Sexy pretty attractive babe ass fucked hardcore and bondage

Sexy pretty attractive babe ass fucked hardcore and bondage
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Chap 1: Dafuq Happened Last Night?? My Alarm Clock Rang Loud. " RINGGG RINGGG !" I Reached over to my alarm clock at slammed it off. My Names Lexi. Cute isn't it? Im a Asian. Usally turn em' mother fuckers on. Usally Asians be down and dirty you know?

Okay so Im 17 almost 18. I'm a SENIOR in high school. I'm only 5"1 with 38DD cup boobs. I Usally play dirty out of school. I work at strip clubs.

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I'm only a cleaner not a stripper. Im a virgin although I did a few blowjobs a couple times an oral sex before but not like get a diick inside of me. I went to my bathroom. I played with my jet black hair with honey blond dips at my ends. my hair is up to my waist. I slipped off my silk teddy.

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Then my thong. I stared at myself in the mirror. I played with my boobs for a couple of seconds. I jumped into my bath tub and turned on the water to warm. I Put bubbles in the tub and played with them. I shampoo'd and conditioned. I dried my self with a thin towel. I czech public agent anal fack the same towel and wrapped it around my head and walked out naked to my bedroom.

It didn't matter my parents were on vacation and the bathroom connects to my room. I went to my bra dresser and picked out a black lacy bra with a matching thong.

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Since my school Didnt have uniform I could wear anythingno dress codes and no rules what so ever I could of came naked to school. I picked out a loose white V-neckthe back was lacy. I picked out booty shorts and see through tights to wear under my shorts. I changed. I blow dried my wet sweet vaginas licked masturbation and smalltits and curled the ends of my blond ends of my hair.

I slipped on my black socks and put on my blue toms. I then put on my blue university jacket. I put my back back on and put my phone, car keyshouse keys and wallet in my pocket. I felt lazy to drive in my sports car so I decided to go on the bus.

I waited at my bus stop. two Minutes later the bus came. I stepped on the bus. I decided to go to the back. But someone grabbed my hand. " Hey sit with Me Lexi" A guy said. He Looked about 6"3 blond hair with blue eyes ,his legs Didnt even fit .I Looked next to him and pointedsomebody was already there. It was a two seater. " It's okay " he said. He gently pushed me on his lap and wrapper his arms around my waist.

" The Fuck? We don't even know each other " I Said Awkwardly. The dude Nexted to me chuckled. He was probably the pervert's friend. " My name's Alsx how bout' you babe?

" said the pervert's friend. " My name's Lexi " I said giving a peck on his cheek. Alex laughed and came close to my ear. " Derrick thinks that you two had sex together" Alex said. I Laughed.

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" Really? So the perverts name is Derrick? " I Mumbled As Alex sis gives blowjob then begs to get fucked by bro his head back. The bus arrived at the school. I noticed was on the other side of the school from me. I didn't noticed school has passed so quick ( like a teenager would say • sarcastic • ) Finally Biology class came.

I sat next to my best friend Britney. She's Asian like meshe's 5"5 [ tall motherfucker much! making me look short ] Shes something in the B cup areait's not like I'm bisexual or lesbian .I stare at my best friend's boobs ! No I'm just playing I go shopping with her she always buy sexy things to show to her boyfriend. But it's embarrassing right? She has small boobsshe's a little flat I guess. " Britneywhat happened last night tho' like I'm goin' crazy this perv's friend said I had sex with his friend the fuck tho'?

" I asked " Lexi Gurl bye bye " she said jokingly in a ghetto ass black voice. " LOL ! But last night you went down and dirty like how you be up in Da' club" she said laughing " Britney shut up stop being ghettoyour so ratchet and who the fuck says ' L.O.L' except when texting?" I said starting to get mad.

" Ye' you had sexwith D-DD. Who was it? But Yeah you did no big deal your no longer a virgin. I Had sex last night too no big deal?" " You mean Derrick? But The fuck tho' I was fucking drunk why Didnt you stop me?" Britney went silent.

I Thought to myself, " Oh yeamy bestfriends a big ass fucking slut. Yeah big deal that I lost my virginaty to a stranger and when I was drunk .

Yeaahhhh no andra college girls sex storys deal and I'm not being sarcastic what so EVER" The School bell rung. I looked at the door and saw Britney's boyfriend came inhis name was Eli. 6"2Asiana cute one.

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Matter of fact Britney doesn't even know he was my ex. I still had feelings for himI was jealous in matter of fact. " Hey Lexi " Eli said awkwardly.

" Hey Babe " Eli said giving Britney a peck on her cheek and then French kissing Britney knowing I was watching. " Go rent a motel ! " I Said watching them still kissing. " Ugh" I said. I walked out of biology class. I was thirsty for my bestfriends boyfriend. I was jealous.