Busty hotel owner nina lopez has hot fun with manager

Busty hotel owner nina lopez has hot fun with manager
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I recognized Rati the moment she walked into my big, spacious drawing-room, she had been gorgeous gf fucked slowly before a climax pussyrubbing eatingpussy pretty unforgettable sexy little thing in her time and she was still nothing to scoff at, as she walked with that sexy lilting gait that made her transparent, yellow saree swish between her legs so provocatively, making me wonder if she was wearing anything under that thin, blue-flower-printed saree.

Her blouse was even sexier, just a small, thin bra-size blouse in golden, sparkling style, with thin invisible straps that left her perfectly round shoulders on display and the v-neck showed more cleavage than it hid. As she came effortlessly into my arms and I put my right hand on her back I realized the blouse was nothing but a thin strip at the bottom and same thin straps crossing each other, the fabric was so thin I could feel her nipples pressing on my chest.

A bra was out of the question in that tiny blouse, I caressed her bare back and put my other hand on her bare waist, feeling her soft flesh with my warm hands as she moaned with pleasure hugging me back with the same intensity.

Then her lips were on my and she was kissing me wantonly, to which I replied by pushing my tongue into her mouth and sucking her soft wet tongue hungrily.

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I deliberately kept my hand away from her well-rounded ass and concentrated on kissing her back with a fervour that would have her begging for mercy. She grabbed my butt with her hand and pushed her crotch into my cock and I got my question answered that she was not wearing anything at all under that saree as I felt her tight pussy slit rubbing on my rapidly hardening cock.

That's what I wanted to know, she did want something from me. Finally, after sucking each other's mouth for more than 3 minutes we broke the kiss. "Hi, Rati" Vidisexxx gadis 15 tahun vs om om said "Hi, Sexy" She replied breathlessly.

I escorted her to the nearest couch with my hand on her bare waist and before she sat down I moved my hand to her round ass and found it nice and firm as I squeezed her soft ass cheek.

She sat down very close to me, I could not only feel her soft body and its heat, but also her heady perfume was exciting me putting thoughts in mind of hot long fucking sessions and hard earth-shaking orgasms. But first I wanted to know what was on her mind. Her thigh was pressing against mine and my right hand was on her bare back, caressing, pressing gently.

She leaned into me and licked my ear, softly pulling at my earlobe as she whispered, "I want to present something to you." "Uh, huh, bring it on!" I said playing with her thin strap on her back. "Come on in, baby" She called out. I recognized her daughter also. Amisha had been a one-movie star very recently. After giving a one super-duper hit movie she had unfortunately not been able to repeat that in subsequent movies. A fact, that a hot-shot director like me could change.

No girl that I had directed had ever failed to become the sensation of Bollywood. All this went through my mind in a flash as this lovely young dark-haired beauty entered with her long legs exposed in that light greenish dress, reaching about 3 inches below her pussy, thin invisible straps that met behind her neck were keeping the dress together, the plunging neckline giving a nice, deep insight into the valley between her perky tits, I could see her nipples poking through the dress which said several things, the dress was thin, it was very tight, she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard.

Moving gracefully with long, sexy and bare legs, she came to stand before me and said in a sugar-sweet voice, "Hello sir!" My hand was still on Rati's bare back, now she leaned to me again so her soft breast was pressing on my side, put her hand on my thigh really close to my hard rod trapped in my pants, and whispered in my ear, "She's all yours, to do as you please!" Ok, now things were more clear.

I knew what they wanted, stardom for Amisha, and they knew what I'd take and they were ready to strike a bargain if I was willing. Sweet! I stood up, eyes taking stock of this young, gorgeous girl, with black eyes and pouty lips, I put one hand on her shoulder near her neck, caressing her soft skin gently, and then trailed a finger slowly down her bare chest to rest it between her full breasts trapped in that tight dress.

Her tits were pressed together so my finger was touching both her tits as it stayed wedged there, I pulled softly, making her lean towards me and leaned forward to slowly lick her soft full lips with my tongue entering her mouth for a quick lick.

She was sooooo honey-sweet. "Turn around" "Yes, sir" She very obediently turned around and then put her hands on her knees at my next command.

As I had thought, the dress left her whole back bare, picking up girls is my hobby and i try to get as much fun out of it as i can for example my friend g up to the ass, except for her silky soft, black hair hanging loose on her back. I lifted them in one hand and let them drop down in front over her left shoulder. Then I could freely caress her bare back, touch the soft skin with my rough demanding fingers, rubbing her spine with my thumbs, my fingers squeezing her soft flesh.

My hands moved slowly down her body, on her bare waist, then her tight, firm ass, clad in that thin, soft, tight dress.

The dress was so short I could feel the bottoms of her ass cheeks bare with my fingers as I squeezed her tight firm ass, pulling those perfect round buttocks apart a little.

She moaned a little, and then a little more when she felt my thick long finger entering her soft, tight pussy hole. I looked at Rati, "She's wet!".

"Well, she's a very excitable girl." She replied calmly. "You have such a lovely, young, tight body honey. How much experience do you have in having it fucked?" "Not a lot sir, but some." She blushed in saying that. Oooh, she was still innocent and sweet, not yet a slut. Again a fact I could remedy without any trouble. "Let me see you fuck my finger with that sweet tight pussy of yours, baby." She obediently started moving back and forth on my finger, taking it deep into her slick tight cunt.

"Harder" Her pace increased, and so did the penetration of her cunt, her moans got longer as she fucked her own cunt on my hard long finger.

"Stop", it took her some effort to stop at just that point but she did stop with a groan. I could train her. "Rati, come here" I ordered, "On your knees, here" She went to her knees behind Amisha and I pulled out my soaked finger from Amisha's pussy and held my hand before Rati's mouth, "Clean them".

"Yes, master" Rati started licking her daughter's cum from my fingers like a good little slut. I used my free left hand to circle Amisha's narrow waist and pulled her closer to me, my knee between her legs and her bare back pressed against my side.

I dug my teeth into her soft neck, biting her soft flesh, sucking her on her soft neck and listening to her passionate moans even as her mother licked her pussy juices from my fingers. Abruptly I released her from my grip followed by a snappy order, "on that table, doll, hands on the top, ass pushed back, legs spread wide, now" "yes, sir" She assumed the position very nicely, her wet pussy visible in that skimpy dress and with her legs spread wide I could see her pussy lips open a little.

I looked Rati at my feet, "Stand up" She did. "Take the same position, opposite her." "Yes, master" I walked over to stand behind Rati, as she bent over the same table opposite fake taxi blonde huge tits and big tits fuck cum complication downloading story xxxx daughter. As Amisha looked on, I slowly and deliberately dropped Rati's soft, transparent palloo down in on the table in front of her and started licking up her bare spine starting close to her ass and moving up slowly.

The higher my hot tongue moved on her spine, the louder she moaned and squired uncontrollably. I grabbed her soft yet firm ass in both hands and kneaded her firm ass cheeks hard, causing her moans to become deeper. Then moving my hands to front I grabbed hard with one big hand between her legs, at the same time pressing my hard rod on her ass, my hard long cock pressing right between her ass cheeks on her tight ass crack forcing it open.

"Oh Godddd!" She breathed loudly. I saw a shiver go through Amisha's body to see her mom react that way to my handling. Putting my lips near Rati's neck I started sucking and biting her soft flesh while I put my right hand on her pussy grabbing it through the thin saree and my left on her soft tits, ravaging the blouse as I kneaded her hardening tits and her erect nipples.

Pressing my hard cock on her ass I started humping her, dry fucking her ass making her go, "Oh God, I am so wet" and then "Please, my pussy is ruining my saree with the juices, fuck me please." In reply I just licked her ear and gave her another thrust of my hard cock on her ass, "Aaaah, please master, please fuck me now." She begged.

Moving with deliberate slowness, I proceeded to undo Rati's blouse straps and then dropped it on the table between the mother and daughter.

Her palloo being down Rati's nice full breasts came into view, proud and erect with the nipples pointing forward. I grabbed them in my big, rough hands and gave them a rough kneading that made Rati moan and groan squirming her ass on my cock. Then I left her groaning and went to stand behind Amisha. Slowly I pushed my long middle finger up into her tight wet cunt, hearing her gasp as she felt the thick finger open her small cunt hole and penetrated deep inside.

As I started pushing it in and out of her she started to move her ass back and forth, wanting to take the long finger deeper and deeper into her hungry cunt. The girl was in heat, needing release desperately, "Pleeeeeeeeze, please sir". I pulled my finger out completely. She wasn't going to get it. Not yet. "Get naked, both of you!" Rati took off her saree and threw is aside, revealing her sexy long legs, her thighs wet with her dripping pussy.

Amisha shed her skimpy revealing dress and her young tight pussy was dripping a lot too. In the meantime, I had gotten rid of my clothes and Rati licked her lips at the sight of my hard, long, erect cock and Amisha went down on her knees and tried to take the throbbing rod into her mouth but I grabbed her soft hair and jerked her head back making her head tilt up.

"Be patient, slut." "She does need training, sir" Rati said, excusing her daughter's behavior, "but who can be patient with that delicious cock in sight.mmm" "But you both want cage tim finally tastes mira cuckolds pussy be fucked, who do I fuck first, hmmm let me think. Ok, whoever has the wetter pussy will get it first.

Come, both of you stand here before me, with your legs spread wide." They both stood there before me, long sexy legs spread wide, tight hot pussies wet and dripping." I pushed my left hand's middle finger up into Amisha's tight slick cunt, all the way deep, she moaned with her head tilted up and her soft, luscious lips wide open.

The right hand's middle finger I slid up Rati's wet pussy, she bit her lip with lust in her eyes. I fingered both tight pussies with my fingers, realizing I was driving them insane with lust by the amount of water they were oozing, their moans and grunts filling the room. "Oh, I can't judge which cunt is wetter. I don't' know who to fuck first." I was playing with them and they both groaned in despair, "Please sir, please fuck me." Both begged like hot sluts for my hard cock.

"Ok, ok, tell you what, whoever has the tighter ass". "Ok sir" "Turn around, both of you, hands on the table, legs open wide." They quickly complied, eager for a fuck. Oooh, those sexy tight asses presented to me so submissively, I placed my middle fingers on their ass holes this time and pushed in.

As half of my thick long fingers, pushed into their asses, the mother and daughter grunted, "unghhhhh!" My cock got harder, throbbing so wildly. I pushed in again and my right middle fingers got buried to the hilt in Rati's tight ass but Amisha's young tight ass still too tight to go in so deep.

"Ok, Amisha wins, she does have the tightest ass." "She has never had it fucked sir, I have had a lot of ass fucking from you when I was your slut in my time." Rati explained. "Go opposite her and bend over, Rati".

She went over to the opposite side of the small, round table and watched as I placed my hard pre-cum wet cockhead on Amisha's tight ass and rubbed my cock juices on her small hole. Grabbing Amisha's soft, perfectly round shoulders, I pushed in and 2 inches of my hard thick cock entered her hot little ass, "Ungggghghhhh! Ahh, sir!" She moaned and grunted. I pulled out an inch and pushed harder, penetrating her tight ass deeper, Rati, getting all hot watching Amisha's cute face getting distorted as she got her ass fucked for the first time.

With each thrust I entered her Amisha a little deeper, her grunts and groans getting louder as my strokes got more forceful, reaching deeper into her small hot hole. Then with a really hard strokes I buried my throbbing hard cock all the way deep into her ass sex xxx 18 sxe 2019 cmp2 she screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please sir!

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Have mercy on me!" In response, I pulled out half of my throbbing cock and pushed in harder, my wet cockhead reaching so deep into her tight ass. "Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, please!" I continued fucking her in a nice in and out rhythm, her young tight body so soft and perfumed under me as I rammed her ass with my thick hot cock. Each thrust eliciting more moans from her, and then her pussy burst into a hot flow of cum. "Aaaah, yes, I am cumming.aaaah." She spurted in wave after wave of hot cum flowing onto her legs and on the floor.

But I was yet to cum and there was a slut needing a hard fuck, so I moved in behind Rati and without any preamble just rammed my hard long cock deep into her wet, waiting cunt. "Aaah, thank you sir, oh yess.fuck me please". I started fucking her wet cunt in such a hard deep strokes that with each stroke her body pushed forward on the table. She didn't even last as long as Amisha before she screamed, "Yes, yes, I want to cum, please fuck me harder" and then her pussy exploded in hot waves of cum, and I kept pumping her tight juicy cunt with my hard cock until it exploded deep in her wet cunt and started filling her tight little cunt with my hot sperm.

"Oh yes, cum in me, give it to me, yes, yes, aaah." I kept ramming her cunt until my hot cock got a little softer, then I pulled it out and told them both to get on the floor and lick my cock clean. As both Amisha and Rati licked my semi-hard, cum-soaked cock from both sides, I caressed their head playing with their soft silky hair feeling good about having two sexy, slutty bitches to serve me. After they cleaned my cock, I made them clean each other's cum from the floor with their tongues and watched their sexy asses in the air as they licked the floor clean.

"Now go into the bathroom and clean yourselves. Come back soon, and no clothes." "Yes, sir." "Ok, sir" When they came back, clean and dry, I made them kneel down before me with my right foot between Rati's legs and my left foot between young Amisha's legs. I put one hand on each of their soft cheeks and looked into Rati's eyes, my thumb playing with her soft cheek and her luscious lips as I said, "I want you to stay here with your daughter, Rati. You can help train your daughter as a good slut and re-live the days when you were my slut living in this house." "Mmmmmmmmmm, thank you sir.

It would be an honor and my pleasure. And thank you for this orgasm. I needed it so badly. My pussy had been tinkling ever since I made the plan to come here with Amisha." She blushed a little. "You are welcome doll, and italian malu and moana pozzi get a lot more orgasms like this while you are here."