Rita faltoyano boat threesome sex and cumshot

Rita faltoyano boat threesome sex and cumshot
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Hello my name is Jessica, and I am 18 years old.

I am 5'5" weighting 135 with long brown hair and green eyes. I am currently a senior in high school and graduation day is a month away. I have a boyfriend whom I adore, we've been going out for a couple of months. We haven't had sex yet and I'm still a virgin. I'm very shy but I'm also very horny!

I masturbate every day and it's beginning not to satisfy me. My boyfriend's name is Brian and he is 18 years old. He is 6' and has long brown hair and hazel eyes. His smile would melt any ladies heart.

He was also about to graduate school but he attended a different school than I so we didn't get to see each other often. He isn't very shy and he also isn't a virgin. I have heard rumors about him that he only likes to date virgins.

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He had popped a many of cherries but that didn't bother me because he was so hot and I got turned on by his very touch. It was a Wednesday afternoon I got home from school at 3pm. My phone rang and it was him! I can feel my heart racing by just hearing his voice on the phone. We talked for a few minutes and I told I wanted to see him badly! He said he would come over around 9pm but my parents don't allow me to have company that late.

I will have to sneak him in. It was 9pm my heart was racing. I was looking out my bedroom window I saw car lights pull up and a shadowy figure came out.

It's him and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach with such excitement. My parents were already in bed sleeping, so I snuck him in the front door. We quickly and quietly went to my room. Already holding his hand as I got to my room he guided me to my bed we sat down and started making out. Just kissing him started to make my juices flow.

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After he finish kissing me he told me he planned to stay here all night. I was giddy with excitement, I never had a boy to spend the night with me before. I had no idea what I was in for and didn't care I wanted to make out with him all night long! We moved from the bed and decided to lay on the floor because my bed was so small. We lay a blanket down on top of my carpet and got another to cover with.

I laid down first on my back and then he new sunny leone red xxx story on top of me. All snuggled up we started kissing and his hands were touching my body all over as if he was starving. It felt so good, I loved the attention he was giving my body. I could feel my pussy getting wet and aroused just from his caressing hands.

I felt him move his hands down to my panties and he pulls them off.

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I snap back to reality and was thinking do I really want to go on with this? I was scared and never let anyone touch me there before. He looked at me and said "I want to eat you out". Omg omg I was thinking what do I do. I stayed silent in thought, my nervousness took over my body.

I was so shy and afraid but he proceeded without an answer and buried his face in my pussy. As he begin to eat me out my head was still swarming because I couldn't believe what was happening. Am I really letting him do this right now? I was so tense and I felt him push my legs further apart. He looked up at me and said "The next tiny titted teen livia hardcore fucked tube porn you shower you need to trim down here".

" I like it when there isn't any hair but it's ok I know it's your first time". Omg the embarrassment I thought wow what a great way to start this off. Nobody had ever told me that men like it with no hair. I didn't know I was suppose to shave! My mom never spoke with me of these things and my boyfriend is teaching me, how embarrassing!

I didn't really get to enjoy him eating me out because I was to freaked out about the whole pubic hair thing. He came back up to my level and started kissing me. He asked me "Do you want to do this"?

I whispered to him in a scared shy voice " I don't know, I am not sure". I still had my top on he slide his hand under my bra and played with my breast. He was grinding against me and I was starting to feel really aroused again. He knows how to get me stirred up and he noticed it to. I wasn't paying much attention I was lost in my own arousal until I felt the head of his penis touch my wet pussy. It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen I thought!

I am losing my virginity tonight! Omg what do I do, I never done this before I feel so lost! As I was in thought he was working his way gently inside my pussy. I just started to relax and let it happen there was no going back now.

He started pushing his penis in me until he was all the way in. I was wet enough for him to start thrusting. It felt painful and good at the same time. I was still so nervous I didn't move or make a sound. He put his lips near my ear and whispered to me "move your hips a little underneath me". I did as he commanded and hoped I was doing it right! He kept thrusting his cock into me but he took it slow. He was so gentle and caring. That made me start to fall in love with nerd el nerd se la logra follar anal brazzers. I really saw who he was as he while he was taking my virginity.

He pulled his penis out of me got up and took my hand and helped me up and he guided me over to my bed. He laid down and told me to get on top of him. I finally saw his penis for the first time and I was in shock of how large it was. So I did as he told me to and I climbed on top of his body.

He slowly wiggled his penis on my wet pussy getting the tip of his dick wet and he pushed his penis into my pussy. He said "This will hurt a little and you will be sore tomorrow". "Just move up and down on my penis". I did what he said and his hands were on my hips to guide me.

He was gentle with me and it did hurt but never to bad that I couldn't handle it. He continued to thrust his dick at a nice slow tempo in fear of causing me more pain.

I was getting more aroused and could feel the heat filling up my pussy. I knew I was about to have an orgasm. My breathing increased and he did along with me. I felt the orgasm coming closer and closer with each pump. Finally I couldn't take it anymore old man and a younger dude with stopping devices are ready to fuck these two beautiful girls jun sen cummed all over his cock.

I could tell that really turned him on. He started pumping my pussy deeper and deeper squeezing my hips. Strong sensations I never felt before came over my body. He pumped into my pussy a little harder. "I am going to cum in your pussy and I hope we make a baby" he said.

I felt him release in my pussy and it was the best feeling. I fell over on top of his heaving chest. We both went to sleep and didn't wake until noon. He asked how I was doing and I said I am a little sore. He said it would go away by the next day and gave me a kiss. I got dressed and went to fix us some food. As I was fixing us something to eat his uncle called and wanted to know if Brain was at my house. I told him he was and he told me he needed him home immediately.

The world big cock sex went back to my room and gave him some food and told him about his uncle's call. He told me he must go and kissed me before he left. I laid in my bed all day and thought of the encounter I had last night. It made me grin ear to ear, I was in love. I rubbed my stomach remembering him saying to me "I want to make a baby". A rush of feelings flew over my body, I was so happy and couldn't wait to see him again.