Sexy beauteous girlfriend begins moaning from sex hardcore and blowjob

Sexy beauteous girlfriend begins moaning from sex hardcore and blowjob
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This is my first story so just rate and give suggestions aight. First of all,let me introduce myself,im Marshall,now 16,but at the time of this story i was 14.Short brown hair,green eyes,average built,dick bout 14 cm.Im what you'd say a closed person with my emotions,but i joke all the time,an i got a pretty dirty mind,naughty.

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It was a normal Saturday morning.Well it was noon but morning for me.Was up all night watchin some movie,and porn.Im bi so i watch everything from gay to me crazy but yea.its just me.Got up out of bed,had breakfast,dressed up,and went for a walk.Put my headphones on,and i was in heaven.Eminem,50,2pac,hip hop all sorts.Back to topic,i went to the playground where we played football,or as some call it soccer,and all other sorts of sports.It was full of kids,from 5 to 19 years old.I just sat around,and watched.Watched those little asses bounce around.sometimes id staggered sex kitten in underwear is geeting peed on and poked in and play with them just so i could "accidentally" touch their asses or small dicks.(not those kids from 5 years old,most were 9.)My grandpa lived there,so me and my cousin who was 9 came there a lot.Grandpa is kinda deaf,so he didnt hear when id moan jerking off in the next room.One night,when all the kids went it was just me and my lil cousin.His name was Nathan,like i said he was nine,medium brown hair,cute blue eyes,and small build,with a very round ass.We were bored so we went to "the room".We played a little with some action figures and on the pc.but than we got bored again.

"Hey what about if we play truth or dare?"-a asked hoping for a yes. "Well how do u play that?"-he said in a voice that was so innocent that it got my dick hard.

"Well usually ud spin a bottle but we dnt have one,and dont need of us asks the other "truth or dare" and if the other pics truth,u ask him a question,and he has to answer truthfully.and if he pics dare,you dare him to do something,and he has to do it" "Ahh.I dont know." "Oh cmon,dont be such song tbf movies full scxiy pussy" "Im not a pussy.ok i want to play" So he did.First couple of round were normal stuff,nothin special than i decided to take the first step.

"so.Truth or dare" "Dare"-he said not knowin what was about to happen.

"Ok so,get naked" "What???" "You heard me-get naked.Remember you have to." So he started taking his clothes off.slowly.His t-shirt,pants,and finally his panties,revealing a small hairless dick.No matter the size,it was so cute,and he was just adorable.he than started to putt clothes back on.i couldnt let it stop there couldnt i. "Wait i didnt say you could do that." " Oh.but.if im gonna stay this way you got to get naked too".Just what i wanted.I had such a ragging boner in my pants just ready to burst.

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"Well.If you say soo."I unzipped my pants.just as he saw my dick,he stared amazed.u know like the jaw drops to the floor kinds stuff. "WOW.Its so big.much bigger than mine" "Yea well buddy your will grow too.btw mine can be even bigger." "Really.How??

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Please tell me." "Well i dont know." But he continued begging and i just couldnt say no,or i didnt want to say no. "First off,it gets bigger when i touch,or play with myself.U wanna know another way to make it big?" "Yea tell,tell.!" "Ok.take your hand,and put sexy some with a lusty mum momsandteens threesome around my dick.than start stroking slowly up and down." He did so without any objections.His small boy hands around my big dick,stroking was like a dream come true.I had to get more than just a handjob.

"Aghhh.thats a good open ur mouth,and put ur little lips on the tip of my dick,and start pumping on it" Again no objections.I had some doubts that he actually would do it,but when i felt his warm lips on my shaft,i was amazed,like 7th heaven.First he would just suck the tip of it,but then he started goin deeper and deeper.It was just so good,i gripped him by the hair and started pushing him,makin him take the whle thing in.But it was too big for that little mouth and it made him gag.So much saliva on my shaft,i didnt even see the tears on his face.I was just face fucking him.i felt my balls tense,i was about to have the biggest climax ever.i took him of my dick,and cum splashed all over his cute face.It was just than that i saw the tears.What have i done???

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It was incest.hell incest it felt so good.I felt guilty,i had to apologies. "I.Im.sorry.You ok Nath ? " He took a tissue and cleaned allo of the cum and tears,and just said-"Yea.Im ok.well kinda mad.why did you do that?" "I didnt mean to be so mean,its just it felt so damn good,i lost it.hope you can forgive wont happen again" "Wait.I dnt say i didnt like it.It was cool till u started to be mean.We can do it again in couple of days,if u promise not to do this again" I just stood there naked listening to those words,i couldnt believe it.I just promised,of course i was gonna do it again.Just at that moment his phone rang.It was his mom,he had to go home.We just said bye,and went to eachothers home.

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To be continued.