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Latina hottie nikki kay staycation with old men young old and pornstars
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Rockmount Brat Camp My train rattled along on it's tracks with no more choice of where it was going than I did. My head rested against the cool glass of my cabin window, rain lashing the glass, blurring the world outside my window. "A few more hours kid, then you're no longer my problem" came the gravely bark of my guard, Wilson, a dog of a man, his jowls quivered as he ripped in to a sandwich.

"See this is why this country is going to shit" he growled in between bites, "some little shit like you who should be locked up right now gets sent to some fancy shmancy 'correctional school'!" julia roca has her hairy pussy pounded in the office last sentence was accompanied by chunks of chewed sandwich flying from his mouth. I looked at him and then just turned back to the window. Yeah… maybe I should fill you in a bit, the name's Tyler Black, Ty for short.

Anyway I used to be just a normal kid, ok at school, good looking guy with a good looking girlfriend, but I'm sure none of you are here to listen to my biography. But all you need to know is that I wound up handcuffed on this train heading to Rockmount correctional school for maladjusted youths, yeah basically brat camp for kids too rich to go to prison. So why am I going there? Simple an inheritance from a dead uncle, a favour for my girlfriend's psychotic brother, a court case, 2 charges of accessory to a violent burglary, and GBH, and yours truly was staring down the barrel of a 8 year stay at her majesties pleasure.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, the judge took pity on my single mum, living in her pokey two bedroom flat and gave us the option of Rockmount. So here I am with only a fat sociopath guard for company, and a one way ticket to the unknown. There came a knock on the carriage door, Wilson swore and wrapped up his sandwich, "Who is it!?" he growled. "Ms Lockhart, director of security at Rockmount," a soft melodic voice answered.

"Oh, Ms Lockhart… errr wait a minute let me just secure the prisoner," Wilson started smoothing down his hair, and trying to wipe the stains off of his shirt. He eyed me suspiciously and then slid open the carriage door, his jowls contorting into an ugly smile. "Ms Lockhart do come in please." I looked up, only mildly interested at the new arrival, suddenly I became a whole hell of a lot more interested.

Standing in front of me was a woman of no more than 23. My eyes travelled up from her conservative 4 inch black heels, up her smooth tanned legs, her skirt barely reaching her knees. From the way her skirt hung you could tell it was hiding the most gorgeous curves, thanks to her firm round ass.

She was wearing a white shirt that hugged to her flat tummy, and large breasts, made even larger by her petite frame. Her face was almost so beautiful I was completely distracted from her amazing body, she smiled at me with full soft lips. I then met her gaze, her gorgeous green eyes looked around the cabin and then at my cuffs.

"Are those really necessary?" she asked. "'Fraid smiling teen alaina wrecked by huge cock in many poses smalltits and hardcore ma'am, he might look like nothing but this is a dangerous felon." I glared at Wilson, and then sat up straighter in my seat.

Ms Lockhart sat down opposite me, she smiled disarmingly and crossed her legs, her hands resting in her lap. "How are you Tyler?" she asked me. "Oh he's as well as expected Ma'am" answered Wilson, all teen groped on bus hot lesbos going on a picnic. Ms Lockhart looked at him and then smiled, turning back to me she said, "well as you know you're heading to Rockmount correctional school for maladjusted youths…" "Too bloody good for the likes of him" growled Wilson, "erm… if you'll pardon my French Ms Lockhart." "Mr… Bell, is it?" "That's right ma'am" "Could you possibly give us a little privacy, I'm afraid I need to ask Tyler here some private questions, maybe it would be better if you waited outside," she smiled sweetly at Wilson.

"Oh no ma'am, I'm afraid I'm not able to do that, like I said this is a dangerous criminal here." "I would be really grateful if you would wait outside," she smiled, accentuating the word grateful, gazing deep in to the piggy eyes of Wilson.

"Ermmm… I… well I suppose I could just step outside for a while." He then turned to me, fixing me with what he probably thought was a threatening glare, "I'll be right outside convict." He turned and left. "Sorry about that Tyler," she said smiling sweetly, I just shrugged indifferently. "So you've been sent here from London, well that's quite a trip" she looked up from the file, my file presumably.

Again I just shrugged, I was tired, upset and angry at the way all this shit went down, I didn't feel like answering pleasantries, no matter how beautiful the questioner was. "Well I can see you're probably tired so I'll be quick," she looked down at her clipboard, "are you taking any illegal/controlled substances?" "No" "Do you have any weapons on your persons or in your luggage?" "No" "Do you have any medical/allergy related problems we should no about?" "No" "Do you have any dietry requirements?" "No" "Do you have any questions about Rockmount?" "No" "Well, I hope you enjoy your stay at Rockmount, and if you keep your nose clean and keep your head down I'm sure you'll do just fine," she said the line mechanically as if she said it to every new 'student'.

She stood up and held out her hand for me to shake, I just looked down at my cuffed hands. "Oh… right sorry, we don't usually cuff our students," she said in way of an apology, "but hey cheer up, it could be worse" she gave me a small smile and walked away, her hips swaying as she left the carriage.

* "All Students please exit the train in a single file, in a calm fashion!" came the robotic voice over the PA system. Wilson yanked me up by my cuffs pushing me out of the carriage. The sun glared down at the collection of students exiting the train. The first thing I noticed was that none of the other students had cuffs on, and I had exited at the end of the train all alone isolated from the other students.

It was mid term so there weren't many students leaving the train, maybe a dozen max. The school loomed ahead of me, a giant castle, carved into the mountain, like some materialistic behemoth, so wrapped up in its own pomposity.

It looked like it belonged in medieval France. Wilson helpfully prodded me with his night stick, "get moving convict," he growled threateningly. There were some students milling about the platform, but it became painfully obvious they were there to greet the other students off the train, I was ignored like a pet that messed the carpet.

Ms Lockhart waved to us and walked over. "Now Tyler I need you to walk through here" she said ushering him in to one of the smaller buildings. Before me I saw another guard arms crossed waiting for me, next to him stood a walkthrough metal detector.

"If you would uncuff him please Mr. Bell" "Step back ma'am," Wilson yanked my cuffs towards him, and unlocked them, "no funny stuff convict." I just rolled my eyes, this guy was a walking fucking clich?The big silent guard grabbed my suit case and placed in on a counter in front of him.

He unzipped it and began rifling through all my stuff. I have to admit I did feel the flush of embarrassment creep up my cheeks as I saw him hold up my boxer shorts in front of Ms Lockhart. Finally when he was satisfied, they made me empty my pockets and walk through the metal detector.

"He's clean" grunted the guard. "Good, I'll take him from here thank you so much for your help Mr.Wilson," she smiled at Wilson who could only huff and splutter his protest. "Don't worry Mr.Bell, I'll be fine.

Come Tyler," for the first time in a while I smile, finally that fat fuck was behind me.

I turned around and stuck my middle finger up at Wilson, his eyes bugged as he tried charging me, but we were already through the security door. "So, Tyler, did you do it?" asked Ms Lockhart, after a long silence, only permeated by the sound of the wheels on my suitcase squeaking and her heels tapping against the floor.

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Rare story family incest game show creampie subtitled looked at her, surprised by the unexpected question. "Yeah… yeah I did," I muttered quietly. She raised one of her finely plucked eyebrows. "Most kids here usually deny it," she told me, as if it was what she expected of me. "Yeah well, most kids didn't help put a 49 year old man with grand kids in intensive care did they?" I shot at her, more angrily than I intended.

"No… no they didn't," she said quietly. I sighed "I'm sor…" "We're here," she cut me off. We were standing at the bottom of an elevator, at the end of a grand corridor, plushly carpeted, with fine art decorating its pristine marble walls. "I would like you to wait here Ty, please." She stepped in to the elevator, leaving me standing there, miserable and completely out of place.

Despite what she said I found myself wondering around the hallway. It was amazing I had to admit, great crystal chandeliers hung from the high ceilings, red carpet as soft as anything I had ever felt as it caressed my feet through my worn out trainers, this place was more like a castle for some king, than a school for delinquents.

Just then I heard something to my left, it was a knocking sound, accompanied by a muffled voice, or sound I couldn't tell through the thick oak door. I bent down and peered through the key hole, and saw something which I suppose none of us expect when we peer through a key hole in school: a boy was banging some girl doggy style. My eyes widened, and instantly I felt my dick harden in my jeans. She was facing towards me, he firm young tits bounced lightly as he rammed her insanely hard, a look of pure ecstasy painter her face.

He grabbed a handful of her lush red hair, yanking it back for leverage, her trim body arced back, thrusting her tits out for my viewing pleasure. My mouth had gone dry, my cock straining to be released. I looked up and down the corridor, horniness over riding sheer common sense, as I unzipped my jeans and reached down pulling out my 7 inch dick. I was at full mast and hard as fuck. I began stroking gently as I peered through the hole.

The boy now had the girl pretty much up on her knees as he slammed in to her pussy, yanking her head all the way back as he bit her neck. She stuck out her tongue as he ran his tongue up her face, their tongues wrestling with each other's. She had her eyes closed, and it was obvious she was close, the boy seemed to sense this and increase his feverish pace, now with every thrust he was burying balls deep in to her snatch.

He had a firm grip on her tits, pulling the nipples and sucking on her ear lobe. "Fuck me, that's it like that baby, come on make Shirley cum!" she groaned, her voice high in pleasure, she ran her hand through his dark ash grey hair, not quite black. I couldn't believe this was happening in a school! My mind raced, but my cock was too hard and I was too horny for any sort of rational thought process. "Fuck!" growled the boy as he rammed her, his hand snaking down to her pussy as he began to furiously rub her clit.

That sent he girl over the edge, as her body convulsed, her face contorted in orgasmic bliss. Her breathing for a few seconds was erratic, her chest and tits jerking in and out. She flopped down to the carpet, the boy still had his cock thrusting in and out of her almost limp body, her ass hanging in the air lewdly. "Oh fuck yeah!" he cried pulling his cock out of her pussy and wanking it, till he spurted all over her ass and back, some even burying itself in her fiery hair.

He sighed, breathing hard, as he wiped his cock off on her ass and flopped down next to her, his thick cock rapidly deflating. I could feel the blood rushing to my own cock as the familiar tightness in my nuts began, I began jerking harder, when suddenly I heard the ping of the elevator door. My eyes widened, as I hastily stuffed purple headed cock back in to my jeans, grimacing in pain as it bent and strained. I zipped up and then stood up, but noticing my bulge I ripped off my jacket and 'casually' held it in front of my crotch.

Ms Lockhart exited the elevator and looked around till she spotted me. "Ty what are you doing down there?" she called. Ermm… looking for a toilet!" I answered lamely, wheeling my suitcase back towards her. "Well there's not time mira cuckold my bull eat my big butt in front of my slave that, come on the Headmaster is ready to see you now." We stepped in to the elevator, and strangely she began fussing about my clothes.

She straightened the collar on my t-shirt, told me to pull up my trousers, and then grabbed my jacket telling me to put it on. My hands instinctively flew to my crotch, but luckily my cock had deflated, although my balls ached unmercifully. "We need to make sure you're presentable to the headmaster Tyler," she said patting down my jacket. I could feel my cock starting to harden again, being so close to this beautiful women, her breast accidentally brushing against my shoulder, I could just imagine her on her knees, those pretty green eyes looking up at me with my cock in her… DING!

The opening elevator doors distracted me from my thoughts. "Now Tyler, the headmaster is an old fashioned type, I want you at all times to be polite, speak when spoken to, answer all of his questions truthfully, and for heavens sake don't use any slang around him!" she led me through another long corridor, pictures of uptight dead guys hung from the walls, all of them while being completely different people from different eras, looked completely the same to me.

"Here we are" announced Ms Lockhart, woopdy fucking doo I thought sullenly. Her knuckles rapped the door 3 times and then she awaited an answer. "Come in," came the deep reply, she opened the heavy door for me and led me in. "Here we are sir, one Tyler Black," she said introducing me to a mountain of man.

He seemed to be all flesh, it hung down all over his face and hands, like one of those cartoons where a huge blow driers blown all of the characters skin to one side. Yet he was a pretty fat guy, he was dressed in a black suit, his hand folding neatly in front of him as he leaned over his desk trying to get a teencreeper karly baker rough kiny sex pornstars spanking look at me.

I looked him straight in the face, which seemed to be 40% nose and 35% lips. His eyes were hidden beneath great grey caterpillar eye brows, matching his thinning grey hair. "Aaah yes, I have heard quite a bit about you young man" he said, "come sit down." I sat down in one of the plush leather seats. "I am Headmaster of this fine school, Mr. Coleridge.

Now I do not know what type of up bringing you have had at home, but here at Rockmount I run a tight ship, there will be no lolly-gagging in my school young man. You will be respectful and polite at all times to all members of staff and all fellow pupils, is that understood?" "Umm… yes…" I said then saw him raise his bushy eyebrows, "sir," I added.

He nodded and stood up looking out of his window at the school grounds. "You should consider yourself lucky Mr. Black, why it is thanks to this school that you will become a stand up member of society instead of one of these council estate yobs.

You may thank me when you come to realise poke man go cosplay fuck foursome hardcore and big dick. Until then, you WILL stay out of trouble, you WILL do well in class and you WILL become a productive member of this society! Is that understood Black?" he practically yelled his last sentence at me, safe to say I was a little taken aback. "Yes… sir." "Good," he said walking round his desk to me, "because that is what you want is it not?

To become a productive member of society?" "Umm… yes sir." "Good, because if I think in anyway you are being otherwise, or if I am told so, then it will be a one way trip to a state prison pleasurfe of her majesty the Queen Elizabeth." He stared fondly in to space for a minute, I wasn't sure whether the thought of me rotting in prison was making him or if it was the thought of her majesties pleasure.

He snapped out of his reverie and fixed me with a stern gaze, "now Ms Lockhart will take your new dorm, you have been assigned a room partner, whose duty it will be to show you around, so be polite, that is all." He said sitting down and began writing, I was completely forgotten.

I stood up and looked at Ms Lockhart who walked to the door and held it open for me.

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"You did good," she said as we stood in the elevator, I looked at her sceptically, "well you didn't do bad." I just rolled my eyes, still not sure whether I liked or hated this place. Through the grand sweeping halls she lead me, kids milled about around us, ranging from surprisingly young ages of 13 all the way up to what looked like 17 year olds. Have you ever felt like everyone in a crowd is watching you?

well imagine that plus they're al whispering about you. Miserably i dragged my suitcase behind the curvaceous behind of Ms Lockhart, going through more elevators, more sweeping staircases and grand halls till i had become totally desensitized to all the grandeur around me. Finally we came to a stop at what looked like the floor of a posh hotel, the mahogeny doors had what i presumed were students names on them: Barris/Michals, Isles/Halls etc.

She quickly led me down the hall to the very end room which had the names Morgan/Black written on it. "Here we are!" two boys skulked outside the room, you ever had the feeling you're never going to get on with someone well I was getting that loud and clear from these two, of course the DiCaprio wanna be's perked up as soon as they saw the Latina beauty beside me, one of the pricks even gave her an elaborate bow, making me want to kick him right in his smug face as he bent over.

"Stop it, Matt!" said Ms Lockhart, an air of girlish charm in her voice. "Is Piers around?" "Oh you know Piers miss, he'll be in or around somewhere." "Why do ask?" the other boy enquired, His beady little gaze never left me, while his mates couldnt leave Lockhart's tits. "This, boys, is Piers' new Dorm Buddy." Both boys' eyes narrowed at me, I did the sensible thing and glared straight back at them.

"Well, I've got the key so it doesn't matter, but if you do see Piers tell him to come see his new Buddy," it was strange how Ms Lockhart seemed almost oblivious to the two boys' animosity towards me, then again she never really struck me as the observant type. "Come on Tyler," she rummaged through her bag for the key, suddenly the bagged slipped from her grasp, spilling it's content all over the plush carpet.

Hastily Ms Lockhart bent down to retrieve the items, I was about to offer my manly services when i saw that big bouncy booty jiggly in front of my eyes, the skirt so taught against her juicy ass I could actually see the outline of a thong. Bam! i was nailed by another raging hard on, quickly i stashed it behind my coat again, you couldnt believe how glad i was that zoey monroe and ava addams two boys were bent down to help Ms Lockhart and not looking at the Eiffel tower poking out of my pants.

As they were finishing collecting her items, Something caughty my eye, small square packages of foil which looked oddly like condoms. That thought only made my cock stiffer than ever. "Ahh, here we are, thank you boys," she smiled sweetly at them, as they mumbled and slunk away, not before remembering their cheesy bad guy gimmick and throwing me a few more dirty looks.

"Come now Tyler." She led me, (damn i love following this woman!) in to my new home, wow i had to admit it was WAYYYYY better than a shoe box prison cell, being molested by a 47 year old hillbilly named Jed. There was a incredible domed ceiling at least 15 foot high, a giant gold chandelier crowing its highest point. The deep red carpet continued here, although it was even softer from having less use. There were two four poster beds in the room on opposite sides.

One side was in mint condition, with the, what I suspected to be silk, sheets folded perfectly. There was a small desk next to the bed and a chest of draws at the end of it. "This is your knew home Tyler," announced Ms Lockhart, like some real estate dealer. "Your en-suite bathroom with a shower is to your right, and that is your side of the room and that is Piers'. So get comfortable your lessons start tomorrow morning, if you need something don't hesitate to call me ok?" with a flourish she left the room, her hips swaying.

The door snapped shut leaving me to look around in amazement, I thought places like this only existed in 5* hotels. I threw my suitcase next to the bed and flopped down on it, almost sinking in to the soft luxurious mattress. Only now did I realize how tired I really was, in between the court case, custody, and being shipped here there wasnt much time sexy blonde teen solo and couple cum inside pussy pov blowage and facial sleep.

I felt the warm embrace of sleep wash over me as I gently began to snore. Ughhh. what the fuck. what's going on. groggily my eyes flickered open, it was dark all around me, for a second the unfamiliar surroundings threw me. Ahh that feels so good. An unconscious moan escaped my lips as I suddenly realised someone was in bed with me.

If it wasnt for the fact that i hadnt cummed in about 2 weeks i would probably have freaked out, but right now the only coherent thought i could make was fuck this feels good. My eyes swung down and saw this lump moving up and down under the blanket, lifting it up I was in for a bit of a shock, well a massive shock to be honest. There a head of blonde hair bobbed up and down in the darkness, i felt her tongue suddenly flick over the sensitive genital area just under the head of my cock, a shiver of pleasure rushed up my body making my head loll back like someone just stole my spine.

I groaned and grab a handful of her hair, bouncing her mouth faster on my cock. "So, you're up?" i heard the whisper coming from my cock area. In answer i gave a very eloquent ughhh, I must have impressed this girl, since she was.

well… sucking me off. I heard her giggle and start jacking me off hard, her mouth taking in just the head of my cock, working it like an expert. her tongue dipped in to my piss slit, then flicked over the underside of my sensitive spongy head.

Again i groaned my eyes rolling back, legs wrapping around her torso as i tried to thrust in to her mouth. She was obviously experienced as she thrust downwards with my up thrusts, burying more and more of my fat cock in to her mouth and then her throat.

I was surprised, even in my groggy cum filled haze, that she didnt once gag. I felt the hot drip of her saliva running down my cock pooling on my bulging ball sac. There was no way i could hold out. Blood slammed through my cock as the cum built up in my nuts, the familiar sensation of pre-cumming washed over me. "Fuck, fuck I'm gonna cum" I groaned like some bad porno flick. I heard her astounding oral stimulation for hunk striptease hardcore, while her nails tickled over my balls, jerking me harder, I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she hung her head over my shaft, mouth wide open.

"Ahhhh shittt!" my cummed rocketed up my cock, 1 spurt, 2 spurts, 3 spurts, 4, 5, 6, 7. I panted hard, my vision swimming, aggressive cunt drilling for this lovely teen I bucked my hips, pleasure caressing my balls and dick.

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I felt my cock twitch as gorgeous teen with blue eyes fucks older guy hot cum oozed down the shaft. The girl sat up pulling the blanket off her head. It was strange, she just made me cum and I had no idea what she looked like. I had to admit I hit lucky here the girl was pretty hot!

She was sitting between my legs with only her bra, which covered a pretty full set of tits, and a thong. Her long blonde hair was sticky with my cum as was her soft face. Slowly she wiped cum away from her eye, blinking owlishly. "Wow, that was… unexpected," she said, her accent slightly tinted with a Scottish dialect. "Errr… yeah… sorry," I mumbled, offering her one of the neatly folded towels on my dresser.

She smiled and wiped her face and hair, completely ignoring me and my rapidly deflating cock. "Ummm… I'm Ty," I said lamely, not quite sure you introduce yourself to a girl who's had your cock in her mouth. "Alissa." I nodded and for the next minute I just sat and watched this gorgeous girl towel herself down, my cock twitching and throbbing every now and again.

Finally she was finished and seemed to notice me again, as if she expected me to have disappeared by now. She leant forward and kissed me, her tongue poking in to my mouth, her kiss like a soft loving caress, and then it was over. "You might want to change your sheets babe" she whispered standing up, the moonlight silhouetting her glorious body. "K, night," she then sauntered across the room, and I thought she was going to leave, but instead she walked over to my roommates bed, which I suddenly realized wasn't empty anymore, and climbed in.

Wrapping her arms around my roommate she blew me a kiss and winked before shutting her eyes and falling asleep. I turned over my eyes wide open, did I just cum on my new roommates girlfriend? I swallowed and stared at the ceiling… This place just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting.