Samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob

Samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob
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Alexia had just transferred to a new high school. The move from Washington to Arizona had been a difficult one for her, but with her father's office relocation she didn't have much of a choice. She had to leave all her friends behind and start a new life in a new, much hotter state. Making new friends was incredibly difficult for her, but she was patient and got her chance at lunch one late November afternoon.

"Hey you, new girl," she heard Rebecca, the school "mean girl" say behind her back. "Who me?" Alexia asked, as if she could be referring to anyone else at the empty table Alexia sat at. "Yeah, you, I notice you eat alone most of the time" "I, know, I guess I haven't made friends yet here." Alexia sheepishly replied, her long brown hair swaying as she turned around. "Whatever, you snatch licking with wild fucking smalltits hardcore sit by yourself all year?

"No" "Good, then you're going to have to do something for me, and in return, you can sit with our click during lunch." Alexia was instantly excited, finally a chance to eat lunch with the popular girls at school. "Okay," she said unable to hide her excitement "what do you want me to do?" "Simple really," Rebecca said, sitting next to her, "you remember Mrs.

White's Earth Science class yesterday where she took my cell phone for texting in class." "Yeah." "Well I need you to go to her classroom after school today, during the teacher's meeting, and get it back for me." "Uh, aren't your parents supposed to come and get it?" Alexia inquired. "Yeah, but that would require me telling them, which would get me grounded, and I am not staying home during Josh's party this weekend, which you are more than welcome to come to if you do this for me." "Oh, okay then, do you want me to give it to you before school tomorrow?" "No, you can actually come over to my house when you're done, I'm going to have some friends over, you can hang out with us if you want." "Okay, great I'll see you then!" The bell rang and Alexia and Rebecca went to class.

Alexia had a hard time concentrating all day "wow, finally a chance to be in with the popular group" she thought to herself as her English teacher began discussion on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Her last class was Algebra; she watched the clock anxiously as 2:00pm came closer, time moved slower. Finally, school milf anal fisting solo and webcam masturbation milf cops over.

Alexia wasted no time in getting to Mrs. White's classroom, the quicker she got in and out, the quicker she was popular. The door was unlocked, good, the easy part was done.

She snuck in and was startled by the motion sensors that turned the lights. With quick ease she moved behind the desk and began rummaging through the drawers.

She found the cell phone in the very bottom of the bottom drawer; she grabbed it before she could leave the classroom she heard the door begin to open. She panicked and hid in the cabinet conveniently located right sister and brother fist time the desk. The door of the cabinet had no handle so she was able to easily what was happening in the classroom. "Whoo, thank god that meeting was canceled; I've got waaay to many essays to grade." The English teacher, Mr.

Porter, said, leading Mrs. White into the room, his hand on her lower back. "Oh really, you're using your free time to grade papers are you?" Mrs. White asked putting one of her hands down his pants. "Oh, my god!" was all Alexia could think, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. This was the kind of sex scandal that could get both of them fired, and there she was, stuck watching them, unable to go or do anything. "Oh, Mrs. White, as much as I'd love to stay and play, you and I both know I really do have to grade essays." Mr.

Porter said, taking Mrs. White's hand out of his pants. "Bullshit" Mrs. White said and give Mr. Porter a kiss. He initially pulled away "Oh come on just one quick one, bend me over the desk like you did last time." Mrs. White practically begged Mr. Porter. "Now, now, no need for you to beg, you dirty girl. I guess I can make time." Mr.

Porter said moving Mrs. White to the desk, leading her with a hand placed on her ass. "Oh shit!" Alexia thought.

She was still a virgin, but she had masturbated plenty of times, and really liked watching porn. "I can't believe I'm getting a free show out of this." She thought as she moved her hand down in between her legs and began touching her pussy from outside her jeans.

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Mr. Porter bent Mrs. White over the side of the desk; giving Alexia a side view of their fucking. Mr. Porter quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, not wearing any underpants his 8 inch dick rested on Mrs.

White's back as she said "yes, please fuck me, I want you inside my pussy." She begged him. Alexia moved her hand inside her pants and began rubbing her pussy; already moist from the excitement alone. She knew she had to stay quiet, just like when she masturbated at home while her parents were asleep in the room next to her. Mrs. White began unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, then she pulled them down her ankles.

Mr. Porter got on his knees behind Mrs. White and began licking her black haired beauty cares for lucky dick. "Oh baby, that feels good." Mrs.

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White moaned. Alexia wished Mr. Porter would lick her asshole as she continued playing with herself. Mr. Porter gave Mrs. White a spank on the ass as he got back up and put his dick inside her pussy. Alexia felt her first orgasm nearing as Mr. Porter did this; she was good at cumming quietly, so she did, and was glad the cabinet was big enough for her to stand comfortably in, and bend over to see out the handle-less door.

Mrs. White moaned in pleasure as she got fucked from behind by Mr. Porter. Alexia kept playing with her pussy, and reached her second orgasm as Mr. Porter took his dick out of Mrs.

White. Without having to say anything Mrs. White got on her knees in front of the English teacher and let him cum on her mouth. Alexia loved facial cumshots, so she was grateful Mrs. White liked getting cum on her face.

Mr. Porter licked the cum off Mrs. White's face then spit it into her mouth. She swallowed it. Then the two teachers both pulled their pants and kissed each other. "Mm, that was good baby" Mrs. White whispered so quietly Alexia could barely hear her. "Yes it was, now let my buy you lunch" Mr.

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Porter said. "Okay" Mrs. White said as they walked out of the classroom holding hands. When they were clear of the room Alexia crept out of the cabinet, quietly to make sure she wasn't heard. She was able to get out of the classroom and off school campus without seeing either Mrs. White, or Mr. Porter, and hurried off to Rebecca's house to tell them everything.