Sis gives blowjob then begs to get fucked by bro

Sis gives blowjob then begs to get fucked by bro
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Before Tori came home, I sat at the computer, sifting through some emails, trying to just feel inspired to write something, put the keyboard to the digital paper.

When my phone buzzed and I looked to see who it was. 'Hey babe, be home soon can't wait to see you' it was from Tori, and then something in me exploded, I instantly got hard thinking about what I could do to her today. I raced into the bedroom and grabbed the flower petals I was saving and sprinkled them naughty legal age teenagers enjoy the casting hardcore blowjob across the floor in a kind of, follow the path, to the bathroom.

I placed a not on the door&hellip. Tori arrived to a note on the door, she read it " Follow the rose petals to your destination". she walked in and started shedding her clothes, she made her way to the bathroom where it was dark.

She turned the lights on to see another note, "Get naked Baby". She smiled and giggled a little as she did as the note said. She stripped naked looking around the shower to see another clue.

She heard footsteps behind her. That's when a familiar tight grip forced her against the cool walls of the bathroom… His lips pressed against her neck kissing gently as he slid down to her collar where he bit her just hard enough for her to let out a light purr… "Oh Jethro" she moaned out "My are we feeling feisty"… His hands spun her around forcing her back against the tile wall. His eyes had that sparkle in them she loved. He was feeling extremely cruel today she knew it.

He kissed her in a deep passionate way, making her melt in his arms. His hands held her up as his hands searched her body, one found her beautiful ass and the other her supple nipples. He rolled his fingers twisting her erect nipples.

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Alternating between them… She let out a sigh as her grabbed her sweet ass, and continued to kiss his love. She could feel his hard cock rise and get hard pressing up against her wet pussy lips. She loved kissing this close, he was barley an inch taller, so it was nice to feel his hard cock pushing up against her. Her hands went to go rub his thick hard cock. But her hands where grasped up only to be held behind her back.

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That's when she say his golden stream, he began to go all over her chest covering her in his golden shower. The hot warm stream just flowed and flowed as her hands were allowed to lather her body as she bathed in the sweet nectar he let her have.

She loved the feeling loved how it felt.

She couldn't help herself as she was being showered, light moans and purs rose out of her mouth as it rained on her. Once the last drop was given to her, she was slammed against the shower wall.

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He turned on the water and started to cover their bodies in the warm water of the shower. He forced her to shower. As she was lathered up and getting cleaned off, He couldn't help but smack her sweet little as she cleaned up and washed off. His hand smacking her sweet ass making it jiggle and bounce. Each time he seemed to add more power behind each slap. More strength, the slap became loader and more aggressive as it would push her towards the wall.

Soon he slapped her so hard she did bounce off the wall. He grabbed her hard and forced her down, opening her mouth and shoving his cock deep down her throat letting her gag on it. The gag sounded good to him.

Her eyes teared up from the gag, she loved the feeling of his thick hard cock down her throat. He forced it down her throat again. This time longer making her gag twice before letting her breathe on her own. Her pussy was already wet from the shower and from everything else but this made her dripping wet with her own busty black angel likes to fuck girlfriend and hardcore. She loved it, a hand reached down to play with her self as cartoon doremon suzuka nobita xxx story continued to deep throat her lover.

She loved just shoving it deep down her throat and seeing how long she could hold it down there. Her hand was swatted away, "Only I can touch you there, now worship this cock", he said shutting the water off and taking her by the hand… He walked her into their bedroom, tossing her on the bed before locking her in handcuffs.

He laid down on their bed and told her to 69 with her so he could eat her pussy as she sucked his. His thick cock went deep into her mouth as he thrust it deep in there as she sucked and stroked the best she could with her hands cuffed together. That's when she felt is tongue glide gently across her pussy lips and flicker lightly on her clit. His teeth nibbled her clit ever so slightly as he went up and down her pussy. Her moans and purrs of ecstasy we barley able to come through with his thick cock being rammed deep down her throat, gagging her till she almost got sick on him.

Giving her just enough time to breathe in-between each thrust she loved the torture. Gagging and having her pussy licked and teased by his tongue. That's when he to get on his knees… She began to suck his cock as one hand slid a finger inside her pussy and the other hand slapped her ass.

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She began his cock getting warmer and warmer, that's when he pulled his cock out, "Stroke it slow" he moaned as she slowing stroked it pressing his tip to her lips. Just then a massive amount of cum shout out across her lips and all over her face, a powerful load all over, then another, and another 3 giant streaks of hot warm cum spread across her face. She looked so good, as was so thank full she started sucking his cock again. He thrust it deep into her mouth holding it in just long enough to make her want to throw up.

He pulled back last second before she had the urge to get sick. He grabbed a towel and cleaned her face off before he slapped her face, making her fall to the bed. He re-cuffed her to the bed and light a candle. Letting the hot wax melt, he tied her feet down and put a pillow under her ass. He started kissing across her stomach to her nipples. His hand wandered down to her pussy where he rubbed her clit, and played with her pussy lips.

Lightly spreading then with his finger, maybe ever so gently entering just a small little bit. His mouth and teeth, kissed and nibbled their way up to her chest and nipples. Kissing each one, twirling his tongue around it. Teasing her and forcing her to take what she could get from him. His teeth nibbled as soft or as hard as he saw fit, sometimes out right biting melanie rios cute teen is at it again nipple or breast.

His finger, then shoved deep inside her slamming into her pussy as he bit her neck almost drawing blood. His finger, wiggled back and forth, using the 'come here' motion hitting her G-spot, her body arched with the pain, moaning louder with each hitting of the g-spot, and as sudden as he started did he stop.

He got up getting the hot candle, standing above her, drizzling it like a light rain. Choosing at random as rain drops hit her navel, right before her pussy, then back up her stomach, to her nipples covering her chest in an extremely hot wax on her nipples. He passed in between each breast and covered her nipples in the hot wax making sure to splatter the rest over her big breasts. Making sure not to miss her color bone either.

The hot wax splashed onto her soft skin like rain but the heat made it stick to her body in a painful excitement. When the candle had melted and he was hard again, he sat in between her wide open legs. She couldn't move or resist. She was at his every whim. He slowly put in just the tip of his cock. Letting it linger in her, letting it just rest barley inside her dripping wet pussy.

Then he inched it ever so slowly into her second by pain full second she waited as she could start to feel the form of his hard cock enter into her wet pussy. He started to pull back before he was half way inside her. "No baby" she begged as exited "No baby! Give him back!" she pleaded, as he pulled out a bullet and cranked it on high.

Taping it to her clit, she shivered "Oh&hellip. God damn baby" she said as he body arched. She could feel the tip of is cock enter back deep inside of her. This time he slide all the way into her. His hand rubbing out across her wax covered body. One hand on her throat, pinning her throat to the pillow as he slowly began to jive in and out of her. His hand just grasping her throat. His ladies are here to get cussed out striptease hardcore hard cock slide deep into her wet tight pussy with ease.

She was so wet, he loved it. He grasped her jaw and threw her head away, as he thrust hard and deep into her. Slamming his cock as deep as it could go into her. That's when he slapped her face. HE pulled out of her and then began to thrust hard and fast into her helpless body.

Raping her and slapping her face back and forth. Alternating with each thrust he would fuck her as hard as he could, and then slow down and slap her ever few seconds. Slapping her from side to side and punishing her for being a bad woman, taking advantage of her ties as he forces her head to one side, after slamming deep inside her, his K-9's dig deep into her collar as he attempts to draw blood with his bite, as he fucks her like an animal.

Slamming as hard as he can into her. That's when he cuts her legs loose and forces her to roll over and take it like the animal she is. He grabs her hair and pulls he back as he slams his cock into her, slamming her and smacking it harder and harder each time. His cock ravages her pussy, slamming in and out, going as fast as he can fucking her as hard and as fast as he can. "Oh God JETHRO" She moans out in pleasure moaning his name as she begins to cum again and again. Her pussy tightens around his cock and pulsates as she cums again and again from being taken advantage of.

His free hand smacks her as hard as he can. Showing her he is in control until her grams some clamps and twists each nipple before applying them to her nipples. "You like that you dirty slut?" he says slamming deep into her, "You love being punished sexo oral entre lesbianas exitante orgasmo caliente and sexy being a dirty little bitch don't you" "Punish my pussy baby Oh GOD don't stop" she moans with new found pleasure of nipple clamps and a pussy being slammed, along with her hair being pulled back.

His cock starts to stiffen even harder to an extreme heat, he is getting closer and closer to cumming with each thrust. He begins to feel like he is going to explode deep inside her till he twists her hair and forcing her to lay on her back. He grabs her feet and forces her to give him a foot job as the cum starts to come out as her feet slowly stroke his cock.

The cum covers her feet, and her legs as he explodes all over her. He undoes he shackles and forces her to suck his dick, shoving it deep into her mouth, in thanks for covering her face and feet, and giving her that pressure.

HE takes off the bullet that's been attached to her pussy. He pulls her hair making her choke on his cum covered cock. She licks up every last bit after she is let up from her choke… She kisses his cock one last time before she goes off to shower&hellip.