Freaky babes get their cunts plowed by plumbers pornstars group sex

Freaky babes get their cunts plowed by plumbers pornstars group sex
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I like a willing slave. My objective is no less than bringing a woman to orgasm as many times as possible before penetrating. Talking is what starts the vaginal juices flowing. Dominance creates the quivering orgasm. There are many ways to seduce a woman into becoming a slave but that is a subject for another time.

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This work is an outline of my general method once a woman has decided she would like to try this bondage/submission experience. First things first. Establish an "out" word. Many women like to say no repeatedly in the moments leading to orgasm and stopping short would be rather anticlimactic.

Actually, I've yet to have a woman remember her "out" word even though I make her choose it. Since I'm always jesse jane fode evan stone it to the next level I listen for the "no" to change. My goal is in having a sloppy wet yearning pussy that's more than ready and begs for my cock. Rape is not sex. Symbolic rape is dirty sexy nasty fun.

I start with restraint. If I have rope, I will use it. I prefer cotton rope found in fabric stores, old neckties work well too. Nylon or otherwise coarse material might be fun in the short term but it causes damage and that will end the fun much too soon for my tastes. Porn stores have great gadgets and tools available as well. When proper restraints aren't available then I straddle her with my legs, wrap a one arm around her tightly. Her clothes stay on at this point but whether spread eagle mom teach daughter with bbc held, grab a fist full of hair on the back of her head then yank down and make my first inquiry.

"Tell me where your erogenous zones are!" How my new slave responds to this demand tells me much. A quick answer, we'll spend a lot of time with her tied down and blindfolded. Before blindfolding I slowly remove my clothes, playing with those zones.

After blindfolding (usually with her underwear) I rub my cock over and over on every one. If she's low to answer, slap her and yank her hair again and again till well past sufficient answer is given.

She will not require to be tied down so much since she will be obedient with punishment. I make her remove my clothes starting with my shirt then on her knees to finish.

Although she tries to suck my dick I stop her and slap her face. When she's finished then her reward is a spanking. Now for more interrogation. "Why do men always want emo beautiful chick shares her perky hooters hardcore and blowjob fuck you up your sweet little ass?" I've never had a woman answer this correctly. They start to repeat the reasons given to them by other men and each time I place my index finger on her lips in a shushing way.

Every slave wants to suck my shushing finger like some little dick but I pull it out and order them to try answering again. After a few tries I say something like this: "Unless you begged to be fucked up your tight ass and he reluctantly obliged, all those answers are gay!

The only true reason your going to get your ass fucked hard is for your complete submission" Now I get out a knife or razor blade. I adjust restraints (if she was body restrained then I'll use clothes to bind her arms and leg's) and command her to lift her ass in the air. If no blade is available then I use my teeth and rip. I cut away just enough to reveal her glory hole then place my middle finger to her mouth ordering her to get it good and wet since this will soon be probing where the sun doesn't shine.

While sucking my finger like a good slut should, I spread her ass with my free hand and spit on her asshole. After loosening her ass with my fingers, I use my penis. Starting very slow, penetrating deeper with each stroke all the while asking her if she is a crazy bitch, cheap whore, maybe a common slut.

Most of the time its yes to each one, sometimes its something new or a combination like crazy slut. I repeat each term while getting faster with my stokes till I'm smacking her ass with my pelvis.

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One of these terms will get more response than the others. It won't take long before her tight ass needs more lubricant. Ass to mouth completes her total submission.

I instruct her to lay still and begin to cut and rip away her remaining clothing. After revisiting her erogenous zones again and some spanking (whipping is better) I command her to get my cock wet. Then play around her pussy with my dick, spit on her ass then quickly force just the head of my cock in her ass and stop. When she begins to squirm, I hold her ass firmly.

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She is now ready for more queries. "What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done and liked and what is the kinkiest thing you've ever blonde girlfriend fucked in the kitchen shaved pussy and sucking and didn't like?" This always takes a moment to think about.

I just keep the head of my dick in her ass and wait. After a few moments or when she begins to speak I ram my cock hard spanking her butt with my abdomen, keep it there, grab a fist of hair and yank while saying "tell me now". Most of the "didn't like" has been stuff done too quickly, before any trust was firmly established. Once a street whore told me how a cop had inserted his baton in her vagina so she could get out of an arrest. Yet with time and with proper trust, I was fisting her little pussy.

Once again I go from ass to mouth, telling her to not worry about the "didn't like" and just concentrate on that kinky thing she liked while sucking my cock.

At this point I explain why (if I hadn't explained it earlier) I always go ass to mouth. The pussy is not capable of dealing with tiny particles from the anal cavity and could get infected, but the mouth and stomach has the enzymes required.

I remind her of the kinkiest thing she's ever done and liked, improving on the story while she cleans my shaft. Time for one more question.

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"How many orgasms have you had?" Typical answer I get is too many to count. If the answer is less than five then it is time to eat her little pussy. My pussy eating method is worth a story on its own so I won't go into that here.

I've never had a "none" answer.

Now its time to fuck. How I handle my new slave is dependant on her answers. Some like being tied down more, others crave the pain. Hey, I'm going to do it all and more, repeatedly, just favor the way that keeps her cunt wet.

I'll call her every name in the book, but favor the one she responded most to. While tools and gadgets are fun, they are not required. The true erogenous zone is the mind. A good slave trusts her master implicitly and without question.