Two teens webcam tease xxx my big black threesome

Two teens webcam tease xxx my big black threesome
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Chapter 32 LESBIANS That was how Claire and Steph slept from then on - chained together in a 69, wet and horny and eating each other's twats. Almost every night their pussies were stuffed with dog-food - "desert", their dad called it. They got their cunts spanked twice a day, and if they orgasmed from it their father would kiss them on the mouth. They ate at the table naked, masturbating while they ate, they would do all the chores in the house while naked, and they would crawl around for long stretches on all fours like dogs.

Claire's success in campaigning gave her a temporary break from lobbying at work. She was instead assigned to one of Titcage's research projects. They were currently working on methods to realign lesbians to enjoy cock, or to otherwise learn behaviours that were more pleasing to men. Young lesbians, desperate for money, had signed up as volunteers for these experiments. Claire was assigned secretarial and assistant work in these projects.

Her uniform in research turned out to be a lab coat with nothing underneath. Clips inside the labcoat attached to her nipples and labia; there was no reason for these clips, as far as Claire could see, other than to cause her pain, and they were very painful indeed. Claire's clit ring was set to vibrate constantly. Each of the experimental programs was different.

One program consisted of several girls who did nothing else but come in three times a week and masturbate. They masturbated in isolated rooms containing nothing but a comfy chair and a TV screen; the only experimental requirement was that the girls masturbated for a full hour whether they were horny or not, that they take an aphrodisiac an hour prior to attending the office, and that they watch what was shown on the screen.

The screens started off showing gentle lesbian porn, and the girls masturbated to this happily, with Claire discretely watching and taking notes through a hidden screen.

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But over subsequent visits the videos changed. First they became more violent, with one woman dominating and degrading the other.

Then men were introduced - at the edge of the frame as cameramen, or as extras observing. They started becoming naked, and more and more shots had erect cocks in them. Finally the men started becoming involved in the proceedings, with a girl giving a blowjob while she masturbated her partner, or the man cumming on the girls as they 69ed. Eventually the men were fucking the girls and then violently raping them.

Claire was fascinated to see that these girls, supposedly lesbians, would still have wet cunts even after everything happening on screen was heterosexual. She watched the little whores orgasm watching footage of a man slapping and raping a woman. Sometimes they petite gina gerson takes a leak and sucks and fuck hard cock look confused or disappointed in themselves; two girls cried all the way through the later stages of the experiments.

But they came nonetheless. Naturally Titcage had kept all the footage of these girls, nude and sluttily rubbing their cunts. Part of Claire's job was to arrange a little extra footage too; on the way to their last appointment at Titcage each of the lesbians would be raped by a man. The men were hired and paid by Claire (sometimes paid with money, sometimes with blowjobs provided by Claire).

They would catch the lesbian, her pussy already wet from her pre-session aphrodisiac, rape her, and film the rape, including her inevitable orgasm. The crying girl would then turn up at Titcage and have to go masturbate for an hour while watching footage of each of the other girls in the program being raped just like she had been. They all thought the footage was just more porn; and they all orgasmed looking at it.

One of the most abhorrent experiments - and the one that made Claire's cunt the wettest - involved one half of a teen lesbian couple. The girl was being paid to drug her lover. Three times a week she would secretly feed her unsuspecting lover a combination of drugs which would get her aroused and knock her unconscious.

The girl would then get her male friends to come over and rape her lover in her sleep. Titcage cameras hidden in the house by the girl allowed Claire and her unit to watch the lover's behaviours while awake; they had been delighted to discover that the unknowingly-raped girl was using a dick-shaped dildo more often, was making porn choices that more often involved men, and was dressing sluttier and flirting with her male friends.

Soon, however, the girl was going to discover she was pregnant despite having no memory of fucking any men; the whole team were awaiting that moment eagerly. Claire found that she herself was often fantasising now about either using the unconscious girl for her own sexual gratification, or being raped while she was asleep. Constantly tracking the abuse and degradation of pretty sluts all day left Claire in a state of extreme sexual tension. There was an almost constant trickle of cunt slime running down her legs, and she had to drink a lot of cordial to keep up with the moisture she was losing to arousal and perspiration.

The work was real work and it kept her busy; she rarely had time to slip away even to piss. When she did manage to get away, most times she couldn't even let herself orgasm because of her requirement to complete three full masturbations each day without cumming.

She wished Jim was around to fuck her; but he wasn't. The other girls working in research were cool to Claire and none seemed inclined to help her get off. The section leader was a man named Miles, and he simply wouldn't fuck her.

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She had tried everything to get him to; she had kissed him, rubbed her tits against him, let him see her breasts and twat. She had even got into work early one day and waited for him, kneeling nude in his office and cupping her tits for his pleasure, but he had ignored her except for telling her to get to work. She had cried all day that live tv channels xxx story of she knew what a slut she was now, and that was horrible, but to be such a slut and then be rejected was even worse.

If all she was good for was fucking, and people wouldn't fuck her, what was the point of her? That made her afternoon sessions with Kitten all the better. They would lick each other to orgasm as soon as possible after work; sometimes in the toilets, lying in a pool of urine; sometimes in the back of Kitten's car. Once xxx full sex stories mirej porn couldn't even make it to the car, and the two girls ate each other out on Titcage's front lawn, in full view of staff passing by.

A part of Claire was appalled by what she was doing, as men walked past and took pictures of her licking Kitten's twat, but a bigger part of her just needed to cum desperately and had been fantasising about Kitten's pussy all day.

Sometimes they would go back to Kitten's house, where Claire would suck or fuck Kitten's dad, and then both girls would service Kitten's friends.

Sometimes they would go back to Claire's house, where Kitten would put on a whorish show and then Claire and Steph would eat their dinner out of Kitten's pussy before Kitten went off to fuck their father.

Kitten helped Claire meet her last Q grade requirements. She took Claire for walks and helped her practice relaxing her bladder and pissing while walking. It was strange at first but then Claire liked the freedom of urinating without stopping, feeling the warm liquid run down her leg as she walked.

People sometimes looked at her strangely but Claire was used to that now. Kitten also helped Claire learn how to put her tits in bondage. The simplest way was with tight nylon ropes; Kitten showed Claire how to wrap it around the base of her boobs and tie it tightly. The result was intense pain in Claire's fuckbags; they bulged obscenely and started to go a dark purple, and Claire discovered that they were now super-sensitive and would flare in agonising pain at the slightest bump.

Delivering her required hugs to men with her boobs bound up was extreme self-torture. Bumping into a wall left her screaming in pain. Claire chose Ben as her male friend for her masturbation requirements. Whenever she was alone with Ben, Claire's hand would always be at her pussy, rubbing frantically.

Ben didn't mind; he seemed to be resigned to Claire's sluttiness now, and in any case was often too busy fucking her mouth or her tits to care. But the routine of always touching herself while near a particular man did strange things to Claire's mind. It reinforced the idea that, for this man at least, all she was for was fucking. And it helped train her in the larger idea that she should always be wet and ready for the use of men. Claire was required to sometimes hurt her tits or twat while masturbating now.

Kitten showed her that this was as simple as putting clothespegs on her nipples while rubbing her cunt. At first Claire found this painful and distracting but soon she became used to the feeling of a little stinging in her tits while she fingerfucked her twat. After a while she found her pussy juicing up in anticipation when she applied the pegs.

Finally, Claire was required to drink cum from a condom. Kitten furnished this for Claire after Claire's second porn party.

A terrified Amy and Elena had turned up again, although this time Steph avoided the event. The boys spent all night raping the girls while watching abusive porn; Claire orgasmed twice.

After the boys had gone, Kitten brought Claire a full condom, and then licked Claire's cunt while Claire upended the plastic balloon over her tongue. The cum tasted cold and sticky, but good. Claire orgasmed from Kitten's tongue as she licked the last of the sperm from the inside of the condom.

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It was only afterwards, as the two girls kissed in post-coital bliss, that Kitten told Claire where the sperm had come from. 'That was from your dad,' Kitten whispered. And even as Claire's stomach did a horrified flip, something happened in Claire's pussy, and she orgasmed twice.

(To be continued.)