Attractive petite nympho gets her tight cunt and tiny anus pounded

Attractive petite nympho gets her tight cunt and tiny anus pounded
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Welcome to part 6 of "Help!". This continues from Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which I recommend reading before reading this if you haven't already done latex bound and gagged birthday anal surprise. Remember to let me know what you think after you have read it. Enjoy. :) *** WARNING: This story contains descriptions of a sexual nature between two homosexual males.

If this offends you or if you are legally not permitted to read this, please leave now. *** . Daniel leapt over and threw himself on top of Jake as he pinned him to the ground.

"I've waited a long time for this". Pinned to the soft grassy ground, Jake felt a rush of adrenalin surge over his entire body!

He had never experienced anything like it. Jake saw the burning desire, beaming out from his friend's big, beautiful brown eyes. This was a sight which was new to him, and also one which made him hungry for more! He never knew that he could have ever felt this way about another guy! In the past when he had thought about this kind of thing, it made him feel uncomfortable, insecure and a little bit uneasy.

Now though, it was actually happening and to his surprise and delight, he felt completely comfortable. It felt natural. He was in love! Daniel just sat there for a minute and paused, taking in the moment. He had never felt happier than he did right then! He had waited so long for this moment and now it was here. He finally had the opportunity to do what he had been yearning to do for years! With his legs either side of Jake's warm slender thighs, he stared lovingly down, gazing lustfully into the gorgeous blue eyes of the man he loved.

Feeling the warmth between them, the emotions seemed to leap out of Jake's brain and take control of his entire being! He felt the bulge in his trousers stirring uncontrollably as his dick began to thicken. Gazing into Danny's eyes, he gave a mischievous grin and immediately Danny knew what Jake wanted!

Danny leaned down, pushing his cute red lips onto Jake's hot pink ones. They kissed passionately, massaging each other's mouths. Jake was the first to open his mouth, eager to let his tough slide though into Danny's waiting mouth so that he could explore some more. Savouring every second, Danny opened his eyes so that he could look at Jake. He was in awe at how gorgeously stunning he looked as their tongues danced together.

Jake opened his eyes and they made eye contact and the situation heated. Romance was in the air and they were both all over each other. Neither one of them could take their hands off the other. Rubbing, feeling, touching, lovingly stroking each other's smooth, firm bodies. They closed their goth babe in a fishnet top masturbates as Jake's hands roamed down to Danny's sexy round ass.

Danny broke the kiss as he moaned with pleasure at the intimate touch. "God I love you" Danny remarked lustfully. "Haha, I know" Jake replied teasingly, "now shut up and give me some more of that hot tongue action!" Danny tried to respond with a witty comeback but teen rough doggy xxx luna lovely in dont break the rules he could think of what to say, his mouth was invaded once more by Jake's hot, slippery tongue!

They both moaned together as their cocks twitched simultaneously. Taking that as a hint, Danny started dry humping his new lover, thrusting his rock hard dick into Jake's groin, all the while maintaining their passionate kiss.

Suddenly, Jake grabbed Danny's ass cheeks firmly and began kneading them like dough, forcing Danny to thrust faster and harder. Jake couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed hold of Danny's hips and rolled him over dominantly, deciding that it was his turn to pin the other to the ground! "Why I never did this ages ago, I'll never know!" Jake said seductively, "you're so fuckin' hot man!" "Hahaha, me neither!" Danny laughed.

Jake latched onto the bottom of Danny's t-shirt and rapidly pulled it up over his head. He disposed of the garment quickly, throwing it to the ground! Daniel smiled with pleasure as his round, pink nipples were hungrily circled by Jake's wet tongue.

Jake felt the nipples harden and expand as he licked them, switching between the two like a wild animal feasting on some poor defenceless animal. They both loved every second though.

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Danny moaned loudly as waves of electricity shuddered through his body each time Jake's tongue flickered over the top of his erect nipples. "Ohhh that feels good!" Danny practically shouted! That comment turned Jake on even more and encouraged him to take the next step!

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Jake paused for a moment and looked up at Daniel's face. He watched as his friend looked back at him, confusion on his face.

"What's wrong?" Danny questioned nervously, fearing that there might be something wrong. Jake smiled at him, acknowledging that his reaction to the pause was very cute. "Nothing's wrong" he giggled playfully, "I just thought I'd tease you a bit". "Aww man" Jake replied relieved, "don't do that to me, you had me worried there!" "Oh, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to worry you".

Danny smiled at Jakes choice of language and this signalled back to Jake that all was good. "Now where was I?" Jake chuckled flirtatiously. "I think you were about to go down on me weren't you" Danny said suggestively. "Oh you think so do you, you cocky little so and so!" Jake joked, finding that he enjoyed this new part of their relationship, "so what if I was actually about to get up and mouth rape you instead huh?" he asked jokingly.

"Bring it on big boy!" Danny laughed. With that, they began to playfully wrestle each other, each trying to prove their dominance over the other. In the end, it was Danny who won the sexy blonde and brunette mormon lesbians having fun and was again on top of Jake. The wrestling stopped and there was a pause again as they made loving, sensual eye contact.

Without messing about any longer, Danny returned the favour of releasing Jake from his t-shirt. He swiftly whipped it over his head and threw it to the side. He then kissed Jake passionately on the lips once again, savouring the taste of his lover.

Then his proceeded to kiss down his jaw line, neck and down to his chest. He briefly stopped at the nipples to play around a little and explore, but he now had his mind set on other things!

He was hungry, and you can probably guess what for! When he was satisfied with his work on Jake's nipples, he carried on kissing his way down to his perfectly sculpted, but not overly worked abs.

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He quickly learned that this was one of his favourite parts of Jake's body as he kissed and licked his belly all over. "Aww come on stop teasing, you're driving me wild!" Jake moaned. Danny chose to ignore this and carried on his business.

Eventually he was satisfied with his work on Jake's abs and decided enough was enough. As Daniel finished exploring Jake's abs with his mouth, he rubbed his hands up his leg and onto Jake's tight crotch.

He felt Jake's rock hard dick throbbing beneath his hand as it cried out for attention! It craved freedom as it pushed against the stiff fabric of Jake's trousers.

Without delay, Danny slowly removed the other boy's belt, and seductively undid the button on the top of his trousers. The cold zipper then flowed smoothly down to its base, giving the raging monster a little more freedom, now only restricted to the thinner boxer shorts.

Danny paused and looked Jake directly in the eye, this time with a serious and very sexy look on his face. Jakes cock twitched and spasmed as he watched Danny's head slowly sink down. Next, came a feeling which was better than anything Jake had ever experienced! Danny's hot, wet mouth, suddenly gripped Jake's throbbing penis through the soft material of his boxer shorts.

Jake moaned extremely loudly at the complete ecstasy which he found himself in! The quick, wet, flickering tongue began to massage Jake's aching hard on. Now it was getting serious! Danny could sense that Jake loved it which spurred him on more, knowing that he must be doing something right. He bit gently at the thin material of the boxer shorts so as not to hurt Jake.

He secured the material between his glowing white teeth and made a sexy growling noise as he aggressively tugged the shorts down, pulling his trousers down first with his hands. Jake now led on this soft grassy ground of the field next to the barn, completely naked. The sight really was something to behold and both boys were now hornier than they had ever been in their lives!

Not wanting to wait any longer, Jake decided that it was time to release the hard on which was clearly raging in Danny's trousers at that point. So, before Danny had a chance to get hd puremature best of lisa ann compilation face back to Jake's crotch, Jake took the opportunity to sit up whilst Danny was down by his feet.

He followed this up by standing on his bare feet and pulling Danny up with him. It was like a movie scene as these two hot, sexy young studs stood together in the middle of the big, empty, lush, green field, one completely butt naked and the other topless with a raging boner, making a large tent in his crotch region.

All the while the hot, bright sun beat down upon them. They kissed passionately again, but the kiss was broken quickly as Jake got down on his knees. Jake undid the buckle on the front of Danny's belt.

He slid the 2 parts of the belt apart and moved onto the button. He sleekly and smoothly undid the button, and then slid the cold metal zipped down to its base. Daniels trousers fell to the ground when Jake let go of them and Danny eagerly stepped out of them. Danny couldn't wait for Jake to make his next move. Feeling hungry, Danny grabbed his own boxers and pushed them down his legs.

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"hahaha" Jake laughed with the biggest smile on his face, "getting impatient are we?". "I can't help it, your making me sooo hot baby!" came the reply. Jake could feel the hunger in the atmosphere which had formed thickly around them. Jake looked in awe as Danny's cock stood up proudly in front of his face. "wow" he commented, "Danny you dick is huge!" Danny smiled down at him. His cock was a huge 9 ½ inches and he was very proud of it. He considered it to be the best part of his body, and now that Jake had seen it, he liked it as well.

Jake was hungry! He really wanted to suck on the enormous instrument before him. The problem was, he had never young couple and busty bff nasty threesome session it before. Jake had always thought of himself as straight and he wasn't entirely sure what to do.

He just knelt there for a while and stared. Danny looked down at him, curious about the pause.

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"What's wrong babe?" Danny asked. "Nothing, nothing it's just, it's just that umm." "What? Come on Jake there's no need to be nervous" Danny said with sympathy in his voice. "It's just that, I'm new to this". "Haha, that's ok, I guess I'll have to show you how it's done then" Danny chuckled flirtatiously as he winked. TO BE CONTINUED. *** Thank you for reading Part 6 of "Help", I feel happy with the story so far, what do you think? Let me know by rating and commenting!

Thank you :).