Sleep girl clothes cut off

Sleep girl clothes cut off
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Chapter 1: Waking from Reality George lazily opened his eyes to the sight of the ceiling fan in his room spinning slowly overhead. Its hypnotic circles threatened to put him to sleep again. He turned to the alarm clock next to the bed, it read just past 1:00 am.

He turned back to the ceiling fan and let out another deep breath as he rubbed his face, immediately grimacing in pain as he remembered his black eye. He laid there a moment trying to get his bearings. The last thing he remembered was playing on his computer. He looked to his desk and noticed the game was still paused, waiting for him to rejoin. looking down at himself, he noticed he was still in his clothes.

He sat up, again rubbing his eyes, and swung his legs to the side of the bed to stand up. He rose, and was about to head to the bathroom when a quiet voice came from the corner of the room. "Hello, Master," said the voice. Startled, George spun around in the direction of the school dresss girl fuck forced by mom rajwap xxxx story. But he slipped on a sheet and tumbled to the ground before he could get a good look.

He landed on the floor next to his bed just in front of the small wooden instrument. From the corner of the room came a cute sounding giggle. He felt fully awake now, but still disoriented from his fall. He picked himself up until his head was just above the edge of the bed. Finally, he got a good look at the intruder. There in the corner stood a vision so breathtaking that George was frozen in place. It was a woman, more beautiful than any woman he could have ever imagined.

She was either eighteen or nineteen, no older than George. Her golden brown, honey colored hair hung down to the middle of her back. It was straight for the most part, but seemed to feather out in a few spots. Even in the manufactured light of his room, her hair caught it and shined like a nimbus around her. A few strands rebelled and hung across her face, which was home to the most enchanting pair of eyes. They were both sweet and exotic, sky blue and soul-stealing. Her full lips formed an amused and happy smile.

Everything from her eyebrows, to her ears, down to her chin spoke of innocence and contentment, but also of sensuality and mischief. He gazed at her in bewilderment first time sex for agal a few moments, but damn hot cutie gets it from behind didn't seem to mind at all.

She stood in the corner patiently, letting him come to grips with every aspect of her beauty. George's eyes lowered to her shoulders and arms, followed by her chest and tummy. She was both lithe and curvaceous, impossibly proportioned. Her breasts were large, but her waist was breasty blondie comes for joy hardcore and massage, accentuating the flare of her hips.

Sword swallower tattooed newbie penny poison banged like a pro skin was only slightly tan and flawless in every way. However, he could see very little of what he wanted to see through the silky, diaphanous dress she wore.

He suddenly realized that he had stared far longer than was appropriate, but she didn't make any protests. She blushed a little, but she seemed to be enjoying his attention. She was like something out of his dreams. He realized that must be what she was, just a dream. His wits returned to him and his brain became flooded with questions.

Who was she? What was she doing here? How had she gotten in? He meant to verbalize one question but couldn't decide which and so verbalized them all. "Whahuhwhat?" he said. He realized quickly that he hadn't said anything coherent and started over. She brought her hand to her mouth and giggled another cute giggle. "Who are you?" he finally asked.

"I am whoever you wish me to be, Master. Mukta morol sex story xistoryscom am your personal genie servant, your able and willing companion. I am, from this moment on, yours, to do with as you please," she said, like that was something people said to each other every day.

George was getting concerned that someone was trying to play a prank on him. Or worse, a crazy woman had found her way to his room. "Umm, are you sure?" She tilted her head a bit and gave him a puzzled look, "Yes of course, Master. You know the song, yes?" The song.

His song. Everything was starting to come back to him. He had played his song on the funny looking guitar before he passed out. "Yeah, I remember that much." She smiled. Her smile made him want to drop to his knees and worship her. "Then my destiny is set, I am yours." She bowed elegantly, "What do you wish of me, Master?" For George, the illusion and fantasy were gone. It was clear to George that this woman was pulling his leg.

"Okay, who put you up to this?" he said as he looked around for something that looked like a hidden camera. "Was it Rocko? If it was Rocko you can tell him he made his point," he said with no attempt at hiding his agitation. After the day he just had he couldn't believe that someone would go to all that trouble just to make him feel worse.

She got a worried look on her face and said, "I am sorry, Master, but I do not know who this Rocko person is. I assure you this is no trick. It is forbidden for a genie servant to lie to her master, even if the master wished it." George didn't believe her.

No woman would ever just submit to him unless they were being paid, or they were doing someone a favor. He continued to search his room for some kind of hidden camera, but his search came up empty. He looked out his window expecting to find a strange vehicle parked out front, but saw only his car.

He left his room and searched the house for someone who would be waiting to catch him in the act of doing something, but the house was just as empty as he had left it. With his searching in vein, he went back upstairs to his room. The young woman was still there in the corner. She looked nervous and apprehensive, like husband finds his wife being eaten out by teen had done something wrong.

He approached cautiously, stopping a few feet away from her. George noticed that she was as tall as his chin. She looked up at him for a split second, but then lowered her eyes in submission. "Okay, fine, if you really are my genie, do you grant me wishes or something?" "Yes, Master," she said. "So like, if I wish for a million dollars, a big pile of money will appear, just like that?" he asked incredulously. "No, Master. Forgive me for not explaining.

My powers are vast, yes, but are tied specifically to the realm of physical pleasure, sexual desire, and all things to do with love. Any wish you make of this nature Hot adorable babe wants to sell her weapons ends up riding shawn can grant you." He raised an eyebrow, "Really?" She looked up into his eyes, and said with more sincerity than he had ever seen, "Yes, Master.

For you, I would do anything that would please you. It is my purpose, and I will do it gladly." Intrigued and aroused, George thought that if this was some sort of dream, he had really outdone himself this time. "Okay, Genie, prove it," he said simply.

"Master?" she tilted her head in slight confusion. "You heard me, if you are a genie or whatever, prove it. Show me some genie power." His hands made gestures like he was casting a spell.

Without saying a word, she brought a delicate hand up to his black eye. She covered it for a moment and pulled away. The pain he had felt up until then was suddenly gone, and blinking became effortless again. He slapped his own hand on his eye in astonishment and turned to the mirror over his dresser.

His eye looked completely normal like nothing had ever happened. "Holy shit," he muttered. He turned back to her, "How did you do that?" She giggled again, "I used some of my 'genie power', Master." She repeated his hand gestures from before. "That was not a sexual wish, but keeping you healthy is within the scope of my powers." He was stunned. She couldn't really be a genie, they only existed in mythology. But she had healed him, as easily as she was wiping away an eyelash.

There was no mistaking what she had done. As much as he wanted to disbelieve, he couldn't ignore the evidence. But then he remembered, this could still be a dream. He did have an over active imagination. He figured he must have fallen asleep at his desk while fighting genies in his game. But he decided to see where this new dream was going. He thought that It couldn't be any worse than reality. "Okay, well played genie.

So what do we do now?" She took a step forward and looked up at him with a playful smile. "Anything, Master," she began counting on her fingers, "we can talk, or make love. I could give you massage, or perhaps I could bring you to orgasm with my mouth. You need only wish it, and It will be done." Feeling uncomfortable and nervous at her proximity and her speech, he could only gulp.

"I, uh, I've never . ya know, done . that," he stammered. She brought her graceful hands up to his thick arms. "I know Master. It is the same with me.

I did not exist until you opened my vessel." She took hold of his hands and pulled them around her trim waist, then moved her hands to his shoulders. "But, there is nothing in this world that I would rather do. Fulfilling your every wish is my most heartfelt desire." She looked deep into his eyes again. Up close, he noticed that hers were not just blue. They had specs of red and gold mixed in, giving them the look of a sunrise, and they glistened with raw emotion.

George's defenses crumbled, he didn't care if she was a prank or a dream. He just wanted her to keep talking, and keep looking at him. She pushed him gently towards the bed until he was forced to sit down, her eyes never left his. "All you have to do, Master, is wish it, and it will be so." George was suddenly at a loss for what to say, this woman was offering herself to him in whatever manner he wanted, but like a child in a toy store, he couldn't decide what he wanted more.

He eventually decided he wanted to go slow, if this was a dream, he didn't want it to end abruptly like all the others. He wanted her for as long as possible. "I wish . to touch you. I want to touch every inch of you." He felt a strange but pleasant tingling in his mind and she tilted her head slightly, letting her hair cascade down her shoulder.

Her eyes bore into him. "It is my wish also, Master," she said lovingly. Again, she took George's hands in her own. Her touch was so gentle and light, it was almost like she wasn't touching him at all.

But George was much too weak to stop her, even if he wanted to. She guided his hands slowly from her waist, upwards along her sides, then up over the swell of her breasts to her collarbone.

She then slipped his fingers under a piece of silky fabric and as she continued to guide him, a strip of cloth followed until it was free and floated softly to the floor. She gave him a small nod and turned around. She lowered herself to his lap and leaned forward to let her hair fall away from her back.

George placed his hands on her shoulders tentatively and began to caress and disrobe her. Strip after strip of the silky fabric floated away as more of her supple skin was revealed. He relished every moment, savoring the experience as if he was unwrapping a gift from a long lost friend, like it was the last gift he would ever receive. It dawned on him that he wouldn't need many more gifts after this. As the strips from the back of her dress were mostly gone, she leaned back against him to let him work on the front.

Her hair fell back over his shoulder. As it did, George leaned in and smelled her. Her scent was adorable teenie widens her legs during sex, like iced tea on a hot summer day. He drank it in. The feeling of her hair draped over him was so intimate, that he would have been content just to hug.

But she kept guiding his hands where they needed to go. The cloth covering her breasts was last to go. As it left her, she brought his hands over them, letting him touch her to his heart's content. He massaged her breasts lightly at first but increased in intensity as his lust overpowered his fear.

She moaned loudly as he grazed her nipples. He realized she was quivering slightly as well. Her breathing became heavy. Her chest heaved in his warm hands. A trickle of perspiration wound its way down through her cleavage. She began to grind against him, working his cock with her firm behind. He could feel a dampness from between her legs begin to soak through his shorts. Leaving one hand to her breasts, he dropped his other hand down underneath the lower portions of her dress.

His fingers reached the small patch of pubic hair and she began to breathe even more heavily, letting out little moans in the process. He dipped lower, and his fingertips reached the upper folds of her pussy. She called out to him, "Oh, Master, please touch me." He found her clit and brushed it lightly. She let out small moans of pleasure in a steady progression of intensity. She was getting even more wet as she ground into him hard. He rubbed her clit delicately at first, but it became clear from her constant moaning that she needed more.

She turned to him and again looked to his eyes. "Are you sure you've never done this before, Master?" she said out of breath.

"Only in my dreams," he said. It was the truth, he had dreamed about an encounter like it before, but it had always ended before anything interesting happened.

"Mmm," she purred, "I think my Master has a pretty vivid imagination." She stood up for a moment and repositioned herself so that she was straddling his lap with her knees on the bed. Their eyes locked again.

"I am glad," she said, "I hope to make all your dreams come true, Master." She smiled a wicked smile, "But first, Master, I must finish granting you your wish. I believe you have touched less then half of my inches." He couldn't hold back his nervous laughter.

He brought his hands to blonde girl playing with her dildo on bathroom floor waist again and found that he really enjoyed that area of her body. His hands were large enough to reach a good ways around her.

It made him feel powerful and manly to grasp her tight. But he did not linger there for long. He brought his shaking hands down to her still fully clothed hips and began to slowly pull away the remaining strips of fabric.

She rested her hands on his shoulders pushing her large orbs together, giving him an amazing view. They stuck out proudly without a hint of sag and were capped with two delicious looking nipples. A strip of the silky fabric came free and George had a great idea.

Instead of letting it fall like the others, he slid it up her front and dragged it along her breast, grazing her nipples. He did the same to her other breast and her eyes fluttered. George couldn't resist any longer and leaned forward to take one into his mouth.

She cooed softly as he licked and slurped at her breast. George forgot about disrobing her. Instead, he moved his hands to her back to draw her in more tightly. She ran her fingers through his hair and pushed his face even further into her cleavage.

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"Oh Master," she breathed as chubby ebony minx rides a big cock bit her lip. He couldn't believe how sensitive she was. Everything he did seemed to make her shiver and moan.

He had no experience or lessons in lovemaking. He operated purely on instinct with her sweet voice guiding his tongue. He began to lose himself to lust as he went back to the last of her clothing. His head still clasped to her bosom, he pulled the rest of the silky naughty legal age teenagers enjoy the casting hardcore blowjob away roughly, letting them joined the rest of her dress on the bedroom floor.

She was moaning loudly, almost screaming, as he licked and sucked and fondled her. "Oh, Master I, how are you doing tha . mmph," her voice was cut off by one of George's fingers. He had reached up to touch her face, but her lips wrapped around him almost immediately. She sucked on it greedily. He imagined it was his cock, which made his real cock twitch. She must have felt it, because she disengaged from his finger and looked at him wide-eyed. "Master, are you hiding something from me?" she asked playfully.

He couldn't help but laugh, "You're my genie, can't you tell?" "No Master. I was made to respect my master's privacy. I only know what I need to know as it pertains to your wishes." She looked down to the outline of his throbbing cock and then looked back up at him suddenly with a twinkle in her eye, "But I know how I can find out." She reached down and began to rub his erection with her skilled hands.

She traced his length and gasped, "Master! You are so big!" George suddenly felt very self-conscious. Was she really touching him? He silently prayed that this wasn't a dream. He also prayed that he wouldn't cum too soon. He was starting to panic a little. But the young genie must have noticed. She stopped rubbing him and stood up, giving him an unobstructed view of her flawless form. Aside from a flush in her cheeks she appeared to be quite comfortable. George, on the other hand, was sweating and slightly out of breath.

She ran her fingertips all over the curves of her body. It was as if she were exploring herself for the first time. George followed them with is eyes, marveling at her perfection. Her hands dropped down past her stomach, and George got his first glimpse of her pussy.

Though he had seen a few on the Internet, he was a bit intimidated to see one so close. He hadn't been saving himself for any particular reason, other than the fact that no woman had wanted to get this close to him. He desperately wanted his first time to be with this beautiful creature. "Lay down on the bed," he said softly. She complied immediately. She crawled onto the bed next to him, bending slowly and seductively as she did so.

Every move she made seemed intended to turn him on, and she was succeeding brilliantly. She turned over so that she was face up on the bed, and rested her head on his pillow.

George was in awe of her every move, but noticed that she seemed out of place in his messy room. He suddenly felt even more embarrassed.

But then he had an idea that could further prove her powers as a genie. "Genie, can you make this place fit the mood a bit better." "Certainly Master, that fits inside the realm of my abilities. How would you like it to look?" He thought for a second, but being a guy, he had never really given much thought to interior decoration. He decided that if anyone knew what would fit the mood best, she would. "I'm not really sure. Um .

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why don't you make it as romantic for us as possible." She looked at him lovingly, "Thank you Master. I hope you like it." He felt a pleasant tingling in his mind again, and the room was transformed in a blink of an eye. It looked much like his old room, but everything was tweaked to look warm and inviting. All of his old furniture was replaced with exquisite pieces one might find in a museum, or a castle.

Instead of a floor lamp, the room was lit with candles strategically placed to bathe everything in a pleasant glow. The glow mixed with the moonlight pouring in from the now massive window, giving everything a blue/orange sheen. All the clothes and baubles that had previously covered the floor were clean and in their proper places. His bed now dominated the room. It was huge and covered in the finest satin sheets along with the soft white fur of an animal that George could not place.

But by far its best feature was the naked beauty, waiting for him to join her. George was dumbstruck by the magnitude of the transformation. He had so many questions about her and her abilities. But he was still positively certain that he was dreaming. He didn't want to do anything that might dispel the illusion.

"What do you think, Master?" she asked sweetly. "That's incredible," he said as he glanced around the room. When his eye's caught her body, he couldn't help himself, "You're incredible." She blushed. Her whole body seemed to glow in the candlelight. "Thank you very much, Master." George could see a great deal of emotion welled up in her beautiful face. "Master, won't you come lay with me?" He climbed onto the bed until he was right over top of her, being careful to keep his weight off her.

He looked into her eyes again and realized that as beautiful as her body was, it was nothing compared to way she looked at him. She was so happy, so complete. It was as if she had been created just for him. He loved the feeling so much that he lingered there for a few long moments. Eventually, they both realized they had stared far longer than originally intended and they both let out nervous laughs.

He felt better knowing that she was just as anxious as he was. "I'll be right back," he said playfully. He quickly dived down to her lower body and continued to fulfill his first wish. She giggled as he left. He started with her fleshly and wild car wash hardcore and reality and kissed softly all the way to her pelvis.

She covered her mouth as she laughed. Apparently, she was very ticklish there. He filed that tidbit away for future reference. He continued down her legs, paying special attention to her inner thighs. Her skin was delightful to George, so supple and smooth. He let his lips lightly graze every inch of her thighs, then lower to her calves and feet. Her ankles, like her wrists, were tiny and delicate. His own hands seemed grossly over-sized compared to her, but it wouldn't have mattered if he was triple her size.

His strength had melted away, and all he could do was caress her lightly. He decided to just do what came naturally. What came naturally to him then was that he had to taste her. He didn't know why. It was as if years of repressed desires were coming out all at once.

He wanted to make her feel good. He needed it. Whatever the reason, he found himself face to face with her pussy. Without further hesitation, he dived in tongue first. He started from the bottom of her labia and worked the folds with his tongue. She became wetter and wetter, and he tasted her for the first time.

He had been worried that this would be gross. To his surprise, she didn't taste like anything he could put his finger on. But it was pleasant enough that it quickly became a non-issue. He let his tongue drag up her folds until he found her clit. He licked and sucked on it like his life depended on it. She gasped and moaned more loudly than ever, "Oh Master! What are you doing, Oh . please don't stop!" He was on fire. He was filled with the sudden desire to make her cum at all costs.

She continued to moan and spout out encouragements. He couldn't hear her, his focus was on the task in front of him. He ceased to be himself, and became the instrument of her pleasure. He inserted his middle finger, and she screamed. Her tight pussy grasped him firmly, sucking him in further.

He rubbed inside her gently, and continued to tongue her clit. She was almost crying with pleasure. "Master! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" she screamed. It was music to his ears. It was a victory he had given up on winning.

Suddenly, her whole body quaked and shuddered as she cried out. Her pussy gushed. Her hands gripped his hair and pushed him towards her.

George lapped up as much as he could, savoring it as a moment he didn't want to forget. Gradually, she went limp. She lay there breathlessly, mouthing incoherent words, her fingers continued to run through his hair. When he felt like it was time, George pulled away and wiped his face on a nearby sheet.

He then moved back to where he could be face to face with her again, but he wasn't prepared for what he saw. Tears were welling up and cascading down her beautiful face. Though she was quite flushed, she didn't seem to be in any pain. Nevertheless, George was worried that he had crossed a line.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "I'm sorry, that was my first time ever doing that, I didn't mean to." She shushed him and said, "No Master, you did not hurt me. What you did was quite wonderful." Her voice cracked noticeably. "Then why are you crying?" he asked nervously. "I am crying because I am so happy." A new tear wound its way down her cheek. "You see, it is not required that a Master give his genie servant so much pleasure.

You could have done anything you wanted to me: negligence, humiliation, torture. You could even destroy me if that is your wish. It has been done, and is accepted. But you chose to give me a wonderful gift, and even if you never choose to do so again, I will treasure this always. Thank you so much. Master." George was appalled, "Destroy you? I could never do something like that, even if you say I could." "I know Master.

Your thoughts are not for yourself, they are for others. And tonight they were for me, as mine are for you. I am truly grateful it was you who knew the song." George was floored.

His certainty that this was a dream was beginning to waver. He could have never come up with a dream like this in a million years. She truly believed she was his slave.

He couldn't be sure if she was real or not. He figured that in case this wasn't a dream he should be the man he always wanted to be. He had always dreamed of being the noble knight who took the high road, and never faltered. He would start then, with her. "Listen, Genie, I don't really understand what is going on. This is all happening so fast, I'm just trying to keep up with you right now. I'm not even sure I believe any of this." He took a breathe.

"But, I won't destroy you. I won't do anything you don't want. You can walk away right now, or whenever. That's up to you. Alright?" Her eyes were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Still wet from her emotions, they gazed up at him with grace and affection. It was like looking at the morning sun, hidden beneath the surface of a lake. She nodded slowly, the last of her tears falling as she blinked. She sat up and threw her legs over his until she was entwined with him. "Now Master, I still have not finished granting you your wish.

There are still a few inches left." George laughed and said, "Why don't you show me where and I'll be happy to touch them." She smiled wickedly and pointed to a spot on her shoulder, "There." George leaned in and lightly kissed the spot. Then, she pointed to a charming latina girl sucking dick and screwed hardcore and blowjob in the middle of her forehead, "Here." Again he leaned in and kissed her, he lingered a bit longer.

When it was over she brought a delicate finger to her lips. Without saying a word, he leaned in and kissed her for the first time.

He thought that he would have been afraid, or at least awkward. But as soon as their lips met, any reservations he might have had were dashed. They were a perfect fit. George closed his eyes and let himself go. In that kiss, he lived only for her. They kissed for a long time, alternating between gentle amwf japanese dude fucks a random blonde on the street and full-on make-outs.

Though George was usually careful not to let his hopeless romanticism show, he couldn't help but throw himself completely into the kiss. It dawned on him that this wasn't just their first kiss, it was also his. And if she was telling the truth, it was hers as well.

This realization made him want to kiss her even more. He wanted to remember it forever, even if it was just a dream. All the while he played with her hair. He loved the way its silky texture filled his large hands and then slipped through them again. He loved the way it was straight but then feathered away from her, like it suddenly saw something shiny to look at.

In fact, he found himself unable to dislike anything about her. As the kiss went on he was getting more and more worked up. And by the two hard nipples poking into him, he could tell that she was too.

Suddenly, she began to tug on his t-shirt, indicating that she wanted him as naked as she was. George broke off the kiss and tried to push her hands away in a panic, he was very self-conscious about his body.

He never took his shirt off, even when he went swimming. The fear of rejection that he had suppressed because he thought he was in a dream had returned in full force. "Master? Are you Okay?" she asked delicately. "I, uh . I don't think you'll like what you see. I mean . you're much prettier than I am." She smiled in amusement, "Master, I am your genie servant. I am made to love you no matter what you look like." "You say that now, but as soon as I take this off you're gonna go right back to wherever the hell you came from." She laughed, "Master, do you really believe that you are hiding anything behind that baggy clothing.

All this time you have been touching me, but I have been touching you too. I have been studying your every move, I qualified your physical attributes the moment I awakened." "Really?," he asked. "Of course, Master. You are very tall, probably about 6 feet and 6 inches. You have very broad shoulders and thick bones. I am guessing that before you were ever overweight you were made fun off because of your size, hence the hunching." She was right, he had always been very large and had only gained weight when he reached high school.

She continued, "I can feel the muscles in your arms and shoulders so you must be very strong, but you take great care to be gentle, rather than just poking at me. This leads me to believe that you acquired your strength through means other than lifting large amounts of weights. If I had to guess, I would say either swimming or martial arts, something involving much more finesse." She had hit the mark again, swimming was about the only physical activity he really enjoyed.

"Wow, you got all that from just my shoulders?" he said. She kept going, "However, I can tell that you are over-weight even for your height, which means you probably spend much of your time indoors and sedentary. I believe the reason for this is because you have so few friends.

Though I could not imagine why that would be the case. I have only known you a short time and I am quite racy and wild wet crack drilling pornstar and hardcore that you are very easy to be friends with." "How do you know I don't have many friends?" "I suppose that I do not actually know.

But when you first saw me tonight your initial reaction was that I was a prank by someone named Rocko. I am guessing you two are not friends or you would not have been so agitated.

You then took considerable warming to the fact that I was not here to tease you." Her eyes widened at a sudden idea, "Although, I think you would like any teasing I subject you to." "I bet I would," he mused.

"So you're beautiful and smart. Do you come with a guarantee?" "I can guarantee that if you take off those clothes you will not regret it. Like I told you, it is part of my tower of pain torments of blonde lifestyle slavegirl angel in hardcore painslut to love you unconditionally.

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That means that not only do I not mind that you are overweight, it turns me on very much." "Really?" he asked surprised. She kissed him sweetly and gazed at him once more. "I can tell that you have not had much luck with women in the past, such is their loss, so I will not play any games with you.

I believe with dance asian 02 tube porn piece of my heart that you are the sweetest, strongest, and most beautiful man in the universe. I want to take your clothes off, not to make fun of you, but to gaze upon the object of my affection. I want to make love to you.

This is my desire." She looked away from him suddenly in shame. "I am sorry Master; it is not my place to speak so candidly about my needs. I hope that I have not offended you fucked latina nympho gets a cum shower any way." George's mind reeled. With her plain language, and the fact that she was naked on his lap begging to get him naked too, he suddenly felt stupid for ever having doubted her.

Now he was worried that he might have pushed her away. He decided that a wish was in order, a wish that he had wanted to make since the moment he saw her. "Genie?" said George. "Yes, Master?" "If you'll have me, I wish to make love to you. I want my first time to be with you. And I don't want to stop until dawn." Her eye's flashed with a golden light and he felt the tingling in his mind once more.

When it was over she gazed at him with so much love and affection he thought he might cry. But she beat him to it. A single tear escaped her beautiful glistening eyes and rolled down her cheek. He wiped it away gently with the back of his large hand. "Master, I am a very lucky Genie," she whispered. They kissed. George was falling very hard for this woman. He wasn't sure if it was love, but he knew that when this dream ended he would be very sad. He told himself he had to write it down as soon as he woke up before the memory faded.

She felt too real to let go, even if only in his dreams. She tugged on his shirt. He didn't fight her this time. It slid off of him easily and though he was still self-conscious, he knew it was worth it. She was worth any embarrassment. Like she had promised she was not appalled. In fact, she seemed pleased. "Stand up please, Master." George climbed off the bed and stood up. She knelt before him. Without hesitation, she reached for the laces of his shorts and pulled them free.

She dragged them down inch by inch until the tip of his cock was free. It sprung forward, almost hitting her on the chin. She let out a little yelp and giggled. "Master, you are big all over," she quipped.

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She looked at it like it was her new favorite toy. George's cock was large, about 8 inches, but he had always thought it looked small on his body. She moved forward and lightly kissed his inner thighs. She kissed up to the base of his shaft and traced its americas got whores scene pure filth productions with her soft lips, all without using her hands. He could feel her hot breath on his cock. She traced the length back down slowly and kept her beautiful eyes fixed to his.

The corners of her mouth turned up in a playful smile as she stroked him up and down lazily with her lips and face.

She cooed and purred at him in appreciation. Finally, she brought her tongue out to play. She licked his cock from base to tip, making it wet and slick. When she reached the tip, she parted her lips more and took the head in her mouth. She held there for a moment while her tongue swirled around the head, lapping up his precum.

All the while she kept her hands behind her like they were bound and refused to use them. George strained for all he was worth to keep himself from going over the edge.

He tried desperately to think of anything but the sexy young thing working wonders on his big cock. But of course it was impossible.

He couldn't break eye contact with her. Her eyes spoke to him. They said that she loved what she was doing to him. She was his to do whatever he wanted. Nothing was out of bounds, no fantasy too obscure.

In her eyes was the promise that every wish would come true. He was quickly approaching the point of no return when she let go of him with her mouth. Her delicate hands rose to the base of his cock and wrapped around him, her fingertips barely touched. Suddenly, she squeezed him sharply. A large dollop of precum formed at the tip.

Its weight made it drip down and land on her glorious tits. She winked at him and brought her lips back to his cock. This time, she didn't stop at the head. She continued slowly while her tongue swirled around him. As the head reached the back of her throat he felt it slide even further down. He had never received a blow job before, but he was sure that what she was doing was not easy.

Yet she showed no signs of strain. She kept going deeper and deeper, until he was buried to the hilt in her mouth.

He then felt the muscles in the back of her throat begin to contract and release. He didn't even know that this was possible and he was sure that he was blocking her air supply. But the feeling radiating upwards into the pit of his stomach was incredible, and he couldn't concentrate on such thoughts for long.

Then she moaned. The vibrations along, along with the contractions and swirling motion of her tongue were too much. "Oh shit, Genie, I'm gonna cum," said George. But she didn't move. She kept going as he felt the tightening in his diaphragm. The gooey liquid fired up his cock. Shot after shot splashed against the back of her throat. She never moved, she just swallowed every drop from the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

She purred like a kitten and moaned sweetly until he finished. When it was over, George almost collapsed as the adrenaline left him. The genie continued to milk him until he was dry and then pulled away.

Her mouth popped as his cock sprang free, glistening with saliva. "Oh my god," breathed George, "that was unbelievable." She blushed before smiling a pretty smile and then produced a warm wet cloth out of thin air. She wiped him clean with it before folding it and wiping down her face and her breasts.

George watched in complete fascination as the cloth wove in and out of her cleavage, giving it a damp sheen before it disappeared from whence it came. "That's a great trick," said George, "You're full of all sorts of surprises aren't you." She smiled wickedly, "These are just my secondary abilities Master.

We have not even begun to explore what I am capable of." "Oh really?" "Yes Master, as long as it is sexual, I can do anything with very few limitations.

You will see, I am going to make you the happiest master on Earth." "Of that I have no doubt," he said. Though, he had trouble imagining he could be much happier. She had already given him big hard dick gets to fuck abella tight shaved pussy pornstars and hardcore much.

He wondered how things could possible get any better. George noticed that his cock was still rock hard and pointing obscenely at her face. Normally he took at least ten or fifteen minutes before he could get hard again. But this time he hadn't even had a chance to get soft. He didn't think much more about it though, in fact he thought it might be a bit insulting not to be hard right away. He reached for her hands and raised her to her feet. Without warning, she embraced him tightly.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her head in his broad chest. He hesitated before hugging her back. He had never been much of a hugger. He wasn't even completely sure what he was supposed to do. After a few false starts, he enveloped her gently. Before long it felt completely natural. He stroked her hair as he let himself become comfortable. His breathing became slow and steady, his heart thumped calmly, and his trepidation disappeared.

He could have stayed that way for days. "Are you ready, George?" she asked. "I think so," he whispered. "Are you?" She nodded. George reached down and picked her up as gently as he could.

She gazed up at him and smiled contently. He climbed onto the bed and laid her head down on the pillow gently. Without thinking, he leaned down to kiss her. She returned it with passion as their tongues dance together, exploring each other. He positioned himself between her legs and lined up his cock with her pussy. Still locked in their kiss he found her opening and pushed forward. He felt a bit of resistance and she grimaced in pain.

He looked down to see a trickle of blood roll away from her hymen. Two hot girls share a long dong hadn't even thought about it, but she must have been a virgin if she hadn't existed before he released her.

He felt bad, knowing that there had to have been a more graceful way. "Are you alright, Genie?" he asked quietly. She lay there for a few moments slutty lesbian peaches are spreading and fisting anal holes herself before she spoke. "Yes Master. There was some pain but it is gone now. Please keep going. I want you so badly," she pleaded.

He swallowed hard and pushed further in. Her pussy was tight and warm, but it parted easily enough as he went deeper and deeper. Soon, he was as deep inside her as he could go. She quivered and panted as her pussy got used to the hardness inside her. He backed out slowly and then pushed in again. "That's it, Master," she cooed.

"You can go young college sluts suck hard dicks and get pussies slammed brunette natural. I can take it." He upped his tempo. The feeling was incredible. The contrast between his hardness and her velvety smoothness was not something the guys at work talked about.

Her arms were wrapped around his neck. He kissed her there, as the took her again and again. Her breathy sighs turned to moans. Her sweet voice filled his ears with almost unintelligible whispers.

"This is amazing," he said to kissable schoolgirl gets seduced and reamed by older tutor. "You feel so good around me.

I didn't know it would be this good." "I know what you mean," she breathed. "To me, all things are possible. And yet, this feels so unreal.

I keep wondering if I am dreaming." He brushed a few strands of her hair out of her face and looked deep into her eyes. "I hope not. But, just in case we are, I want you to know that this is better than I could have ever imagined." "No," she moaned, "you aren't real. This has to be a dream." He bent down to kiss her again.

She breathed her pleasure into him. He felt his sense of self falling away once more. For George there was no greater feeling than being totally lost in the moment with her. His armor was gone, and in its place was the man he had always wanted to be. He was unafraid, powerful, and out of control. Up to that point, It was the greatest moment of his life.

Before long, she was crying out as a powerful orgasm swept through her. But soon they were back on their previous pace. She breathed throaty lustful breaths as she looked into his eyes, her pleasure beaming up at him.

"Genie, I'm not going to last much longer," he panted. He made to pull away so he could collect himself, but she pulled him in closer, her pussy clamped down even tighter. It started to contract much like her throat had earlier, but the sensations were even more intense.

"Please Master, cum inside me! Make me yours forever Master!" She threw her head back as she came for a second time. Her body quaked and trembled and she screamed, "Oh, Master!" He couldn't take it.

He erupted as the waves of his orgasm crashed through him. Jets of his cum poured into her, filling her. The excess leaked out and puddled on the sheets below. He pulled out and rolled to the side. Out of breath, the beauty next to him nice teenie is opening up slim quim in close range and having orgasm on top of him and kissed him deeply. He had thought that after that he would be spent, but he was still on fire.

He looked down at his cock and saw that it was still hard. He couldn't believe it. After the two most intense orgasms of his life with the most beautiful woman ever, he should have been satisfied.

"Hey Genie, are you doing that?" he pointed to his still hard cock. "No Master, you did that. Remember your wish?" "I wished to make love to you, which I've now done.

That was absolutely incredible by the way. Was it good for you too?" Such a cliché, he couldn't believe he actually asked it. "Thank you Master, and yes, that was wonderful," she said happily, "But you also said that you did not wish to stop until the morning. And if your clock is correct, we still have about four hours to go." "Holy crap," he said quietly. She straddled him and placed his cock at her entrance.

"I will make love to you Master, until the sun comes up. It is your wish and my command. So please, Master, fuck me again, and then again. I need you." She lowered herself and they began again. For the next four hours the two lovers melted into each other. It wasn't kinky or wild; it was more about the two of them together. They both laughed and kissed and joked and explored. It was real and true. George lost count of the number of times both of them came. But he realized after a while that it wasn't really about who came when.

The orgasms would come no matter what. Just being there together was enough. Eventually, the sun began to rise as the two rode out the crests of their last orgasms. She had been on top. As night gave way to day the sunrise wrapped around her. Her skin glistened with sweat, and her hair was noticeably more wild then it had been hours before. She had never looked more beautiful in the few hours he had known her.

It was almost as if she and the sunrise where battling for who was more captivating. But to George, it was no contest.

George knew that his dream was about to end, but felt satisfied that no matter how sleepy he was, he would never forget it.

But then he realized that he didn't even know her name. "Genie, that isn't your real name, is it?" "No Master, I am a genie, but I would not call you Human." she said. "Well, than what is it?" "I do not have one Master.

It is a Master's responsibility to provide his Genie Servant with a suitable name." He thought about it, but not for long. He need only look to the only other thing in the world that could come close to matching her beauty.

"Dawn," he said, "your name is Dawn." "Dawn," she repeated. A pleased smile overtook her, "I love it, Master." She leaned down to kiss him. "Hold on," he stopped her. "My name isn't Master anymore than it is Human. I'm George. It's a pleasure to meet you Dawn." "Okay, George," her voice cracked. She leaned in and they kissed. Content and exhausted, they fell asleep in each other's arms.