Gwen shows her booty in pantyhose masturbation and fetish

Gwen shows her booty in pantyhose masturbation and fetish
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I woke up after a whole nights sleep and immediately it struck me, I had fucked my sister and she had loved it! I wanted to make sure it wasn't a dream so I decided to see if my sister said anything but then I noticed a glass of water, a pill and a note.

I took up the note first and it read. "Last Night was fucking amazing George I'm going out to buy some things for later. I'll have a surprise in store too. P.S I left you a little tease for tonight (turn this not around) and the pill is a pill the big ass girl members video tube porn will make your dick grow by 2 inches in 5 hours I got it off eBay I use it on all my men." When I turned the note I saw a picture of my sister nude with a sexy face on holding a dildo in between her massive tits and my name written right above her pussy.

I immediately got a huge hard on and I remembered the pill so I took it quickly and decided not to wank because I wanted to save all my cum for later. I got dressed and went downstairs really exicted for what tonight had in store for me.

Since I feel asleep early yesterday I hadn't anything to eat for 24 hours so I put on a frozen pizza and sat down to watch tv. After I eat I thought I might go out and see my friends but I wouldn't tell them what happened since they might take it the wrong way but just as I was about to leave I noticed a car pull up outside the house I quickly closed the door and told myself it was Rebecca and her surprise so I ran into the living room and prentended to watch Tv.

After About 5 minutes I knew it wasn't Rebecca but knew there was no point in going out just incase I miss her and the chance is gone. I sat and played some Skyrim for hours and hours with no avail of Rebecca.

It was 9pm when I finally heard a key in the door I was just getting up to greet her when she yelled from the front door to stay where I was and close my eyes or I'd ruin the surprise, she told me to stay downstairs until she called me. I did as I was told and heard people go up the stairs.

People? I didn't think the surprise would be a threesome or orgy I thought maybe she got lingerie. After half and hour my cock twitching and me wanting to cum I was finally called. " George come up now I'm ready" she called I went up as fast I could and opened her door.

Before me was Rebecca wearing jojkiss full sex stories brazzers dressing gown and had a pile of blush and lipstick and the sluttiest make up ever and Orla her friend who was also wearing the same but what really surprised my was Mr Johnson Orlas dad who was fully naked and even though I'm straight he had a HUGE cock it was about 9 inches and he grinned.

"Well George welcome to the party" "What are YOU doing Mr Johnston" I asked "Well me and the Orla here fuck all the time" he said rubbing Orla's ass through her dressing gown she purred as he did. "Well we used to but then I went on a trip a year ago and poor Orla here hasn't had a cock in a while". She nodded. "So we were about to fuck when Orla told me about you and how you did with Rebecca so I said we just had to have a fourway with you and Rebecca" I was shocked and didn't know quite what to say so I just shouted Hell Yeah and pulled my clothes off.

My cock was now HUGE I had forgotten about the pill I took and it was know about 8 inches! My sister moaned at the sight at it and Orla said " Oh I want a fuck of that" I smiled and asked "Shall we get started" "Yes I'll fuck Orla since I haven't in over a year and you cumblast horny milf gets splattered with hot cum big dick big cock Rebecca then we'll switch" Mr Johnson said.

I nodded and Rebecca moved up to me slowly taken of her gown. Underneath was the sexiest sight I've ever seen. Her tits were maximised by the tight corset she was wearing and they were the biggest I've ever seen them her Ass was fitted tightly into a small leather tong and Her Blonde hair was a mess. " Give me that cock" she said as she knelt down to eat it.

She started kissing and saying "Oh Mommy Likey" She was teasing me and I loved it. I heard a moan and I looked up. Mr Johnson was fucking the shit out of Orla who was even sexier than Rebecca. As I said in the last story she was very shy so I'd never seen her body. I'd heard she got a boob job from her Dad as a birthday present and I never knew why her Dad got her it and now I do. Her tits were now out of the corset and they were huge!

About Triple F's and she smiled at me kissing the air and pointing towards my cock. I looked down and saw my sister stll kissing it now yelling "Yes Yes Yes" I told her to suck and she started to straight away. Her mouth moved up and down my cock and she twirled her tongue around my shaft she was a pro!

She could deep throat my now 8 inch cock without gagging, I always noticed her mouth was big but I thought that was a thing that went down through the ages since my Aunt also had a huge mouth.

That started to get me thinking about me Aunt but that was quickly erased by my sister's begs. "GEORGE? I want you to fuck me up the ass? Ok?" I snapped out and nodded. I she stood up and turned around giving me full view of her perfect ass. It was like a bubble She knelt down and It was a perfect hole for me to slide my cock.I shoved my cock down it and she screamed. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEES" I started working on the ass getting faster paced all along.

"YES YES YES YES I LOVE IT WHEN YOU Adultmemberzone tiny sharon wild fucks her lawrence gonzo ME UP THE ASS" I began to moan along. "Yes Yes Yes PLEASE MORE COCKS I NEED MORE COCK!" I Glanced up and saw Orla covered in cum and her Dad on the phone. "Sorry Rebecca I'm all cummed out so you can't have another cock" Mr Johnston told my sister.

"Also by the way your Mother text me because she couldn't reach either or you, your aunt is coming over because your parents are staying another week" "A week?" I asked fucking my sister ass so hard she was unable to make out words. "Yep. Me and Orla have to go now we have dinner" He said pulling back on his trousers.

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"We'll fuck tomorrow at our house since your Aunt is coming" "But Daddy I want to fuck George's cock" Orla begged with puppy dog eyes. "You can tomorrow sweetie I'll let you fuck me again later" He replied. She nodded and on they're way out she kissed me and she made out with Rebecca. "That's my girl" Mr Johnson said.

"She you guys tomorrow" The left and I heard the front door close. "OH FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE HARDER" Rebecca moaned and I did as she asked. My shaft was going in and out of her ass really fast now. "OH I WANT YOU TO LICK MY CUNT" She Pleaded. I stopped fucking her ass and pulled out of her now red ass. I gave her ass a slap to a Replies of moans and pulled her legs up toward me.

I stuck my tongue in her already wet pussy, she must have been rubbing it while I fucked her. I licked up and all the jucies from the outside of her pussy and I began to suck on her pussy, I'd spit on it ever so often and then I'd rub it. "YES YES YES YES LICK IT OUT LICK IT OUT NICE AND GOOD" Rebecca moaned. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE" I turned around and standing at the door was my Aunt and not only any Aunt the Aunt I was thinking about.

She was standing there in a lepord printed top with her cleavage showing. Her tits looked about the same melayu 4x pancut tube porn as Rebeccas and she had hooped earings and short blonde hair and red lipstick.

"Shit Sorry Sorry Sorry" I begged pulling out of Rebecca. "Don't tell our parents" I looked down at Rebecca who was still rubbing her pussing and now looking at Aunt Jane.

"Oh Please Aunt Jane you fucked Dad when you were young and you also gave me a good dildo fuck last month" she snarled. My Aunt and My Dad she also fucked Rebecca, this was wwe diva stephanie mcmahon nude santa lot of info to take in.

"I suppose let me have a look" Aunt Jane said coming closer towards my cock she grabbed hold of it and stroked it. "You wanna know what it's like to fuck a real women Georgey?" She asked looking into my eyes.

"I was getting fucked though" Rebecca moaned. "I'll teach you lesson later" Aunt Jane said still stroking my cock. "Now leave" As Rebecca left Aunt Jane felt her pussy and slapped her on the ass. "I gotta admit your cock is amazing Georgey" Aunt Jane said "Better than your Dad at your age.

"You fucked my dad?" I asked. She nodded. "Yeah we'd fuck all the time as a family I fucked my Dad he Fuck Our Mom but it all stopped when your Mom came along she thought it was weird and that's why it never happened here" " Well can we fuck?" I said straight out wanting to fuck my slut of an Aunt.

" Oh Honey yes we can" She said.

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She started to suck my cock and straight away I noticed the difference She was so much better at sucking then Rebecca. There was just something about the way she sucked. She moaned as she went you and down.

She never pulled out and it felt amazing! She pulled of her top and bra to huge tits about the same size as Rebeccas, as little bigger and they had a little big of wrinkles but they were beautiful. "Ok Blowjobs are a little boring for me tastes I want you to fuck my pussy with your huge cock" She said looking straight at my cock stroking it. She got up and lay on my sisters bed Rubbing her wet pussy. I didn't think twice about plunging my cock into it and felt right at home in there. Her pussy was just the perfect size as if it had been made for my cock!

She seemed to noticed it too. "FUCK! I haven't felt this deep since that night in Africa" she moaned. I began fucking her beautiful shavin pussy in and out. "Fucking Hell Georgey! YOUR BETTER THAN YOUR DAD! FUCK ME!!! YES!! OH FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT!" she moaned. I began feeling her tits and fucked her harder. "I'M GOING TO CUUUUUUUM" I yelled.

"CUM IN ME I WANT YOUR FUCKING SEED GIVE ME YOUR CUUUM YOUR FUCKING MAAAN" she moaned. "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHH" I moaned as I let me load into her. It was the biggest load I've ever felt come out of my cock. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAT FEELS GOOOOOD" she said as it sprayed all into pussy. After about 10 minutes of just making out I pulled my cock out and She sucked it dry.

"Oh This trip will be amazing" she said leaving the room. "Oh No you won't need those" She said as I pulled my clothes back on. "We'll all be doing a lot of vanessa stone porn videos search watch and download vanessa stone free sex for the next week so there's no point" She left sucking on a dildo she found in my sisters cupboard.

This is going to be an amazing week. Xxx sex bf story sex stories of Part 2.

I hope you liked this one. Give me suggestions of what family members or who they should fuck.