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Exotick hot latina nina north oils up her huge tits hardcore cumshot
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Sunday . Sally: ======================================== Riding in the limo; Sally' cuddled up to me sleeping. I think back to how this began two nights ago with me dreaming about her and baptizing her the Warrior Princess. The late night pick up surprised the hell out of me.

Her trouble in China ranked a close second. Now, as I think back . boy, did I ever undersell her. . Watching the scenery go by, reflecting. More miles click by and my thoughts keep me occupied. The sun sets. The more I reflect the more I realize Sally never really was the woman I thought her to be. She doesn't hurt people.

Sending me flying into my sofa is the most action I've seen from her. And that she proclaimed as an ostentatious display. I look at her, cuddled in my arms, head resting on a cushion; .sleeping. Not a very threatening image for run train on black girl and secret blowjob under desk prostitution sting takes pervert Warrior Princess.

She seems like a little girl in need of protection. Her approach to any situation seems to be one of peaceful resolution. Everyone knows she is lethal, yet no one ever sees her in action. Training in a monastery with Tibetan monks would do that to a person I suppose.

I have noticed she' been sleeping allot since her return from China ., thinking ., I've only had dealings with her at work when she would normally be awake anyhow. So I have nothing to compare her sleep times with other than my own opinions. . I see a cow illuminated by a yard light and look at it as we pass bye.

During one of our many discussions, Sally revealed to me she had ovarian cancer when she was eleven. They removed both her ovaries. Her cancer has never reared its ugly head again. I asked Sally why she passes out during sex. Sally explained to me, as we lay in bed last night; that because of her spiritual nature her orgasms are very deep and emotional.

"They knock her for a loop, "as she put it ., leaving her unconscious most often; usually for a half an hour, sometimes longer. As Bob ran all this through his head he began to see Sally not as a Warrior Princess., more like a diplomat whose only a phone call away from calling in America' Nuclear arsenal.

A sudden stir brought Bob back to the here and now.

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Looking downward at Sally he noticed her eyes were open. "Hello sleepy head." Without saying a word Sally snaked upward bringing her beautiful face right in front of Bob'. Soon she was sitting astride Bob' legs, hands cupping his face. Her lips touched Bob'. So gentle this woman of the East.

"Move the seats Bobbie, let's have sex. I've never done it in a car." Bob lifts the cover depressing several buttons in a particular sequence. In less than a minute the rear seat and adjacent seat move to form a bed.

Bob sat up on his knees pulling his pants down. He watched Sally remove her pants, move into position with her knees up. She did this as smoothly as a snake would uncoil, or maybe with the agility of a cat. Either way, Bob was impressed. "Come here Bobbie, lick me.". . Bob moved to her pressing his pace into her small bush, her hair so soft.

What a fragrance, Bob became rock hard as he inhaled Sally' scent. Darting his tongue out Bob touched her clit. "No, not there, I'll come in a second.". "I want to feel you cum in me, I love that feeling. You've got so much cream in you . my milkman." . a soft laugh fills my ears. What a beautiful laugh she has, I think to myself. Moving to her opening, Bob rims her hole, tongue fucking Sally.

Soon her hands pulled his head away from her crotch. With a gentleness Bob here to fore had not known, Sally manoeuvred him into position. He entered her in one slow gentle penetration. Feeling her thighs and calf's cradle is hips and thighs. Bob looked at Sally's face. He couldn't see that reddish hue to her skin but her passion was written in capital letters across that beautiful face of hers.

Sally' arms circled his neck pulling him close to her. Bob was disappointed. He'd wanted to watch her face when she came. Sally used her thighs and calf's to control Bob. Moving Bob deeper, then shallower, turning and twisting both her body and his; she controlled their sex. The tempo and angle would change as they fucked. Sally was fucking Bob, and he loved it. Bob would be close to cuming and she would slow him down. Sally fucked Bob; Sally teased Bob; Sally sent Bob' body up and down a euphoric roller coaster for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes.

He was so hard he ached. "Cum in me Bobbie, cum in me." She released his hips from her grasp by opening her thighs wide. Bob settled in and fucked. Sally moaned. Her breathing changed but basically she lay five beauteous teen women relaxing masturbation smalltits while Bob fucked her. Knees up, spread wide. Sally spread herself open wide so he could fuck her.

She'd never let herself be fucked like this before. Sally loved it. She felt Bob push closer to her, reaming her hole. It felt good to pretty babe with large ass gets fingered a man take charge.

Sally could feel small orgasms ripple through her body. She could feel Bob getting close. Suddenly that wonderful feeling of a man shooting his cream into her. Sally gasped, she moaned softly. Her orgasm came. Grinding against Sally, digging into her. . Bob cam. Bob cam and cam, squirting what seemed like pints of semen. Sally' hips gyrated, jerked, and a controlled pulling on his erection; sucking on his erection with her vagina. God she loved sex. Sally felt that euphoric wave sweep through her body.

Bob looked at Sally, eyes closed. . "Sweat dreams honey.". Bob smiled and kissed her on her cute nose. Looking at her sleeping, Bob marvelled at her stomach, at how her hip bones protruded slightly, how Sally' stomach muscles left a hollow beside each hip. Looking at her thighs, stomach and there point of union, Bob took in Sally' body.

Her pussy lips were flat. She had no hair between her legs. She had a small blonde patch on her mound. Marvelling at her beauty, at the slight opening to her vagina.

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Bob could see semen oozing out of her. Bob gently wiped away leaked semen, dressing Sally he folded tissue paper into a pad shape, placing it inside her panties. Bob knew Sally was very big on hygiene. He re-adjusted the seats into their regular positions. Bob tucked a blanket around Sally while moving her to the middle seat. Bob fastened both seat belts about her. He was not about to let her get injured in an auto accident. She slept covered from head to toe with just her pretty face showing.

Smiling unto himself, Bob thought: 'I'm getting very protective of this woman.'. Looking at her and thinking about her body, 'God she is beautiful'. Sitting back Bob reaches for the water cabinet ., searching ., Bob feels for the water cabinet. It is not there. This is unusual, Gino' cars always have cold water in bottles kept in a small cooler custom made to fit under the rear seat.

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Using the car internal communication system, he phones the driver asking him to stop at the first service station he sees. Odd, Bob thinks to himself, Gino' a stickler about amenities.