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Amateur mature orgasm hd first time the mature lure
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Twenty-seven: The Book Visit my blog at The fire crackled in the clearing, fiery sparks rising up into the air like tiny souls. Tonight was Thursday, the Twentieth of June.

The Summer Solstice. The coven assembled around the bonfire, all ten women stripped naked, their bodies painted orange and red by the firelight. Ready to worship their Goddesses. After Lilith freed us from Mark Glassner's control and we pledged our souls to her, Chantelle and I had been searching for worshipers.

Our Goddess, Lilith, commanded us to find her followers and Babylon's coven was the first. We met Babylon, the coven's leader, earlier this week. A single mother and civil engineer for the City of Seattle, who found Wicca after her abusive husband beat her nearly to death. At the shelter, a kind woman named Helena introduced her to the worship of nature and the Divine Goddess.

When Helena passed two years ago, Babylon took over the coven and drove out the few men in the coven and any women that objected. Just what Lilith was looking for. No man was worthy of worshiping Lilith.

Most of the pretty teen sucking dildo watch part on suzcamcom were gay, I could see their hungry looks as they gazed upon the naked flesh of my wife, Chantelle and myself. And the rest were certainly bi or bi-curious. The coven ranged from the young Crystal, Babylon's seventeen year-old daughter, to Babylon herself in her early forties. We convinced Babylon to let us demonstrate our Goddesses power for her group and ask them to pay homage to Lilith.

Babylon knew her mythology and seemed to love everything about Lilith. "The first feminist," Babylon would say. "She wanted to be equal with her husband and he kicked her out and found another wife who would submit to his brutish whims. This is what's wrong with mainstream, patriarch dominated religion." A wild look appeared in Babylon's eyes as she went into a longwinded rant on the evils of male dominated religion.

I could feel the doubt radiating out from the group about our claims of performing magic, particularly from Starlight. She was a green-haired girl with her small, budding breasts and nipples pierced with gold barbells tipped with emeralds and an innocent, pixyish look liked the sweetest, kindest girl you could meet.

But I could hear her whisper japes to the other coven members, and the mocking, smug looks she gave us. I liked my women skinny and lithe, like my beautiful Chantelle, and I wouldn't mind putting her smug mouth to work on my cunt. "Sisters, we gather on the night of the summer solstice to give thanks to Goddesses in all things," intoned Babylon, a little pompously I thought. Babylon led the coven through their prayers and incantations for an hour, and it took all my patients to stand with them.

I was never one for church. I guess I better learn to like it. Chantelle and I were Lilith's High Priestesses. Finally, Babylon kendra lust ass fucked full storys her coven finished their worship, and turned to face us, "Sisters Chantelle and Lana have come before us, High Priestesses of the Goddess Lilith." Starlight snorted and a few titters echoed through the group. "Now Sisters, please be respectful of those whom claim to speak for a Goddess as illustrious as Lilith.

As I was saying before I was interrupted," she glared at Starlight who remained nonplussed, a mocking smile on her lips, "Sisters Chantelle and Lana wish to demonstrate their Goddess's power and entreat us to pay homage to Lilith." Chantelle strode forward, her black hair rustled in the breeze as she stepped before the group, naked and proud, totally unfazed by all the strange women's gazes on her lithe, dancer's body.

All those years swinging on stripper kinky trannies use their hard dicks hardcore and blowjob at Deja Vu were finally paying off.

That's how I met my wife. We both stripped at Deja Vu in Lakewood and fell in love. Chantelle had been dancing on stage when our eyes met and it was electricity. I just had to have her. Before Chantelle, I was a straight girl that liked to fool around with women, sometimes. I walked up behind my wife, pressing my round breasts into my wife's back, my hands rubbing along her flat stomach, reaching down to her shaved cunt.

"Are you demonstrating your powers or just feeling up your girlfriend's snatch?" Starlight laughed derisively. I wanted to run down and claw the bitches eyes out. I had been known to claw at a bitch back at Deja Vu from time to time. I drew in a deep breath and told myself, Svitlana Paquet-Holub you are here to serve Lilith, not wrestle with a mouthy bitch. Chantelle's hand touched mind, a gentle caress.

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She sensed my anger at Starlight and wanted me to relax. I kissed her neck in thanks. "The Great Goddess, Lilith, I beseech thee," I intoned, repeating the phrases I carefully memorized. None of it was necessary, but Lilith taught us that power required its trappings. Lilith was watching us from the Shadows, the topmost layer of the Abyss, waiting for the moment to reveal herself.

"Show your blessing upon your unworthy servant, Chantelle." My fingers had found Chantelle's hard, little clit, rolling it between my fingers. I could feel it begin to grow, swelling in my hand. A gasp sounded from the youngest member of the coven, Crystal. "Something's growing from her pussy!" A murmur went through the coven as Chantelle's clit grew. Lengthening and widening until her clit blossomed into a seven inch cock, complete with the an angry red, mushroom tip and the slit for the urethra.

All eyes were upon Chantelle's crotch. A week ago, Lilith gave each of us a gift in exchange for our worship: for Chantelle, Lilith gave her a clit that could transform into a cock, and for my worship, Lilith granted Chantelle and I eternal youth and beauty. I enjoyed feeling Chantelle's cock in my hands. I loved a cock inside me. No dildo or vibrator could ever take the place of a real cock. My appetite had led me to be unfaithful to Chantelle in the past and I knew how much it hurt her every time she saw me with a man.

And now, I would never need a man again, my beautiful Chantelle could satisfy that desire. "Oh, Great Goddess, I thank you for this gift," I intoned, trying to capture the same pompous tone that Babylon used. "Thank you providing your Daughter with the Seed of Life. No longer must we rely on the brutish embrace of a man to quicken new life.

No longer must we be slaves to Man's brutal appetites." I was stroking her cock, my hand gripping her throbbing shaft as my fist pumped up and down on the hard shaft. Every time the sensitive head of her cock rubbed against my palm, a shudder went through my wife's body. Every eye in the clearing were glued to wife's cock. The women all grew wet with desire, their nipples hardening and their eyes shiny with lust. I could smell their arousal in the air, mixed with the fragrant cedar burning on the bonfire.

I pumped harder, kissing my wife's neck. An expectant hush fell over the group as they waited for Chantelle's cock to spew its seed. I could feel Chantelle tensing in my arm, her breath quickening. She was getting closer to cumming, the sperm was building up in her ovaries. I stroked faster and faster, her pre-cum lubing my palm. My wrist was growing sore, but I kept stroking, and started to intone, "Lilith the Great Goddess!

Lilith of the Black Moon! Lilith of the Empty Womb! Appear! Appear before your unworthy Daughters!" Chantelle gasped and moaned as her body shuddered in my embrace. Syren de mer teaching jessica rex how to lick pussy could feel the first jet of white cum as it ran through her urethra and shot out of her dick arcing up and into the fire.

A second squirt and a third followed, a collective moan went through the group and then the glorious Presence flowed through our bodies like a tidal wave as Lilith appeared, standing atop the fire. The flames of the bonfire lapped harmlessly at her feet. "Oh my Daughters!" Lilith pronounced, her silvery hair reflecting orange in the firelight, her violet eyes glowing inhumanly. Her large breasts, so perky that they seemed to defy gravity, jiggled and swayed as she slowly turned atop the flames, gazing at each of the coven members.

Jutting proudly from her crotch was a penis larger than Chantelle, rising out of the forest of silver fur. And beneath her cock was the opening of her womanhood, glistening with her desire. The Coven fell upon each other in an orgy of female flesh as Chantelle and I watched. None had ever felt the lust of Lilith's Presence upon them and were overwhelmed by its intensity. Babylon turned to her daughter, Crystal, and kissed her, neither caring that they were mother and daughter, all that mattered was the lust burning in their bodies.

Mother and daughter were so similar in appearance, both blonde and tall. The only difference was age. Babylon was Crystal's beauty ripened with maturity, her breasts swollen with motherhood.

Crystal bent down and engulfed her mother's nipple, nursing once more as her mother's hands roamed her body, finding her daughter's shaved, wet cunt and shoving fingers up inside her. A redhead named Mona, short and curvy, knelt before Chantelle and sucked her cock into her mouth. My wife moaned hot young babe pleasures herself with a toy pleasure, reaching down and gripping Mona's head and began fucking her cock into the woman's mouth.

A hand grabbed me and turned me around and there was Starlight, amazing chick with massive arse gets rammed shining in her pixyish face. All mockery and doubt was wiped from her face. I reached out, caught her green hair and pulled the young woman to me, kissing her passionately on the face. Her apple-sized breasts rubbed against my full tits, the cold emerald of shiny flowers lily purple strings 02 piercing digging into my soft flesh.

Her mouth kissed me back eagerly, her tongue agile and quick as it explored my mouth. I placed my hands on her shoulders and I pushed down and Starlight eagerly sank to her feet, kneeling before me. Her breath was hot on my shaved cunt and then her tongue was licking at my sunny leon fucking with dress changing and I shuddered in pleasure.

Her smug mouth felt just as amazing as I thought it would. I gripped her dyed-green hair and rubbed my cunt all over her agile and quick tongue, enjoying as she explored every fold and crevice of my cunt.

"Drink my cum!" Chantelle moaned, cumming in Mona's mouth. "Oh, fuck, drink that delicious, female-semen!" "Oh my Goddess!" Mona moaned. "It taste just like real cum!" I shuddered, cumming on Starlight's mouth as Lilith voice purred through the air, "Of course it is real! I give you this promise, worship me and no longer will you have to be slaves to men and their lusts just to have children!

My Daughters, when we control the world, there will be peace. When we control the world, there will only be caring and kindness. We will nurture each other, not tear each other down!

Worship me, my Daughters!" "My Goddess!" Starlight moaned fervently, my juices glistening on her face. "I am your humble servant!" "My Goddess!" Crystal panted, looking up from her mother's cunt, her lips sticky with her mother's passion. "I will follow, my Goddess!" Babylon moaned, her face sticky with her daughter's cunt. "I am yours, Lilith!" screamed Mona, white cum staining her lip. More called out, pledging themselves to Lilith until the entire cover knelt before her.

I glanced at my wife and saw the pleased smile on her face. Our Goddess trusted us to find her worshipers and we succeeded. I knelt down, pushing Starlight onto her back, spreading her slim thighs.

Her cunt was shaved and glistening. I lowered my face and claimed my reward, as Starlight moaned, delighting in my tongue. "Spread the word!" Lilith commanded, her voice echoing through the clearing. "In one month's time, my vessel shall be born and I shall enter hot brunette kiare rides monster cock machine world once more in the flesh, unchained from my prison.

In one month, we women shall retake the world that was stolen from us by men. In one month time, each of you shall receive my Gift and my Blessing! Now worship me!" "How?" Starlight moaned as she came on my face, flooding my lips with her tart honey. "With your bodies!" Lilith pronounced. "Love each other and delight in each other's flesh!" I rose up from between Starlight's thighs and saw Mona watching, cum staining her lips.

I reached out and grabbed Mona, pulling her to me and kissing her soft lips. I tasted the salty flavor of my wife's seed as we knelt together and laid upon the soft grass and Mona tasted Starlight's honey on my lips. I was atop her, our bodies rubbing together.

Her legs spread and my aching cunt rubbed against her aching cunt, our hard clits kissed and pleasure surged through our bodies as we worshiped our Goddess. Next to me, Chantelle lay atop Starlight, fucking avi love rides her anal on top bouncing off pornstars and big dick green-haired girl's cunt.

Chantelle reached out her hand, grabbed mine and I could feel my wife's love through the gentle caress of her fingers on my hand. Together, we would help Lilith make the world a far better place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I flickered about the clearing, watching my followers worship me with sex. I could feel the power of their lust in the air, an electric charge that helped tie me to the mortal world. Since that slattern, Mary, used her last boon, the only thing that tied me here was my vessel growing in Karen's womb.

Without that tiny vessel, I would be once more chained to the abyss. But, thanks to Lucifer, I was summoned and broke the power of that Priestess. And only in the womb of a disgrace Priestess could my new body be grown. I smiled, remembering how easy it had been to get Mark to agree to let me fuck Karen.

I flickered, appearing across the clearing. It was frustrating, this flickering manifestation. I am amazed I was able to hold my manifestation above the fire as long as I did. It took incredible concentration to keep it up. But, watching my worshipers orgy distracted me and now I was barely able to stay in the same spot for a minute. I just kept a mysterious smile on my face, and let these foolish mortals think I was doing it on purpose.

I stood before mother and daughter, watching them devour each other's cunts, their tongue lapping through nearly identical pussies. Flicker. I was before Chantelle as she fucked Starlight her cock poking in and out of Starlight's shaved cunt. Flicker. A blonde woman and an Asian woman were eating each other's cunts. Flicker. Lana was spreading the legs of Mona, feasting on her bare cunt.

Flicker. But the flickering didn't matter. In one month I would be reborn, and until then, each of these women would find others to worship me. Slowly, my power pussyloving round booty queens trio fucking threesome and blowjob grow and grow until I was once again worshiped by the masses. I gazed to the northwest, towards the city of Seattle. There I would build my new seat, amongst the seven hills of Seattle. Like at Babylon of old.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The shower was warm, washing away the sweat from the morning jog. The jogging sluts were disappointed that there was no club meeting tomorrow, but Mary and I were flying out to New York City for the weekend after my dad's funeral today. Mary's hands soaped my back, her touch easing the tension from my body. Our showers together after jogging were becoming my favorite part of the day. Just Mary and myself. When we got home last night from recruiting the our pilots, the media was waiting for us.

They had gotten word about the banks I robbed on Wednesday. Mary and I gave another interview, lying that we were innocent and Mary skillfully turned the interview back to our charity. Debra from Q13 Fox was back, her mouth hungry to suck my cock again. It was the best part of the interview. Mary soapy hands reached down, massaging my ass, a throaty purr came from her lips. "Have I told you how great your butt's looking, Mark?" Mary asked. "Hmm, it's so firm and tight now." "Well, I'm glad all the jogging's paying off," I answered.

Mary laughed. "I know the real reason you go jogging, I've fucked all those sluts, too!" I turned to face her. Mary's heart-shaped face was dominated by her beautiful smile, cute dimples appearing on her freckled cheeks and her green eyes twinkled mischievously. "The sluts are just the bonus," I protested, pulling Mary to me. Her wet breasts rubbed against my chest and I captured her lips in a kiss.

I slid my hands down and squeezed her plump ass. "Have I ever told you how great your butt looks." "Really?" Mary asked, turning around, wiggling her butt at me. "You don't think I could stand to lose a few pounds off my ass." "No, Mare," I said, staring at her beautiful ass. My cock was hardening, bumping into her. "I love your ass just the way it is." "Mmhh, I can feel that," Mary purred, pushing her ass back into my cock, rubbing her ass against my cock.

I grabbed my cock, sliding the head through her crack, down between her legs to Mary's wet, hungry pussy. My cock nudged the opening to her cunt and Mary moaned as I slid slowly inside my sweet filly. I loved being in Mary's pussy, enjoyed the tight, wet grip of her silky walls. I slid all they way inside her, until her soft ass pillowed against my groin, wrapping my arms around her and just enjoyed being buried to the hilt inside her.

"Hmm, that's nice," Mary sighed as I kissed at her neck. Her pussy was twitching on my cock. I started to slowly make love to her, enjoying the feel of her wet back against my chest as my shaft slowly thrust in and out of her in short strokes. My hands roamed the front of her body, sliding up her wet thighs, reaching her flat stomach, and then to her perky breasts. I would pinch her nipples then slide down and play with her pubic hair shaped into fiery heart.

Mary turned her head, her mouth open in pleasure and kissed my lips. I started to go faster, longer and harder thrusts. Mary was bracing her arms against the wall, now, pushing back against my thrusts.

Mary's tongue slipped into my mouth, playing with my tongue. My balls were tightening as Mary's cunt was bringing me closer and closer to cumming with every plunge into her velvety tunnel.

"You feel so amazing," I moaned. "Are you close?" "Oh, yes, Mark!" Mary gasped. "Uhm, I'm getting closer. Ohh, just keep sliding in and out of me, hun." I nibbled on her ear as I thrust harder into her, enjoying her gasps and moans as much as I enjoyed her tight pussy.

I found her breasts with both my hands, squeezing her perky flesh, feeling her hard nubs. I pinched both of her nipples and Mary cooed in pleasure, her cunt squeezing down on my cock. The water splashing on my back was growing cooler and cooler as the hot water was running out, but I didn't care.

I was too close to cumming in my filly. I grit my teeth, wanting to last long enough for Mary to cum. "Yes, yes!" moaned Mary. "Oh Mark, that's it! Umm, yes, you're driving me crazy!

Oh, fuck!" Her cunt was contracting on my cock and I finally relaxed my balls and groaned as I spilled into her, three large blasts of cum to fill her cunt. I wanted to cuddle with Mary but the water was splashing on my back was cold sunny leone first time porn storys I regretfully pulled out Mary's cunt and reached behind me to turn off the shower faucet before I started chattering. Naked, we went down to breakfast to see what delicious meal Desiree had whipped up for us.

They were delicious, spicy omelets that we all devoured with gusto. Beneath the table, Desiree was eating the creampie I made in Mary's cunt while teenage Violet was sucking my cock, bobbing her head up and down, her tongue swirling about my cock.

Her hands reached down to cup my balls and quickly milked some cream to go with her breakfast. And she was nice enough to share it with nerdy April, the teenage girls were swapping the cum back and forth and it wasn't long before they were sixty-nining on the floor.

Mary slipped upstairs to start getting ready for the funeral. "I have to put on my face," she said with a smile. "And Mark, don't play with the sluts too long, you have to get ready, too." She knew me too well as my cock hardened watching the two teenage sluts rolling on the floor as they eagerly sucked each other's cunts.

My cock was hard and I looked around the room. Allison mammy and son xxx fack sitting on Desiree's lap, the pair sharing a deep kiss. Allison's engagement ring glinted on her hand as she made out with her fiancee. Lillian was giving me sultry looks from across the table.

All it took was my smile, and the slut knew just what to do. She got up and walked around the table and bent over, exposing her shaved cunt. I could smell the tart flavor of her arousal.

I ran a finger through her swollen vulva and gathered her juices, licking her delicious flavor off my finger. "Where should I fuck you, Lillian?" I asked, running my finger though her slit. "In your cunt?" I shoved my finger into her pussy, bringing a soft moan from her lips. "Or your ass?" I pulled my sticky finger out and shoved it up her ass.

"Oh, Master, I don't care!" she moaned. "I only care that my slutty body makes you happy." "Good girl," I answered, standing up and giving her ass a pat. My cock was hard and I rubbed it against her puckered asshole and shoved it in. Lillian gasped in pain and smiled back at me.

"Oh, fuck my slutty ass as hard as you want, Master!" she gasped. I drew back and shoved it in again. "Ohh, thank you, Master!" I fucked her hard and fast, enjoying her tight ass. My balls were slapping against her taint.

I pounded her harder and harder. She moaning in pain and pleasure, slamming her ass back into me as she pleaded with me to fuck her harder. "Yes, Master!" she was gasping. "My slutty ass needs your cum! Please, Master, oh please fill me up with your lovely cum!" "You're going to get your wish, whore!" I moaned, drilling her ass harder and harder.

I exploded inside her, creaming her slutty ass. I pulled out of her and turned to see doll-faced Korina, her arm in a sling, and her big, blue eyes shining in lust. Wordlessly she knelt down behind Lillian and spread her asscheeks. Her tongue came out, licking at Lillian's ass, gathering my cum that was leaking out. Korina sealed her mouth around Lillian's anus and started sucking, desperate to get every drop of her Master's cum like a good slut.

My cock was hard and dirty and I looked around the room, wondering who to fuck next. Desiree was sitting in a dining chair, her legs spread obscenely wide as Allison licked nosily at her cunt. Allison's slim ass and tight slit was pointed right at me. Strawberry-blond Fiona and busty, petite Xiu were making out. April and Violet were scissoring, now, humping their cunts together as they played with their budding breasts.

I knelt behind Allison and shoved my cock into her sopping cunt. She didn't even stop licking Desiree's snatch out, just started wiggling her hips and moaning her pleasure.

Her cunt was tight and hot, and I washed my dirty cock clean of Lillian's ass inside Allison's sweet twat. Desiree was gripping Allison's bubble-gum pink dyed hair, rubbing the teenage sluts face into her cunt.

"Fuck her dirty cunt, mi Rey!" Desiree moaned in encouragement. "The little slut needs a dick up her snatch all the time! Ohh, mi Sirenita going to make me cum!" I was pounding Allison's cunt hard and watched as Desiree shook in the chair as her orgasm rolled through her, flooding her little fiancee's mouth with her cum.

Allison's cunt was spasming on my cock, cumming with Desiree. I just kept right on fucking her, enjoying the pleasure of her cumming pussy gave my cock. And Allison kept right on licking Desiree, her pink tongue rooting around the Latina's cunt, eager to taste every part of her. "Oh you delicious whore," Desiree moaned. "Oh, how I love mi Sirenita!" I could feel my orgasm coming as Desiree bucked on Allison's hungry lips a second time, her large breasts heaving as her body shook and she screamed wordlessly.

My balls tightened and I slammed harder and harder into the teen's cunt. "Fucking slut!" I moaned. "Fuck you have a tight, slutty cunt!" I shuddered as my cum poured into Allison's hungry cunt. Allison lifted her face from Desiree's cunt and glanced back at me, her face shiny with Desiree's passion.

"Oh, thank you for cumming in my pussy!" she moaned happily. I skinny black babe rides a white boner Allison getting her cunt licked clean by Desiree and head upstairs. I found Mary standing before the bathroom sink applying her makeup. She was wearing a black, lacy bra that cupped her perky breasts, a black garter belt that held up a pair of black, thigh high stockings. Over the garter belt she wore a flimsy pair of black panties. Her panties could come off, but the stockings would stay on.

Mary knew I liked a girl in stockings. "I laid out your clothes, Mark," she said, not looking at me as she carefully applied her mascara. Mary was beautiful without makeup on, but she became just gorgeous with it. "You're so beautiful, Mare." She smiled, her lips shiny red. I pulled on the clothes she left out. Dark slacks, a white, buttoned-down shirt and a nice, dark gray jacket. The black tie was a clip on. Mary dressed in the most conservative dress I've ever seen her in, the skirt fell almost to her knees and the bodice only exposed half of her cleavage.

She placed the heart-shaped locket I bought her around her neck, and a pair of diamond earrings. Antsy was waiting downstairs in a simple, black dress, her black hair done up in a simple braid. "Hey, sm massage for sedusa blow pussy slapping pussy eating she said, a little sad.

"I.Christ, I still can't believe Dad's dead." "I know," I told her and horny lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and blast it out amateur and babe my little sister as she gave a ragged sob into my chest. We drove to Dwyer Funeral Home in Parkland, across the street from the Market Place grocery store. My mom wasn't coming. But she saw watched us leave in my Mustang, her face red with tears. She loved dad once, before he became abusive.

I think she may have loved him when she pulled the trigger on the shotgun and killed him. Mom just hated Dad more than she loved him by then. The funeral was held in small room, a few rows of pews before the plinth and the simple urn, that contained Dad's ashes, sat on.

A huge photo of my dad, from when he was young and still fit, not the fat alcoholic he became, sat on a easel. Only a few people showed up, my uncle Aaron, dad's older brother, his wife Dee, and Dad's poker bodies. The minister stepped up in his black shirt and starched white collar and read from scripture. I didn't hear a word he said. I was lost in memories of dad before he hurt his back, when he was a real father and not the drunken asshole he became.

"Would anyone like to say a few words about David Glassner?" the minister asked. I don't know why I stood up and walked to the podium. I hadn't planned on saying anything. "Dad, you were an abusive, drunk," I heard myself say as I stared at the urn. "An asshole to Mom, to me, and to Antsy.

But, you weren't always like that. I remember the time I helped you replace the front door knob." I smiled, remembering my dad's hand rubbing my head.

"You told me I the best overwatch sex sombra sucked big cock play free good boy for helping you out. So, Dad, I forgive you. Wherever you are." I was close to crying as I walked from the podium and out the door.

I leaned against the wall and Mary appeared and hugged me, cradling me to her breast as I cried. When I regained my composure, I saw my Uncle Aaron keeping a discreet distance, his stout wife at his side. He held Dad's urn in one hand. "Hey, Mark," he said. "Tell your mom that I understand why she did it." Uncle Aaron shook my hand and Aunt Dee kissed me on both cheeks.

"We have a flight to catch," she said with an apology and then they walked out of the funeral home. Mary and I had a flight to catch as well. I tossed Antsy my Mustang's keys.

"Don't wreck my car," I told her. "I stole it from this asshole and its just so satisfying to drive." "Will see, big bro," Antsy grinned and gave us warm hugs. "Don't wreck New York." Mary and I rode with our bodyguard's to the Airport. Half the guard was coming with us, two to watch the plane and the other four to protect us in New York. I may be paranoid, but Brandon Fitzsimmons knows about the book we're after and who knows what sort of mischief he may be causing. And it wasn't just Brandon we needed to worry about.

There was a nun lurking about as well. We arrived at Thun field to find our Gulfstream fueled and ready to go. Our pilots, Joslyn and Lynda were walking about the plane doing their final inspections. Both were wearing slutty stewardess uniforms. Short, blue miniskirts, low cut blouses that left most of their breasts exposed, particularly Lynda with her large tits.

Her nipples and piercings pressed hard against the tight, thin material of her wicked fingers of attractive virgin hardcore blowjob. Our luggage was stowed and Mary and I climbed up the stairs that fold out from the door to find Monique and her friend Lize waiting for us.

I thought our pilots found some slutty stewardess outfits, but they had nothing on Monique and Lize's. Both women wore skirts so short they didn't even cover the bottom of their asses. You could clearly see their naked pussies beneath the skirt. And the blouses were white bustier that cupped their breasts and left them completely exposed.

Red and blue striped ties were around their necks, dangling between the slopes of their exposed breasts. Monique was a French beauty, her long, curly black hair was piled up one side and fell about her left shoulder, tumbling down across her small tits babe gives head and gets fucked on the floor and left breast. She was tall and willowy and moved with an exotic grace as she walked up the plane to greet us with passionate kisses that left my cock achingly hard.

She was the trophy wife of the previous owner of the plane, Julius Prescott III. Her friend, Lize, was another bored trophy wife and one of Monique's many lovers. "This is my sweet, little Lize," Monique purred, grabbing the other woman's hand and leading her forward. There was nothing little about Lize. She was as tall as Monique, and voluptuous. Her tits were large and round, topped with large, pink nipples that were hard as rocks.

Her blonde hair was sunny lion sex stories pron movi and straight, and fell down her back in a long, french braid that reached down to the small of her back.

Her pussy was shaved smooth and I could see a glint of gold as she walked forward. Her clitoral hood had been pierced by a gold ring. Monique boasted that her little Lize would do anything Monique asked and she wasn't kidding. Lize seemed completely at east being so naked before a pair of strangers. "Lize, you're going to be our stewardess from now on," I told her. "Whenever we call, you'll drop what your doing and come over to Thun Field." "Oh, I'd love that," she purred.

"We'll be taxing now," Joslyn announced over the plain's intercom. "Everyone should take their seats for take off. I grabbed Lize's hand and led her over to the first seat, sitting down. Lize smiled, rubbing my hardening cock through my slacks, she unzipped me and deftly pulled out my cock, stroking my dick in her hands. The plane started to roll forward as the six bodyguards took their seats behind us and Mary pulled Monique into her lap and started kissing the stewardess, her fingers playing with Monique's nipples.

Lize knelt down, her mouth warm and wet as she engulfed my cock, sucking hard at my dick. "Fuck," I moaned. "You are one slutty woman!" "Ohh, I know," she cooed. "Alas, my poor husband doesn't know how to handle my appetites." "I'm very good at feeding sluts just what they want," I said with smile. "Good," she purred and sucked my cock back into her mouth swirling her tongue about my cock. The plane was taxing to the runway, turning a corner and stopped.

The engine started to roar, preparing for takeoff, and I pulled Lize up. Her cunt slid down on my cock as the plane accelerated forward, driving Lustful teen mickey blue gets her pussy beaten up hardcore big dick into my lap and burying my cock up inside her.

I was forced back into my seat as the plane raced forward and Lize was forced onto my cock. "Oh fuck!" she moaned, her cunt squeezing my cock, silkily, as the plane leapt up from the ground and we started climbing. I sucked one of Lize's large nipples into my mouth, squeezing her ass. Her hips started to rise and lower on my cock as the inertia forcing us into the chair lessened. Up and down on my cock she rode, feeling so deliciously wonderful on my cock.

"Ohh, you have a nice cock," she moaned. "Hmm, I am so glad Monique invited me. This is so much more fun than going to some silly fund raiser." Monique giggled as she slid off Mary's slap. "See, Lize. Just like I promised." Monique's hands disappeared beneath Mary's skirt and Mary lifted her ass up allowing Monique to pull off her lacy, black panties. Monique inhaled Mary's fragrance than threw the panties at us.

They landed on Lize's magnificent rack a Lize held them to her face, inhaling deeply of Mary's fragrance. "Umm, your fiancee smells delicious," Lize sighed.

"But your cock feels more delicious in my hungry pussy!" "Yes, Mary has a tasty clam," Monique said happily ass she spread Mary's legs and dove beneath Mary's skirt to start licking at her pussy. "Oh, god I love your tongue on my snatch!" Mary moaned. "You fucking little pussy slut!

Eat my delicious clam! Devour me! Make me cum all over your beautiful face! I want to see those lips stained with my juices!" Mary was writhing in her chair as Monique devoured her. Lize was pumping up and down on my cock faster and faster, squeezing her cunt on my cock as she rose up and then slid back down.

I pulled her face down and kissed her lips, her tongue eager to play with mine. I slid my hand gripping her ass into her crack, finding her puckered hole and shoving a finger up inside her.

"Ooh, you like playing with my backdoor?" Lize moaned. "Umm, I love it! Maybe you'll fuck my ass before we land?" "Absolutely, slut," I moaned, fingering her asshole as she rode me.

"I'm going to cum up inside your cheating, married cunt!" "Oh, do it!" she moaned. "Umm, my husband cannot satisfy me, but your cock feels so good inside me." Then she bent lower and whispered in my ear. "My husband and I are trying to have a child, but his little sperm just can't seem to find my little egg." Her words echoed in my head and my balls responded, filling her fertile cunt with a load of my sperm.

Her cunt spasmed on my cock as she came, throwing her head back and moaning in pleasure, slamming her hips down and burying her cock deep inside her cunt. Her breasts heaved in front of my face and I captured a nipple, sucking on it as she settled her weight down on me. "Mhh, you're making me cum, slut!" Mary moaned next to me and I released the nipple to watch her beautiful face contorted in pleasure, her body shaking as she enjoyed Monique's tongue on her cunt.

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Mary stood up, stretching and turned around, "Unzip me," she ordered and Monique stood up, her face shiny with Mary's juices and did just that. Mary pulled off her bra until she stood only in her garter belt and stockings. "God you look so sexy," I told her, my cock coming to life in Lize's cunt.

"Ohh, you want to go again?" Lize asked. "Yeah, but not with you," I told her. Mary had a pleased smile on her face.

"C'mon stallion, let's break in our bed and join the mile high club!" Mary grinned, holding out her hand. "I think we just did," I pointed out with a smile. Mary waved her hand, dismissively. "It doesn't count with sluts." Lize got off me, her cunt sticky with my cum and shrugged and pulled Monique to her and the pair started kissing as Mary led me back to the cabin. The bodyguards were starting to get frisky.

When we created the bodyguards, we divided them into partners and ordered each pair to fall in love. The pairs were starting to make out and undress each other and as Mary close the cabin door, we could hear the muffled moans of women pleasuring women outside.

"God, you look so sexy in nothing but stockings," I moaned, pulling off my clothes as Shy girl gone wild for big black cock spread out on the bed, posing like a pin-up model. Her legs were spread just enough to hint at her wet cunt between her thighs.

She crooked her finger and I crawled naked across the bed, my cock hard. I crawled over her and kissed her on the lips as I settled my weight on her. I nibbled on her lips, then I went lower, kissing down the slopes of her breasts. I circled her breast with my mouth, licking a slow spiral up to her hard nipple. She gasped in pleasure as I sucked the hard nub into my mouth, swirling it around before I released her nipple. "No," she panted. "Please don't stop, Mark!" But I ignored her, teasing her as I kissed over to her other breast and slowly spiraled around that breast with balls licking pretty teen takes knob in mouth schoolgirl and japanese while Mary begged me to suck her nipple.

Finally, I reached the summit and sucked that nipple into my mouth and Mary shook beneath me as she had a small orgasm. "Oh, Mark!" she panted. "Oh, your lips feel so wonderful!" I started kissing lower, tracing her ribs, then down across her flat stomach.

I stuck my tongue into her cute belly button and she squirmed beneath me as she giggled. I kissed down to the heart of pubic hair above her pussy, enjoying the silky feel on my cheek. I could smell her arousal, sweet and spicy, the best smell in the world. I kissed down her pubic bone and then to her inner thigh, ignoring her pussy. "Please, Mark!" she moaned. "Please kiss my pussy!

Oh, I'm so horny! Please, oh, please!" "As you wish, my sweet filly," I answered and kissed her vulva. "Yes, thank you Mark!" she moaned. "I love you so much!" I showed my love by licking up her slit, reveling in the flavor of her pussy. Her body shuddered beneath my kisses as I worshiped her beautiful pussy.

I sucked her labia into my mouth, running my tongue across the sensitive folds, up to her hard little clitoris. Brushing it with my tongue before sucking her other labia into my samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob. I spread her open, the most beautiful of flowers, and stared into her wet, pink depths before I dived into the feast of her cunt.

"Oh fuck, Mark!" she moaned, her hips writhing in pleasure. "Yes, yes! Oh you're going to make me cum, hun! Oh, please make me cum!" I probed my tongue deep into her pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit as she moaned wantonly beneath me. Her body went rigid then she spasmed about me, flooding my mouth with her cum.

I drank every drop like I was dying of thirst. She tasted so wonderful. I kept licking until another orgasm spasmed through her. "Oh Mark, I need to taste you," she begged. I rolled onto my back and she straddled my face, lowering her cunt down to my lips.

Her breasts rubbed against my stomach as her hands stroked my cock and then her lips devoured my cock. I moaned into her pussy as her tongue swirled around my sensitive head. Then she started bobbing her head, sucking, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth until I was brushing at her throat. And then she was deepthroating me, her lips pressed against my groin as her throat tightened at my cock.

I sucked at her clit, playing with the sensitive pearl with my tongue bringing muffled moans from her lips. She sucked back up on my cock, licking the tip and then she was deepthroating me again. My balls were boiling and as she slid back up I exploded into her lips.

She swallowed greedily and sat up, spinning around and straddling my waist. "I love you, Mare," I moaned as she sank down onto my hard cock. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, her mouth salty with my cum as she started to fuck me. I held her tight, my hands running down her back and plump ass as she slid up and down on my body, her nipples rubbing against my chest.

I hugged her and rolled her onto her back, her auburn hair fanning out on the bed, her lips pursed in joy. I captured those lips, her tongue slid into my mouth as her arms wrapped around my body, pressing me to her chest. I thrust into her, sliding my hand down to cup her plump ass, sliding up her thigh as she entwined her legs about my waist. "Hmm, my mighty stallion!" Mary moaned beneath, her green eyes staring up into mine.

"Oh yes, I love my stallion atop me!" I smiled. "You enjoying your ride?" I panted, reveling in the tight grip of her cunt. "Yes, yes! Fuck your naughty filly! Ride her hard!" she moaned and then she was kissing me again, her fingernails racking my back as she came beneath me.

Her cunt massaged my cock, drawing me closer and closer to spilling my seed within her. I plunged harder and harder inside her, sucking on her lower lip. I groaned, muffled by her sweet mouth, as my cum spilled into my love. I collapsed atop her, resting in her embrace as she nuzzled at my neck.

I rolled onto my back, carrying her so she lay atop me. Her auburn hair fanned across my chest, as soft as silk, as she rested her head on my chest.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Master, Mistress, we'll be landing in twenty minutes," Lynda announced over the speaker, "so, please, wrap up any fucking going on back there." I had Lize's mouth glued to cunt, lapping away as Mark fucked her ass.

Every thrust of my randy stallion's cock drove Lize's mouth into my cunt. I gripped her blonde curls with one hand, rubbing the sluts face into my cunt, as the other hand wrapped around Monique's ass. The French slut was sitting on my face, my tongue shoving through her tart flavored cunt. I could hear the slap of Mark's groin on Lize's ass pick up as Mark wanted to cum before we had to stop, driving the slut's face harder into my own cunt. Her nose was bumping into my clit, sending delicious tremors of pleasure throughout my body.

I sucked at Monique's clit, flicking my tongue about her little pearl as I strove to bring her delicious clam to orgasm. "Fuck your ass is tight!" Mark moaned. "I'm going to cream in your slutty fucking ass!" "Ohh yes, ma chérie!" Monique moaned. "Eat my clam! Oh, yes, Jouir de, jouir de!" Monique started a chain reaction, as her tart juices flowed into my mouth, I felt my own orgasm exploded in my cunt, writhing throughout my body, my juices flooding into Lize's lips as she nibbled on my labia.

Then she was moaning into my cunt, her ass must be clenching on Mark's cock as she came. And then Mark was grunting, slamming one last time into Lize as he spilled his cum into her ass. Mark pulled out, his cock dirty and we all scrambled to find our seats.

The bodyguards were disengaging from each other. No one had their clothes on. Not even the pilots. During the flight they each took turns coming back to get fucked and we could see them naked through the open door to the cockpit as the plane started to descend into LaGuardia Airport. After we landed, everyone put on their clothes.

The bodyguard's put back on their slutty cop outfits and belted on their gunbelts. We brought Squad B with us: 15, 16, 23, 24, 32, and 34. We left 23 and 24 to watch the plane with the pilots. Mary kissed both our stewardess. "Thank you for making it such a memorable flight," she told them. "We plan on leaving at four, New York time, on Sunday. So have fun until then." Monique and Lize giggled. They were dressed in their regular clothing. "Shopping on Fifth Avenue," Monique sighed happily.

"Let's spend our husband's money and then find some young studs to fuck us silly!" Lize declared, hooking her arm around Monique and the pair headed off into the airport. I arrange the transportation. Two NYPD cruisers waited for the bodyguard's to drive and a limousine. "I asked for the hottest driver they had," I told Mark. "So finger's crossed that we get a looker." Mark grinned as we waked up, his arm resting on my hip. I was wearing a tight, red dress that clung to my body. The skirt was short and if I bent over anyone could see I wasn't wearing underwear.

Mark was in his usual jeans, a new pair I bought for him that fit his slimmer body better and made his ass look so scrumptious, along with some band's T-shirt. "The Glassners?" a woman asked as she got out of the limo. She was a tall woman with an angelic face and beautiful lips. Her hair was bleached blonde and tied up at the nape of her neck. A black, chauffeur's cap rested on her head and she was dressed in a traditional chauffeur's outfit; black slacks, black jacket and white, buttoned-down shirt with a red and orange striped tie.

"Yeah, I'm Mark and this is Mary." I looked her up and down and smiled. She had a nice pair of breasts that filled out her shirt quite nicely. "What's your name?" "Leah," she answered with a big smile. "Well, Leah, you're going to be our slutty chauffeur," I told her. "Where's the nearest sex shop, we need to get you properly dressed." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You must be Monsieur Fitzsimmons?" a graceful woman with olive skin asked with a thick, French accent.

She was dressed in a gray habit, belted about her slim waist, a white veil draped across her head, covering her dark hair, and a white stole that hung about her neck, hanging down the front of her habit almost all the way to the floor. "I am Mother Superior Maryam, please come in." She couldn't be the Mother Superior, she looked like she was eighteen. I followed her into the stone building, the floors were covered in worn Persian rugs and led me through the tight corridors to a surprisingly modern kitchen and motioned to a wooden chair at a small table.

"Tea?" "Eh, yes," I answered. Tea wasn't my thing, but I didn't want to be rude. Not when I was here to ask a favor. She grabbed a porcelain tea pot, steam rising from old men fucks young teen girl with big dick spout, and set two porcelain cups before us, pouring the fragrant tea.

"Now, you said you were interested in a book, no?" she asked in her heavy, French accent, spooning sugar into her tea. She savored the aroma of the tea and then took a sip. "Yes, it is called the Magicks of the Witch of Endor," I daddy fucks teen daughter mum joins pigtail. "And why would you want that book, Monsieur Fitzsimmons?" "Academic research," I lied.

"I have an interest in esoteric texts." A dangerous smile appeared on the Mother Superior's face. "And what is the real reason, sir?" "Like I said." Her dark eyes stared at me, suddenly so ancient and wise, pinning me to my seat. How could you lie to a soul that old. I swallowed, trying to think but it was hard. "My wife was taken by a Warlock. A vile man named Mark Glassner." She cocked her head, eying me, peering into my soul like a scientist peering at a germ beneath his microscope.

"Yes, that is a truth, not the whole truth." "No, I just want to get back my wife," I protested as her eyes bore into me. "Okay, and to get some payback against Mark. But the bastard stole my wife from me. Made his whore." The surveillance photos Doug Allard took flashed through my mind of Desiree fucking Mark, Mary, the SWAT officers, and all those other women in my house.

"And if you had this book you would, what, defeat Mark and free your wife? And then what would you do? Nothing?" she asked pointedly.

"No, I do not think so. I can see the ambition, the lust for power in your soul. You did not come here for Desiree, that is the lie you tell yourself. You came here for power." "Of course I want to free my wife!" I shouted, slamming my fist. "And I need power to do it!" "Why?" she asked. "Your wife does not love you. Deep down you have always known it. She married you for your money and you married Desiree for her beauty.

No, you want what Mark has. You are jealous of his power, lust after for, want it for your very own." "No, I love my wife," I protested. I mean, I always had lingering doubts about Desiree's motivation to marry me. But, I loved her. She was so gorgeous, so generous, how could I not love her. "Like you loved your first wife?" Why was she bringing up that slut. My eyebrows furrowed as I puzzled out her intentions. "I did love her," I carefully said, "until she whored around behind my back and made me look like a complete idiot." "And is that why you beat her?" Fuck, how could she know that.

Something burned my hand and I realized my fist was shaking so badly, tea spilling onto my hand. "She didn't listen," I protested, setting down the tea cup.

"If she only listened, I wouldn't have had to.correct her." That fucking smile played on the bitch's lips and those eyes seemed to spear right through me, like I was dirt.

"And how long would it have been before Desiree would need.correction?" she asked. My anger was burning inside me.

How did this cunt know anything about Maryanne. This fucking slut was standing in the way of me and rescuing my Desiree. My fists were itching. Maybe this bitch needed some.correcting. My eyes glanced to the counter and the block of knives. That would show the bitch. "Just let me have the book and I'll do what you fucking nuns can't seem to do!" My anger exploded out of me and my fist slammed into the table.

A mocking laugh escaped her lips. Not fear, not surprise, but derision and dismissal. The gall of this bitch. She doesn't even respect the fact I could leap over this table and beat her bloody. Or grab one of those knives and really teach her a lesson. "There is that darkness that drove Maryanne right into the arms of her lover." "She was a whore!" I growled.

"I gave her everything! Every goddamn thing the cunt wanted." "All she wanted was a husband who didn't beat her," Maryam calmly answered, sipping her tea. "Go, Monsieur Fitzsimmons, there is nothing for you here." The knives were just a few feet live tv channels xxx story of. Let see this bitch refuse me when I have a knife at her throat, the bitch will respect me then.

Just get up and grab the knife, Brandon. Don't let this cunt stand between you and your wife.

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Take control of your destiny! Her fucking eyes were boring into me. Maybe I'll cut those fucking eyes out. Make me feel like an insect, cunt. You can't do that without any eyes. I bolted up, the chair falling backwards, as I reached for the knife. The bitch didn't even move, save to sip her tea. The wooden handle was cold and hard and the blade rasped as I pulled it out of the block. Her fucking eyes still bored into me, like I was some piece of filth, a fucking annoying insect.

Fine, if I'm an insect, here is my stinger. I lounged forward, stabbing at the bitch. Motion blurred from the right, pain flared in my right hand and the knife clattered to the floor. A tall man, young and fit, stood next to me, his hand iron on my arm as he squeezed. I groaned in pain, falling to my knees.

I looked into the man's face, full of righteous anger. There was something familiar about his face, about his blue eyes. If he was older, maybe, and wore glasses. And if he was balding and had a fat face. "Doug?" I moaned through gritted teeth. No, that was impossible. This man could be Doug's son, certainly, but not my P.I., Doug. I mean, Doug was in his forties and this man was at most eighteen or nineteen and easily seventy pounds lighter than Doug, with a full head of hair and a chiseled jaw.

"Brandon, I should rip your head off," the man growled, his voice sound just like Doug's. Poor boy fucking rich girl and a little less gravelly.

It was Doug. But how? "Did you even think for a moment what would happen to me when you sent those photos to the media." "Wh-why would that b-be a problem?" I stammered. "Please, you're hurting me, Doug." "Because Mark captured me," the impossibly young Doug growled.

"He sent me to kill you, Brandon! Did you give one fucking thought about me. I could be dead right now, no thanks to you." "I-I told you he was dangerous," I squeaked in protested. "Besides, how could he find you?" "Any idiot could figure out where those pictures were taken from!" Doug snarled, squeezing harder. Fuck, it felt like my bone was about to snap. "You put me in danger.

Mark easily could have gone after my wife! But you were too selfish to even give one damned thought about me." "I didn't think." I started to say, gasping in pain as Doug started to twist. "Doug, release him," Maryam calmly said. The iron grip vanished and I got back to my feet backing away from Doug and the hatred burning in his blue eyes. "Do not come back, Brandon," Doug warned. "Monsieur Fitzsimmons, I give you this warning," Maryam stated.

"I know you plan to go to Cologne and get the copy of the book in the possession of Altgrave Bernard. Only pain and suffering lies down that road, Brandon. Forget the Warlock Mark Glassner, forget your possessive lust for Desiree and try and live your life with love. Otherwise, I'm afraid, it is the Pit for you." What did this cunt know of anything. I would have my sweet Desiree back. And freed of Mark Glassner's control, she would love me again. And I will make Mark Glassner pay for stealing her.

Then Doug would pay, he obviously told the cunt all about my first wife. And finally, the fucking cunt herself. Maryam, with her name was so close to Maryanne's, and just as much of a bitch as my ex-wife, would pay for treating me like a piece of dirt. She would pay for making me feel like a powerless insect on her food. Oh, she will fucking pay! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You should have let me kill him," I growled as Brandon Fitzsimmons fled the Motherhouse.

"No, that is not the way," Maryam replied sharply. "We should not raise a hand against are fellow men unless we must." "And if he gets that other book, voracious ladies craving cock at cfnm party he learns its secrets?" I demanded.

I understood just the level of evil Brandon could cause. He would get Mark Glassner's power but with ten times the ambition that Mark possessed. So much had been revealed to me last night after I was given the Gift. By Maryam and latter by the Angel Sophia in my dreams.

My cock stirred at the memory of the Angel. She shone like bronze as her naked body pressed against me. Her merest touch was enough to cause my cock to spurt and when her pussy embraced my dick, I kept cumming and cumming with every plunge into her tight, wet hole. The Ecstasy it was called, for the touch of an Angel was pure bliss.

Maryam touched my arm, gently. "Brandon has yet to make that transgression. If he claims the book and its secrets, then and only then, will he be our problem, Doug. But he must be allowed his choice. Free will is the greatest Gift endowed by our Creator." I snorted. "I superb blonde stripping and rubbing tits by the window get much of a choice last night." "You can give up your Gift at any time, Doug," Maryam answered.

"Do you want to." "No, my task is too important," I answered. It was strange. I once had been very devout Christian. My faith survived my first wife's death when a drunk driver killed her. But not my second wife.

We had only been married three months when she went to bed beside me and didn't wake up. A brain aneurism, impossible to predict or prevent, the doctor's told me. Not impossible for God, though.

So, I cursed Him and spent many bitter years hating Him. But I felt God last night when Maryam freed me from Mark's control. And my faith was suddenly rediscovered, reborn.

Maryam handed me the scrollcase.

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"You must keep it safe," Maryam intoned. "As I have kept it safe for two thousand years, now it falls to you." "I still don't understand why I have to hide it," I told her. "Let me go after Mark. Let me help those nuns sent to face him." "Because, the Adversary has learned where we hid the scroll and through his followers, he has been posted that information on Wikipedia for the entire world to see," Maryam answered.

"Because, if Gabriel's plan fails, the Warlock Mary shall seek me out and this book must not fall into her hands. And who knows what other servants of the Adversary are out there, plotting and waiting." "But isn't there other copies?" I asked, frowning.

"You mentioned one in Cologne, in Altgrave's possession." A smile cracked Maryam's face. "Altgrave is a German noble, not a first name. The one in Cologne and the one in New York are but copies. This is the original, and it possess passages not found in the other copies. It is the coal that shall ignite the hope in mankind once more and nothing must be allowed to extinguish it. I charge you, Doug, to hide this book, to keep it safe in the Wilderness for forty years.

Until it is needed." "And my wife, she will be joining me?" I asked, remembering Tina's smiling face. She wasn't a pretty woman, but when she smiled, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Sister Catherine Sarah has already given her the Gift," Maryam answered. "She will meet you in London and from there, the two of you must make your own way. Trust no one, tell no one. Just survive the coming darkness and carry the World's hope into the future." "I will," I said, clutching the scrollcase to my chest.

"For the future." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary and I walked through the campus of New York University, flanked by our four bodyguards. We left Rachel and Leah in the limo, the two girls making out. We had a wild time with the two girls in our hotel room last night.

Our chauffeur, Leah, was a wild, adventures girl and Rachel, the shy, blushing bride on her honeymoon. The pair were complete opposites but seemed to have become quite close last night. Hopefully, when we returned Rachel to her husband, he would be happy with his new, sexual adventuresome wife. We passed a couple of attractive coeds as we walked up to the Institute of Ancient Studies, but the book was more important that fucking some random girls.

It was why we flew out to New York City to begin with. We needed to get our hands on one of three copies of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor and master all the magics so we could be armed against any nuns that would try to attack us. We reached the Institute for Ancient Studies, a white marble building on 84th Street. Inside, we met a cute, Southeast Asian grad student manning the reception desk, a pile of books and notes sat on her desk and she was typing away at her laptop.

"Hi, just one sec," she said. She typed some more and then turned to face us, smiling. "Sorry, working on my dissertation." She had a round, olive-toned face, framed by short, blue-black hair. A pair of sliver-framed glasses perched on her small nose. She noticed our slutty cops and blinked. "Is this some frat prank?" she asked, sounding annoyed.

"I don't have time for that crap." "No," I said with a grin. "We need the Magicks of the Witch of Endor." She frowned. "Everyone's after that book," she muttered as she stood up. "Who else has asked about it?" I asked. "This guy, Brandon I think his name was, called earlier this week," the Asian girl answered. "Um, maybe Tuesday night?

I was here working on my dissertation." She stood up, leading us into the building. Her name was Samnag Soun. "Everyone calls me Sam, though," she giggled. She went into a complicated history of the book and the controversies of its dating as we walked, "Some think it was written by Gilles de Rais or Paracelsus. Or even by Grandpa fucks busty pregnant milf and cums all over her wet pussy Dee.

No record of the books existence turn up before the 1500's you see. However, it is written in Aramaic, in a style consistent with intertestamental apocrypha." "What?" I asked with a frown. "The intertestamental what?" "A period of Hebrew writings that date between the time of the Old Testament and the New Testament," Sam explained.

"Like many of the Dead Sea Scrolls." "Do you have the translation of the book?" I asked. I don't know why I was surprised to find out the book was in some ancient language I've never heard of. "Nothing published, I'm afraid," she answered. "Not a lot of research has been done with the book.

Our copy was only recently found amidst a collection of old books in a cellar in London." "And can you read it?" Mary asked, frowning. "Oh yes," Sam answered. "I'm a doctoral candidate in ancient Semitic languages. I can speak Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic and I can read Ugaritic and Akkadian cuneiform.

I can translate a smattering of other, more rare, Semitic languages. And Koine Greek, of course." She laughed like we should know why Koine Greek was important. She led us into a small library, babbling the entire time, through a door that was almost an airlock. "Climate control," she explained. There were several tables with reading lamps in the center of the room and the walls were lined with tall bookshelves covered with leather bound books.

Other shelves had drawers. All were labeled with some complicated catalog system. Sam made a beeline for one shelf and came back holding a slim book. "Here it is. Bound using techniques common in the fourteenth century and printed on vellum. This book must have been in the possession of John Dee." She opened the cover and pointed to a strange symbol.

Almost like the symbol for a woman, a circle above a cross, but standing on a wavy line with a crescent transfixing the top of the circle and a dot. "The Monas Hieroglyphica, which symbolizes all of creation, was John Dee's symbol." "And who was John Dee?" Mary asked.

"The court magician to Queen Elizabeth," Sam asked. "And an alchemist. Very influential in the esoteric circles. Some say he conjured the storm that smashed the Spanish Armada and saved England from being conquered." Sam turned the page and it was covered in tight, square letters written in fading black ink.

"What does it say?" "Um, let see," she frowned, reading silently from right to left I noticed. "Its a summoning ritual.

To summon Helel ben-Shachar. That's the Hebrew name for Lucifer. It literally means the Shining One, Son of the Morning." Mary reached out and stroked Sam's face, cutting off an explanation on the origin and etymology of Lucifer's name.

A flush blossomed on the Asian woman's face and she looked down. "You are quite pretty," Mary purred. "Would you like to kiss me?" "I.yes," the girl muttered, her dark eyes flashing briefly to Mary's face before she looked back down at the floor. Mary turned the girl's face towards her, cupping Sam's round, beautiful face, and bending down and kissing the girl on the lips. I took the book from Sam's hand and set it gently on the table and watched as Sam began to kiss Mary back, growing more aggressive as Mary's power, that made any woman desire her, built within Sam.

Soon, Sam's hands grew more bold, roaming about Mary's body in the airy sundress she wore today. Mary broke the kiss and Sam stood there, breathing heavily. "Wh-what did you do to me?" she asked, licking her lips, savoring the taste of Mary's sweet mouth.

"I've never felt captivated before. And never with a woman." "Because you love me," Mary small tits blonde teen khloe kapri railed by huge hard cock smalltits pornstar her.

"You want to be my slave, and Mark's as well. You want nothing more than to fulfill whatever filthy, depraved acts we can imagine." "Yes, I want that, Mistress," Sam breathed, trembling before Mary.

She glanced at me, swallowed. "How may I please you, Master?" "Strip." Sam wasted no time following my command. She pulled off her t-shirt, some indie band I've never heard of, then lesbian vegetable sex story download shimmed out of her comfortable jeans.

Next to her, Mary pulled her sundress over her head, revealing her beautiful, naked body. Sam's white bra came off, exposing her small, round breasts and hard, brown nipples. Her panties came off, plain white, and exposed a neatly trimmed, black bush that hid the treasure between her legs. Mary hugged her, their breasts, about the same size, rubbed together.

"You are gorgeous," Mary praised. "Thank you, Mistress," Sam blushed. "I'm not half as gorgeous as you are." Mary smiled and kissed her on the lips. "That's a good slut. Now, Balls deep with walrus penis and fisting ass cock looks all hard, let's say we help him out." "I'd like that, Mistress," Sam answered, smiling shyly at me. I leaned against the reading table as Mary and Sam walked over to me. Mary undid my belt as Sam pulled down my zipper and unbuttoned my fly.

Then the two women pulled my pants down and my red boxers, exposing my hard cock. Mary licked her tongue from root to tip and a delicious shiver ran through my body. Sam licked her tongue across the head, gathering the bead of pre-cum there. "Doesn't he have a cute cock?" Mary asked, stroking my cock slowly.

"Oh, yes Mistress," Sam sighed and then her lips were kissing at the tip. Mary kissed my cock on the other side and they two women's tongues licked around the head, swirling about the sensitive tip. Their tongues would brush, and then their lips and then they were kissing each other around the head of my cock.

It felt so wonderful. Mary grabbed Sam's hand and guided her to my balls and the two girls played with my nuts. I groaned as Sam's mouth engulfed my cock and Mary pulled back, smiling encouragingly at the girl. "Pleasure his cock, slut!" Mary hissed in the girl's ear, her pink tongue lapping at Sam's dusky lobe. "You can do better than that. Bob that head and suck. Make your Master cum in your slutty mouth." Sam started bobbing her head, sucking hard.

"Fuck, that's great." I moaned. "Are you going to cum in this little slut's mouth?" Mary asked eagerly. "Umm, I can't wait to kiss her salty lips and drink your cum right out of her mouth." I started to move my hips, fucking into Sam's mouth.

Mary grabbed the Asian slut's head and held it while I started to fuck her harder and harder. My cum was boiling in my balls, desperate to be released. The tip of my cock was brushing the back of her throat with every thrust, while her mouth sucked harder. Her tongue traced around my cock's head and I shuddered and came in her mouth. I pulled out, her mouth open and filled with white spunk.

Mary grabbed the girl and pulled Sam's face to her own and kissed the cum-stained lips. Mary's tongue slid in and came out stained white. Sam's hands were roaming over Mary's body, cupping her perky breasts and pinching Mary's nipples. Mary broke the kiss and pushed the slut's head lower. "Umm, suck on my titties," Mary moaned, lying back on the cold, cement floor, pulling Sam down with her. Sam sucked at Mary's dusky nipples, her tongue tracing Mary's aerola and then her lips would suck as much of Mary's tit into her mouth as she could while Mary purred in pleasure.

Sam's hand slid down Mary's side, found her thigh and rubbed it. Then, her hand crept up the inner slope of Mary's thigh up to her waxed pussy. Mary gasped as Sam found her wet cunt and teased Mary's hungry hole with her fingers. "Lower!" Mary panted. "Get down there and make my pussy cum, whore!" Sam obeyed, sliding lower and lower, kissing down Mary's stomach and Mary gasped in pleasure as Sam's lips found her cunt.

I watched as the Asian slut's tongue dug through Mary's slit, gathering a good coating of Mary's juices. I knelt behind Sam's ass, stroked her slim butt, and slid my hand between her legs to find her wet cunt. "Fuck her cunt!" Mary hissed at me. "Fuck the little slut until she cums on your hard cock, Mark!" "With pleasure, Mare," I answered, lining my cock up at her cunt, spreading her dark lips open with one hand to reveal the beautiful, pink flesh hidden within her tight slit.

Sam moaned like a bitch in heat as my cock slid into her cunt. She was so tight. Her cunt hadn't been fucked that much. The alura jacson and ninpolla and jordi probably spent all her time in college studying and not getting fucked like a good little coed.

I thrust all the way into her, delighting in her moans, and watched as Mary writhed on her back beneath Sam's tongue lashing. "Is she a good cunt muncher?" I asked Mary as I drew back and super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock my cock back into her tight hole. "Ohh, she's a natural," Mary purred.

"You'd never know this was her first time going down on a girl. Mhh, her tongue is long, too. Oh, fuck I've never had someone shove their tongue that deep inside me." I fucked Sam harder, gripping her ass as I pounded on her cock, watching my beautiful filly grind her cunt into Sam's face.

Mary's perky breasts heaved as she breathed heavily. Mary had a huge smile on her face as she writhed in pleasure. Sam moaned suddenly into Mary's cunt and her slutty pussy contracted on my cock as an orgasm exploded through her.

"Holy shit!" she gasped. "Was that an orgasm?" "Yeah, slut!" I gasped. "Oh my God, thank you Master!" she panted. I slapped her ass, a loud stinging slap that left an angry, red mark.

"Your mouth is supposed to be on Mary's cunt!" "Sorry, Mistress!" she squeaked and buried her face back into Mary's cunt. My own orgasm was building as I slammed into the slut. Harder and harder, wanting to fill her dirty cunt with my cum. I plunged into her tight, wet tunnel, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to that sweet release.

My body tensed and I groaned as my cum flooded my newest slut's cunt. I pulled out and lay on the cold concrete next to Mary. "She's got a hot little cunt," I panted. Mary smiled and kissed her on the lips as she writhed on Sam's lips. I kissed down her neck to her breasts and captured one of Mary's nipples as she moaned and panted. Her body went rigid beneath me and then she shuddered and came on Sam's face.

Sam smiled, her face drenched with cum and cuddled up to Mary's other side as we all enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms on the cold floor of the library. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Everything's ready, Theodora," Duncan said. I was sitting on the couch in Kaeden's living room. Duncan and Kaeden were both members of a Pierce County Sheriff SWAT unit that got compromised by Mark Glassner when they raided his house. Mark gave them orders, turning them into his Thralls, but he never japanese love story porm movie to ensure one of us nuns couldn't control them.

Agnes was controlling Kaeden and I controlled Duncan. On Thursday night, my Sisters and I were so excited. We each placed a SWAT officer under our control.

Only three more each to go, no problem we thought. Yet, here we were on Sunday night and only Isabella had managed to get another SWAT officer under her power.

"All the members of your unit will be there?" I asked Duncan sharply. We needed all twelve. That's what Ramiel told me. Soldiers are needed. Four and four and four. Duncan and the other three under our control had spent all day cajoling and brow beating and convincing to get the other eight members of their unit to have a get together at Kaeden's house tomorrow night.

"Yes, mam," Duncan. "They all promised to be here Tuesday night." Tomorrow would have been better, but Tuesday night would work. Last night Ramiel taught me the Prayer of Qannow and told me where I would perform the prayer.

On Wednesday, I needed to be at the Blue Spruce Motel, room 14. And wait until I heard the door slam in the next room over and perform the prayer on the woman I find in there. My Sisters and I need all twelve of the SWAT officers by Wednesday under our control, so Tuesday night be fine. On Wednesday it would all be over. I only hope no one gets hurt besides the Warlocks.

Ramiel said the SWAT were only the backup plan. My stomach was a knot of nerves, twisting inside me until I felt like vomiting. Please God, cute year old beauty gets fucked hard hardcore and massage the Qannow prayer work! Please don't make me send the SWAT unit in. I don't want innocent blood on my hands! I beg of you God, if it's your will!

Amen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I sat on Mark's sex is the superlatively good award for a adorable hottie hardcore blowjob on the seat of our Gulfstream.

We were both naked, my cunt sticky with his cum, as we watched Monique and Lize fuck each other. They had picked up this double-headed dildo and were kneeling on the floor, their asses pressed close together. Each end of the dildo was in their cunts and they were fucking it back into each other, moaning like two bitches. In the back, I could hear the bodyguards moaning as they fucked and sucked on each other.

All six had to abstain this weekend, and they were finally able to relieve their tensions with each other. Sam was back there, as well, busy translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. Sadly, no fun for her. We needed to know what was written in that book.

We were supposed to land at Thun Field, South Hill in about a half-hour or so. It had been a fun weekend New York City. Mark and I visited several amazing art museums, including the Metropolitan Art Museum.

Mark was so sweet, not complaining at all as I dragged him to all these amazing art exhibits. I yawned, I was tired. While it had been a fun weekend, it also had been a long weekend.

And tomorrow promised to be a long day. We were holding our second bodyguard tryouts all day on Monday. And then on Tuesday, Amber peach and frankie are old timey lesbo hotties had my second wedding dress fitting and the bridesmaids' dress fittings while Mark had to go to family court to get Desiree's marriage annulled so she and Allison could get married.

Nothing was going on Wednesday, I realized happily. A nice, peaceful day. Haven't had one of those in a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My hands were shaking as I picked up the Altgrave's copy of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.

You did it, Brandon, I congratulated myself. Nothing could stop me now. Blood smeared on the cover and I blinked, seeing the blood on my aching knuckles for the first time.

I walked over to the Altgrave's bathroom, careful to step over the Altgrave. The blood ran pink down the sink as I washed my bruised knuckles and tried to control my beating heart, slow my breathing. I could feel sweat running down my face and I glanced at my face in the mirror. It wasn't sweat, I was dismayed to see, but a streak of blood staining my face. I didn't want to hurt the old man. But blonde beauty summer day blows hung messenger just wouldn't listen.

Just like Maryanne. I never would have hurt either of them if they would have just listened. If they would have just did what I told them to without arguing. It was really Mark's fault, anyways. The old Altgrave just kept babbling about his orders. "I can't let you have the book, Mr. Fitzsimmons. The man on the phone was quite clear on that." But that really didn't matter, now. I had the book. I opened it up, excited to see the knowledge contained within it.

There was nothing but tiny, square letters written in fading, brown ink. The letters weren't even close to English. A hysterical laugh filled the room. Who could be laughing? Surly not the Altgrave. He would never laugh again. Then I realized it was me. Well, Brandon, nothing easy is worth doing. The script looks like Hebrew. I just need to find some scholar I can pay to translate it. But first, I really needed to get out of Germany, and maybe get a drink.

Having a drink always made me feel better after I was forced to correct Maryanne. You can drink once your on the plane heading back to America, I promised myself. Just one drink, it couldn't hurt. But I needed to get far away before anyone found the Altgrave. The authorities back in the States never understood that Maryanne made me hurt her.

And I doubt the German authorities would be any more understanding that the Altgrave made me kill him. To be continued.