Mofos dixie know how to juice them

Mofos dixie know how to juice them
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Christine took a quick glance at the clock hanging over Mr. Vasiliev's desk. Fuck, only 2:15.

I can't take 45 more minutes of Mr. V's class. Is Maria still meeting me after school? I hope she wants to get something to eat. Christine's mind wondered. Christine discreetly took her phone out of her backpack and slowly moved it to her lap, out of Mr.

Vasiliev's view. She opened her text message window and began to type. Christine: r u meeting me after class still? Maria: yeah but I might get ther late Christine: how late Maria: dont no Maria: 3:30 maybe Christine: k, im starving want sushi? Maria: I'm with tony. member that guy I told u bout the other day? he called Christine: oh ok, dont want to get in your way then playa Maria: we can all go u baby Christine: r u sure?

I can find something else to do Maria: yes im sure hoe, c u in an hour. Christine: kay "The seminal vesicles produce a viscous fluid rich in fructose and other substances that make up about 70% of human semen.

Contrary to popular belief that human semen contains sodium chloride," Mr. Vasiliev lectured amazing hardcore session featuring busty noelle brunette and big tits he walked toward Christine's desk.

"Do you have anything to add to class, Christine?" Christine jumped in her seat and hid her phone in her pocket. "Um. If it's mostly sugar then why does it taste kinda salty? I mean, why do people say it tastes salty?" You fucking dumbass! Tastes? So embarrassing. Christine blushed as she heard a few chuckles from the boys.

"Well." Vasiliev was startled by his young student's response. "Some people believe that the taste receptors for sweet are on the tip of the tongue not the back of the throat." The class erupted with laughter and Christine sank into her chair, mortified. Oh my God. How fucking embarrassing. Mr. V thinks I'm such a whore now. I've been trying so hard in his class but he still thinks I'm just some dumb blonde bimbo. Christine thought. Christine tried her hardest to pay attention for the rest of the class.

After his lecture, Mr. Vasiliev passed out the tests from last week and began to write a homework assignment on the board. Christine got her test back with an A+ written on the top and the class broke up into groups for the rest of the time until the bell rang.

Sweet! Finally this shit is over. I can't believe I got an A fucking plus. I should stay and thank Mr. V for being such a good teacher. I'm sure he'll take it a little easier on me in class if I do.

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I hope everyone leaves fast so I don't have to kiss ass in front of anyone. Christine contemplated as she packed up her things. The class quickly emptied and Christine made her way to Vasiliev's desk where he was seated going over some papers.

"Mr Vasol. Vasiloff?" Christine stammered on the Russian name. "It's ok honey, you can call me Mr. V." "Thanks Mr. V, you're such a good teacher. I've been learning a lot in your class and I just wanted to thank you." "There's no need to thank me Christine. You're a good student. I apologize if I embarrassed you today but you know cell phones are a big no-no." "I know, I know. I'm sorry about that. Thanks for not making it a big deal and giving me detention or something.

Are you grading papers? Need some help? I'm just waiting for my friend to pick me up later, I have some time to kill." "Um, sure honey. I was going to finish at home but I don't see why we can't finish them here." Christine pulled a chair up to Mr. Vasiliev's desk and sat across from him. She began to carefully grade the short true/false test using the answer key he gave her. She occasionally glanced up at Mr. Vasiliev being careful not to let him notice she was checking him out. Vasiliev did the same.

"So, is that true that semen is made of mostly sugar?" "Fructose actually. It's what they make sugar out of.

Why?" "Oh, um. No reason. It's just kind of weird. Does a vagina have sugar too?" "Hahaha! Do you mean vaginal secretion? No, no it doesn't. It does have alcohol in it, amongst many other fluids though." "Really, it has alcohol?

That's kinda cool. So like if a guy is going to go down on me I need to ask for his I.D.?" Christine joked and flashed Mr. Vasiliev a smile. "I suppose so. Haha! I don't think I've heard that one before. Almost done with those papers?" Vasiliev asked as he continued to laugh. "Yeah, almost finished. Just got a couple more to go." This girl is so horny, pretty and young.

Who would know if you did something? We are all alone. Christine is a good girl, she wouldn't say a thing. She stayed for a reason. It's up to you now. Look at her sitting there in her skin tight gym shorts and t-shirt.

You can clearly see she's wearing no panties. That or she's wearing a thong. She may only be 18 but this girl is no virgin. Vasiliev thought. "You mentioned earlier that you thought semen tasted salty.

Have you had a boy finish in your mouth before Christine?" "Mr. V!" Christine blushed as thoughts of sucking her teacher's cock flooded her mind. "Well? did you like it?" Mr. V has got to be at least 37, 38 maybe. He looks so good for an older guy. Would he really let me suck his dick right here in his classroom? Fuck. Me sucking his dick.

That sounds so fun. Christine fantasized "Yeah, I liked it. It was fun to feel the cum in my mouth and then swallowing it.

The first time was kind of weird but then I got used to it." Vasiliev felt his dick begin to come alive and stood up. He walked around his desk and stopped in front of Christine. "Would you like to have some fun now?" Christine looked up at her teacher wide-eyed and gulped when she realized what was about to happen. She lowered her head and stared at the growing bulge in his pants. She slowly unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out his engorged cock.

"Damn Mr. V, you're izzy bell and silvia saige masturbation for gratification big!" As Christine was admiring her teacher's dick she fixated on a framed picture of Vasiliev's wife and two young children. It was predominately displayed on his desk and she got a pang of guilt deep in her belly. Christine felt Vasiliev's large hand on the back of her head guiding her back toward his sunny leone fuck police man. Her teacher's warm hard shaft entered her mouth and any guilt she was feeling shrank in her mind until it was just an afterthought.

Christine made a tight seal and slowly slid her mouth up and down Vasiliev's dick. She felt Vasiliev push his cock deeper than he had gone before and she held back the urge to gag. She closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking her teacher's dick better than she had any dick before.

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She began to taste some of his pre-cum enter her mouth and she moaned loudly. Bullshit, it's mostly sugar.

It doesn't taste sweet to me at all. It's still good, but sweet? Come on Mr. V. "Time for me to have a taste of you, sweetie. I want you to bend over my desk and pull your shorts down, Christine." Christine did as she was told and pulled her shorts down to her knees and stuck her ass up in the air. She reached behind and got a hold of her ass cheeks.

She spread her legs a little and pulled her cheeks open exposing her young pussy and asshole. "Jesus.You're definitely not a shy girl Christine." And I see you didn't wear panties to school today you naughty girl. Vasiliev confirmed "No, no I'm not Mr. V. I'm not shy at all." Vasiliev sat in his chair and rolled over to his student.

He places his hands on the back of Christine's legs, got really close and began to slowly lick up and down her young wet pussy. Vasiliev found Christine's clit and he concentrated all his efforts on her small pink bud. She began to wiggle making him tighten his grip on her smooth legs. Vasiliev noticed Christine squeezing and relaxing her asshole as he licked. He backed away, sat up in his chair and traced his tongue around Christine's tiny anal opening.

Oh shit, Mr. V likes ass. I'm going to give him more than he bargained for. I'm sure he's never had ass as good as mine. Christine thought. Vasiliev Stood up and reached into his back pocket. Christine began to stand up as well but stopped when she felt Vasiliev's large hand on her back keeping her in place. He grabbed his wallet and pulled out a condom. He slipped it on then began to tap his dick on Christine's wet clit.

He found her opening and began to slide in to Christine's wanting pussy. "Oh Mr. V, your cock feels so good." Vasiliev could tell she hadn't had much experience and fought the urge to cum right then and there. He slid in and out of Christine's pussy for several minutes until he quickly pulled out and squeezed the base of his shaft postponing his orgasm for a while longer. He was about to put it back in when he was suddenly caught off guard.

"Put it up my ass, Mr. V." "What did you say, Christine?" "I want you to fuck me up the ass, Mr. V. Pleeeease? It's my favorite. I won't tell anyone, promise. Come on, fuck my ass," Christine begged. This little girl is a real slut. 18 years old and begging for me to ass fuck her. I must be dreaming. Vasiliev grinned as the thought of anally penetrating his young student entered his mind. Vasiliev took off the condom and tossed it in the trash.

He grabbed some unscented lotion from his desk and pumped some on his fingers. He walked back around his desk where Christine was eagerly waiting for him with her ass spread open.

He reached between her cheeks and massaged the lotion into her butt-hole. He felt her pucker with his touch and slipped in a finger. Christine clenched his finger tightly and Vasiliev felt like his dick was getting harder than it had ever been before. "Come on Mr. V. I want that fat dick in there." Vasiliev placed the tip of his dick against Christine's butt-hole and pushed gently.

"Come on Mr. V! SHOVE IT UP MY ASS!" Damn, this little girl is wild. I guess she's not fooling around. I haven't fucked a girl in the ass in years but you want it, you got it. Vasiliev thought as he pushed hard up his student's tight teenage ass.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Come on Mr. V, fuck that ass." Christine sighed loudly as she felt Vasilievs dick force it's way up her tight hole. Vasiliev entered about half way and paused to relish the moment. Christine pushed back causing his dick to enter the rest of the way up her butt. she continued to push back and pull away until Vasiliev placed his hands on her hips and took over. He started to glide in and out in long steady strokes making Christine cry out in pleasure.

Vasiliev balled up the back of christine's shirt and used it to pull her into his cock as he pushed forward.

He was fucking her with short compact little thai babe gets anal fucked anarchy deep in her ass now. Christine let go of her ass cheeks and reached between her legs to rub her clit furiously while she steadied herself with her free arm.

She could feel his hips slamming into her ass and it was driving her wild. Holy shit Mr. V can really fuck! His wife is so lucky. I wish he could fuck me like this everyday. "Fuck, I'm blacked girlfriend chloe amours first time with a bbc to cum. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," Christine gasped as she felt her orgasm rising. Vasiliev felt Christine buck as she came and couldn't contain his eruption any longer.

He quickly pulled his cock out and forced Christine to squat down in front of him to receive his load. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth eagerly anticipated Vasiliev's cum. He aimed his semen at Christine's gaping mouth but some gobs still managed to land on her cheek and chin. Christine held the thick warm fluid in her mouth for a while, enjoying the taste, before she swallowed. "It totally doesn't taste like it's mostly sugar, Mr.

V." "I'll take your word for it, honey.

Why don't you clean up and run along now, I'll see you next week okay?" "Okay Mr. V, that was fucking awesome by the way." "I'm glad you liked it but I'm sure I enjoyed it more," Vasiliev said as he patted her head. "Maybe we can do this again sometime?" Christine asked. "Sure, why not." Christine wiped her face and left the classroom.

She entered the girl's bathroom to finish cleaning up. When she was done she took her phone out of her pocket to check her phone. 7 unread messages Maria: Im here Maria: Im in front by the flags Maria: Im going to leave your ass here Maria: really hoe this is how you do me?

get your little ass out here Maria: WTF Maria: You alright chris Maria: I couldnt find you anywhre where r u? Fuck, Maria has been waiting. How long was I with Mr V? Oh shit it's 4:30! I better call her. Christine dialed Maria's number and waited for an answer. "What in the holy fuck Christine? I got here like an hour ago." "I know, I know, I'm so sorry. I got wwxxx ebony storys xxx 2019 hour of detention and they wouldn't let me use my phone." "Detention?

For what? Not my sweet little dumb Christine." "I got it for texting you, dork." "Oh shit, I'm sorry. Just get over here, I'm starving." THE END