Shoplyter hot teen caught stealing and offered cock

Shoplyter hot teen caught stealing and offered cock
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Intro- I was babysitting my neighbor's house, when she came home drunk and way too early. As i was reading the famous story, "The Bridesmaids", i was close to an orgasm. Oh, and my orgasms really are me squirting. I've squirted over five feet so far, just a little tidbit there.

Let me describe the situation first. I'm 18, and I'm in college earning some money. I have long auburn colored hair, and green eyes. I developed early, so i'm above average. (Around 36CC) I have a little airplane landing, because my boyfriend perfers it that way. The couple i work for went on a mini vacation, which is in the hotel about 20 miles away. I will admit his girlfriend is. well sexy.

He's 47, when shes only about 26. She has blonde hair, that comes down to her bra strap. Blue eyes and no imperfections. She has perfect breasts, size 38DD (all natural). She drinks a little, but it makes all the better.

She has a tight ass, and a shaven pussy. The only reason why I know, is because she parades around the house naked. She has her own room, with toys and everything that can turn a girl on - vibrators, strap-ons, dildos. She's even had an "Adult Party" with all of her closest friends.

I've been watching her dog since i was 15. I know shes wanted me, but couldn't. When they're gone, i go inside to. "investigate". Without my knowing, shes had video cameras in place, ever since she knew i found it. She's been watching me while i play with myself, with her toys too!.

I was so turned on when i found the videos of myself in her little nightstand. She had them all organized by her favorites, and i realized it was also by the length of my orgasm.

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Back to the main part of the story. I had my vibrator on my clit, and was about to squirt. Then, i heard noises. I didn't think anything of it, just the neighbors next door. Then, I heard Sarah (my boss) mumbling. "Oh shit," i thought to myself. I hurridly pulled my panties up, turned off the monitor, and put all of her toys away.

Luckily she was to drunk to realize i was in her "room". I came out, and realized that she was masturbating with some of her toys, she was saying my name over and over. She had a picture of us when we were in bikinis on the cruise last eyar. It was turning me on. "Oh, yeah, fuck me like that. Oh yeah Rachel, keep going." Sarah exclaimed. I knew she was going to have an orgasm soon, and i thought shit.

I'm coming. I started fingering myself even harder, knowing that when she came, i was going to too. I gathered my composure, and walked out, exclaiming, "Ms.

Sarah! What are you doing home so early?" She replied, " Whoopsie, i was just." Too drunk and not watching what shes saying, "masturbating." Her last words slurred.

She then passed out, leaving me to take her up to her room, and lay her down on the bed. I redhead wife autumn bodell makes herself cum with toys still turned on, and thought, 'why not just lick it, or play with it.

She's too drunk to realize it.' So, i started playing with her clit. I grabbed her vibrator out of her drawer and held it up. Her body was tensing up, and i realized that shes going to have another orgasm. I stopped then, and started eating her out. I reached up with my left hand and started to tweak her left nipple. I myself was getting turned on, so i got out her strap-on. I never fucked anyone like this before. I popped it into her pussy, and started going crazy.

I loved every moment of it. I learned enough of it from watching porno's and reading the stories. I knew that she was a pornstar, because i've seen her on various websites. After a while, i was starting to get sore. I removed the strap-on, and sat there licking her pussy juices up. I wasn't the least bit surprised that Sarah's vagina was as hot as a blast furnace, since the orgasm she had earlier, so when I moved my tiny whore kenzie kai gets humped and facialized in and out of her dripping slit, it caused an audible squishing sound to be heard around the room!!!

I was now in a state of sexual delirium, and i had a better orgasm, then i have ever had with my boyfriend. I lay next to her, tweaking her nipple, hoping that this would never end.

Her pussy was filling up with more juices then i could clean out. I decided to take a bath after, so i could clean my self of her juices.

Now in the tub and all lathered up, i decided to bring out another toy, seeing if i could orgasm on my own without the sexiness that is known as Sarah. I could barely get wet enough, so i decided to bring out my laptop, and search up the videos of her. I never knew that a girl could get me turned on this much!

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********************************************************************************************************* Should i continue or no? It's up to you :] -Based on a true story. I'm actually 18, and you can reach me at my profile, sexyreader18, or by my cell phone, can text anytime you want, night or day :] My cellphone number in order to recieve it, you must pm me or email me :D -Rachel.