Sex redwap xxxx porn story

Sex redwap xxxx porn story
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Incest Request By Blueheatt __Sis and I worked for a rich lady. 'Marquette Lindsey Dumont', or 'Maggie'. We had heard talk about her paying 'big' money to a brother and sister to perform incest sex acts in front nannyspy babysitter kylie page caught masturbating and fucks to save job her.

It was just talk, but sis and I wondered about it. I'm Bud and my sister is Cris. First of all, I should tell you that Cris and I first started having sex when we were young. It started when I grabbed her one day and felt her new little titties.

We giggled as she pulled away and the chase was on. She liked the attention and I liked feeling her tits. Each day after school we did more grabbing, feeling and laughing…but we were both getting horny doing it, and we liked that. One afternoon She flashed her little tits at me and I ran and caught her.

We ended up on her bed and the feel fest began. I lifted her sweater up to feel her bare tits, and she stuck her hand down my shorts to feel my rising hardon. Our giggling now turned into just 'out of breath' holding and feeling each other.

Quietly I started sucking on her tits. She started jacking my hardon. We both got real sexually excited and then she turned around and pulled my shorts down. Now her skirt was in my face. I lifted it up and pulled down her panties and took them off.

She started kissing my hardon. I felt her nice pussy and licked it. We kept this a secret from every one, mom and dad never did know what we were doing. Each afternoon when it was clear, we got hotter and did more each time.

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Cris this time put my hardon in her mouth as she jacked it. I put my finger in her pussy and started licking her clit real good. It built up and I warned her I was going to cum. She didn't stop but jacked faster. She pushed her pussy tight to my tongue as I let go with a wonderful cum and she moaned with an orgasm. It was both our first time at doing this. You never forget the first time.

Now we both want to have full sex. That night we were both going crazy waiting for a chance to fuck. Mom and dad decided to go out late that night to a club. The minute we heard that door close and them leave&hellip.I went in her bedroom with my robe on. She was under a sheet in her bed…naked. I took off my robe as she pull over the sheet. Our hearts were pounding as I got on top of her wide open legs. I licked her wet pussy first and then moved up. She guided my hardon in her pussy.

We were in heaven. Cris moaned as we fucked furiously faster and faster. Her legs held mine tight as we thrashed with excitement. I held her sweet tits as my hardon exploded in her. Her body and moans told me she had a climax. Her pussy could squeeze my hardon and another cum was building up.

We started in again. We learned all about passion that wonderful night. We were dizzy from fucking and kept going. We both came again and it took us to heaven again. I looked at the clock&hellip.1am. All quiet in the house. Maybe time for one more hot fuck. We went for it. She got on top of me this time and rode me like a wild fucking machine.

I shot cum in her and our juices came out and all over us. I woke up somehow in my own bed. My hardon was still hard but a little sore. I see Cris tip toe in and kiss my face and quietly leave. The was skinny bitch teen fucks two old bastards first time and we love the memory of it.

---- When I interviewed for Ms. Dumont I had already heard the sex act story.

The interview went normal at first, but then she ask some unusual questions. "Do you twistys michelle starring at horny when wet any sisters?" Right then I tailored my answers to fit her curiosities.

"I have one sister a year younger than me. We are 'very' close and best friends." Maggie (Ms. Dumont) tried not to be excited about my answer, but her hands and a little squirming were a dead giveaway. She pressed more about me and my sister. I let her know that we were a very 'loving' brother and sister and I think she is a 'very sexy' girl. Maggie squirmed and said: "Oh…ask her if she would like a job here?, because if she does I would love to have you guys work here.

You both sound so nice." That did it and now we both work there for her. Of course&hellip. I filled Cris in on everything. Maggie moved fast to have a nice private talk with us in her den. We had let her see us holding hands and kissing when we knew she was peeking at us. We sat on the couch together holding hands as she started her 'private talk.' Maggie was only about 22 yrs old, about 5'2" and beautiful. She had nice full tits, long reddish hair and a very sexy shape.

She had on a short white robe. She told us about her not having any brothers and sisters and how lucky we were to have each other. She said she loved the way we showed affection for each other and ask us if we'd like to make some big 'extra' money. Here it came. We were sure where she was headed with this. She ask us to keep this top secret&hellip.but she liked to watch us show affection to each other…and &hellip.If we agreed&hellip.we could show it while she watched and do anything we wanted to each other…including…'making love', she called it.

She reached in the desk drawer and pulled out a stack of money, and set it on the arm of the couch. I saw $100 dollar bills.

We smiled and said 'oh yes, we would like to do that for her.' She said we have time now, if you like to start. Maggie smiled big and we wondered what she was thinking&hellip.,we could have never guessed. ("…these two are perfect for me. Daddy told me the day would come when I would get the thrill of a brother and sister closeness I missed out on.

I loved incest and daddy knew it.

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To have a brother and sister to play sex with was something I would never have…but this was close enough to get me started to the arousal I loved. I have every kind of adult toy there is, but the real thing is the best.

I can't wait to get my hands on his hardon and play with it myself. I'd like to do some hot feeling on her too. That first couple had to move away before we got into what I really wanted, but now I've found a replacement for them. It looks like a 'go' with them and it's starting now&hellip.") With the sight of the big hunk of money, Cris and I were all excited and that made us very horny.

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Without discussion, we knew what each other wanted too. To have someone watch and pay us to have the sex we already enjoyed was a real turn on.

We started in kissing and getting real hot instantly. We undressed each other slowly feeling us all the way. Maggie watched so intently and started feeling her own big tits, the one hand went inside her short robe and she began to play with her pussy.

What a fucking turn on for Cris and I. She was making us hot as we made her hot. As we lay down now all naked and feeling and kissing, Maggie stood up and came over and sat by us to watch us closer. Her robe was now open and she had a body to die for.

As Cris and I lay side by side Maggie started feeling our legs. Her warm hands felt very sexy rubbing them and working them up higher and higher. We just knew she wanted to join in.

We pull on her robe to take it off. She stood up, dropped her robe and lay beside us. We started our threesome. Feeling, kissing, moaning and I had the biggest hardon I could remember.

Her and Cris went down jacked it and slowly put their heads down and started kissing it. I now had my hands in two wet pussy's and began to lick them both. Switching from one to the other as I felt two tongues on my hardon. Maggie was getting real hyper and moaning as she grabbed my hardon and started jacking cheating brunette adrianna chechick blowjob on hidden camera as she sucked on it.

Cris and her felt each others tits and played with their nipples. I knew Cris and she was excited as her pussy moved to me back and forth. Maggie just took over and pushed her clit up and down on my tongue. The moans told everything. I had to cum and cum big.

Maggie deep throated me and moaned. &hellip. I exploded a shot a big load in her mouth. Cris's pussy squirmed and climaxed as she licked the overflow of cum. My hardon seemed to have a mind of it own as it pumped over and over again.

The girls licked all of it and I watched their tongues touch as they savored it. Cris's pussy was now at my lips as was Maggie's. They pushed their pussy's close together and moaned as I licked both their clits&hellip.

This was just our first threesome?

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OMG…what a way to start off&hellip. We all showered together and relived what had happened. Maggie was in her own personal heaven as she washed us both and we all felt our soapy slick bodies. We were her own personal brother and sister… On the weekend Cris and I talked about all the things we wanted to buy…but&hellip.planning the next session was the most exciting.

On Monday, work as usual. We wondered what Maggie was up to now&hellip.we soon found out what she had been thinking&hellip. "I had plans for my two workers. I had one fantasy un-fulfilled that I wanted to do. I had always wanted to know what it would be like to have your brother really put the pressure on you to have hot sex with him& have the burning desire to have the 'taboo' sister that he saw all the time, sexy, big tits, and played coy to his lusty looks and advances.

&hellip.He would know he could not ever have sex with her, and that, of course would make him want her more. His sister would taunt him in sly ways.

She would let him catch her making out with her girlfriend, kissing, laying naked and feeling each others bodies. I always wanted a brother to get to point of attacking me with desire and want me so bad…he would just have to have me.

The passion would be as high as they would ever experience. Bud was going to be my fantasy brother and show me how it would feel to have a brother unleash his passion for his sister& I choose Cris to explain it to and pass it on to Bud. When I told her she got all turned on and hot as I laid it all out. She said I was the first woman she had ever had any bi-sex with and said it really excited her.

I had some bi-curious feelings for her and we went in my bedroom to 'practice' for my fantasy with Bud. Cris's young body excited me and we lay on the bed and let our curiosities flow out. We both got really aroused and off came our clothes. It was both our first real time to play sexually with another female…and such a 'no no' thing in my family. I knew sisters fooled around with each other and now I was going to experience it.

We only had 30 minutes to practice, so I turned 69 and we had at it. We got ourselves moaning instantly. I licked her pussy and sucked her clit as she did mine. Here came the orgasm's as we jolted and squirmed with the hot thrill. Our fingers massaged inside our pussy's and enjoyed the hot sex play. We would do a lot more later&hellip. But I wanted it in front of Bud, to arouse him irresistible teen anita bellini sucks big dick and gets tiny pussy penetrated the maximum I wanted him to have to have sex with me…" On the drive home Cris laid out what Maggie wanted.

It sounded super hot to me. I just wanted to fuck Maggie bad already, so this sex play would be a great turn on before we had hot sex.

We were getting paid to do this?&hellip.Cris and I were so turned on, we wanted to stop the car and fuck right now! As the days went by Maggie and I exchanged looks of pure lust. This girl knew how to tease a guy. It was fun and a real turn on. Rubbing past me in a hallway, the sexy looks and touching her own body as I watched. Now her and Cris started in when It was clear. Quick feel ups, a passing quick kiss and tit feel.

Rubbing each others pussy's for a few seconds knowing I was watching. I had to wear tight underwear with a hardon all the time. Friday adorable teens get legal age teenager twats licked hardcore and blowjob I walked in the kitchen to find Cris and Maggie with their dresses up and tribbing in the corner.

Rubbing their pussy's slowly together. Her cook was out shopping and they took advantage of the time to fool around and let me catching them. I walked slowly towards them with a straight face&hellip.they giggled and darted away down the hall.

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I went after them. They started in again in the living room, kissing and feeling&hellip.I said: "Maggie, I want you, your coming with me." She started panting with excitement as Cris sat down to watch.

"I can only take so much, and now your mine." I thought Maggie was going to faint. She backed into a corner and didn't move except to gasp for air. "…now Bud…control yourself, you may be my brother, but you know you can't have me because …(pant)…I'm your sister&hellip.Bud…don't look at me that way Bud…" she said. Cris is loving all this and rubbing her pussy on the crouch. I walked up to her wide eyes and kissed her.

She said: "Oh Bud, maybe we better talk, you don't kiss your sister like that…it's…it's. just not done." I held her wrists…then raised them up high against the wall.

I pressed my body against her big tits. I really tongue kissed her this time. I had never seen a girl this hot before. She whimpered and gasp for air. I pressed my hardon tight against her pussy.

She began to purr like a kitten as her arms went around my neck. She was drunk with happiness and her tongue and lips glided over mine as she pulled me in tight to her. Her body was like on fire with heat. I picked her up and told Cris: "Follow me." Into to the big master bedroom we all went. I laid Maggie on the bed and started ripping her dress off. She squirmed as she liked the fire in my eyes showing my desire for her. I ripped all her clothes off and I slowly got naked while staring at her.

Cris got naked and lay on the bed to watch. I held Maggie down tight and kissed her like it was a first brother and sister kiss.

She moaned&hellip."…oh god Bud&hellip.we can't …what if…(gasp)… mom and dad find out." I kissed her and filled her mouth with my tongue. She purred and moaned again. I felt her tits firmly and then put her legs up on my shoulders. Now it was my time to tease. I let the head of my cock tease thru her bush and tease her pussy.

"Dam you Bud& know a girl can't take that! Put it in Bud…Put it in!." I eased my cock in her slowly to watch her squirm and pull on me. I said: "Sis, this is so overdue, your mine now and you'll like it, won't you sis&hellip." ".yes .yes I will, just do it now!" When I got my cock all the way in her wet and very hot pussy, she began to moan steady&hellip."…oh god…oh god…Bud…oh my god…take me Bud…oh…yes…yes…yes!

" "Maybe you want Cris to fuck you instead of me?" "NO.Bud fuck me now baby…now!" She became pretty wild and made passion noises of pure pleasure.

I pushed my cock in her deep and speeded up. I let her moan petite japanese schoolgirls fuck in bathroom doggystyle and threesome her hearts content. Cris wicked pretty chick in underware with toy lingerie and japanese us and felt our bodies as we started really fucking hard now. Ahhh the sound of slapping of bodies together is so hot to fuck by, It just drives me wild…… &hellip.

Cris is kissing our faces to add to the driving passion we were creating. Maggie was bucking like a wild animal in heat. I now had to cum. It crowds out your memory it's so intense. Cum started flowing out in a steady stream from my cock and into her pussy. Her body twisted and her pussy pulled on my cock to get it in deeper. I lost reality and became an animal myself. I realized that Cris's moved and her pussy was right in my face and she was humping my lips and moaning too.

We all shook and I just couldn't get enough of Maggie's pussy. Off the scale is all I could think…beyond all passion as I couldn't stop fucking her and licking Cris's wet pussy at the same time. ------ I woke up with my cock in Cris's pussy. Small spasms were squeezing my cock.

Maggie was laid out spread eagle in the huge bed…sound asleep&hellip. … with a beautiful look of&hellip. contentment&hellip.