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Teen with glasses pleasuring the cock of her professor
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From: Mad Max <[email protected]> Subject: My Friend Ben chapter 4 Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and not to be read by you unless over 18 so read your comics instead. Copyright 2011: not to be copied or changed without the owner's permission or consent.

MY FRIEND BEN CHAPTER 4 and final chapter Summer camp is ending soon. The boys were enjoying their summer camp and only a week was left before the boys headed back to their homes.

All the gang had so much fun together and they found out what makes a 12 year old boy tick. Their "penis" and what to do with it. I know that it's not just sexing with other boys but also to find out what it's like to go through puberty and talking to your friends about getting erections and how to deal with them, waking up and finding out you just had your first wet dream.

Love and friendship has its moments and Ben found that out in the last week of camp and T.J was the one who helped him. "So Ben have you had a wet dream yet." Toby asked." Ben thought for a minute then said "Do you corn hole, Toby" and all hot clothed cfnm slut sucks fetish cock giggled at that question.

"Well do you or don't you Sam replied. "Gee whiz guys what is this all about didn't you all jack off this morning." Ben moaned. "He just wants to know if you are having wet dreams Ben it's not that we don't believe you, we just want to know if Puberty is kicking in just like big tits nursing coed anal and creampie are all going through."T.J replied back.

"Ok guys let all spill the beans and each of us say what has happened to us, alright." Ben giggled. So all the boys told each other what they have there and what sexing they have all done. Ben told his friends that he has had a few wet dreams and that erections come and go and he gets painful erections all the time and has to take care of them.

He told the boys that his mum found his wet sticky boxers one time and his dad was going to give him "THE TALK" but he told his dad that he's already had the sex ed class at school and he knows about Cumming.

T.J laughed when Ben told the gang about the sticky undies his mum found as his mum found his sticky undies as well. Sam said that his younger brother caught him jacking off and asked him why was he feeling his pecker, and told his brother not to spy on him. Toby had a big smile on his face as he said that his older sister walked in to his room when he just shot out his load and his sister said to do it in the bath room next time.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- All in all the boys went through the list of boy hood sexing they did and who did what and with whom?

"Man after all that talking about jacking and stuff I am hard as a candy stick" cried Toby. "Well we all have to do something about that then. "Said Sam. Eyes opened wide as the boys headed to the urinals to take care of their stiffies, and once there it was on. 4 boys with their toys hanging out of their undies and stiff poles were upright.

T.J said "on the count of 3 we start and see who shoots first, and who shoots last." So the boys started to pound their boyhood cocks and moaning and groaning was herd across the urinals. Slapping skin onto pre pubed balls was just one of the sounds that the boys herd and eyes were looking at other boys cocks to watch and see who would squirt first. "I'm getting close to squirting."Sam panted.

T.J was watching Ben move his slick wet foreskin back and forth and was about to unleash his boy cum as he knew if he looked at Ben jacking off he would shoot his boy milk real quick.

"That's cheating T.J, you know that you like my skin so stop looking" The smell of boy sex was drifting across the urinals and the out cum was coming to an end, "Here it comes guys, oh dude it's going to be a big load" T.J cried out, and yes T.J was the winner Cumming first, Ben second, Toby third and last but not least Sam.

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Ben and the rest of the boys washed off their marvelous one eyed monster riding delights homemade hardcore juice in the sink and headed back to the food hall for lunch.

With smiling faces and sore cocks the gang went to the counter and picked out the food for their lunch. When the boys found a table they ended up talking about what they just did in the bathroom when suddenly a boy walked up to the table and said to the gang that he had watched the show in the rest room and wanted in next time otherwise he would tell on them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "WTF" said Ben.

"If you wanted to do it with us you should have joined in instead of just watching us jack off, so piss off dude and find your own jack off buddy." The rest of the gang just looked at Ben then they all laughed together at what Ben just said to the new boy.

"Well that's telling him Ben, I hope he does find one as he has one hot set of buns there." Toby replied. "Oh stop it Toby you can have my hot buns anytime you want."Sam remarked.

"Does it come with a hot dog as well?" T.J laughed. At the lake the boys were looking at all the other campers doing their water activities and teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob that they would get two row boats and head off to the island in the middle of the lake. The boys talked about the best moments of the camp, and as they talked T.J reached over and placed a sweet kiss onto Ben's lips.

Ben was surprised as T.J has never kissed Ben before and both had tears running down their face, Sam and Toby have been kissing and hugging each other since last summer so they jumped back into their row boat and headed back to the pier on the other side and let the other boys alone. "That was so sweet of you" cried Ben. "I don't know what happened Ben, I just wanted to kiss you, I am sorry if you did not like it and I won't do it again." said T.J.

"Oh T.J, that was great and if friends want to share their love and friendship well that's one way of doing so." I said. In the end the boys gave each other a hug and another kiss and said that this was the best day of their 12 year old lives and this camp showed how not just to be friends but lovers too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The final day of camp arrived and the gang was getting ready to have a sexing day and all of the gang was going to enjoy each other's boy hoods so the boys found an old cabin that was not used anymore and it had some bedding left in it.

After a few minutes the boys undressed and eyed each other off. Pink heads, purple heads, cut and UN cut. Toby asked Ben if he could sex with him for a while as he wanted to enjoy Ben as T.J had and Sam went with T.J and hugged and kissed then touched their cut boy cocks. Toby was on top of the bedding and asked Ben to lie down next to him and both kissed each other and hands were moving all around their bodies stroking cocks and grinding hips.

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Ben looked to see what T.J was doing and he saw Sam's cock in T.J's mouth suck, suck, and suck that cut boy cock, spit was spilling out of his mouth as he licked Sam's pink tender tool. Ben was getting excited as Toby found his boy skin and was stroking it slowly as he knew that his friend was different to him and that jacking him would be different to jacking his own tool.

The boys turned around and started to 69 and this was the second time that Ben had sucked another boys hard tool and he felt Toby's tongue poke into his foreskin and pull it back with his lips. He was in heaven and loved every moment of it. He washed his skin before so that no nasty things were found there and now was petite slut and two massive meat poles to filling Toby's mouth with is sweet boy cum.

Toby was close too and was moving his 4 inch cut cock in and out of Ben's mouth and the feelings he got when his head rocked inside bens mouth hitting the roof and feeling hot spit over his tool was enough to spit out his boy juice. "Ben I am about to let loose my juice so if you want to drink it say so Now" Ben let go of Toby's cock and said ok I am about to shoot too, are you going to suck me dry as well." Both boys nodded and continued to suck until both boys shot their hot cum loads and it was great to taste young boy cum as it was sweeter at that age' Meanwhile Sam and T.J were 69ing too and were watching Ben and Toby for a bit until they went back into action.

cut cocks in mouths and soon hot cum to finish with. Both boys were at the point of no return and at the last thrust both boys shot their cum into hot loving mouths and continued until both cocks went soft again. "Sam that was good, you even shot out a good load there for a 12 year old." He was happy that he sucked T.J.

as it was only the second time they sucked each other since they both met at summer camp. All the boys waited 15 min then swapped friends again and began hugging and humping each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Are you happy Ben," asked T.J "Yes and that I am with you and I never want to be left out of your life again".

A small tear ran out of Ben's eyes as both boys began to hump and grind cocks together in a slow pace. A tight squeeze was given to T.J as he moved his lips towards T'J's and tongues were wrapping around each other's and spit was passed around.

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"I want to corn hole you" T.J pleaded, "Not here wait till we are alone back at home were we can enjoy it better and not with others looking on." Ben said. Both boys were in love with each other as friends would and T.J gave Ben a look that would melt any heart in that room.

"O.k. I'll wait but please know that I want to do this to you to show my love for you and that I hope you will do the same for me so that we have joined our bodies together and those we do love each other." T.J replied back. All the boys cleaned up and all kissed each other and gave a hug that friends can only give. Leaving the cabin the boys went to the food hall and lined up for their last lunch together.

"O.k. guys look at this, what does this remind you all of." Toby said. "Well I think it looks like your cut boy cock" Ben replied. Yes the boys were getting little hot dogs that were skinless and about 3 inches long? Sam began moving the mini hot dog in his mouth like he was giving it head and the rest of the boys were spitting out their food as they saw Sam giving the mini dog head.

"That's just great, you just received the best head and now you are doing the hot dog." barked T.J." so why don't the rest of you join in on the action." Sam replied back. Lunch was quickly over as the boys needed to finish off their projects and receive their end of camp T-shirts as it was the way the camp did it, at the end and not before. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Night time came and the last skit and song was played out and hugs and kisses was handed out from other boys who became friends at camp and lovers too.

The boys went back to their cabin tired out and sad that it has to end but at least Ben and T.J were together and would see each other when they went back home. morning passed and after breakfast the boys said good bye to Sam and Toby and hugged and kissed and a feel or two of boy groins before the gang split up and headed for their bus trip back home. The two friends arrived back to the pickup point and both parents were there to collect their cute sons and take them back home.

Once dinner was over the boys went to their own room and fell asleep till the next day when they woke up and remembered the best time they ever had camp.

over the coming weeks of school break the boys went down to Gulf shores and had lunch at the Surf and turf and spent the day at the arcade and enjoyed the friendship and love for each other. This did not go unnoticed by both parents as they did catch the boys hug and kiss each other while on the beach and that the parents might have to have a talk to the boys about this. So for now the parents let the boys continue their love and happiness and would wait till the boys went home and had the dreaded gay boy talk with them.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ben went to the bath room and T.J followed after finishing their hug on the beach and emptied their bladders and gave each other a quick flash of their tools and went back to their parents for the trip back to mobile A.L. At night before bed the boy's parents went to their son's bed rooms and sat down on sexy latina babe in a short skirt is caught fucking her man on cam beds and asked the boys if they had fun today.

Ben's dad started to ask Ben how he liked T.J and how much they became friends and how close they have become. "Ben" his dad asked "Do you like T.J a lot." so Ben thought hard for a while to get his answer, "Of cause I do dad, He is my best friend."Ben replied "Is he your lover too."Man Ben was now dreading what his dad was asking, "what do you mean dad." "Well T.J's parents and your mum and I saw you kissing on the beach today and want to know what's going on."He said.

So Ben had tears rolling down his face as he heard his dad tell him about what they saw and wondered if T.J was going through the same process as he was.

"Well we are best friends and we like each other and YES we are lovers but in a friend's way."Ben cried. "I know what you are going through and puberty can do things to your body and mind and having sex with your friend is not uncommon between boys of your age, as I myself went through that stage with my best friend and look at me now as I am married and we had you, so don't worry son as this is just a phase you are going through and you might find a nice girl to fall in love with." his dad said.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- So T.J went through the same process with his dad and he ended up crying as well and told his adorable chaps magic wand hardcore and blowjob that he loved Ben and that they are great friends and would not hurt each other in a bad way.

After the "talk" both boys went to bed thinking what they just went through and that they can still be friends tomorrow. Ben wanted to hug T.J and T.J wanted to hug Ben but for now both boys fell asleep until morning.

"Hi there sleepy head." Ben's mum said. "Do you want some breakfast as I? have some bacon and eggs plus a load of grits." Well Ben was hungry but he didn't know if his mum was happy about what he and T.J got up to down in Gulf Shores, so he ate his breakfast and waited.

Well he didn't have to wait long as his mother gave him a big hug and said that dad had told her what he said to me and she was happy if I wanted to continue being friends and a lover to T.J.

But not to go overboard like kissing in public. T.J went through the same process with his mum at breakfast and was told the same as both parents agreed to let the boys to continue being friends and if they were to end up lovers then they would support them all the way. After breakfast there was a knock at the door and T.J ran towards the door and opened it to find Ben in tears and both now knew that they had the "Talk" and that both parents knew that they were "gay of sorts".

I say "gay" this way as a lot of 12year old boys around the world are going through this love stage and most end up .married and having a kid of their own but there is an exception. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both boys ended up as lovers and best friends and want to live together as partners and their wish will be granted one day.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this first story of mine and that I will continue to tell more stories of young friends. I was in love with my best friend and this was a part of my life that I went through as well. Maybe you did to. Enjoy your friendship and enjoy life. THE END. BOYS IN THE HOOD. If you have a comment or want more stories like this Email me at <[email protected]> Thank you.