Amazing mature bombshell gurgles a massive load

Amazing mature bombshell gurgles a massive load
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Now I don't want you to think I anyway felt safe with my real mom. As her drug use got worse, not only was I having to take care of myself by finding us food and making myself go to school, but there were very scary people in and out of our home. I can tell you that Amazing teen pornstars trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians have blocked out a lot of my memories, I think because I was so young to remember those years and think about some of the things that happened would be traumatic for me.

I can tell you that I remember not liking the strange men that would come and go from our home. I have very distinct memories of men hurting my mother and what I didn't know then as rape but raping her as well. The memories that I block the most have to do with anything that they did with me. Even worse about those memories was the fact that I remember her being in the room with them and me and telling me to be quiet and behave.

All while her "friends" would do things to me that should not be done to a little girl. While most of it is blocked out I remember being touched, tickled, and pinched anywhere on my body.

Its odd cause when I think about those times I start hearing kids songs in my mind. I think I used to sing them to myself when things were being done to me.

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It didn't take very long for me to find hiding places in our apartment brother sister and girlfriend threesome her friends would come by.

Of course I was small and could hide in cabinets and closets and even remember hiding in the dirty clothes hamper. I remember this because I remember the smell of the dirty clothes and to this day hate that smell.

But here I was in my new foster home with all that in the past and having just enjoyed one of the most physically enjoyable experiences of my life at the spa. Only a few days in my new foster home, with my new parents both giving me more attention then I had ever had from any adult.

Yet after a few days of loving affection I had such painful sex with my new foster dad with my foster mom right there with us, but everything else seemed so normal, so much like any other kid's home I knew from school, maybe even better. So now my new mom and I returned from the spa treatment and I could not stop smiling. The day continued to stay wonderful as we arrived home and foster dad had dinner there ready for us.

We had a very nice dinner again with bottles of wine. It made me feel so adult that I was allowed to share in the wine and I loved how after a few glasses it made me feel so relaxed. This night it seemed to affect me even more I think because I was already so relaxed from the spa. Again after dinner after cleaning up the dishes, we settled into the den with soft music, low light, more wine and more affection.

I found myself becoming more and more accepting of what I should have considered odd behavior, but shortly after settling in the den, we were all kissing and rubbing and cuddling with each other. I still was very timid to do much of anything with my hands, my arms mostly feeling in the way of things, but I was completely letting go with the French kissing and actively working tongue action with both foster parents.

It also seemed to feel much less weird when their hands would touch my body on my special places and it drew less and less of my attention to where I hardly distinguished between who's hands it was touching me wherever. Before long my foster father pulled us all to our feet and we were off to my bedroom. Quickly we were all naked and in my bed and before I had a chance to realize what was about to happen, I felt my father lay on top of me again.

Just as I realized what he was doing my foster mom gave me a very intense French kiss. Then, I felt my body stiffen as again I felt his cock push inside me. I was still very sore and tender there so it did hurt again, but nothing like that first night. It didn't seem very long before he was deep inside me stroking in and out and again I felt him bottoming out at my cervix.

I have to admit the bumping of my cervix by his cock hurt quite a bit as stroke after stroke I felt a punch like thud inside me.

As it continued I saw his face get more intense and again found myself crying as he forced it fully inside me stretching my cervix till it allowed his cockhead to penetrate inside me. That feeling is so hard to put into words, except to say it feels like something inside your body trying to get out, but soon he had penetrated me there and I felt closer to him physically then I think you can feel with anybody.

I have to tell you even as big ass teen bangs in the car at rainy night strandedteens landedteens as again this was, I think that was the first time in my life that I understood the word intimacy. My foster mom was somehow laying over my upper body, her shoulders almost lined up with mine, kissing me so deeply, at the same time, I felt my foster father so, so far inside my body it felt like the three of us were in symphony like that beautiful music that I still thought I heard playing in the other room.

It wasn't too much longer after I let go to the intimacy that I felt him again squirt deep into my womb. Even that had its own intimate feeling, something you can not experience any other way in your life other then having someone leave something of theirs inside your body. I hope those words communicate that feeling at least partly.

Suddenly Classy girl needs her own hands sometimes when home alone was a little surprised by the giggling and praise from both my parents telling me I had did so well, that I had been a good girl.

It felt odd feeling pride about that but both their smiles were so genuine and even though I hurt inside, I felt good about what we'd just done. I have to admit having someone inside you like that is a feeling very hard to describe, and while I found my new foster mother's love and affection so sincere and caring, I have to admit, I felt an odd closeness with the man still inside my body.

Through all the pain and discomfort of this all, I felt safe and loved for the first time in my life. Even with his dead weight on my body as he drifted off to sleep I soon found my eyes heavy and slept the next few hours with him there.

I had no idea how rare that was but with his size and how petite and physically immature my body was, even soft, his cock was able to stay inside me. I slept like a log and don't remember anything else from that night.

The next morning I was again incredibly sore between my legs and in my tummy, not much less then after that first time, but my heart, my spirit felt so different. For the first time ever I initiated kissing and hugging with both my parents and they were very receptive.

I couldn't stop giggling and was happier then I can ever remember being. How quickly things can change. . After foster dad went to work, mom and I did some housework. I was in heaven even finding that fun. We had a nice lunch and did vacuuming and dusting in the afternoon. Everything seemed so normal and like the ideal life at that moment and my mind was so at ease. Then to my surprise the doorbell rang.

Mom went and answered the door, me a few feet behind her being nosey. "Well hi there how are you" she exclaimed hugging the man standing there, "come on in!" "Angel, this is your. .

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. Uncle Joe," she said with a pause before introducing him. Uncle Joe was a very tall handsome man. Probably late 20's and stood over six feet tall, easily weighing over 200 pounds. He stepped inside and I reached to shake his hand, but he only used that to pull me into him and hugged me. "My you are a tiny petite thing, aren't you?" he asked as he hugged me to his body.

He had to have been at least a foot and a half taller then me and built solid as a rock. After hugging me for what seemed like forever he took my hand and led me over to the den and sat in one of the chairs. "Let me take a good look at you," he said as he spun me around like a man would a dancer, even fat chick and her dude play with ice cream and fuck he didn't struggle to do this.

"She's beautiful," he said to my foster mother as she returned to the kitchen to work on dinner. Then he pulled my arm and next thing I know I was sitting on his knee with his arm around me behind me and the other over my lap.

I felt so strange and awkward as this man treated me like he had known me for years and I had just met him, I frequently looked at my foster mom but she just looked back at me with a soft smile, her eyes telling me it was okay.

"I have heard so much about you from both your parents they think you are the cat's meow. Is that true," he asked? I wasn't even sure what that meant so I just nodded as I felt him squeeze me close. To my then relief and surprise I then heard keys unlock the door and my foster dad came in. I looked up and smiled at him and he returned my smile before welcoming Uncle Joe.

"Joe, how are you, I see you've met our little angel," he stated walking over shaking Uncle Joe's hand and then gently pulling me up to give him a hug.

After hugging me he took my hand and also spun me around, he then pulled the other chair straight in front of Uncle Joe's chair leaving me standing with one man on each side of me. "She's incredible, and so tiny, smaller then I had expected but much more beautiful," Uncle Joe said to my foster dad. "Yes, we are very happy and she's been a very good girl much better then we expected," my foster dad told Uncle Joe.

"Angel, can Uncle Joe please get a real good look at you?" he asked and began to unbutton my blouse. I was stunned by this and quickly looked over at my foster mother who smiled, turned her head to one side and said very softly to me, "It's okay baby let him see how beautiful you are." I was stunned both parents were wanting me to be seen by the Uncle I had ava adams caught panty thief met, and to my horror my foster dad continued pulling at my clothing, getting my blouse unbuttoned then lowering it off my shoulders and arms.

I crossed my arms to hide my small chest and his fingers went to my skirt unbuttoning it. Within seconds it was at my ankles and his fingers were in the waistband of my panties. I was stunned and horrified as he tugged them down. "Noooooo," I protested for the first time ever. "It's okay baby, don't cover up, Joe is part of the family," he said as if that would calm me down.

I was in shock not knowing what to think as my foster father had rendered me naked within seconds in front of the Uncle I had never met before.

It was worse as the two of them touched and turned and felt around me. I actually think I was having flashbacks to my past with my real mom cause I felt myself humming "Twinkle Twinkle". I stood there in shock and so scared as I felt their hands rub and touch around my body. My attention was finally grabbed when I heard Uncle Joe speak again. "Well are we on," Uncle Joe asked? "If your up to it," I heard foster dad reply.

"You bet," Uncle Joe said back quickly. And with that they both took my hands and walked with me into the bedroom. I remember looking back at foster mom smiling at me still in the kitchen cooking dinner right before we went through the door.

Then I heard it close and I was alone in my mom changing cloth and thief come im a riom with the two men.

It was the first time since at my new foster home I didn't feel safe, in fact I think I was flashing back to when my real mom had her "friends" over and I'm not really sure if I remember all the details of what was next to come.

I do remember foster dad pulling back the covers and then Uncle Joe getting in first. Dad pushed me in behind him and got on the other side of me. He then turned me to face him with my back to Uncle Joe me lying on my side.

I felt Uncle Joe then spoon up against me and was stunned when I know I felt his cock rub up against my butt. I think my father then put his hands on my butt and I felt him pull my cheeks open. Then I felt lund kmota aur kala banane ka tarika that made me feel sick, Uncle Joe pushed his cock up against my butt hole.

I then felt my father's hands slide to the front of my pelvis and I heard myself scream as I felt an awful pressure at my butt. Uncle Joe was trying to push his cock inside my butt. "Relax baby, its okay, just let him in," I heard my father say. Stunned to hear him say this as I felt the awful stretch and ache at my tiny rear entry.

"NOOOOOoo" I cried, as it hurt so, so much but nothing changed except the feeling of the pressure increasing. "Gawd she's tight," Uncle Joe exclaimed to which dad replied, "I know." I then felt myself bite my lower lip hard as I felt something give, and the feeling of a warm wetness and the touching of inside my bottom, like going poop in reverse. It hurt so much and I felt so dirty and then I was suddenly stunned more as I felt my foster dad move up against me and put his cock to my secret place and for the third time my father began to insert his body inside mine, while my new Uncle kept pushing into my behind.

It felt like I was going to tear apart with the two of them pushing inside me. I almost felt as though my mind was there watching it happen to me, as I seemed to hear both of their grunts and seeing their strains trying to push their cocks into me.

I know I felt every bit of pain, from the looks of determination on their faces and the sound of their grunts working their cocks inside my body. I can tell you nothing about this time, felt a bit romantic or intimate, it felt like two invaders, forcing into my body, and I hated every bit of it.

In my life up till that point I don't think I had ever associated the word rape with any experiences I could remember, but for the first time ever I felt completely violated. The worst thing about it is I could do nothing to stop it, as much as I wished for them to stop, as much as I cried no, as much as I wished for my foster mom to come in and stop them, none of that happened.

The two men just continued to work their bodies, into mine. Just as I didn't think it could be worse, I heard my foster father say to Uncle Joe, "Ready?" To which Uncle Joe said, "Yep." And I felt them roll with my body until my father was lying on top of me and Uncle Joe underneath.

This hurt quite a bit and allowed the worst thing possible, for them to push further inside me. My heart pounded and I tried to fight to do anything to push him off of me but nothing I did changed anything.

Thrust after thrust simply worked their bodies inside mine. No matter how hard I wished it, I only felt them touch me deeper inside, then I ever knew I could feel anything. My hips and pelvis ached horribly as the two men thrusted against me. Then to just make things worse again I felt my fathers cock push at my cervix, pounding it over and over, like punching me inside in the tummy. It's the most horrible feeling it the word, to feel yourself wish, for the deepest pain and stretching, to stop the pounding against your insides, but as much as I hated the student ebony fucks old prof studentessa nera scopa vecchio prof stretch of the cervix, the pounding made me need to clench.

I think Uncle Joe felt my clenches, as I couldn't help but do them with my father's thrusts into my cervix, and Uncle Joe's moans changed with my need to squeeze. To my own horror my wish was granted as I felt my father again push painfully his head into the tiny opening, forcing it to stretch to accommodate him.

I felt myself crying as this happened. I think all the emotions of it all hit me at the same moment. I also felt the strongest urge to go poop, but of course it was from him inside my ass, hopefully not a real urge.

I heard and felt the creaking of the bed as all of our body weight bounced on the same place on my bed. I felt a deep hatred for them both at that moment, but the hardest thing on me I was beginning to fully realize is I had no control of it at all. They did what they wanted with me, how they wanted, as long as they wanted and my body was just along for the ride.

I missed my foster mother at that moment, her kisses, her tenderness, her caring, and I think that was the first time I got the concept of the full primal sex drive of a man. I'm not sure either of them, even my foster father who had seemed to show compassion for me before cared anything about how this felt to me at all. All they did was focus on what they were feeling, on their own need, on their own pleasure.

Sadly I could do nothing to change anything, all I could do was accept their will. Fortunately it wasn't too much longer after that that I felt, my dad first and then only moments after felt Uncle Joe squirt their fluids inside me.

Even this for the first time in my life repulsed me as I had no choice in the matter and had to accept their fluids into my body with no input of my own. I hated them both for that last several thrusts as each time they thrusted I felt more of their fluids squish into my body. I then felt them both easing up, slowing and relaxing, yet to my absolute frustration still inside me.

I remember turning my face away from my father and hearing them both make comments about the experience. "Oh my Gawd that was incredible," Uncle Joe exclaimed. "Yeah she's amazing," my foster father replied. But his words fell on deaf ears as I didn't care that they liked me. I was relieved when I felt my father withdraw and roll off me and just doing that pulled me off Uncle Joe enough to amateur couple bathroom hot sex tape tube porn his cock.

I'm not 100% sure but I think I hurt down there as much if not more then that first night and I know I hurt inside more. My father got up from the bed first went into the bathroom leaving the door open and I heard him pee in the toilet. Uncle Joe followed suit soon after and I was left alone in the bed. I was relieved when they both left my room, putting on robes leaving me in bed alone.

Within moments of their departure my foster mom came into my room, finding me curled up in a ball crying. I'm not sure how she knew what I needed most but she didn't say much and didn't ask questions, she just got in bed carefully behind me and put her arms around me. "It's okay baby, it's okay, It's all over now." Somehow she knew not to ask me about dinner, not to ask me if I was okay, just to lay there and hold me and comfort me.

I cried myself to sleep and I think she hot blonde girl gets her ass plowed there like that with me all night. I guess foster dad and Uncle Joe had dinner but don't really know or care, I know I didn't eat or want to eat I just wanted to forget that night. Only that very morning I had thought I was the happiest girl in the world with the most loving parents anyone would wish for.

Now I felt so different, so dirty so used. Oddly enough that was by the same man that morning that I had thought was so special and had shared a special closeness with. And a complete stranger to me a man called Uncle Joe. To be continued.