Shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls

Shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls
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It was late summer in the year 1769 and the streets were growing quiet in industrial downtown Landstown. A carriage rattled down the street, drawing a few curious faces to look out of the pane less windows of the cramped houses that stood awkwardly over the cobbled streets below. The carriage pulled into the shadows and stopped. The horses tossed their heads impatiently as two well dressed men climbed gingerly out of the smart carriage onto the sewage covered streets.

Both men covered their faces with handkerchiefs as they paid the driver, who asked curiously; 'are you gentlemen sure this is the right place for you?'. 'Yes most certainly, we have important business to attend to here' One of the smart gentlemen answered quietly. 'I wouldn't have thought there was any money to be made down this end of town.

Not enough for you gentlemen to worry yourselves with anyhow!' Remarked the driver. 'Well that is why we are successful businessmen and you are merely our humble cabby, who ought to keep his opinions of limited knowledge to himself!' Snapped the second gentleman. He spoke more confidently than the first and had a mop of fiery red hair beneath his proud top hat. 'Sorry sir I was just making a polite observation, I meant no offence by it' the driver said with a slight tone of sarcasm in his voice.

'Very well, off you go. Thank you driver'. The first gentleman said quietly, but with a slight sense of urgency in his hushed voice. He clearly did not want to be seen or remain hanging around in these dingy streets. The driver shook the reigns and the horses struck the cobbles and the carriage moved off, clattering noisily down the narrow street, echoing off the close knit houses.

The two gentlemen peered cautiously from under the overhanging building, careful not be seen by people looking out of the window.

After a few minutes they both quietly headed up the opposite end of the street. 'I don't know why we have to go to this awful side of town every month.' the red headed gentleman grumbled 'I'm sure there are better soirees closer to Upside Manor' 'I'm sure there are' The quiet gentleman said, trotting slightly to keep up with his companion. ' but that would be far too risky, our business partners, acquaintances and authorities are far too close for comfort if we were to head 'out' in Upside Manor.

As you well know. He added. They walked through a maze of narrow streets, round in circles and up and down, as if they were trying to lose themselves, or someone! Presently they came up a very narrow street almost a tunnel, it was, due to the height of the houses and shops that were stacked upon each other precariously. A small chink of light spilled onto the street ahead of them. Two silhouettes were samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob in the light.

Both smartly dressed like our first two gentlemen. One of them was fidgeting with a mixture of nerves and excitement. He was constantly looking up and down the street anxiously. 'Where are they, Edgar?' He kept asking 'they're late, I hope they are still coming'.

'Be patient. They'll come, they never miss out on this. They would be mad to!' Edgar was a short, fair man, with a tall top hat and long black coat tails, with a stick. The younger gentleman was taller, but clearly lacked his friend's etiquette, with slightly untidy, but no less expensive apparel. Shortly they saw the two other men strutting up the street. 'here they are!' the young gentleman exclaimed. 'Keep your voice down, Matthias!' Hissed the red headed gentleman as he approached.

'Sorry Sir Kieran' Matthias said, shaking Sir Kieran eagerly by the hand. 'where have you been?' 'we didn't want the driver to drop us too close by in case he followed. He was asking difficult questions already.' Sir Kieran said ' I hope you did the same?' 'Of course'.

The four men disappeared down the steps to the source of light, which came from a dingy basement. Sir Kieran rapped on the door rhythmically. It opened an inch or so. A rounded faced man appeared at the crack of the door.

Seeing who it was he swung the door wide enough for the four gentlemen to enter, then swiftly sex vidoes mp4 story sexx softly closed it behind them.

' welcome, Sir Kieran, Sir Edmund' he said bowing to the red headed gentleman and his companion. ' and Lord Edgar.' He said to the shorter gentleman. 'And sir, I do not believe I've had the pleasure?' This is my younger brother, Matthias Lovemore' Lord Edgar ushered the young gentleman forward. They were standing in a small dimly lit bar room.

The round faced man was a barman and he poured them red wine from a big clay jug. 'Come through, I will bring more drink through' the barman said beckoning them through a low door.

The room they entered was also dimly lit, but large, sprawling seats, more like beds could be seen. There were no windows and the room was pleasantly warm and smelled of sweet incense. Matthias was grinning broadly and fidgeting restlessly. His heart was beating loudly, pumping adrenaline round his body. He feared his companions would hear the dull thudding of his heart.

He wanted to play in calm like the other three appeared to be. The men sat on separate seats and plucked grapes from the big bowl in the middle of the room. The barman bought more wine in and told them to help themselves. He left the room through a back door rubbing his hands ' an extra man, all the more money for me' he sniggered, tapping on yet another door.

The gentlemen removed their coats and top hats. Edmund had a very thick mop of neat sandy hair, Edgar's was slightly more wirey brownish blonde, while Matthias had an sexy brunette pornstar katrina jade gets pussy nailed pornstars and hardcore mop of blonde hair. They became more relaxed and chatted lazily, but Matthias couldn't join in. he was far too restless, and kept glancing at the door the bar man had left through. After what seemed like an age the door opened.

Matthias gasped aloud, he other men also stiffened slightly. The barman appeared again. Matthias groaned a little exasperated. 'presenting miss Robertson' the barman grinned. In came what Matthias thought was the most beautiful young lady he'd ever seen! She was very pretty of course, but one could see she was a poor maiden. She was skinny, but not too thin. She had rosy cheeks, from spending her time outside working in cold markets and fish yards. She had shoulder length brown hair, mousey coloured, with a touch of blonde where the sun had caught her.

Her blue eyes were quite small but wide and endearing and her thin eyebrows sloped downwards, giving her a look of innocence. She had quite a hard looking face but very pretty. She was wearing a maid's frock, like the maids wore at Matthias and Edgar's manor house in the exclusive whitewood area of the city. This aroused young Matthias all the more as he looked miss Robertson up and down greedily taking her every curve in. Suddenly Matthias realised that all eyes, including the girl's were on him.

'That's all for now my man' said Lord Edgar to the beady eyed barman, who nodded and reluctantly shuffled out of the room. 'Well, happy birthday Matthias. Are you not going to unwrap your gift?' Lord Edgar grinned. ', I er' stammered Matthias. 'The night is getting on and I must be up early to milk the cattle!' Miss Robertson said, in a broad Scottish accent.

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She sounded a little impatient to Matthias and he was slightly taken aback, partly at her broad accent, partly at this rude attitude the maiden had! He'd teach her to be so rude! 'Right. I shall begin.' Sir Keiran said abruptly, striding forth and grasping the maid firmly round the waist.

'Ooh. Sir!' Miss Robertson exclaimed playfully. 'You are very forthright!' Matthias felt a surge of rage towards the pair. 'How dare he!' he thought 'How dare SHE! She is supposed to be MY present, I should be caressing those shapely buttocks!' Sir Kieran was kneading Miss Robertson's firm rounded behind in his pale white hands. 'Iam sure you have more meat on you than our previous meetings!' He smirked as he peered under her frock where his hand was rested.

Miss Robertson giggled playfully and they kissed passionately in front of the other three men. But Lord Edgar hairy ebony pussy and babe threesome hd putting my bone in the th hole his younger brother's thoughts.

'Hold on Sir Kieran. Surely this should be my younger brother's maiden. After all that is why he is here. It is his 18th birthday present'. 'Well he should not have just stood there, with his tongue lolling, like a simpleton!' Sir Kieran gloated, leering over at Matthias.

Matthias felt hot shame and rage boiling up inside him. He new everyone was looking and secretly sniggering, even the slut. He was embarrassed that his brother had to come in and defend his honour at the 11th hour! The hour he had been waiting for since his brother had told him about the secret soiree. Edgar stepped forth 'Hands off her Kieran' 'Someone needed to make a move. As she says, the night is wearing on. I want my moneys worth' Sir Kieran stepped in to meet Lord Edgar's approach.

Matthias could see his tight trousers were pitching outwards around the crotch. They stood face to face ' let your brother speak. Must you fight his battles for him all his life?' Sir Kieran sneered. 'Get back' snarled Lord Edgar pushing him back. The air was thick with testosterone now. It could almost be smelt! 'Gentlemen, please. This is not what we're here for. We are all here for the same thing' Lord Edmund stepped in gesturing toward the maid who was watching the scene intently. 'Settle a moment.

Have a drink.' Edmund ushered the quarrelling men away from one another. 'Come here Miss' Miss Robertson obeyed and sat between Lord Edmund and Matthias.

After the tension seemed to die back a little, Lord Edmund grasped Miss Robertson's slender hand and place it upon Matthias' tight crotch area.

A stab of excitement shot through the young man, his mouth was dry, despite the amount of wine he had consumed. He was breathing heavily. Lord Edmund place the maid's left hand on his on crotch. She began caressing both, while leaning to kiss one and then the other on the neck.

Matthias was stiff within a few moments. 'that's better' Miss Robertson said, feeling his solid crotch from base to tip. Lord Edmund began slipping her skimpy outfit from her shoulders. 'Breasts! breasts! Beautiful, smooth, rounded breasts!' Matthias gasped, almost aloud!

Edmund began licking them, sucking them tenderly, rolling the pert pink nipple between his teeth and tongue.

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Miss Robertson giggled a dirty giggle and kissed Edmund's thick, bushy hair. She was still absently rubbing Matthias' hard virgin bone beneath his trousers. Somewhat calmer, Lord Edgar and Sir Kieran watched within the shadows, sneakily rubbing their own crotches at the horny scene before them. Lord Edmund was now on his feet, standing over Miss Robertson. She was looking up at him grinning her naughty looking grin. Her teeth were beautifully white for a poor girl, they were stunning.

Slightly uneven in their layout, but this added to her sexual appeal. She unbuttoned Lord Edmund and slowly pulled down his trousers, and then his white baggy breifs, exposing a stiff white penis, sprouting form a bush of fair fuzzy pubic hair. His tip was a dull purple swollen mushroom. And his sac! Matthias was mesmerized by his sac!

Hairless and smooth, but for the wrinkles it bulged out enormously fat and perfectly spherical. Matthias was amazed. Miss Robertson was obviously aroused by the size of Lord Edmund.

She gasped, then wrapped her thin lips around his fleshy scrotum, engulfing as much as she could in a mouthful and began to murmur softly. Lord Edmund clearly enjoyed this. He began to gyrate into the girl's face, groaning 'uuuuh yyyeeaaah ahmmm hmmm' his solid erection pressed into her freckled nose, dripping sticky clear substance down the shaft, onto his sac, finally slipping into Miss Robertson's eager mouth.

She moved her tongue up his length, all they way up until she could engulf his engorged, pulsating head. 'Off with her bottoms!' encouraged Edgar from the other side of the room. Matthias started. He had been so engrossed in the activity before him he had forgotten that there was anyone else in this entire world but the suckling maiden and enormous man before his very eyes. Let alone anyone else in the room. 'Do it!' Edgar urged. In a moment Matthias was up, running his hands up Miss Robertson's inner thighs.

Still a bit hesitant he paused. But she was now lying on her back, Edmund's gyrating backside obscuring her face. She was alternating. Sucking his hard penis as it stabbed down into her destiny dixon rides on sean lawless big cock, then being smothered by his flabby ball sac. Matthias pulled her black pinstriped drawers down her smooth, shapely, yet slender legs. There was the first vagina he had ever seen.

It was beautiful! Neatly trimmed with just a small strip of hair running down to the neat slit. 'Pleasure her' Edgar urged, now stroking his hard naked penis rapidly.

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Instinctively Miss Robertson reached down and began toying with her own pussy. Elegantly rubbing her slender middle finger into the slit. Now and again she darted her finger into her dampening depths, giving the severely inexperienced Matthias a peek into her pink warm hole.

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'well take over then' Kieran butted into the soft sucking noises being emitted from the other end. Before he could place a clumsy hand upon her, Miss Robertson slid up the velvet seat-cum-bed, so that Lord Edmund could position himself between her slim, open legs. He buried his bushy head between her crotch and began to lap at her sweet, sweet pussy. The maiden writhed about whining softly, taking her turn to gyrate into Edmund's big, horny face.

Matthias, although still extremely horny and awestruck by the evening's goings on couldn't help feeling somewhat aggrieved towards Lord Edmund. This was supposed to be his moment, his girl.

But she seemed to reject his attempts at joining in. The site of Edmund's open bum spread in his face and globe like sac nestled comfortably between his legs just seemed to add insult to injury! 'Well what are you gawping at?' Sir Kieran asked impatiently, rubbing his naked pale bone furiously.

'Listen' said Edgar, in a more tactful attempt. 'Miss Robertson does not suffer fools gladly. She won't invite you in, you must push you way into contention. Some girls will be more accommodating, but not her, she is all the better for it however!' This was more than enough for Matthias. He would show her he meant business! He crawled up to her front end. She had her eyes closed, an almost pained expression upon her face, as both hands pressed down on Edmund's fluffy head between her legs. Quickly Matthias whipped down his trousers, buttons springing off as he went.

Like his head of hair, his scrotum was an untidy tangle of pubic hair, like his reasonably sparse nest at the base of his penis. No matter! He was hard as granite and he thrust himself forth, offering his proud, stiffy to the maiden to do as she willed with it. Absent mindedly, Miss Robertson grasped his length in a tight grip. She pulled him by the penis to her wet little mouth.

'hhhhoooooo yyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaahss!' Matthias groaned louder than he had ever done before as he felt the maiden's lips engulf him, her tongue wrapped around his fat wet helmet. She could taste his salty pre cum leaking into her mouth. It tasted goood! Each time Lord Edmund ran his beefy tongue over her excited clitoris, miss Robertson would spasm slightly, sending shivers all over her body. This would transfer from her tongue onto Hubby offers buxom brunette to younger guy cunnilingus hotwife solid bone, making him roar loudly and slam himself into her mouth, causing Miss Robertson to gag and splutter.

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' That'll teach her, that'll teach her to laugh at me!' he huffed. Lord Edmund then heaved himself up onto Miss Robertson's petite body, his dwarfing hers, and slowly entered her wet love hole 'mmmmmmm' he sang as he felt her swallow his entire length up to his hilt.

His balls slapped against her perfectly rounded buttock cheeks. Matthias lay back against the comforting cushions, legs spread apart, allowing Miss Robertson to feed upon his stiff prick. She licked his balls, expertly darting her tongue and teeth around them, sending vibrations through them. Presently big Lord Edmund flipped her petite frame onto her front, as if it were a playing card.

Miss Robertson squealed in excitement as he entered her from behind, pumping her good and true. She bucked hard as Edmund thrust his 8inches into her tight body. Matthias pushed her thin mousy clad head deep into his crotch, his cock eye was gaping, tickling her tonsils, her moans sent yet more vibrations up his bone.

It was all too much for the young man. With a huge grunt, followed by loud groans he fired powerful jet after powerful jet of marble white sperm into her eager mouth. There was so much it spilled out over Miss Robertson's cute chin and down onto those beautiful breasts. The rest she gulped down in two swift gulps.

The sit was more than Lord Edmund could bare. Whipping out his slippery willy he flipped the maiden over again and she quickly slid down the bed to meet his angry red helmet and the second onslaught of powerful shots of hot, white spunk, most of which squirted into her open mouth, while rogue jets sprayed her cheeks and leaked onto her flat belly.

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