Smokin hot brenna sparks pussy rammed on massage table

Smokin hot brenna sparks pussy rammed on massage table
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"Help!!! Somebody please!!! Where am I" Kayla screamed at the top of her lungs letting it echo upward in the vast canon. Kayla had no clue where she was, her last memory was laying her head down for bed, and now she was somewhere completely vacant to her mind. It seemed to be a very dark, uninhabitable place, with dry, thick air that almost seemed too stagnant to breathe, but then why was it so properly lighted? The lights were emitted through candles, and torches placed throughout the chasm, letting her notice that she seemed to be, in only what could be described as a gigantic spider web, which could explain why she was spread eagle, and couldn't move.

She had also noticed that her hair teacher and student xxx viedos in short pig tails, and the pigtails were thrown over her shoulder almost neatly. There were other strange things about her appearance she had noticed immediately, her white nightgown she had been wearing had been replaced by a lace pink bra, a matching lace thong, and matching heels.

And if it was hard enough to breathe, her bra was a pushup bra, which pushed her already 34d's to near her chin, obstructing her vision slightly, but not enough to notice the 8 glaring red balls in the deep darkness ahead. "Please God!

Please God no! This cant be happening! Please somebody!" She screamed as the worst of her thoughts had consumed her as she thought to herself, "if this is a spider web, where is the spider?" as the read eyes slowly approached. Her breathing became more labored the more the eyes approached, leaving her chest to be constantly heaving, and constantly blocking her view of the eyes, which in turn, scared her even more.

"This fucking bra! Get this fucking thing off me please! This fucking bra is hurting me! Somebody please!!! Help me!!! This fucking bra, these stupid fucking tits, FUCK!" She screamed to herself as if going mad. Eventually she had finally calmed down enough to suck in her chest enough to see the red eyes again, to realize they were only yards away from her.

Her eyes bulged in horror as the veins in all of her extremities seemed to push out her skin. Not 20 in front of her was a gigantic spider. It had to be at least the size of a full grown elephant, with fangs triple the size of a sharks. It had dark, tough hair all across its body, even on the 8 red eyes that were watching her so intently as it slowly crept up to her.

"NO!!! GOD! FUCK! SOMEBODY PLEASE GOD! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! MOMMY! DADDY! HELP! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! IM ONLY 17! THIS CANT BE REAL!" She sobbed but all she heard was her own echo and by this time, the spider was on top of her. Its gigantic face was fixated on her, sweaty, tear filled face. Its legs carried it gigantic leaps, so in one mere step, it was now past her, and she was caught at a dead gaze looking tattooed milf blowing and rimming boy hardcore sex brunette anal its erected, hairy cock.

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All 12 inches of his fully erected dick was directly in her face, dripping what she could only describe as cock sweat onto her chin. "Oh. My. God. This cant be real. Please God tell me this isnt real." She said shaking, trying to hold her head as far back from the sweet teen is gaping yummy snatch in close range and getting off as she could. Then there was a thrust. The spiders dick was suddenly driven straight into her mouth, forcing it open wider then she could have ever handled.

Her eyes widened as her cheeks tore open raggedly, shooting blood onto the spiders cock as she cried fresh tears. "MMPH!!! UMPH!!!" Were the only audible noises she was making as the spider continued shoving its erected cock into her tiny mouth, which was now being stretched, ripped and eventually her entire jaw snapped just to fit the nasty cock in her mouth.

She tried to thrash out of the web, but it was just to strong, and every time that the monster thrust its cock in her mouth, it was like she was being jack hammered. The monsters cock was jamming in and out, in and out, smearing blood from her mouth on to the spiders cock. This went on for several painful minutes before the spider came in her mouth.

The force of the cum nearly blew her away. It was like a firehouse inside her mouth, and it kept on shooting, literally almost drowning her. Eventually after a few long seconds, the spiders cum was shortened to a short spray, which she even hated more.

The cum was now such a small amount that she could taste every pumping load of it as it shot into her already bloody mouth. Her only choice, seeing she had to breathe, was to swallow the cum which was already almost unbearable.

The spiders cum, wasn't like ordinary cum, it seemed a lot thicker, and worse tasting, but none the less, she had to swallow. After ten minutes of swallowing the spider's semen, Kayla was exhausted. She felt like as her stomach was on the verge of bursting, and her throat was raw and sore from constantly swallowing the thick loads of cum. Even her tears were few and far between on the account that her eyes were red and tired. Several times she had vomited back up the cum, but several times she found herself just swallowing it back down.

Then with no warning the spider pulled out, spraying the last little bit of its cums directly into the cleavage of her bra.

She coughed for several minutes, trying to catch her breath, and spit out any of the remaining cum classic hardcore and mature redheads in showers xxx purse snatcher learns a lesbosss son she didn't swallow. "Thats a good girl Kayla" a woman's voice said in the dark depths of the cavern. Kayla couldn't believe her ears, she had to be dead already, her stomach had to burst, or choked on the cock to death, it couldn't be her mothers voice she just heard.

Kayla tried to scream at the woman, but her voice was to hoarse and weak. "Mommy. Mommy. Help me." Was all she managed to say, in a very faint voice. "So how much of his semen did you manage to swallow honey? He was pumping it in there pretty good for a while, did you swallow it all" The woman said slowly approaching into the light.

Kayla didnt want to believe her eyes, it was her mother, and she had never seen her mother happier. The thought alone of her own mother happy at the site of her just raped daughter managed to make Kayla vomit all over her chest, and into the cleavage of her bra again.

"Oh Kayla! You even did what I was hoping you were going to do! I was so hoping you would get cum in that bra, I wanted you angela white foot fuck domination see what is now happening inside your stomach." Her mother said laughing.

"Wh. What" Kayla said weakly, still spilling cum from her mouth as she spoke. "Oh Kayla, the truth is I am not even your real mother, she gave you up a long, long time ago. You see, I am really an assistant to the director of bio-tech weapons corporation. We discovered these giant spiders around the same time your mother gave you up for science" You see, this spider is a dying breed, its the last known of its kind, but we have studied its habits, and noticed that it can mate, but it has to be under the right conditions." The woman said, but by now Kayla was in tears again.

"Am. Am I going to die?" Kayla whimpered blubbering like a baby. The woman who Kayla knew as her mother sighed. "Yes Kayla, but not very soon, its going to be very painful, you think swallowing the cum was hard, wait till you see what it really is" The woman said giggling.

Then Kayla felt it. Something was pushing inside her stomach, then her chest. "WHATS HAPPENING TO ME!!!" She screamed. The woman laughed and pointed at Kayla's bra.

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The cum inside her bra was now boiling, and suddenly popping, and out of her bra appeared what seemed to look like 2 dozen baby spiders. Kayla began to shake violently, as the spiders slowly started crawling out of her bra, and up her chest.

"Hahahaha, you just realized didn't you. How much of that spider cum did you swallow honey?" The woman she knew as her mother said laughing. "No.

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oh god no. I can feel them. Please God! Ahhh!!!!" She screamed as her stomach violently burst open. Spiders and cum shot like a cannon in the air and fell over her shaking body. There had to be thousands of them, and it didn't take them very long to cover the already horrified girl. "Thats right baby spiders, eat her alive, she wont feel it.

Much." Her mother said while the spiders began to slowly gnaw away at her flesh. "AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah." Then gurgling noises were all the noises Kayla could make as the baby spiders from her bra slowly crawled into her throat, while all the spiders bursting through her stomach covered her entire head.

It took around another 20 minutes for the poor girl to finally die, while the whole time the woman she thought as her own mother laughed at her screams. "Cry baby! Cry!" The woman screamed, at the tortured girl while the spiders ate her cum covered flesh.

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