Unusual czech nympho gapes her narrow vagina to the bizarre

Unusual czech nympho gapes her narrow vagina to the bizarre
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Dean woke up in his dorm room and immediately noticed that his beautiful girlfriend, Amanda, wasn't wrapped beneath his arm. Sitting up in bed and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he tried to remember why his head was pounding so badly. He must have drank a LOT ally brooks rides a long wet dick the party last night. Realizing just how full his bladder was, Dean hopped out of bed and looking across the room finally noticed the mop of blonde hair sticking out from underneath his roommate's sheets.

Well, good for you John, Dean thought, it took you all freshman year, but you finally managed to get with a girl. Continuing towards the door a weird feeling rushed through Dean and he turned back around.

"What the fuck, Manda! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" screamed Dean. Instantly John and Amanda sprung upright in the bed. The sheet fell down to show Amanda's near perfect, 32 C breasts, which usually would've brought Dean's penis straight to life, but now he just felt sick.

"D-D-Dean," Amanda managed to stammer before dropping her face. John didn't even say anything. In fact, it looked like he was actually having difficulty not grinning. What a bastard! Disgusted at the scene on display before him, Dean grabbed a pair of shorts, shoes, and his phone before he slammed the door behind him.

He ran to the bathroom two floors down to make sure Amanda wouldn't find him, shut his phone off, and vomited.

Dean spent the next several minutes heaving into the toilet and thinking he'd never stop. Everything kept running through his mind.

Stopping kids from beating John up behind the school in third grade. Winning a state basketball championship with him in high school. Deciding honeys play lesbo game girlfriend and homemade move into the dorms with him instead of moving into Dean's fraternity. Meeting Amanda at the first college party he went to.

Spending every afternoon with her after class and spending a lot of those afternoons in his bed. Even giving up most of his female friends because she was so jealous.

Apparently the bitch wasn't the one who should've been worried about cheating. Finally pulling his head out of the toilet, Dean washed his mouth out and hopped in a shower to try and wash the disgust off of himself. What a waste of a year of college. All the other girls at parties I could've been with and I chose the cheating whore!

Letting the air dry himself and his heart still beating rapidly, Dean realized just how badly he needed to calm himself down. ******************************************************************************************************************** Dean already felt better as the door opened and he saw his beautiful, black geek noemie bilas fuck with a hot stud dealer.

Ali had a beautiful smile on her face and her green eyes had their typical sparkle. "Dean, shorts, shoes, no shirt. That's a good look for you haha. Come on in, sit down." "Thanks, but not intentional. I forgot to grab one before I left." "Hard thing to forget isn't it?" "Maybe for a girl haha, but…ugh…I was in a bit of a hurry…" Dean didn't really want to go on, but Ali just sat down and kept looking over at him.

Or his six-pack. Or at both. "Um, well, I woke up and my girlfriend was kinda in the wrong bed." "Oh no! You poor thing," Ali said with her eyes full of sincerity, but her mouth forming the world's smallest grin, "Well, I guess that explains why you're here so early.

I'd want to get the hell out of there too." "Yeah…Oh Shit," Dean exclaimed, "I forgot my wallet." "No worries. I'd never turn you out, especially under these circumstances." Ali went to her room and reappeared a few minutes later with a couple J's and a freshly loaded bowl. She sat back down a little closer to Dean than was necessary.

After a couple of minutes Dean was already feeling a lot better. He looked over at Ali to thank her and noticed that somehow she was now leaning into him and he had his arm wrapped around her shoulders. "Ali," was all he managed to say, because as soon as she looked up at him he immediately brought his lips to hers. God they were soft! Within seconds they were laying on the couch, with Dean on top and Ali's hands running all over his chest.

She lightly started to bite his bottom lip before moving to his neck and nibbling on that too. Dean let out a soft moan and moved his hands to her hips. He ran them up and down her sides, slowly working her top up. She stopped her work on his neck and raised her arms straight above the top of her head.

They stared directly into each other's eyes as she arched her back, allowing Dean to yank her top off. Making out again, Dean could feel his growing bulge start rubbing into Ali's crotch. Now a low moan escaped from her lips. Wow, this morning was turning around quickly, Dean thought as he rolled over so that Ali was now on top.

She didn't hesitate unsnapping her bra and allowing her gorgeous B cup breasts to fall free. Within a second she leaned down and began feeding them into Dean's mouth, letting him work each over rather thoroughly as her moans grew stunning young redhead blows towtruck driver cumshots amateurs louder.

Finally, Dean pulled her back down as their lips met in bliss enorme tetuda follando a saco con su ex el porno del pueblo again and her hand snaked its way under his shorts. Ali's hand worked up and down his dick, getting it nice and hard. Dean unbuttoned her shorts, yanked them down to her knees, and slipped his own hand beneath the soft, silk fabric of her thong. He rubbed her clit for a few seconds before inserting a finger, slowly working it in and out.

Their moans started to fill the room and the passion between them became more and more intense. Suddenly, Dean got a wonderful idea and broke the kiss. "You know, I didn't eat breakfast and I'm awfully hungry," he said. At first Ali looked confused and disappointed, but as realization hit her a huge smile formed brandi love and bella rose share a cock her face.

Immediately she hopped off the couch and pulled her shorts and thong off her cute, petite body, before lying back in a comfy chair, legs spread. As Dean approached her his eyes finally caught sight of her glorious pussy and his eyes lit up, along with his boner becoming almost painfully hard.

When he got to her he dropped to his knees and began a closer examination. There wasn't one tuft of hair on her sweet looking pussy and her clit was already noticeably hard. Dean took a small whiff of her pussy before taking his first lick. Oh, God, did she ever taste good. Forgetting his previous thoughts of teasing her for a bit, Dean dug right in. His tongue slipped between her folds, twirling around and licking every inch it could before he thrust it in as far as it would go. Dean brought his left hand to her right boob and began pinching her nipple as his right went straight to her clit.

"Oh my fuuuuucccckkking Goooodddd," Ali screamed as soon as his thumb made contact with her sensitive clit and she dug both her hands into the back of Dean's scalp. Even with all the pressure on the back of his head, Dean managed to slide up to her clit and start working it over with his mouth. Dean inserted a finger into her pussy, sliding it in and out, then added a black raven sucking then riding the tattooed up stud. His second could barely make it all the way in she was so tight.

"Ugh.ugh.ugh.oh.oh," Ali loudly moaned, obviously in complete bliss. As Dean felt Ali somehow increase the pressure on the back of his head he knew it was time. He lightly started nibbling on her clit.

All Dean heard was, "Oh FUCKKK!" before her legs clamped around his head and his mouth received a large, sweet treat as her orgasm rolled through her body. Dean kept going, trying to get to all of his hard earned reward until Ali had to yank his head away.

"Ho.ly shit," Ali managed to gasp between breaths as she joined Dean on the floor, working hard to retrieve some of her juices from the inside of his mouth. "Now, if your dick does half as well as your mouth I don't think you'll ever need to pay for weed again," she said as she pulled Dean's shorts off of him. Lowering herself, she stopped for a minute to stare at Dean's rigid 7.5" cock. "Beautiful," Dean heard her softly murmur before she grabbed his prick and shoved her mouth several inches down it.

Dean couldn't help but moan as Ali worked her mouth and hand in perfect unison up and down his dick. She pulled back, lightly scraping her teeth on his head before twirling her tongue round and round. Dean was in heaven, with all thoughts of his cheating girlfriend finally dissipating and all his focus on this beautiful goddess thoroughly working his dick over.

With her hand still stroking his rigid tool, Ali sucked Dean's balls into her mouth slobbering all over them. "Ali, you've got to stop. You're gonna make me burst and I still need to get this thing inside you," Dean said as he reluctantly pulled her head away from his crotch.

From the look of delight on her face, though, he could tell she definitely wasn't disappointed by this plan. Ali crawled up his body and their mouths joined one another again. She grabbed his prick and began rubbing the head up and down her soaking wet pussy lips. The head slipped in as she sat up on his body. "Wait!" Dean screamed, "I don't have a condom on!" " Oh silly, I'm 19 and in college, of course I'm on the pill," Ali said soothingly as she began the long journey down his pole.

Relaxed now, Dean pulled her down far enough so that he could latch onto a breast, then grabbed her hips. After every inch or so Ali would have to lift herself back up, almost to the point of his dick falling out of its beautiful entrapment, before dropping herself back down and swallowing a bit more than before.

Her pussy was so tight, that he actually wasn't sure if she'd make it to his base. After several minutes of hard work, though, she finally managed to make it all the way. Ali stopped moving and Dean looked up to her face to see her eyes clamped tightly shut and could hear the low moans escaping from her mouth. Taking the initiative, he moved his hands to her wonderfully soft ass and began picking her up and dropping her back down the length of his dick.

Immediately her moans turned to screams and there was no reason for Dean to continue doing the work, because Ali was pistoning herself on his tool faster than he'd ever seen.

He began to feel that familiar bubbling deep down in his balls as her slippery tightness was becoming too much. Overtaken by urgency, Dean rolled them over, threw Ali's legs over his shoulders, and began hammering in and out.

"So…fucking…close," Dean shouted as he noticed Ali's eyes had rolled to the back of her head.

"Almost there. I'm gonna fill your pussy to the brim!" " Ahhh…you ahhh fucking better!" she managed to somehow retort back. Then, without thinking, Dean slut gives oral blowjobs and gets facials himself to the root, with a rapid torrent of sperm releasing itself as Ali's pussy clamped down tighter than a vice grip as her second orgasm of the day ravaged her body.

Spurt after spurt flew into its destination as he gave a few convulsive humps, before collapsing on top of her, both of them completely out of breath. Dean gave her a few soft kisses before separating himself and rolling to the side. Oh shit, what a great slam xxx spotlight real orgasm morning, he thought to himself, having completely forgotten about how it started.

He noticed Ali sit up and grab a J, lighting it as she lay back down with Dean, allowing him to wrap an arm around her. Passing it back and forth, he knew there was something they had to talk about.

"Um…Ali, this was…amazing and I'm definitely done with my girlfriend, but I'm not really looking to hop back into a relationship." Before he could go any further he was stopped by her giggling. " Duh! I've just wanted to do this for a long, long time, but I had to wait until you got rid of that skank girlfriend," Ali stated.

Now, fully relaxed, Dean let sleep overtake him and dozed off. Waking up and kissing beautiful Ali good bye, Dean started walking the few blocks back towards campus. He turned his phone on and it was instantly flooded with texts and voicemails.

All from Amanda, zero from John. Either John was shamed into speechlessness, or more likely, didn't give a fuck. Dean read the texts and listened to the voicemails, then quickly deleted them all. They were just bullshit about how sorry she was and how it would never happen again.

Yeah, right! It won't because I'll never be with you again! Thankfully the school year was over, this just meant that Dean would be moving home a day earlier than expected. Just the thought of spending another night in the same room as John made Dean sick. Quickly Dean sent John a text telling him not to be in the room the rest of the day so he could pack up and go. Then, realizing how hungry he was, slowly walked to his dorm to grab his wallet.

By some miracle, John must've already ditched the room. Probably eager to avoid a confrontation. Retrieving his wallet, Dean went to the student union to get some Chinese food. While eating, Dean saw a few girls from high school and waved them over.

Jess a good rimjob from the aunt masturbation and fingering Nicky had been some of his good friends until Amanda made him stop talking to them.

"Hey," Jess said rather coldly once the girls got to the table. "Hey, girls, sit down. How are ya?" Dean said jocularly. "What? Now you give us commands after a year of the cold shoulder," Nicky spat with some fire.

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"Sorry, please sit down. If you want to. Listen, though, I'm really sorry about what an ass I've been all year.

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You're my friends, and I regret being a dick, but I was infected with a disease called Amanda and I've finally got the cure, ok?" With that the girls laughed a bit and took a seat. Dean explained what had happened and they quickly made up.

By the end of lunch, they were planning on hanging out a lot this summer and he was in a surprisingly good mood when he got back to his room. ******************************************************************************************************************** That is, until he opened the door and saw Amanda laying on his bed completely naked.

His face went stone cold and thought nearly left him completely. Amanda got off the bed and slowly started to strut towards him in a very sexy way. He couldn't help it, his prick was rigid before she even got to him. "Baby, I'm sooo sorry for what happened earlier.

You know that it's you that I want to be with, you that I care about. John doesn't mean anything, I just want to make it up to you," she managed to say in a sexy but innocent way. Dean didn't care, though, he just wanted her gone, but once she dropped to her knees and yanked at his shorts, he figured, why not one for the road, a very rough one.

So, as soon as her mouth took in the end of his dick, he put his hand behind her head and shoved it to the base. If she didn't have so much practice deep throating his cock, she probably would've started vomiting, but luckily she was just lightly gagging.

Dean held her head there and used his other hand to pinch her nose. Her throat swallowing around his dick over and over again felt absolutely incredible and her tongue on his balls was driving him crazy. When he knew she was almost completely out of breath, he let her draw her head back.

To Dean's surprise, she wasn't even upset about nearly choking on his meat. She just looked…obedient. Well good, that won't last for long, but it does make the next part easier.

"On your hands and knees. Facing away from me. Now," he ordered. Without hesitation, Amanda quickly obeyed. John got down on his knees and plunged his dick sunny leone and daniel webber porn the hilt in her soft, velvety pussy. Amanda moaned loudly, but not wanting to spend long in there he quickly withdrew and firmly placed the head of his dick against her little brown star. She must not have realized what was happening at first, but when Dean grabbed her hips and forced the head in it became apparent.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed, "You've never tried that without lube! And you know that you can't fit more than a couple inches in." "I think I can today," he replied without any emotion. He knew it would fit, he'd always just thought it would be a pity to tear this ass in half.

With that thought abandoned, Dean shoved another inch in, withdrew and shoved his dick another inch further into her tight asshole. Amanda was too busy moaning with pain and then peculiar pleasure to say another word. After ten minutes of repeatedly thrusting as hard as possible Dean finally managed to get the last of his dick in. Already his dick felt red raw, but he didn't care. This asshole was so tight he doubted a rubber band could out do it.

He pulled her long blonde hair roughly and began roughly thrusting in and out like a wild man. Every time he hit home Amanda would let out a loud moan.

As he continued fucking her asshole he noticed she was rubbing her clit with one hand. Immediately he oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy it away.

"Who the fuck said this was for you?" he yelled at her. She actually looked ashamed of herself. Dean was astonished. Already he felt guilty for not letting her get equal pleasure from the rough fucking. So, grabbing Amanda around the waist he dropped back onto his butt, piercing her deeper than ever, and started rubbing her clit as she rode his dick. Amanda started screaming loudly as she was hit by an extremely powerful orgasm. Her asshole clamped down tighter than ever on his dick, and he knew it was time.

Dean pulled out and grabbed the back of her head, forcing it all the way down her throat. Four, five, six spurts.

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Once he finally regained his composure, he grabbed her by the hair, opened the door, and tossed her into the hallway in nothing but her birthday suit and yelling, "We're done, Bitch!" Feeling satisfied, Dean fell asleep on his bed. When he got up he loaded his car up with his stuff and headed home.

Hey all! Thanks for reading my first story. This is just part one of many. All suggestions and critics are welcome and appreciated. My next chapter will more than likely include incest. That was originally the plan for this part, but the story started to take its own direction and it's taking longer to work there then I thought.

The second part is already in progress and should be up no later than tomorrow. Thanks again. College Bum.