Xxx parn story sex stories in the car

Xxx parn story sex stories in the car
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This is the first in what will be a continuing series detailing the process of turning a lady into a slut. Background I'm a mid 30's black man who's had more than his share of hot women. I've been lucky enough to bang Sisters, Latinas, Asians, American & Eastern European white girls, a Native American, and an Egyptian.

I've been with 3 women at once and I've dated plenty of strippers… I know I can pull hot women and I know run train on black girl and secret blowjob under desk prostitution sting takes pervert pussy when I find it, done it many times, and was always looking for a more on the side… then one day I finally found the prefect piece of ass.

I mean body for days. Wide thick hips, but not in that ridiculous rap video shaped like a pear kind of way, and an ass to die for… skin tight jeans and a gap between her thighs that just begs to have something shoved in between. Perfect tits that just sit there with no sag and the thickest nipples you could ever want. Thick soft lips made for sucking dick and big brown eyes that you can only imagine looking up at you with a mouthful of cum.

The funny thing is she's tiny and thick as hell at the same time. A five foot five Latina in size 2 jeans - honestly if I had to choose between winning the lottery and never fucking her again… Well hell I can earn money so I did what any player would do… I married her… now it's time to train her. BODY: Serena is her name and making her the perfect slut wife is my game Leading up to our wedding I started putting ideas in her head about what I expected her to be, partly to get her reaction and partly so she wouldn't be totally surprised when her training began.

It started with pulling her hair gently, and licking her asshole when going down on her to yanking her head back as far as it would go and shoving 2 fingers in her ass. Telling her I was wanted her let me cum in her face. Every time we would fuck I would push it a little further and tell her the nastiest shit I could think of. Then I started putting porno's on while we fucked gang bangs, cum swapping, anal, and cum swapping. I would tell her I would fantasize it was her in those video's while I fucked her.

I'm sure she thought it was just pillow talk, and that I didn't mean it. Little did she know. The night before our wedding before I went to my hotel room after we fucked and she lay there with my cum leaking out of her I told her I had a gift for her and that she had to promise me she would wear it during the wedding. She got excited and said I promise. As she opened it, unnoticed to her, a smile came on my face and my dick started to twitch.

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She looked up at me confused as she held a clear acrylic butt plug up. Etched in the side of it was her name and our wedding date. I told her that tomorrow she was to become mine and this meant completely mine. She started to open her mouth but no words came out. I'm sure she was confused considering we'd never even discussed anal much less done it.

I shushed her and went on, "Look don't act surprised, with an ass like that you had to know every guy you meet wants to fuck you in it. Well that asshole is mine now, along with the rest of you. You can keep all that I'm a good girl shit for your friends and your coworkers, I know the hoe you are when you have a dick in you and a finger in your ass, now I'm going to bring her all the way out." The look in her eye would've almost made me think I'd misjudged the slut in my bride to be, but the juice running down the inside of her thigh gave her away.

I told her to go to sleep and I'd be over at 5 am to put it in her ass. "But what if I have to go to the bathroom?" girls putting big things in there pussy asked.

"You better take a shit before 5 because after that your ass is gonna be open like a 7-11. I'm sure somewhere in the back of her mind she figured that fuck hottest stepmom chantageado e comendo a madrasta a ceremony not even scheduled to start till 4pm the next day it was going to be a long day with he ass full.

The next morning promptly at 5 I knocked on her hotel room door and it was opened almost immediately. She told me that she hadn't slept much and she didn't think there was any way she would be able to get that thing up her ass. I just laughed and told her don't worry, Daddy's gonna get his little girls ass to open up just fine. I took her into the bathroom and bent her over.

Before she realized it I shoved a jelly vibrator in her pussy to get her going. As I rubbed her clit she began responding almost instantly. I told her to fuck herself with the vibrator and not to stop. As she did I squirted anal lube up her ass and proceeded to work the butt plug into her ass hole.

I had it ¾ of the way in when she started to resist. I told her to relax and push like she was taking a shit. It took her a minute to understand and just as she started to tell me it wouldn't fit, she felt the fattest part pop into her ass. She hopped up and down a couple of times getting used to the feeling, still holding the vibrator inside herself. I grabbed the base of the butt plug and shook it feeling it bump against the vibrator.

She started moaning and I knew she was close to cumming. I yanked the vibrator out of her hands and told her, "Not so fast, you don't cum until I tell you to." She looked like she wanted to scream. I reached past her and turned on the shower, then pulled out my cell phone and called her best friend Lisa, the maid of honor in the next room. "Lisa, hey!

It's just after 6, can you get the girls up and go get Serena, you guys have a surprise breakfast at 6:30 tell her I love her!" I hung up and smiled at my bride to be, "That way you don't have time to masturbate! Better get dressed she has a spare key to your room and you don't want her to know you have that up your ass! Oh and by the way, no panties under your wedding dress, or I'm canceling Cancun!" The wedding was a beautiful event, I'm pretty sure if anyone noticed Serena was walking like she had something up her ass they just thought it was the shoes.

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I still had one more surprise for her, she didn't know the butt plug had a wireless remote that caused it to vibrate. You should've seen her jump when I pushed the button in my pocked as I kissed her at the altar. I'm sure everyone else thought it was just excitement, and for me it was. Throughout the reception I enjoyed turning her butt plug on and off, depending on who she was talking to.

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You don't know the power you feel when you make your slut's asshole vibrate while she's Dancing with her father or talking to the priest. On more than one occasion she told me she had juices running down her legs. That night on the way to the hotel she kept reaching for my dick in the back of the limo and I kept pushing her hand away, telling her she had to wait.

I still don't think she completely understood the life she was going to have. When we got up to the honeymoon suite, I told her we needed to talk before anything got carried away.

I told her to take off her clothes because I wanted her to give herself to me. "We've been fucking for 2 years, it's a little late for that!" She replied, not understanding.

"Take off your clothes." I told her again. Once she was completely naked, I told her to relax. I pulled out some rope from my overnight bag and proceeded to tie her arms behind her back.

We had experimented with bondage before so she didn't resist. Once her arms were secure I blindfolded her and told her tonight would be the beginning of her life as my slut. I told her to open her mouth and I put large pink ballgag in her mouth and secured it to the back of her head.

All she could do was moan in protest and moan she did. I lead her out onto the large balcony overlooking the city and bent her over the railing. She tried to stand up and I promptly slapped her ass, hard. "OW!" I could hear her moan into the ballgag. "Stay down!" I told her. I wrapped a rope around the back skinny teen small tits hardcore kinky birthday desires her neck and tied her bent over the railing so her back was parallel to the ground and her tits were pointing to the sidewalk below.

"You are my slut now, I can do anything I want with you. I am going to break you, I am going to train you to do anything I want." "You are going to beg to eat my cum and eat my ass." "You'll be lucky if I ever fuck that sweet pussy again, because I am going to fuck your asshole anytime I want anywhere I want." "You're going to fuck any woman or man I tell you to, just because I tell you to." The silence coming from her, told me she heard every word.

I reached through the railing and attached clips with 4 oz weights on them to her nipples. She moaned in pain. I repeated everything to her again as I tied her legs to the railing, spread as wide as possible. I then proceeded to fuck her ass with the buttplug, calling her slut and whore as she moaned louder and louder. I jammed 4 fingers into her pussy and it was wet as hell. "Yeah you like this shit! I knew you wanted to be turned out!

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Are you my slut?" a muffled "um-hmm" could be heard. I started fucking her while shoving the buttplug in and out of her ass, when I looked up and saw several college age kids on the balcony across the street pointing. I waived and yelled, "It's my wedding night! Just making sure this bitch knows she's my slut for life! Feel free to watch, I'm gonna fuck her ass in a few minutes!" I swear I could hear Serena's heart stop. Across the way I saw the flashes from digital cameras as they took pictures laughing and screaming "Hell Yeah!" back over to me.

"You hear that, honey?" It's your first night being a slut and you're already a star!" I could see her teeth showing on the ballgag in anger, but her pussy betrayed her as she started shaking in orgasm. "That's my bitch!" I said to her.

"Don't get me wrong, I love you, I really do, and I'll never leave you. I just needed to show you that I know what you really are, and that you are going to be that for me for the rest of your life. Now I'm gonna fuck that sweet, sweet ass of yours." I pulled my dick out of her and walked back into the room looking for the anal lube that was in my bag, as I looked out on the balcony I decided to leave her there tied up for awhile, with the kids across the way snapping pictures.

I turned on the vibration in her ass and proceeded to fix myself a drink. After 15 or 20 minutes I snuck back out behind her and smacked her ass hard several times, as she screamed into big ass babe gets slippery fucked teen ballgag.

"Anal Time my love!" I whispered into her ear. I gently pulled the buttplug out of her relieved ass and squeezed ¼ of a tube of lube into her now gaping opening.

I put the tip of my dick to her hole and pushed it in. As well as she'd taken the buttplug I don't think she realized the difference in size between that and my dick. I almost felt bad for her… almost. I proceeded to take long steady strokes in and out of her ass to get her used to my size, before I proceeded to fuck her ass like it was going to be the last thing I would ever do on this earth.

I yanked a handful of her hair and pulled her head back like I was the Lone Ranger and she was Silver! I reached around with my other hand to rub her clit, and as soon as I touched it she started cumming, and cumming hard! Moaning at the top of her lungs, screaming into the ballgag, "Fuck Me!

Fuck My Ass!" over and over. Just as I started to shoot my cum up her ass I heard a knock at our door. I figured it was those college kids across the way, till I heard a voice say, "Hotel Security Open Up!" I finished shooting my wad up my wifes tensed ass then pulled out slapping her butt and saying to her, "Don't go anywhere hunny!" I looked through the peephole in the door and saw 2 hotel security guards 1 black and 1 white and both obvious weightlifters.

Having no shame as it was the honeymoon suit I opened the door butt naked. "Is there a problem?" I asked, catching them off guard. "Uh, sorry to intrude, but we've had a couple calls of a possible sexual assault on either your balcony or the one next door." You can check my balcony," I stated with a sly grin. The two proceeded to walk towards the balcony and a perfect view of my wife's wet pussy and cum dripping asshole that still hadn't closed from hung teen guy drilling three cougar snatches group sex days' events.

"What the&hellip." They started to ask. "Relax," I told them. "She's my wife today's our wedding day, look at our wedding picture, you can tell it's the same person.

I'm just training her to be my whore." I could see my wife turning her head to see what was going on behind her, too bad about the blindfold. "Damn where can I find one of those?" The white guy asked me. "No shit!" Chimed in the black guy. "She's the one and only I said, and you know what, you guys have had a long day, and it's her hoe initiation, why don't you take her for a test drive?

Pussy is wet as hell and the asshole is already open, Batter up!" "Are you serious?" the both chimed in. "Look either you're gay lovers and don't want to fuck the hottest thing in this hotel, or you're straight and you're going to help me teach my wife that she's a complete slut and that I can whore her out however I want." "Man I ain't catching no rape charge!" the white guy exclaimed.

"Fine but you can't rape the willing. Stick a couple fingers in her pussy, bet you $100 each it's natural brunette girlfriend gives an amazing blowjob as hell.

In fact since I just finished fucking her, lets wait 30 minutes and THEN you can stick your fingers in her, I'll bet she'll still be horny KNOWING you two are going to fuck her. If she's not, you both get $100 cash, and if she is, you can choose to take the cash or fuck her to your hearts content, what do you have to lose?" The silence was golden, finally the black guy said, "Well I ain't never been to college or nuthin, but I know a good deal when I see one, you're on brotha!" We proceeded to leave my wife on the balcony with the college kids across the way still taking pictures, and we went in to have drinks and discuss the upcoming college football bowl games.

Exactly 30 minutes later the white guy goes, "Time to make some money, cause that bitch is gonna be dry as sandpaper." We walked up behind my wife and he promptly slit 3 fingers in her hot wet pussy like a hot knife through a stick of butter… "I'll be damned he said, this has to be the horniest bitch I've ever seen!" "Keep your money I've always wanted to fuck a hoe in the ass, but none of them would let busty tanya blows on a monster pole As he pulled out his 10 inch dick I knew why… I'm not one to exaggerate, but this guy should have been in porn, it looked like he was trying to shove a lead pipe into a coke can.

I gave him the tube of anal lube and told him he'd need it. I told my wife to relax, or it would hurt a lot more. Once he had ½ his dick up her ass she was shaking like kid who'd been locked out of the house in a blizzard. She told me later she lost track after she came for the 7th time. He just kept pushing more and more of his dick up her ass and then he pulled the ball gag out Serena's mouth. "Oh My GOD!!!!" She screamed, my ass, he's ripping my ass in two!!! "You want me to stop?" He asked "Hell NO!

she screamed I'm his slut and he told you to fuck me, now do it!" At this point he lost it and shot his load further up her ass than I ever hoped to go.

As soon as he pulled out the black guard stepped up. Now I have a pretty good sized dick, a full 8 ½ inches and thick as hell. The white guard had a dick that was huge, but this brother's dick proved every stereotype you could think of. A true Donkey dick if there ever was one and it was starting to go up my wife's ass.

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Lengthwise he was only an inch or so longer than the white guy, but it was almost as thick as my wife's forearm. "Oh God!" I heard her scream… "Can we go inside? I think it'll be easier if I'm on my hands and knees" She said. "Hell why not, those kids had enough of a show." Waving across the way as we untied and led her into the bedroom, I could hear the kids across the way talking about the pictures and putting them online.

Once we got in the bedroom I took the blindfold off my wife and proceeded to kiss her. "I think you need to get fucked to take your mind of what's about to go up your ass." I told her pointing to the huge dick that was waiting for her. "Oh… My… God&hellip." She stammered, "Yeah I think so and a shot!" We did a quick round of Patron shots and then I laid on the bed as she lowered her pussy down on me. "Lay still bitch or I may end up killing you!" The black dude told her.

I though, he might be telling the truth. I started fucking my wife as I felt the arab egypt new no money no problem of his dick tearing her ass in two. She was shaking and cumming the entire time. I told her she was a good little slut and I knew she was the right one the first time I saw her.

I came in her after about 10 minutes of feeling that monster dick in her ass and I slid out from under her. "Do what you want fellas, I'm worn out I said." Going to take a shower I left the two of them there with her.

I came back out and saw them taking pictures of her with their camera phones with their dicks in her ass, pussy and mouth. The white guy took a series of pictures of the black guys dick going from Serena's ass to her mouth and back with him finally blowing his load on her face. After they were done fucking her, they got dressed, thanked me and left saying, it was obviously a false alarm and that there was no disturbance in my room.

Serena lay there with a mixture of cum leaking from her pussy and ass, which was still open about a half an inch and dried cum on her face. One of the clamps still attached to her left nipple. "I Love you honey, is this what you wanted?" she asked. "Almost, there's just one more thing." I replied. "I want you to crawl back out to the balcony like the good little slut you are." Exhausted she complied as I followed her out there. Looking across, I couldn't believe the college kids were still out there waiting for more.

Well I was about to give it to them. With my new wife kneeling in front of me covered in cum I reached down and pointed my dick and proceeded to wash her off with a warm stream of piss. She started to get up, "DON'T!" I commanded, "Stay down, get used to it." She slid back to her knees and proceeded to lift her head up to me voluntarily knowing it was her face that needed to be peed on, the humiliation complete.

As my bladder emptied to the cheers across the way I told her to suck my dick and get every drop out. As she did I felt my balls tingle and realized I had 1 more in me… I proceeded to fuck her mouth and throat one more time before laying my cum across her face. "Don't wipe it off," I said, let it dry completely then you can go to bed. I want it to be there when you wake up as a reminder of what you have become." "Yes Damn hot cutie gets it from behind, I love being your slut," she replied.