Italian vintage porn dirty and unfaithful wives

Italian vintage porn dirty and unfaithful wives
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Despite all the chaos that surrounds them and the nightly attacks Steve and Helen are happy, they have been living in the cave for a few months now and they are truely happy. Steve fucks Helen 3 times a day everyday and when he's not fucking her she's preforming felatio on him until he cums and she swallows every drop, Steve is always very careful not to cum inside his sisters vagina so he either cums in her anus or on her body. One day while gathering food Steve hears what sounds like a woman screaming and crying, he goes back into the cave and grabs the long thick stick and the hand sized rock he's used so many times to stop the Neo Evolution soldiers from getting into the cave and he says " I'm going to go check on something, stay in the cave, I'll be back soon " then he heads for the source of the noise.

He get's close enough to see what's happeneing but stays well hidden and that's when he see his mother being gangraped by 2 Neo Evolution soldiers, one is holding her arms while the other is raping her in missionary position. The man raping her cums inside her and says " hold the bitch here I'm going to get a few of the boys to join the party " and he runs towards the village.

Steve moves quietly behind the other soldier who's raping his mother in doggystyle position and when he gets close enough he splits his head open with the rock, lifting his mother over his shoulder he runs towards the cave and guards the entrance as his mother goes in first, he goes in second and sees Helen hugging her mother and crying. Bringing his mother some food and fresh water from a pond close to the cave he starts a small fire to warm her up and he says " Where's dad?

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what's happening in the village? how did you escape? ".

His mother finishes eating her food and drinking her water and she says " Thank you Steve for saving me, I thought they were going to bring me back to the village " and she gives her son a big hug then she says " let me start from the beggining " wiping some tears from her eyes she says " The night of the attack your father was killed and I was gangraped for hours by his killers, when they all finished they dorina gold is a cock riding expert me back to the village where I was thrown into a huge cage where all the women of the village are kept but before I could say anything I was taken out of the cage along with several other females and we were gangraped by multiple men before they put me back in the cage ".

With tears in her eyes Helen says " Those monsters killed my father and raped my mother, I hate them, I hate them all " Karen hugs her daughter and says " I was gangraped everynight for months by all the men of the village including your uncle and your cousin " Steve says " You were raped by your brother and nephew?

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why? " Karen explains that one of the many new laws that Neo Evolution leaders passed is that refusal to rape a female is punishable by death so your uncle and nephew didn't have a choice. Karen then explains that when a female is to old to have babies or becomes ill she is killed and a large spike is shoved through her vagina until is sticks out of her mouth, then the body is placed over a large fire where it's roasted and when the body is properly cooked big tit charlee chase housewife confessions pt eaten by all the men in the village.

Steve says " I can't even call them Human anymore, they've become cannabalistic monsters " Karen says " I've seen 3 women killed this way and all the women in the cage watched as the bodies were eaten by all of the men ". She then says " I had been gangraped so many times by so many men but I never got pregnant so I knew that I would be the next one to be eaten and that's when I started planning my escape ". Karen says " I was gangraped by your uncle many times and while I would try to fight off the other men when your uncle was inside me I would whisper in his ear that I loved having his cock deep inside me " Helen says " That's disgusting, why would you say something like that?

" Karen explains that it was part of her escape plan. Karen says " I would keep whispering in his ear that I loved being raped by him everytime he and the other men would gangrape me ".

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She explains how two days ago her brother took her out of the cage and bringing her to his house he fucked her by himself and he said " I'm happy you like my cock so much because I really like fucking you so tomorrow I'll ask the Neo Evolution leaders if it's ok for you to stay at my house as my personal whore " then after fucking her again he puts her back in the cage.

Karen and the other females are gangraped again and again that night and in the morning her brother takes her out of the cage and brings her to his house where he fucks her again and he says " The leaders said it was ok for you to stay at my house as my personal whore and that you don't have to go back into the cage ". He fucks her mutiple times that day and when he finally falls asleep Karen runs out of the house, she managed to avoid being caught by any of the men who were all busy gangraping females until she runs into her nephew who says " How did you get out of the cage?

" Karen says " Your dad bought me as old lady ass xxx would you poledance on my dick gift for you but you weren't at his house so I went looking for you " and she gets on her knees and starts to suck her nephews cock.

Her nephew gets her in missionary position and he fucks her hard, fast and deep until he cums inside her, Karen says " That was fun but I would love to get fucked by you and your daddy at the same time so go into the house and go get him, I'll wait for you here ". As soon as her nephew goes into the house she runs past the unguarded village gate and makes it to the jungle where she hid until morning. Karen says " I was sure that there would be any soldiers on patrol in the mornings so I started to move from my hiding spot and that's when the 2 soldiers attacked men and my brave son saved me " and she gives her son a big hug.

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