Cute pigtail babe gets plowed outside telsev

Cute pigtail babe gets plowed outside telsev
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I work in the restaurant business as a server at a nationwide restaurant chain. I have many good stories from my experiences, but only one of them is of the sexual nature. Her name was Krissy, and she was a host at our particular restaurant. We had met at work a year or so before, and had become friends.

We'd go out to bars together, usually with a group of work friends, and we both loved it when we worked closing shifts together, as we kept each other amused during the boring late night hours. We really were nothing more than friends, although we had made out once before, and we both knew that we were into each other. She had also told me once (after a great night barhopping, and many drinks) that she had always fantasized about having sex at work.

Normally, the host is out the door by 11:00pm, as the restaurant is pretty empty at this point. On this particular night, however, we had gotten pretty busy right around 10:45, so Krissy was still there when we closed tella spread her pussy for camera fetish midnight. By 12:30, all of the cooks had cleaned and closed down the kitchen and were gone. Only myself, Krissy, and our manager remained in the restaurant.

Our manager was in the office, going over the days business, counting money, and doing paperwork. I had finished my cleaning for the night, and wondered up front looking for Krissy.

If we left at the same time, I usually walked her to her car, what with it being dark and all. She was nowhere to be found in the front of the restaurant, so I walked back to the restrooms, figuring she was cleaning in there, as she is supposed to at the end of the night. The men's restroom was empty, so I opened the women's door and heard her humming to herself.

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"Hey, Krissy," I called. "Yeah?" I heard the slosh of water as she dunked a mop into the bucket. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. "Everyone's gone," I whispered into her ear.

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She turned around and gave me a puzzled look, to which I responded by kissing her softly on the lips. I brushed my fingers through her hair, and she let the mop fall from her hands.

We had previously kissed before, a few times, so this wasn't unfamiliar territory for us. I gently parted her lips with my tongue, and she responded eagerly with hers.

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Still, my fingers ran through her long blonde hair, and she put her hand on my chest. As the minutes passed, she unbuttoned my shirt. As soon as it was undone, I slipped it off and let it fall to the floor, then lifted her shirt over her head. Her glorious breasts looked as if they were going to burst forth from her colorful polka dot bra.

I worked my kisses down to her neck, and then further down to the top of her tits. Krissy took a step back and pulled me towards her.

Seeing where she was going, I picked her up and put her on the counter. We resumed kissing, and I used a free hand to unclasp her bra, while she unbutton her pants. Her large breasts finally fell free, and I turned my attention to them.

Softly I kissed them all over, then finally placed one of her nipples in my mouth. I flicked it with my black geek noemie bilas fuck with a hot stud, while I used my free hand to caress her other breast.

Krissy let out a soft moan and leaned back against the wall. As I kissed my way down her stomach, I pulled off her pants and panties. Slowly I work my way down to her exposed pussy, which she kept neatly trimmed. I kissed the insides of her legs, all around her vagina, slowly making my way towards her wetness.

She moaned again as I spread her labia and inserted my tongue.

I teased her with a few licks, and finally playfully licked her clit. Krissy ran her fingers through my hair and grabbed a large chunk and I upped my pace and put two fingers into her slippery pussy. I worked them in and out and continued licking her clit, to which she responded with another slow moan. She finally pulled my hair, lifting my face to hers and kissed me passionately. Scooting sexy blonde teen avanlon heart fucked by a big thick cock doggystyle and ponstar on the counter, Krissy unbuttoned my pants and shoved them down, exposing my throbbing cock.

She grabbed it and pulled me close to continue kissing. Our tongues danced and she worked her hand back and forth. I still had two fingers inside her, and was now using one to gently rub her clit. After what could have been seconds, minutes, or hours, she pulled away from my kiss.

"Stop teasing," she whispered, "and give it to me." I obliged by scooting her to the edge of the counter and thrusting my hard cock into her dripping pussy.

I slowly worked my hips back and forth, caressing her tits with one hand, and pulling her into another kiss with the other. We upped the pace and moved a hand down to rub her clit while furiously working my hips. She moaned loudly, and I could tell she was about to reach climax. I continued faster, and she threw her head back and moaned. I felt a fresh wave of warm fluid rush over my cock.

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I continued for a few more pumps then pull out and shot my load unto her stomach and tits. Krissy dropped off the the counter and to her knees then licked my cock clean. I pulled her upright and kissed her again passionately.

After a few more minutes of kissing, we finally pulled apart then looked around. Our clothes were strewn across the bathroom floor. I playfully slapped her ass and gathered up her clothes. As I handed them to her I looked around again and laughed. "Don't forget to the clean that counter," I said with a smile and gathered up my own clothes. She lauged and put on her clothes.

"Next time we'll do it out front, so you have to clean up after," she said and laughed again. It was the first time we had sex at work, but it probably won't be the last.