't mean … but, you are naked, and … well, last night was …" "Guys, it's not just you.

Although, you have been just staring at me … or parts of me, all morning. Honestly, it's also me. I really, REALLY, liked what happened last night. And, I … I already have been mated by your two dogs this morning." All of their eyes drop to my exposed pussy. I see smiles form on their faces and I look down, too. My lips are glistening from the cum inside. Herve elbows Tupac, "Told you." I smiled at that, "So, what's the plan.

Can we stay here for two or three days and get used to the sex? Maybe then it won't be so consuming for us … and I mean, all of us." There are smiles all around. Everybody admits to the need and the preoccupation. We agree to stay in this camp for the next three days and move out on the fourth to patrol along the mountain, moving South. With that agreement understood, we go right into sex, again.

The same positions are used as the night before but the who and how are changed around for variety. This time around Dreng fucked me while on my back, I rode Tupac with him on his back, and Herve fucked doggy style. Afterwards, I just lay in camp, my legs somewhat spread, cum leaking out of my open pussy, and a huge contented smile on my face.

I was just dozing when I felt a canine tongue at my pussy. I wasn't even caring at the moment if anyone was nearby or watching, I raised my knees and spread them out to the sides completely opening myself to the wonderful feelings being generated as my pussy was licked and my clit rubbed at the top of each licking.

I opened my eyes and confirmed that it was my Wolf. I raised part way up and took his big head into my hands, scratching his ears and kissing his snout. It was then that I saw Herve and Dreng on the my cock and cum for my redhead wife nola side of the camp, but watching carefully. I didn't see Tupac and one of the horses was also missing. But, no matter, Wolf was the only one who hadn't been around for a fuck this morning and I wasn't about to make him, or me, wait any longer.

As I held his held to my face, his sticky facial delight for cute amazing babe came out, licking along my lips and over my nose. Hmmmmm, is that how I taste? Why not give them even more to think and talk about … I slipped a couple finger between my legs and dipped them into my pussy, pumping them in and out several times before taking them out and bringing them to my mouth.

I sucked on them looking at the men, "Hmmmmmm …", giving them a devilish smile. I look under Wolf and saw he was well out of his sheath. My scent while licking me undoubtedly triggered the memories and caused the reaction for arousal. Excellent, as far as I was concerned. I just rolled over to my hands and knees, looked over my shoulder at him, and wiggled my ass.

He licked my ass cheek one more time before jumping onto my back with enough impact to cause me to grunt at the load.

But then we both got our legs under us, redistributed the load, and he thrust at me, sliding into my pussy with a minimum of guiding. I climaxed with Wolf, each of us causing the other to go over the top, him with my pussy muscles clenching and relaxing around his cock and knot like a massage, and his cock jerking, twitching, and spurting into me.

After we released, I was paying particular attention between my legs to see just how much dog cum leaked out at the moment of the knot coming out. I was surprised. It had felt like some did, feeling it along the insides of my thighs, but to see it actually run out and drip down onto the ground was more than I imaged. I had moved to a sitting position as I noted Wolf lie down and start licking his cock clean.

That made me curious. It felt like a nasty curiosity, but I was still very curious. I crawled to Wolf and he raised his head from his licking to watch me. I put my hand on his head and held it away as I move right in and took his still engorged cock into my mouth. A groaning sound escapes him as he laid his head down on the ground. I sucked on the tip of his cock after pulling back some and was rewarded with a little more cum. I continue to suck until I could big black cock 12 inch longer get more.

Then, I licked and sucked the outside of his cock, then the knot, getting my first really good inspection of it in the process. I am more than a little amazed that it can go in and out of me without damaging me.

And, I remember that this size must certainly be a shrunken size after coming out of me. I return to the hide of the elk I had killed and continued to prepare it and stretch it out on the ground for drying, staking it out so it is slightly raised and air is allowed to flow on both sides of it. It feels like it will be good for new moccasins for the guys. I had examined theirs and I could not determine a practical way to modify theirs to have ties to stay on during strenuous efforts or to provide more padding to the soles.

I had decided new moccasins would be required. Getting the hide dried and shrunk was the first part of preparing. Tupac had set fish traps in one of the streams feeding the lake from the mountains. I asked to go with him to inspect the traps later in the afternoon. He climbed onto his horse and extended his hand to me. He almost effortlessly pulled me up and behind him.

I positioned myself and held onto his waist without any of the shyness of before. And, this time he was without a shirt. Now Sweetheart rides on a meaty hard schlong could feel, and did feel, his hard, muscular body under my hands, one hand over his stomach, the other a little higher.

As he encouraged the horse from a trot to a gallop, my lower hand slipped just slightly in a bounce and moved just under the waist of his trousers. I could feel him tense, but he neither said or did anything to discourage me. Of course, I didn't know that he was encouraging me, either; I still had a lot to learn about the subtle aspects of male and female interaction. I decided to be the aggressor and inserted my hand inside his trousers.

He tensed again and I felt the horse slow to a walk. We weren't near any stream that I could see and figured it must be in the trees that were directly ahead of us. I pushed my hand further inside and I touched his cock. I smiled into his back as I pressed the side of my face to his wide, strong back. I turned slightly and planted a kiss to his skin as my hand clasped the head of his cock. He moaned and tensed, again. "Loosen your trousers." I kissed his back, again.

He transferred the reins to his mouth and with both hands untied his trousers and released the button at the top. He didn't say anything, ask anything, or request anything. The horse was still walking and I scooted up tighter behind him, giving my hand more access inside his trousers. My free hand moved up to his chest, stroking the slabs of muscle, which made me nearly cum just feeling them, the power, the strength they meant.

Tupac was a big man, a powerful and strong man; I could feel it when he fucked me and I could feel it now as I rubbed, caressed, massaged, and fondled his chest. At the same time, my other hand, mom and son full x mobi 'not free' hand was moving up and down over his cock, a muscle on man that I was very much fond of after only a little experience.

My breasts were pressed into his back, one hand on his highly-toned body and the other stroking his rigid and highly tensed cock.

He moved his back against, not pulling away, but from side xxxxxxxx story girl big big bootyxxw side, rubbing his back against my squashed breasts and nipples. As the horse continued to walk, now on his own, Tupac was steadily moaning and groaning from the manipulation of my body and hands. He would tense and gasp, he shivered and moaned, then he sucked in his breath, arched his back and became very tight and rigid.

Then he came! He was still holding his breath against the release so there wasn't much sound, yet. That was to come. When it did, he arched the other way, away from me, his cock still spewing his semen onto my hands as I continued to stroke up to the top of the head, then down, and up again, squeezing full story xxx asia mature mom and young son I india summer loves all big black dicks big black cock and monstercock up his cock, squeezing the last drops of seed out of him.

For now. The horse had stopped. We were at the stream. I grabbed his arm and slid off the horse to the left side. He sat in the saddle, hunched over, for a moment longer before stepping off himself. The front of this trousers was wet with his cum. I reached up and kissed his lips. He took me into his arms and hugged me, lifting me off the ground. "Maia, where … did you learn that? No, I know … you're just trying whatever comes to that pretty, beautiful, but very sexy mind of yours." I smiled up at him, "I can always stop, I suppose, if it would be better …" "Oh God, NO!

The three of us have absolutely no idea what you might come up with next. But, we love it that you fuck my japanese wife girlfriend as aggressive about it as we want to be." I giggled, "I don't know what is even possible, proper, or expected.

I think that is the wonderful thing about this. I am learning by trying." I then pulled his trousers down his legs and looked up at him, his cock now semi-hard.

I had to move only a few inches towards him to kissed the head. "Since I made a mess of your trousers, I will clean them for you and lay them out to dry. But that means you have to stay like me, naked. And, that means I get to stare at you." He smiled at me and took me back into his arms, "That sounds fair. And, Slender blonde teen tastes some sticky jizz am not complaining." The fish traps were ingenious and I intended to remember this technique.

They were woven from grass and reeds into a long cone shape with a wide end with a narrow opening. They were placed in the water pointed with the narrow end upstream. The idea was that fish could swim into the basket, but it was not big enough to turn around and they essentially got trapped even though there was an opening right behind them.

And it worked, two of the traps had nice fish in them. That combined with some of the meat and nuts would be a nice meal. We each cleaned a fish and lay the fillets on a nearby rock and let the rest of the fish drift downstream. They would be scavenged by some animal later today or tonight.

That night after our dinner and in the fading light of evening with the sun approaching the mountain tops of the mountain range to the West, it started all over again.

In only a full day, all three men have experienced the three positions any of us have considered so far. I am teens got gang raped anual that I still don't have a favorite and with three men to satisfy that is probably good for variety. But, I have decided that the doggy position probably isn't with the guys since I get to experienced it plenty with the canines. After the men, I see all three of the canines are sitting somewhat patiently nearby.

Wolf walks directly up to me and the other two stay back. He is by far the dominant male of the group. The guys are relaxing near the fire, remaining naked, and enjoying the show I am unintentionally, but unavoidably putting on for them. When the last dog mounts me, I shout out loudly, "No! Uuuuugggggghhhhhh!" I squirm away from the animal, then regroup myself, and help the dog mount me.

They rush to me, "What's wrong?!?" "Sorry, the damn dog just pushed into the wrong hole." I laughed and they joined in with me but they stay to watch me mate for the last time tonight. I have found that not only am I not only lesbian gang assaults on the new prisoner demand for my sex, but also for sleeping with. I am now also rotating between the men as a sleeping companion.

I also find it very nice to have someone to be cuddling with at night. I like the feeling of a strong male body pressed into my back or one that I can cuddle into from his back or side, my leg and arm over him or vice versa. Tonight I am in Dreng's arms but my mind isn't shutting off like it should be given my fatigue. That 'wrong hole' comment hangs with me. The dog tried mounting me in the wrong hole. And it went partially in and it might have gone further if I hadn't moved away from it.

The thought doesn't leave me. Is that done? Hot babes get penetrated in hardcore fashion people fuck there, too? The lika anal gaping teen gg exclusive analfucking and asstomouth open in my mind … and even in my sleep, it is just on the edge of my mind. The next day I went to the lake for a swim.

Father's teaching me so long ago has turned into a good way for exercise and bathing at the same time. As often happens, the dogs follow me. Wolf is again off in the forest hunting for himself. I know Wolf will get his turn with me later in the day, but for now I am about to be mated by the other two dogs. As I come out of the water, I find them both sitting next to the water, apparently waiting for me.

I stand in front of them, water running off my body and they both move forward and begin licking my wet body. Then one finds my pussy and my legs open. I am standing with my legs open wider than my shoulders to give them ample access to me.

One moves behind me and I now have two dog tongues working over my pussy and ass. And the thought returns, 'the wrong hole'. Damn, it makes me hotter just thinking of it, envisioning how it might happen, what it might actually feel like, and I make a quick decision and I see a possible approach.

I return to the camp and am determined to try the lusty thoughts that have been swirling in my mind since yesterday.

I want to try being fucked in my ass. As I approach the camp, the men are relaxing, but also working on little things needing fixing and mending. I walk right into the middle of them and stand in front of them. They haven't put trousers on since fucking me this morning, they too are getting more comfortable with a shared nudity in the camp. One by one they glance up at me as I stand deliberately and with seeming bosss step daughter begs for creampie and real mother brazil dolly little is in need. Then, I see them getting a little harder as they notice the dog cum leaking from my pussy and making the insides of my thighs glisten in the sunlight.

"I want to try something that might be very different. You'll have to tell me if you have ever heard of anyone doing it. Anyone want to help me?" Tupac looked at the others as he replied, "Knowing how the last couple days have gone, it has to be about sex. So, I would guess we all would be willing to help with whatever you have dreamed up this time.

What is it?" They all chuckled, gave me lusty looks, and nodded agreement. "I want you to fuck me in the ass. Is that gross or something?

Do people do that? Am I sick or something? I mean, since yesterday … I can't get it out of my mind." Again, the questions and concerns come out in rapid fire without taking a breath, until Tupac holds up his hand, again, to stop me. "Have you ever noticed that when you get nervous or unsure of yourself that you can't stop asking questions or talking?" He looked at the other two, "Either of you ever hear of a normal woman wanting to be fucked in the ass?" Herve chuckled, "A 'normal' woman?

No. At least not the 'wanting to be' part. I have heard of owners wanting to take a slave that way, though. My understanding is that the ass is a tighter hole than the pussy, especially a pussy that has been used." I was shifting from one foot to the other getting more embarrassed by the moment and wondering why I even brought the idea up. "Excuse me, we're not just talking about any old pussy or asshole here, this is MY pussy and asshole.

So … I guess we should just forget it?" "NO!" It was an exclamation in unison from all three. "But, just so we're all clear about this, you really do want to do this? This is something that has been on your mind, because I don't think any of us have mentioned anything about it." "Yes, definitely, absolutely, only me.

There I go, again. Look, if it hurts too much or doesn't seem right, we'll just stop. But, when the dog penetrated me just a little yesterday … after the shock and the moment of pain … I felt so full, it was interesting." "The idea is interesting to us, too.

So … how do you propose this happens?" "I think, maybe, if I am on my hands and knees and I am taken from behind. I have two loads of dog cum in my pussy. If you put your cock in my pussy, first, and fuck me there for a while, then with your wet cock put it in my ass." Tupac looks at Dreng.

I can tell he is conflicted but I appreciate what I think he is considering. "Dreng, no offense but in this case it will be good. You are a little smaller than Herve and me. I think you should try it first. Okay?" I was watching Dreng and could tell that at first he might have started to take it negatively until it occurred to him that it meant he was going to be the one to be able to fuck me there, first.

When he looked at me, I gave him a smile and walked over to him. I reached up and kissed him on the lips as my hand went to his cock. I looked down at his cock as I slowly stroked it. It was already hard just from the discussion, just like the other two.

I then looked up into his eyes and smiled awkwardly. "Will you do this for me, Dreng?" "Of course, Maia, if that is what you want.

But, if there might be some initial pain because it is so tight, you need to let me know if I am going to fast or … even if I am going too slow." "Thank you … and I will. That's why I want you to lubricate in my pussy, first." I look nervously at the group and take a deep breath. Before it was all fantasizing, now it was about to become real. I got onto my hands and knees and looked over my shoulder at Dreng and blonde beauty summer day blows hung messenger him a reassuring smile.

I hoped I knew what I was doing. My knees were spread like I was about to be fucked like before but when I felt his hands on my ass, I flinched in anticipation. He slipped his cock into my pussy easily after the two knots that had been in there, stretching me out and leaving me somewhat gaping. I patted his thigh as indication that he could move his cock and he slowly pulled out of me.

I then felt his cock head at my asshole and I could feel the wetness of it on me. He pressed against me and made no progress. He pressed a little harder, but I realized I was nervous, tense, afraid it might hurt.

"Wait a minute, Dreng. I am too tense. I need a diversion to relax." Before I knew it, I saw feet in front deutsche milf anni aus arbeit in arsch und fotze gefickt german milf me and then knees.

I looked up and Tupac had taken a kneeling position in front of him and he was holding his cock out to me. I looked up and smiled at him.

"Hmmmmmm, yes, I think that will do just fine." I bent forward and without using my hands took his cock into my mouth. I started sucking on the head and moving my mouth over the length of his cock, filling my mouth nearly to my throat before pulling back, again.

On the third stroke, I felt Dreng press hard against my asshole and I could feel it spreading open for him. My ass was opening and I pressed back against him to help. When he popped inside me, I screamed out around the cock in my mouth, effectively muffling it. It hurts at first, but only for a little while … then it too is an amazing sensation. I am moaning and groaning around the cock in my mouth until I finally take my mouth off it entirely, my eyes closed and my head hanging, my hair flying back and forth as are my breasts.

When I girl put panties in pussy, my body tightens and my arms and legs quake. But, more significant to Dreng is that my ass squeezes onto his cock like a tight grip and the pressure and friction increase around him. That is all he needs then to cum, too. Along with my own body's quaking and shaking, I feel his cock inside me jerk almost violently and begin spewing his seed into my ass, I feel the wetness increase in me and my back arches in response.

He has stopped thrusting into me, he is immobile and deep inside me, the last of his cum leaking from his cock. At first I have the weird feeling that we are tied, like the dogs, but it is only the tightness that my ass is holding him. I relax with my orgasm subsiding and he slowly pulls himself free.

I collapse to the ground, my face and breasts pressed into the grass. My ass is sticking up in the air and I can feel cum leaking out and dripping over my pussy. And, I can feel the big smile on my face. I move back up to my hands and look over my shoulder. I want more. And, anticipating or hoping, Tupac is there holding his cock in-line with my pussy. I smile at him and nod. "Yes, please, I want all three of you there." He presses into my pussy and after only a few strokes he pulls out and presses at my asshole.

I open much easier, with less effort, and less pain; he also pops through my tight ring and he is inside with only a few strokes to be lodged deeply inside my, his public hair tickling my ass.

Then Herve takes his turn. Each time I feel so full of cock and more full of cum with each man's deposited seed.

As Herve pulls out of me, I sit back on my heels and feel something odd. I look down between my legs and my mouth opens. The guys see my response and look at the same location and smile.

Their cum is running out of my open asshole and collecting on the ground in a small white puddle. Now I have two holes for fucking. Over the next day now, that is occupying my imagination. How can I take advantage of that? I'm a smart girl, how can that be useful? Then, another obscene idea comes to mind. Wow, that would be amazing, beyond amazing! We have to try. But not right now. They are going to be convinced I am a wicked whore, at this rate. But sometime, yes, sometime, we will also try our first ever heard of double penetration of both my holes at the same time.

I'll have to figure that out and decide on an appropriate time to suggest it. That last day we try other things in combinations, though. While being mated by one of the dogs or Wolf, I suck one of the men. Sometimes to his climax, sometimes purposefully to just keep aroused for him to fuck me after. They like the combinations as much as the single times. That's when I can envision a time for all three of them at the same time, a double penetration plus my mouth.

When we do that, I wonder if my mind will be blown away. When we break camp, I ride behind one of them on their horse. Of course, I stay naked as I promised. I love it! It is another part of freedom, not confined by the mores of any society.

I am naked with these men; I am fucked by these men and their dogs. And, by my Wolf. But I am not theirs. I am not commanded or demanded. It is just that I am free to give it to them.

We cover the entire length of the mountain range slope to as far South as they have normally gone. Near the Southern most part, we see a lone man on horse, leading a pack animal, far in the distance to the West.

This is new and we note to ourselves to watch this area for others. There must be another route to this side of the mountains. After several weeks, we are again near the South end of the lake and the old campsite along the river.

Tupac wants to go to the village. I am curious why. "I hope it isn't for a woman." "No, Maia, it is not to be with another woman." The other two are watching his response.

"I think you have spoiled us from every desiring another woman as long as you wish to be with us. You are certainly more woman than I have ever encountered before." Herve is nodding in agreement but adds, "I don't want this to come out wrong and offensive, Maia, but knowing me it probably will. But, in many ways you are also more man than many men we have encountered." He presented an immediate defensive posture, "Maia, you know that I think a lot of you as a woman.

You are beautiful and sexy, VERY sexy." He was actually blushing now that he got himself into this talking point. "What I am trying to say, is that you have skills in the wild, away from civilization, that rival even ours and that puts you ahead of most all other men." He still seemed a little nervous, but it was a nice thing for him say, even if it was awkward.

I stepped up to him and took him in my arms. I looked up into his face, "Thank you, Herve. That was nice of you to say." I kissed him on the mouth and his hands moved on my naked back. I pressed my groin into him and felt him hardening. I smiled at him, again. I then moved to Tupac and gave him the same. I looked at Dreng, "I would have said those things, too.

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But …" I hugged him and kissed him. "I know you would have. You're just a little more shy." I kissed him, "And I think that is nice." Turning back to Tupac, "So, if not for another woman, why are you wanting to go to the village?" "Two reasons: First, to drink. We need to introduce you to one of our past-times when we get the chance to enjoy it; Second, you need some proper clothes and the women there can help us." "Clothes? You are tired of me being naked?" He looked shocked, as did the other two.

He recovered, "Are you insane? God, no! Are we tired … damn, we'd have to be eunuchs." He was shaking his head. "No, no, no.

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It's just that when you have to be clothed because of others or our proximity to others, you have said how the dress just gets in the way if you need to be active.

We need to be ready to be active at all times, so that village dress just won't do. I have an idea but we need to be in the village to discuss the options with a seamstress." If I discussed it anymore, it would be just to tease him further.

I left it alone. And we headed for the village … after I put the dress on and climbed on the horse behind Tupac. I was so used to having the freedom of being naked that the dress seemed restrictive and made getting on the horse more difficult than it should have.

When we entered the village, there was an immediate buzz of interest, curiosity at seeing me, and some trepidation. The arrival of the Warriors usually brought its share of womanizing and drunkenness. Tupac rode the horses directly to the building of the seamstress, gave me his arm and swung me down to the ground. He directed Herve and Dreng to see to the few supplies we would be taking with us and to meet at the building housing the bar.

Tupac entered the seamstress' building with me following behind. "Tupac, what a surprise. Did you publicagent brunette hotty gets laid on my car through your britches, again?" He smiled at me with a little embarrassment, "No, ma'am. Not this time. My interest today is this young woman." She looked around him and saw me for the first time, "Maia, nice to see you, again, dear. I have to say, you don't look much worse for wear.

And your dress looks like it hasn't been worn, what seems to be your need about her, Tupac?" "It's not the dress. She needs to be in trousers and shirts like we are. The dress just gets caught on things and gets in the way. What can you do?" "Well, I think we can start with what we have for the older boys, that looks to be about the right start, then adjust some in the hips and in the top.

It's late in the day but if you stop back tomorrow I can have something to start adjusting." We thanked her and left. The Warriors were usually quite abrupt and the villagers were used to it.

But, I wasn't. I stopped at the door and turned to her, "Thank you. I know it is special work but it really will be better for me." "Not at all, dear. How is it going for you out there with those men?" "Oh, fine. They are very nice to me.

We fit well together. I couldn't be happier." I turned and left before she could see me having trouble controlling my face, from showing the smile I was feeling. How shocked would she be to know just how well we 'fit' together? Tupac was waiting for me outside the door. "How much are you going to be doing that?" "Thanking her?

She's going to be going out of her way to make these clothes for me. I thought she deserved a 'thank you'." He looked at me and started for the building with the bar, "Huummmfff." Tupac order food and beer for all of us.

It wasn't quite late enough for the big drinking time so it was still peaceful in the building. I was digging into the food but looking at the beer. Dreng noticed, "You've never had beer?" "No." Tupac slid my mug closer to me, "Remember, Maia, drinking was the 'first' brunette and blonde lesbian sluts fisting their tight cunts hard for coming to the village." He had a challenging smile on his face.

I take up the mug and try a sip. Not bad. The men are all drinking it easily so I don't know why I would be surprised. I put it to my lips, again, and feel the bottom being lifted. I peek over the top and see it is Tupac with a finger applying a little assistance to raising the mug up for a healthy drink this time.

I put it down finally and feel a little fuzzy in my head. That must be the alcohol, I reasoned. No, Japanese sauna lesbian massage threesome have not had alcohol before, so the quick fuzzy feeling was a giveaway.

More mugs of beer seemed to appear jayna woods told us to find a guy who could stretc the table from nowhere. And always they came as four mugs. Thankfully, the guys helped me with mine. They seemed to be able to drink huge quantities of the stuff with little effect. After the first mug, I didn't believe I had the same capacity as they did. Later in the evening some men from the Hunters came in and the room got instantly tense.

We all noticed the lack of noise suddenly but it was Tupac who commented with only a glance, "Here it starts." I looked at them. They were all trying not to make eye contact with the new men. "What starts?" "It's Dreng's fault really. He's the reason they changed the rules of the The Hunt." Dreng reacted in his own defense, nobody else seemed to be, "Hey, the wording at the time was 'survive', that's what I was doing." "No argument from me, Dreng.

I'm just telling it like it is. You see, Maia, it is commonly held that nobody has made it into the afternoon of the second day, besides you. Well, that's not quite true. Our companion here, made it late into the second day. When it was all over, Dreng was nearly beaten to a pulp and roped to a tree. There were also ten others injured in what was the only all out brawl of any Hunt." I looked at Dreng, he seemed so shy around me, "So, to 'survive' you decided to fight them?" "Not quite like that, no.

A small group finally trapped me and I … well …" Tupac laughed and was joined by Herve, "He cracked one of the guys with a very hard stick, nearly split his skull open." They continued to laugh. "Anyway, we thought the kid had guts and took him with us. Now, we sometimes get this, someone decides they can join us by proving how tough they are.

It's getting tiring." I picked up my mug, but it was empty. I had no idea who drank it, but I was now thirty. I checked with the others and mine was the only one empty so I said I was going to get a refill. From behind me I heard, "Is she going to be alright?" I didn't hear anything else. Along the way I was bumped very hard by a man. I looked at him and he was sneering at me, but I was working out in my head how payment of the beer would be accomplished, so I just ignored him.

He might have taken offense by that, or just his general personality, but he grabbed my arm and spun me around and pushed me with his hand sharply into my chest.

I stumbled backwards and ended up on my ass on the floor. I saw Tupac rise from his chair but I put my hand up to him, 'stop'. I stood up and approached the man while others gave us more room. "Did I offend you in some way?" "You're with the Warriors but you don't look so tough. If you can be with the Warriors, they are letting anyone shaved latina passion fuck hardcore and babe looked around the room with a big smile, chuckling as I turned back to him.

"I don't know, how long did you last in The Hunt?" He took a swing, but this time I was ready and he lost his balance. This time he stumbled and I put a foot to his ass and pushed just enough mom and son gudda dengudu storys in village send him sprawling across the room. Of course, I wasn't helping the guy's attitude any.

As I maneuvered to the side in anticipation of him getting up, I noticed that Tupac and the others were now standing on the edges but staying there for the time being. A chair went flying across the floor and like an idiot, I watch it. The next thing I knew I was having to duck another swing meant for my head, but only just in time. As I spun away, he grabbed my flying dress and pulled me back to him and landed a hard punch to my stomach, which sent me staggering back right into the arms of Tupac and Herve.

"Are you done with him? Can we take over?" "No! He hit me." I was angry now. "Then, what did your father teach you about fighting?" "Avoid it! But … if it can't be, my strength isn't my strength; my strength is my quickness. Do you have something better?" "No, I think he knew you pretty well. Only … lose the dress, don't let him have that advantage, again.

Then use your quickness against his clumsy strength." I stared at him, then Herve and Dreng. "Naked? In here, you want me to fight naked?" "I don't want you to fight, at all.

I would just as soon finish him. But, if you insist, I want him beaten so I don't have to see him doing this ever again. Besides, when he sees you naked, you'll have all the advantage you need.

Then, I want him hurting. You understand? Think about what Dreng would do." I looked at Dreng, he was all smile. I looked across the room at the guy and he looked like he was ready to charge, except for the Warriors behind me. I smiled. Okay. I stripped off my dress and the place went silent. I felt a tap on my arm. It was Dreng and he had a length of cordage in his hand. "Your hair, like you do when you are hunting." I smiled at him, took the cordage and pulled my hair back and tied it. I smiled, again, at a memory.

They said it looked like a pony's tail. Once completed, I stood with my hands on my hips facing him.

The room had gotten past the initial shock of my sudden nudity and there was a buzz of whispers throughout the room, then the taunts started, directed at me and the man from the different groups of support. I heard the Warrior group behind me taunting the man about his problems with a little woman. This, of course, got him steamed even more and he soon ignored that I was naked and charged directly at me.

I wasn't going to be able to match his strength, so I did what I was trained to do, I pivoted out of the way and swung my foot around hung teen guy drilling three cougar snatches group sex his ankle, which sent him head long into men.

I followed him, though, and when he put weight on that leg, I was there to kick directly into the knee from the side. That sent him to the floor holding his knee and shrieking out in pain.

As he lay on the floor, holding his knee, I jumped into the air and landed with both feet on the same knee. My father told me something else about fighting: If you can't avoid the fight, and you get the other guy on the ground, don't let him back up.

This guy didn't get back up, not by himself, anyway. I finally took my eyes from the guy writhing on the floor, searched the faces of the men surrounding us, then stopped at the Warriors, Tupac gave me a nod. I moved to the bar, leaned on it in front of the barkeep, "Now, the reason I was coming over here to begin with, I need another beer." From behind me I heard, "Better make that four." I turned and saw Herve hold his mug upside down.

I smiled at him and waved that I heard him. "Like he said, make that four beers." I pushed the four mugs into a group and squeezed them together to carry them across the room. I turned around just in time to see two men helping the guy out of the building.

I casually noted their exit but continued to our table and distributed the mugs.

Tupac held his up for a toast, "To Maia, what could be better than a naked woman kicking some asshole's butt?" We took a drink, but Herve's mug was raised again, "To Maia, what could be better than a naked woman bring beer?" We all drank, again, but now Dreng had his raised and I was worried, "To Maia, what could be better than a naked woman nangi photchut boor land ki veido, he looked around us and lowered his voice considerably, "… than a naked woman at your campfire." This one resulted in a cheer along with drinking, causing nearly the entire room to look to our direction.

Finishing our beer we turned for the door to leave. I was next to Tupac when I heard Dreng call out, "Maia, you might want this." I turned around to see my dress flying toward me. I caught it and pulled it over my head. "Thank you." And we left the building with the room again buzzing. -------------------------------------------------- Continued in Chapter 6: A Coming Storm