X mother hot son family ebony dubbing

X mother hot son family ebony dubbing
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The Basketball Game This part 1 of a two part story, please post comments as if it should be written. Ginger sat in the stands watching her 15 year old son Bill try to compete at the game. Bill was a tall kid but just didn't have much talent. He was matched against a black kid who was both taller and a very talented. She watched them move and couldn't help notice the bulge in his short. It appeared to be a large bulge, " I wonder what it looks like hard" went through her mind.

The game ended in another defeat for Bills team. She waved and told him she'd be in the car waiting. Ginger wasn't a tall woman, five one a hundred and thirty pounds, 36C breasts perky nipples a tight ass and a wet pussy. She had been divorced for three years and her vibrator just wasn't getting it done any more. As she headed to her car she saw the kid who had been guarding her son walking pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick her.

Looking at him she smiled and said "you played a good game". He looked her up and down grinned and said thanks and kept going. In a quiet whisper she mumbled nice ass. They approached the door he stopped and opened it for her and grinned again. "Thank you sir she said as she went through the door". He walked next to her for a moment and then said "my name is Ernest and I'm the captain of the team".

Well I'm Ginger and you played a great game but I was routing for the other team my son was the one trying to block you". He smiled, "well white men can't play basket ball if there not big enough". At that comment her eyes went directly to his crotch the bulge was still there. His shorts were tight and the outline of a large snake was plainly visible. All she could think of was getting it hard and getting fucked in ever orifice.

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Would it fit in her ass? Her pussy would stretch but. She was interrupted by Billy yelling to her. "Well goodbye Ernie", "Goodbye Ginger, maybe I'll see you around". Ginger stopped her eyes moving from the bulge to his eyes. "Around where Ernie"? "You do go the mall right"? "Yes" "Well I work at the food court with a couple of the guys from the team every Tuesday and Wednesday. Bill came up to them which ended the conversation, "Hi Ernie I see you know my mom".

"Yeah, she's cool, see you later". He walked away. Once in the car Ginger started asking questions about Ernie. From the conversation on the ride home she found out he was a year older then Bill, did work at the mall food court and was six seven.

He volunteered his knick name which was The Big Gun. Bill was showering, Ginger snuck into his room and checked his phone, sure enough there was Ernie phone number, and quickly she wrote it down and exited the room before she got caught. At dinner they talked about the game and school, she was little girl sax varjan sax to steer the conversation to Ernie without being obvious.

"The team you played today what school are they from"? "There from south". Well they seemed very good players not that your team isn't they just seemed better prepared".

"Are you friends with them"? "We know each other and talk once in a while but we don't get together much as there black". "They have there own friends and the two groups don't intermingle much". "You should invite them over it maybe time to intermingle with people with different interests then you and you current group of friends".

Bill stood up and placed his dish in the sink, he gave his mother a quizzical look, "I'll see if they want to come over this weekend and play some ball". He trotted up voracious ladies craving cock at cfnm party his room and closed the door, Ginger sat at the table thinking of the cock stuffed into those pants and how nice it wife orgssm while looking at cam be to suck the cum out of it.

She was wondering should she flirt with him via phone or email. She knew she really wanted to see the size of the cock he had. As she sat there wondering about his cock she realized she was wet in the crotch and needed her vibrator. After finishing the kitchen she headed for her bedroom for some sexual relief, as she passed Bills door she heard him talking on the phone. Putting her ear to the door to hear the conversation she was surprised.

"Yeah Ernie, my mom said I should invite some of you guys over to shoot some hoops". "Friday after school sounds good I'll see you around four".

The phone call was over so she hurried to her room.

She was excited about the Friday meeting; she could fanaticize the rest of the week about his big black cock. She wondered if she should text him and invite him to stay for dinner. She wondered what the hell am I thinking he's 16, black and my son knows him. Thursday she headed to the mall to get a few items at Victoria's.

Finished with the sexy underwear purchase she figured I'll text and see if he's working today. The message she sent was "I'm told you are coming over to shoot hoops Friday would you like to stay for something to eat"?

she signed it Ginger. It took less then a minute, her phone buzzed. "What have you got"? Without thinking she text back coffee, tea or me and it send. It took a while but his response was as she had hopped, "YOU"! She laughed to herself as she headed for her car with her purchases. She had bought pink spandex boy short and a black bra with half cups, a black garter belt and stockings and six inch black heels. She wasn't sure why she'd done it but her pussy was wet every time she thought about him.

Once home she went to her room and tried on the outfit. Looking in the mirror she thought not bad for a 36 year old. She wasn't sure why she had purchased the undies but as she was changing into her short and t shirt her phone rang. Looking down she didn't recognize the number, she answered anyway.

"Hello" "Hi Ginger its Ernest". "Oh hi what's up"? There was a long pause and he replied "I'm up". "Well I suppose that's good, right"? "Not really it's uncomfortable as hell". Trying to sound as motherly as possible she replied "You should do something about it".

"Well I was thinking about you and this is what happened". "I'm flattered". Before she could say anything else he chuckled and replied, "Perhaps you can help me with it tomorrow"? Ginger's mind was racing this has gone way too far; I've got to nip this now before zoe parkers wet pussy riding her step bros big cock gets out of hand.

"Listen Ernie, let's hope your all better by tomorrow ok"? "See you tomorrow Ginger". The phone went dead and she was standing there shacking, she tore off her jeans and was rubbing her slit thinking about a strange black kid when she felt the ripples of pleasure sweep over her.

Friday she cleaned the house and waited for four o'clock to arrive. Bill got home at 3:45 with Ernest and another black kid in tow, his name was Jamal.

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Billy made the introductions as two more pulled up on the bikes. There names were Trevor and Clyde. She asked if anyone wanted a cold drink and was told they had brought drinks with them. They all went into the garage to change into there basketball gear and she went in the kitchen.

From there she had a clear view of there game. About a half hour into the game they took a break, Ernest asked to use the bathroom and Billy sent him to the one in the hall near his room. Ginger heard noise and quietly climbed the stairs. The bathroom door was open and as she crept closed she heard "Ginger come in here", it was Ernie.

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Taking a deep breath she walks to the door. He was leaning against the sink facing her, "Would you like to see my snake"? Her eyes were fixed on the package in his shorts, she really wanted to see what he had but her response was "No Ernest and please use the downstairs bathroom in the future". He continued to look at her with a smile on his face, he took his right hand a rubbed it on his covered cock. It started to move as if it had a mind of its own.

Her eyes were fixed on the bulge now; he grabbed the elastic on the short and pulled them down. All she could do was gasp. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen; it had to be 10 inches long and 2 inches round. Ginger just fell to her knees grabbed his cock and started kissing and sucking the head.

She was in a cock trance all she wanted was the giant stuffed in her pussy, ass or mouth. Ernest took his hands and put them on the back of her head, he forced more cock down her throat until she was gagging and her eyes were watering. She wouldn't let the cock go and kept sucking hoping for a load of cum from those baseball sized balls he had hanging down.

He pushed her head away and looked down into her eyes, "you like sucking cock don't you", "Yes I do especially your big cock". He pulled her to her feet and started rubbing her pussy. "Wow you're soaking wet", "thanks to your beautiful cock". Just then Jamal walked in. "Hey Jamal feel those tits and this pussy", "gladly brother". Jamal was squeezing her tits and she now had two different hands on her pussy she was in cock heaven, she shuttered and a small ripple of orgasm shot threw her.

Jamal had pulled his cock out it was almost as large as Ernie's, perhaps not as long but thicker for sure. Both guys were really getting her turned on, finally Ernie spoke. Look Ginger we want to fuck your brains out but your son is here so there is the problem.

Ginger just nodded as she was mesmerized by there cocks. "If we weliketosuck vanessa decker takes cum in mouth during hardcore sex does he have any friends you could get him to spend the night with" asked Jamal? Now she was thinking, I'll try but, "But shit" snapped Ernie. "If you want cock you'll work this out, you have my number". Both guys pulled up there shorts and headed back to the hoops.

Ginger could not believe what had just happened, her pussy ached for there cocks, all she could think about was having the monster stretch he out and fuck her. Quickly she went into her bedroom, took off her shorts and panties and put on dry panties and jeans. She went to the kitchen and watched them shoot hoops for another ten minutes. Finally Clyde announced, "I have to go guys", that broke up the game and they all started to leave.

Ten minutes later they were gone. Ginger looked at Billy, "did you have attractive teenie is fucking so well hardcore blowjob honey"? "No not really there just too damn good for me". "Well you need to practice dear". Billy went upstairs to shower and her phone buzzed; it was Ernie any luck with the kid? Her reply was instant, I'm working on it. Billy came down into the kitchen and sat at the table, "Pizza for dinner mom"? "I guess that will be ok".

Ginger poured herself a large glass of wine and ordered the pizza. "What are your plans for tonight hon"? "I'm not sure mom, haven't heard from anyone yet so I may stay home with you". "That would be great". All Ginger could think about was cock. The doorbell rang and she paid the pizza delivery guy and they ate.

Bill finished and went up stairs to his room. About six forty five he came downstairs beaming. "Mom there's a party at Becky's I think I'll go". Ginger's mind was racing, "ok what time will you be home"? "Midnight if that's ok" "Ok but don't be late". Billy went upstairs to change and Ginger went to her phone, texting Ernie, I'll be alone from seven thirty till eleven forty five, she it send.

It took less then a minute for the phone to buzz, a text from Ernie we'll be there at seven thirty if you are alone leave outside light off, and have something sexy on.

Ginger giggled; she gulped down her glass of wine and poured another. I must be crazy to be doing this she thought but he did have a great cock and she just couldn't wait to get her mouth and pussy on it. She went into her bedroom and put on the pink boy shorts garter belt stockings and bra. Fixing her hair she heard Bill knock on the bedroom door. "Mom I'm leaving now", she stayed in the bathroom and yelled back "have a good time baby". Watching the front of the house she saw Billy walk down the driveway and out of sight.

She ran downstairs and turned off the light. Stopping by the kitchen she poured another glass of wine. She ran upstairs put on the black high heels left her robe in the bedroom and went to the living room to wait. In less then two minutes there was a knock, she looked through the peek hole and there was Ernie hot latina babe gets naked and masturbate masturbation and sweetcams Jamal. Pausing for a moment the thought that two black boy were waiting to come in and fuck her, it made her excited and apprehensive.

Taking a deep breath she opened the door, they came in. She closed the door quickly once they were in, she backed up three steps gave them a sexy smile and said, "Do you like what you see"? From the bulge in there shorts she knew they did.

Ernie pulled her close opened his mouth and she felt his tongue go down her throat. At the same moment he started rubbing her pussy; Jamal was rubbing her ass and pushing his middle finger on her tight anal entrance. This went on for at least five minutes.

They all stopped for breath, Ernie told her "You look hot, let go upstairs". The three headed to her bedroom and closed the door. Both guys pulled there shorts down and there large cocks sprang out. Jamal said "Ernie look at her panties", all three of mukta morol sex story xistoryscom looked at her crotch.

Ginger had long red hair and a red bush patch which was neatly trimmed. The panties were tight and you could see her cunt lips and clit. The large wet spot was proof she was ready. Jamal sat her down on the corner edge of the bed, he took a handful of her hair she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in her mouth. In this position she had her legs spread open Ernie was snapping pictures of her sucking cock.

He made sure he got shots of her wet cunt which had soaked through her panties completely. Ernie came over and removed her bra, her nipples were hard as stones and he squeezed them hard. All she did was moan with delight as the large cock was half was down her throat. Jamal pulled his cock out and Ernie inserted his cock in her mouth. Jamal held her hands at her side and Ernie had one hand on the back of her head as he forced his cock down her throat while squeezing her nipples with his other hand.

Her eyes were watering, she was gagging with saliva coming out of her mouth but he held the cock deep in her throat. Jamal released her hands and she pushed back, the cock plopped out of her mouth. Ernie looked at her, "When you suck a cock you do not use your hands do you understand"? Ginger just smiled and shook her head yes. Stand up She rose and they both teacher mom sex his son in room hold of the waist band of her panties and pulled down.

She stepped out of them. They both leaned down and sucked her hard cilt. Helping her on too the bed, Ernie got between her legs she felt the head of his cock at her pussy lips a slight pressure and it was in. It felt wonderful he held it there for a moment for her to get use to the size and started pushing it in slow but steady. Gingers mind was racing, god his cock felt wonderful and he was really stretching her out. She pushed up to help get more cock. He stopped for a moment as her pussy adjusted to the size then he continued to push in.

My god she thought how much more is there. Jamal got on the bed, "Go for it man slam dunk her". With one final thrust he went balls deep. She yelped and moaned at the same time but he didn't pull out at all. Her pussy muscles squeezed the giant cock, it had gone past her cervix. No cock had ever been that deep inside her. She felt a deep warm wave building deep in her pussy. As he slowly started to pull his cock out a bit the intensity or the orgasm grew until she spread her legs even wider dug her nails into his back and screamed fuck me.

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He drove his cock back in as deep as possible and they both felt liquid coming out of her. He kept a slow steady pace as she moaned and quivered beneath her. After several minutes the pace has sped up and he was pounding her deeply.

She had another foxy lesbians fill up their massive fannys with whipped cream and burst it out orgasm, and realized he was close. Holding him close she whispered, "don't come in me baby I'm" and she felt him tense up, his cock got harder, it felt like a fire hose going off in her cunt.

Never had she felt anyone cum like that it caused her to have a third very powerful orgasm. They both lay there catching there breath, Ernie removed his cock, plop and a torrent of cum and pussy juice flooded the bed. She looked over at him with a contented smile, just then Jamal mounted her.

His cock wasn't as long but it was wide. Her pussy was stretched out and sloppy from cum and her juices so the fat cock slipped in easily. He was ball deep pumping her like crazy. "My god I feel another orgasm was all she had time to think as the hot wave of passion swept over her. Screaming like an animal she had yet her fourth orgasm. Her orgasm caused him to drive his cock deep and she felt cum spraying the inner walls of her unprotected pussy for the second time. Jamal collapsed on her and they both layed there for a minute before he removed his cock and again her pussy plopped.

She felt cum and pussy juice running out of her. Ernie was filming the exit of cum form her pussy as she lay there. She smiled looked at him, "Thank you guys, I feel great". Jamal scoped a handful cum from her pussy and brought it too her lips, she opened her mouth and put out her tongue.

They filled her mouth and tongue with most of the cum which had leaked out and she smiled and swallowed with pleasure. Ernie looked at her "well you like to fuck and swallow cum". Looking straight at him with a look of a well fucked woman she giggled, "I prefer cum from the source if you know what I'm saying".

"Yeah you would rather suck it out, right". "Yes I would". Before she could say another word Ernie's cock was in her mouth. His cock is already hard again she thought.

He was on the bed and she was sucking his cock when she felt Cute gamer girl miley cole blows her buddy put something cold and slippery on her anal entrance. Ernie held he head in place and before she knew it his cock head was in her ass. Ug was all she could get out as he proceeded to go ball deep into her ass. Until tonight her ass had been virgin and now a strange black kid had his large black cock balls deep in her and it felt wonderful.

Her pussy started to twitch and she felt the warm wave building. This can't be happening was all she thought as the wave caused her to start to spasm, moan and cry.

That was all it took for Jamal to stiffen go erotic and explosive swinger parties striptease hardcore and she felt a blast of cum filling her bowels.

At the same moment Ernie grabbed her head, pushed his cock deep into her throat and blasted her with sperm. He came so much it came out of her nose and out the side of her mouth. He releases her head and they all collapsed on the bed. "That was incredible guys but didn't you bring any rubbers"?

Jamal and Ernie looked at each other; Ernie spoke "We don't like rubbers do you"? "Well no but", "Look Ginger either take the morning after pill or have a black baby". Do you want me to fuck you again"? "Now? "Yes right now".

"Yes please. Ernie rolled over and pushed in giant cock into her very sloppy cunt. Since she had been fucked several times already he cunt was very slippery, even so the giant cock had to push to get to the bottom of her pussy. She pulled him close I really love your cock please take your time I need it.

Ernie kept up a slow rhythm for ten minutes, in that time she had at least four more orgasms. He continued his deep thrusting, his cock stiffened and cum flowed deep in her womb this caused her to have yet another terrific orgasm. He rolled off her, and propped two pillows under her head. Cum and pussy juice were oozing out of her. He started feeding her the cum.

She realized Jamal was recording it but at the time she didn't care. "You like warm cum don't you"? "yes I could suck cock and swallow cum for hours". At 11:30 Ernie and Jamal started getting dressed.

She looked at the "yes you'd better get going Bill will be home soon". "You better get cleaned up a bit yourself "as you bush and pussy are full of cum, it's in your hair and on your face". "For that matter it's in my nose and ass too". "I'll text you tomorrow to see about your schedule for more fucking".

"Great thank you for a great fuck". They left through the side door and ten minutes Bill walked in the front door. Ginger pretended to be asleep so Bill quietly went to his room.

The taste and smell of cum was just what she needed for a great nights sleep.