Boy raises teen girls legs to drill her on camera

Boy raises teen girls legs to drill her on camera
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Red Light It started off as a silly gesture. We locked eye contact at a red light and that was all she wrote. A head nod, a wink and a smile was so simple. I didn't want to bring to much attention to myself. I was trying to be a gentleman and not knowing her situation or status I didn't want to come off strong. It's so easy to be considered thirsty nowadays, I just wanted to have a little fun in the sun.

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Turned my music up and went on about my business. I could still see her in the back of my mind but I was thinking shit I've never seen she not only knows to open a door before and probably well never see her again. Hit a couple blocks then stopped at the gas station to grab some h2o and gum. Walking out of the gas station I noticed that car again parked on side of me and instantly felt stupid.

(Thinking to myself like [smack lips] you should have kept that corny shit to yourself now she about to blaze you, man I hope this not her). She was standing outside of her car like she was waiting on something. To save face I tried to avoid another dose of eye contact so I tried to walk fast to the car but I had to get a look at her body just one time up close, you know a mental picture for the ride.

I peeked over for just a second and the photographic memory took over. About 5'3 flats, stockings, long skirt, thick waist, no rings, bracelets, tucked in business blouse top, D cup breast, diamond necklace, light honey brown skin tone, pink lips, studded diamond earrings, natural hair short cut.

It took me less than a second to get a bottom to top look in one glance and then it happen again.

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Eye contact but this time the roles reversed. you see this time she was prepared for me. A head nod, a wink and a little giggle then she got back in the car. At this point I've made it to my car and I'm thinking to myself. (If I don't go over there then I suck and if I do go over there and shes not interested then she crazy.) I smile and walk over to her car trying to think of the best pick up line. "Hello Miss" "how are you doing?" "My name is Dez" she smiled then replied "Hello my name is M" without any good pick up lines I just laid all out there.

"Miss M I just wanted to let you know that you look beautiful. I didn't mean any harm at the red light either but I didn't think I would see you again." "It was a pleasure to be in your presence Miss M." Walking away from her vehicle she spoke cfnm femdom slut gets cumshot from pathetic creep me Dez the pleasure was all mines" she smiled then winked again started up her car then drove off.

Man I was stupid for not asking for her number and it would be down right creepy to chase her car at this point. I hopped in my car and noticed a blank index card on my passenger seat. I flipped it over and it had her name and number.

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I was hype, jumped in the car cut the music up and started rolling. Proceeded to go home and prepare dinner.Around 7:30I text the number to reintroduce myself. We exchanged information and agreed to keep in touch.

This was aSunday eveningso I didn't want to push my luck. Over the week we text and talked a few times. She keep it 100 with me and told me what she was looking for.

She haven't been in a relationship in 9 months or with a man and she doesn't have time for dating. She wanted to make me a proposition but didn't want to come off hoe-ish. She wanted to know if we could meet again on a more intimate level just curly bitch sucks his cock like never before time.

She said she old fashion but her fantasy was to have a one night stand with a stranger and because she had only seen me one time that I fit the bill. She said she will set everything up at her place, I just needed to bring my favorite pair of boxers. She offered to give me a copy of her clinic papers to show that she is std free. I was relieved because I wasn't trying to get caught up.

She sent instructions for me to come to a addresson Friday at 8:30. She told me that she was going to trust me with full control of her body only if I promised to make this a night to remember. I arrived 15 mins early to her place, I knocked on the door and she greeted me, with a exclusive european babe aletta ocean loves sex on shocked. "I thought you would be on cp (color people) time" she said. I told her "I'm good with following instructions and I was taught that being on time is late and being early is on time." She cooked a roast and it was done but She wanted to get in the shower before we ate.

I told her to get in the shower and I would prepare the dinner table. She went to dad jerking off in front family a shower and I sat in the living room waiting on her to return. She took her time in the shower then came out in a towel. I told her to get fully dressed because I wanted to show her something. She was confused because she thought I would jump right into sex from the shower.

She got fully dressed and came into the kitchen area. She was confused and asked "why didn't you prepare the table." I told her that she was going to be my main course. I asked her was she prepared for this, she smiled and started walking towards the living room.

I cut on Rn B music then we stated kissing. She was nervous, kissing fast and rushing. I took control, I slowed her down I kissed her from her lips to her ear while taking off her top. We were standing in the middle of the living room. I locked hands with her to measure her satisfaction, I started to kiss on her neck while unsnapping her bra. I took her left hand and started sucking on her ring finger, I continued to kiss and lick up her hand going up her arm while rubbing and massaging her back standing up.

I kiss all the way up to her shoulder then I pull her closer, chest to chest with me then I pulled her bra straps off one arm at a time with my teeth. I keep her close me to so that he bra would fall off her breast, I continued to kiss while holding her close. I pulled her right leg up to my side turned my back to the couch then fell back with her on top of me.

She climbed on top of me and took her bra off. I went back to her neck slowly licking and kissing down to her breast while holding and massaging them at the same time. I leaned her head back and placed my left hand behind her neck then I focused on her eight breast.

I then moved my left hand down to her butt and lower back. Depending on the breast that I was pleasing I held onto that one while rubbing on a butt and back.

Once her nipples were hard I knew it was time to take it to another level. I stood her up while I was sitting turned her back towards me then I slowly stood up rubbing and caressing her body, then I started taking off her pants.

I licked from the top of her spine to her crack. Once her pants were completely off I sat her on the edge of the couch. I pulled her panties off then I started to kiss from her left ankle bone to her knee then up her thigh. I would get to her inner thigh and start licking going towards to P Spot I would stop right before I get to the lips then I would softly blow on the wet spots.

This would make her body tense up chill bumps would cover her body but I knew that she still wasn't ready. I went to the right ankle started kissing to her knees then back to that inner thigh, licking and getting it wet and again right before the lips I would blow softly. At this point I'm on my knees while she is sitting on the edge of the couch. I asked her was dinner served. She responded "yes" I told her if I hit the right spot to pout her hands on my head so that I know what to focus on.

I put both of her legs in the air then I kissed the P spot (muah) I licked the lips from the outside in then I kissed sucked and licked on the clit.

Scratched my back then she grabbed my head. I was face first in her p spot barely coming up for air. I was rubbing on her breast, sides and stomach while she stroked my head. I stated going in circles and she started to slide off the couch. I licked my middle finger then put it inside of her while I licked her clit. She began to shaking and pushing my head back but I wouldn't stop.

I stroked her insides just a few more times while kissing the spot before Student fucks her teachers empera renato matt bird stopped. I rose up to her ear and told her that this was just the appetizer. I stood up and she realized that I was still fully dressed.

She quickly pull my shirt off while kissing on my neck and ear. I stopped her and told her that tonight I will doing the pleasing and teasing. I took my shirt and covered her face while she took off my pants she rubbed on my package and I told her to see with her hands not her eyes.

I asked what was her favorite position and she replied from the back. She asked could she taste me before we get started. I told her to ride my face while she handle my package.

As we laid on the floor in the 69 position I already had my next 3 moves being prepared. She was stroking and sucking while I was licking, squeezing and rubbing on her booty. She pulled it out of her mouth to moan I started pushing her bottom from my face to my waist. I told her to ride me reverse cow girl slowly, wind and grind on this package. I wanted to feel every move she made.

I laid flat on my back while she did her thing. I told her to be free put her hands up and relax. She rode me list a cedar point exclusive admission roller coaster up and down round and round. She slowed up and I slide from under her and asked her how did she want it. She said go deep inside of her and beat the P spot up. She bent over with her face to the ground, her back was at a prefect slop.

I slid inside of her starting off slowly making sure I test my limits. Then I proceeded to stroking her with both hands on her waist while I was level with her on my knees.

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I slowed back, got up to a squatting pose then I started to pounding the P spot. With one hand gripping a but cheeks the other hand was slapping the other cheek.

I grind inside of her until she began to leak out and come on me. I was also ready to come in which I pulled it out and came all over her back side. She laid out flat on the floor completely out of breathe and 100% satisfied. I went to her restroom brought out a warm towel and wiped her off. She curled up in a fetal position and laid on the floor. I went back in the bathroom and cleaned myself off. When I returned to check on her she was fast asleep.

I grabbed my favorite pair of boxers and laid them across her bed with a note, taking the covers off her bed and laying them on her.

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I preceded to get dressed went in the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat. She was still sleep so I let myself out locked the door and went home.

I didn't want to spend the night because she said it was only suppose to be a one night stand. I laugh about it now because It started off as a silly gesture. A head nod, a wink and a smile at a red light. -DEZ