Busty antonie getting hot on bed and start masturbating

Busty antonie getting hot on bed and start masturbating
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Lori Laughlin. Olivia "Livy" Jade.

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Isabella "Bella" Rose. Lori Laughlin had arranged to have dinner with her two daughters at their behest to discuss the whole scandal situation. They had met at a restaurant in a poorer section of the city and had a talk about what they were going to do and now were heading back to their cars at a parking lot two blocks away.

Lori was talking to the two girls and did not notice that they were separating themselves from her. They shifted into the shadows as a group of three Asian teens appeared in front of Lori. Well look what we have here one stated a rich entitled bitch who thinks she can buy futures for her kids. Lets so her what her future is going to be like as they surrounded her and started stripping her clothes off of her body. Then they stripped themselvesone of them lay down on the sidewalk the other two sat her on his cock sliding her anus down his shaft until she was all of the way down.

They laid her down and one of them rammed his cock into her pussy to the hilt and the third straddled her face slipping into her mouth and down her throat until his balls touched her lower lip. The three then began pumping into the various parts of her anatomy. She moaned as her body began to respond that is when she heard Olivia's voice out of the darknessmom you fucked our lives we just thought we would return the favor she chuckled as she continued withenjoy tonight's festivities.

When the three Asians had finished with her they left her body on the sidewalk.

As she lay there three more men found her three white men took the positions the three Asians had relinquished and started fucking her unmercifully until they ejaculated filling her womb with their sperm they then left her and three Mexicans took their place.

Lori whimperedno more please she begged as she sobbed and experienced three simultaneous orgasms. The Latinos fucked her for an hour when they were done she was exhausted and could barely move as the Mexicans dressed and left her naked and spread wide open on the sidewalk. She heard Bella say to heronly one more group to survive mom after all you can't be prejudiced as a group of three large black men stepped up to her body.

Lori heard one sayyou know for a fifty three year old rich bitch she is attractive as he admired her body. She had always taken pride in keeping her body in excellent condition and mentally went through her bodies assets. First her skin was soft and smoothnicely tanned to a copperish-bronze color. Her feet were well shaped and petite. Her legs were long and toned.

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She kept her abdomen flat and muscled with almost a six pack. Lori's breasts were well shaped rounded pillows of about c-cup size each breast sported a half dollar dark aureole with darkened nipples the size of that on a number two pencil. Her beautiful head with magnificent facial features sat atop a long slender neck.

She had slender toned arms that each ended with small hands x story sex stories ebony sil pack long finger with bright shiny red polish on each fingernail that matched the color on her toenails. She had rich red luscious full lips that were below her small nose that sat below two dark brown eyes with long lashes and thin maintained eyebrows. Her ears were small and covered by her longwavysilky dark brown hair that hung down her back to just above her mid-back.

She was a beautiful woman and was in top physical form for her age. The three black men admired her naked body as it lay before them. They slowly stripped exposing their muscular frames to her. Each man had a penis the was at mini um twelve inches long and two inches around.

She paled as she contemplated them entering her various orifices. No please she pleaded with them you will rip me apart with those things. Don't worry bitch we know how to use our tools but it will be painful for you he laughed. The first man lay down on the sidewalk his stiffened thirteen inch long by three inch dick standing straight up and the other two picked up her supine body and placed her anus on the head of his cock pushing her forcefully down on his large engorged cock.

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She screamed as it split her ass cheeks apart spearing deep into her bowels. They lay her down on top of him and the second black man lay down on top of her ungently ramming his fourteen inch long three inch in girth penis as deep into her womb as he could reach and pounded into her at a jackhammers pace as the first man reached around and began to maul her breasts pinching and pulling on her aroused nipples.

The third man straddled her head and shoved his twelve inch long two inch around penis into her mouth and down her throat and began fucking her throat. She would still be screaming in agony if sunny leone all story sex stories xxx could have with his cock silencing her.

They continued to fuck her as each one took a turn at each position unloading their potent spunk into her helpless body. Finally they finished got dressed and left her abused exhausted body helpless on the sidewalk. Many people passed her by either laughing at her or taking pictures of her exposed body. Her two daughters stepped out of the shadows and assisted her to her feet and still naked walked her to her home where they had another surprise for her. After taking her to her bed they lay her down on her stomach and began spanking her ass until it was bright red and burned with pain.

Then they each slipped their hands into her vagina and anus made fists and masturbated her using their fists until she climaxed then left her holes gapingand sobbing with the pain of it. She was crying and begging for this to be over.

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Not quite yet Bella responded almost as they lay her face down over a padded ottoman then they each brought in a dog. Bella led in a large mastiff that immediately mounted her finding the entrance to her vagina and slamming into her body. Livy brought in a female mutt and made her lay down on her back and spread her rear legs.

Then she forced Lori's mouth down onto the dogs vagina and commanded her to start licking until the dog came. Lori not able to do anything else complied and began eating the females cunt until it orgasmed and ivana sugar provocates danny to fuck her senseless swallowed every drop. Finally they left her on her bed curled up with the two dogs leaving her with these final words.

Mom we have video of everything that has happened today unless you want the world to see it start being smarter and think about what you do doing something illegal comes with consequences and they left her sleeping there.