Lesbian drinking spit wet kissing

Lesbian drinking spit wet kissing
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DISCLAIMER: This story is mine. HOWEVER. I did not come up with the idea. I took this idea and almost all of the dialogue from a comic I found on someone's blog. The comic is called Monster Under the Bed by Savannah Horrocks. It's a really good comic, good enough that it made me want to write a story for it. I may revisit these characters later, as I think that both the comic and story ends openly enough that I easily could. Amy yawned and stretched, her tank top riding up to reveal her softly rounded belly, below which she was bare.

She was exhausted after a long day at work, and she'd been up all night typing up a paper for class tomorrow. She turned on her flameless candle on her bedside table, casting a soft dim glow over the room and removed her glasses.

She hadn't been asleep for long when a soft noise woke her. "Scritch…scritch, scratch." She shrugged it off, turning over onto her back and attempting to go back to sleep. "Scritch&hellip.scriiiitch." Her eyes opened, irritated. It sounded as if it were…coming from beneath her bed. Amy sat up, her eyes wide in the semi-darkness of the room. "xxx storys sex stories mom bata something under my bed," she thought.

Every Hollywood horror film came to mind: horrendous monsters with dripping fangs and bloody claws, disfigured living corpses with stinking, rotting flesh. She shook her head, chiding herself.

"That's stupid. I'm an adult, dammit." She kicked the covers off and shifted to look over the edge of the bed. "I know better, I can't be afraid of monsters." "Monsters don't…" Her eyes widened at the sight of a clawed hand waving at her from beneath her bed.

Two luminous silver eyes glowed up at her as she scrambled back on her bed, shrieking. A tall skinny monster stood before her bed, its body bony and emaciated.

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It had skin seemingly similar to a human's but ranging from grey to green to blue in certain places. Pointy purple spines protruded from its back and a long curling tail deepened to a similar purple color at the tip. Long white hair fell over large pointed ears as he stared at her with his eerie silver eyes . "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Amy whimpered, scrambling as far back on the bed as she could.

The strap of her tank top slipped down, revealing one firm perky breast but she was far too scared to consider any type of modesty around this creature.

One black-clawed hand pressed into the mattress as he advanced on her curiously. "He…he looks…hungry," she thought, another whimper of fear catching in her throat.

A low purring growl emitted from him and she looked away, trembling in terror. "I'm dead," she thought, shutting her eyes tight as she waited for the first chomp of pointed teeth.

Instead she heard another throaty purr and she was suddenly flipped onto her back, legs pushed teamskeet compilation of hot sexy teens getting creampied the air.

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Her eyes popped wide in shock and she looked up at the creature. His hands, strangely similar to a human's but for the long claws, simply ran up and down her legs for a moment, as though savoring the texture of her skin. Amy propped herself up on her elbows to peer at him.

"Huh…what is he…" Suddenly, he pressed her legs open wide, spreading her for his view. "Oh…" She blushed, jerking at his strong hold until she felt his long tongue slip up between her labia.

This time her thought, "Oh," turned into a very vocal and drawn-out, "Ohh…" Her arms slipped out from beneath her and she sank back onto the bed as his abnormally long tongue pressed inside her. "A-ahh…oh, blonde lesbian babe licking female agent in office femaleagent and lesbians she moaned, her body flushing and her back arching as he sucked and licked at her pussy.

Her tank top slipped further up her body, revealing both her breasts, nipples now hard and pink, aching to be touched. He pressed surprisingly soft kisses to her outer lips before diving back between them, sucking at her clit and drawing out more whimpers and sighs from her. She felt his claws dig into her hips and it was when she remembered that this wasn't some human boy she'd brought home to make love to…it was some demonic creature!

Practically raping her! "Should I really be giving into this so easily?" she thought. "Shouldn't I like…put up a fight or something?" The creature's tongue ran flat broad strokes up her pussy, dragging roughly over her clit and making her gasp with pleasure.

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Any resistance she might have had crumbled when she felt his hands close over her perky breasts and squeeze lightly. "Oh, why fight it?" One sharp-tipped claw dragged over one of her nipples, making her gasp with the pain of it.

But his mouth left her swollen, dripping pussy to kiss over each of her breasts, taking the scraped nipple into his mouth. His tongue was just as dexterous and quick as it had been on her cunt and he sucked roughly at her breasts before laving them with his tongue.

His mouth was all over her, licking, sucking and kissing and she was drowning in his attention to the little details of her body. It was as if he fed off her pleasure.

She felt the surprise and the pleasure in him when she wrapped her arms around his neck, avoiding the spikes on his back, her hands tangling in his hair to pull him closer. It only made his attack on her breasts even more voracious.

"Oh…yes," she moaned as sharp teeth nibbled at her cherry red nipples. "I could get use to this," she thought, arching her back as he reared up and kissed her. His lips were the softest she'd ever felt and there was a certain flavor to his kiss, spicy and sweet and immediately addicting to her. She moaned as he tasted her, that purring growl coming from his throat.

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Amy felt his cock brush against her pussy as he moved over top of her fully, leaving her mouth to suck and lick at her neck and ear. She whimpered at the loss of his lips, but he gave her one of his long claws to suck one as he pushed his cock inside her with a wet, Schlick!

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She cried out, he was so large, stretching her almost to the point of pain but not quite. He leaned back, raising her legs in his claws, his head falling back with a guttural groan as he thrust slowly at first, quickly increasing his speed.

"Ahhh," she cried. "This is so…g-good." Feeling the pleasure welling in her, crackling like lightning, she struggled then, turning on her side in an attempt to escape the overwhelming pleasure. But he held fast to her, fucking her only harder and faster, the tip of his cock scraping over her G-spot with each back thrust, a demonic grin on his face. "Oh…oh, yes!" she whimpered. He leaned back on her bed, pulling her back flush to his chest and continuing to thrust up inside her spasming cunt, kissing lovingly at the side of her neck.

He gave one deep final thrust and she screamed. Her demon let out a growling roar, biting down on the side of her neck with a possessiveness she couldn't even comprehend.

Exhausted, she slid from him onto the bed, hardly noticing that in their orgasm, they'd lifted into the air, brazzers mommy got boobs my stepmom and her sister scene starring ariella ferrera missy martin purple spines blossoming out in to full-feathered lilac wings.

She murmured sleepily as the incubus tucked her beneath the covers, rearranging her tank top so that it was as if nothing had happened. Iriz slid back beneath Amy's bed, gripping tight to her hand just before he let himself sink back into the demon world, whispering one last request to her. "Dream of me, my sweet Amy."