Hot blond teen model topanga fox is fucked ampamp punished for payback

Hot blond teen model topanga fox is fucked ampamp punished for payback
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This happened when I was fifteen and really getting interested in sex in a big way. As most of you guys know, at that age your hormones are raging and it's hard to think about anything else. Anyway, my mother who was 36 at the time and still very attractive with, what my friends call, a killer body would go out one night a week for what she called a girls night out. She and my dad had gotten divorced about five years earlier when my mom caught him screwing around with one of his co-workers.

She and her friends went out on Thursday night with the thought that if they did it on the weekend they might drink too much and most of them had families that made plans for the weekends.

When my mom goes out she has one of the girls in the neighborhood come over to watch over me and my little sister. I told her that I didn't need a babysitter but she argued that it was not for me, that it was for my sister. Amy, the girl that sits with us is about 18 or 19 and she has her boyfriend come over to keep her company while she watches TV. That's what she says their doing anyway. I always thought that they were down their fucking but the way our house is set up I never got the chance to spy on them.

One day I got the idea of videotaping them while they were watching TV. Back then we didn't have "nanny cams" or any hi tech stuff like that but we did have a big clunky video camera that my dad bought before he moved out.

It sat on the shelf in the living room so I didn't even have to hide it. I spent about an hour the weekend before making sure that the camera worked and charging the battery and then I placed it back on the shelf in a position that would pick up the couch in front of the TV.

I put it on slow record so the film would last about four hours. Thursday came around and like clockwork my mom went out about eight o'clock and Amy was left alone on the couch. I sat watching TV with her and about ten o'clock I went up to bed.

Before I did, I asked Amy if she would get me a drink of water from the kitchen and as she turned the corner to the kitchen I jumped up and switched on the camera. I went to bed but couldn't sleep thinking about what I was going to see on the video the next day.

About eleven o'clock I heard the front door open and knew the show was about to begin.

The excitement of the day got the better of me and I fell asleep even though I promised myself that I wouldn't. The next day I didn't have a chance to collect the video cuz my mom was up and would have seen me fooling with the camera.

I went to school and spent the whole day thinking about watching my new video. I got home from school about an hour before my mom got home from huge acesquirt interactive sex toy is breaking hot little redhead pussy masturbation brunette. She picked up my little sister from daycare on her way home big tits stepmom cums in stepteens mouth I was all alone in the house.

I took the camera off the shelf and tried to rewind the cassette but the battery was dead because it had been on all night long. I took the cassette out of the camera and was disappointed to find that it wasn't the same kind of tape that we put in our video player. This really pissed me off. I had no choice but to plug in the camera and charge the battery. When I plugged it in the red light came on immediately and when I pressed the rewind button it started to work.

I put the cassette back in and hit the button. It took about a minute to rewind but when it did, I was able to hit play and a picture of our couch appeared on the little viewing screen. I saw Amy come back in the room and sit on the couch but that was all. I knew I had an hour to watch before her boyfriend came in so I put it on fast forward till I saw her get up. I put it back on normal play and watched as she came back into the picture but I was disappointed to see that it wasn't her boyfriend that was with her, it was my mom.

Of all they nights for her to come home early I thought and was about to turn off the camera when I saw Amy get off the couch, put her arms around my mom and kiss her.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor as I watched the two of them kissing. My mother pulled Amy's sweater over her head and took off her bra then started kissing and sucking on her tits. My dick was hard now and I was rubbing it while I watched the two of them going at it. Amy was now lying on the couch and my mom's head was between her legs. Amy's hips were moving up and down and she was squeezing her own tits. I could hear the moaning over the sound the TV was making.

"Eat me baby. Eat my pussy" Amy said and it looked cartoon sabita bhabi cartun xxxstory my mom went at it even harder. Just then my mom stood up and took her own blouse and bra off and then I saw her skirt and panties drop to the floor.

She was standing in front of Amy completely nude. Now Amy had a pretty nice body but compared to my mom she was nothing. I couldn't even have imagined how beautiful my mother's body was. Her tits were twice the size of Amy's and not saggy at all. Her ass was much rounder and her legs were not as skinny. I watched my mom moved over toward where Amy was lying on the couch and she laid right down on top of her. They kissed and their hands moved over each other's bodies for a minute or two and then my mom moved to the other side of the couch and spread her legs.

Amy put her head between them and I could see the smile on my mom's face as Amy did to her what my mom was doing earlier. "Eat me you little slut" she said "Make me cum" she said as she pushed Amy's head into her and moved her hips.

Mom started squeezing and pinching her own nipples as Amy went to work on her pussy. I had already shot a load in my pants watching this and my cock was getting hard again when I heard a car pull into the driveway.

I shut off the camera and popped the cassette out, putting the camera on the shelf where it usually stayed. I had just gotten the cassette into my jacket pocket when I heard the back door open. "I'm home" my mother yelled from the kitchen. I pulled my shirt out of my pants so it hung down and covered the wet spot my cum had made and walked into the kitchen. My mom took one look at me and asked "What's wrong baby your face is all flushed and I hope you didn't go to school looking like that" she said pointing to my shirt tail out of my pants.

"Oh I took the late bus and ran from the bus stop, I just got home a minute ago" I said thinking fast. "Oh OK" my mom said "Go get cleaned up, Dinner will be ready in an hour and take your sister with you." I went upstairs with my little sister in tow and deposited her in her room before going to my room and stripping off my cum soaked pants.

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I changed and then went over to my bed, where I had throne my coat, and took the video out of the pocket. I'd have to wait till tomorrow to see the rest of the video but I was pretty sure how it was going to end up.

The question was, what was I going to do now? How could my mom be a lesbian? She was married to my dad and had two kids so I didn't know what to think. The next day I was talking to some of my friends at school about the subject, not telling them what happened, just talking like guys do. My friend Chip told me that some people are bisexual and had sex with both men and women. "Wouldn't that be something to see" He said "You bet" I responded thinking that that's what my mom must be. That afternoon, I saw the rest of the video watching both my mom and Amy have several orgasms and then cuddle together till Amy went home about 2 AM.

Mature lady wants to suck his juices hardcore and blowjob that moment I knew what I was going to do.

I was going to use this video to get my mom or Amy to fuck me. I didn't know about Amy but I was sure that my mom wouldn't want anything like this to get around. On Saturday I went to the camera store where you could transfer video from that kind of cassette onto one that would play in our machine. It was pretty easy, I just put the small cassette in one slot and about two minutes later I had a full size video.

It cost twenty bucks but I now had a version of the tape that I could use for my plan. Sunday night was the night we usually stayed home and watched TV.

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My sister went to bed at eight o'clock and my mom and I would usually just sit and watch the tube together. That night, about an hour after my sister went to bed, I asked my mom if we could watch a video.

"Only if it's not too long" she said "You know you have school tomorrow" I smiled, got the video and put it in the player. I had already fast forwarded it to the part where my mom came into the shot and when I put it in, there she was in living color. I don't think it quite registered with my mom at first but when she realized what she was seeing she jumped up and turned off the TV right away. "Where did you get this" she yelled taking the cassette out of the player.

"Quiet" I said "You'll wake up Becca" I said with a little smile on my face "Where did you get this" she said in a lower voice waving the tape in my face. "I recorded it the other night" I said "You can have that copy I have several more" I told her.

I didn't but I still had the original so I could make more if I needed to. "Are you out of your mind" she said still keeping her voice low. "If anyone saw this it would ruin the whole family" "I know and that's why you're going to do anything I want' I said as I sat back a little further on the couch.

From the look on my mother's face, I knew that my plan was going to work better than I'd ever imagined. "You little bastard" she said "you can't blackmail me" "Oh yes I can" I said "unless you want to say goodbye to your reputation, your job, and all your friends when they find out you're a lesbian that fucks the babysitter and what would Amy's mom and dad have to say about it." "What do you want?" she said "Kneel down in front of me" I said She did it phat ass dance 3 tube porn questioning me but I could see a question in her eyes.

I then pulled down my pants to reveal my, now very hard, cock. My prick wasn't very big, only about six or seven inches, but it was hard as a rock.

"Now suck it" I said "I will not" she said with a look of both surprise and disgust in her eyes. "Yes you will" I said as I grabbed her hair and forced her head into my lap. She started to push away when I said "Suck it or suffer the consequences. Everyone will know what a filthy lesbo big ass milf teacher fucked in classroom tube porn my mother is and you will be ruined." She stopped resisting and I felt her mouth slip around the head of my cock.

I pushed her head down and pulled it up a few times as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. "Oh God that feels good" I said as I let go of her head and grabbed onto the cushion of the couch. To my surprise, when I let go of her head, she didn't stop, if anything she seemed to take my cock even deeper into her mouth and she started to suck even harder. "That's it, blow me you lesbo slut" I said as I moved my hips fucking her face. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and announced that I was going to cum thinking that she would stop, but when I said it, she grabbed my cock with her hand and started to jerk me off and moved her head even faster.

I shot stream after stream into her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it and continued to suck me until my dick started to get smaller. My cock came out of her mouth with a pop and she looked up at me. "Was that what you wanted" she said, still stroking my cock with her hand. I nodded and ordered her to show me her tits.

She let go of my cock and removed her blouse and bra, letting her big tits swing free. I reached out and ran my hand over her tits watching as her nipples immediately became hard. My mother closed her eyes and threw her head back as I continued to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples.

She let out a moan and pushed her chest into my hands as I moved forward and took one breast into my mouth. I started to suck and bite her nipple and she let out another long moan. By this time, my dick was hard again and I began to stroke it while I played with her tits. I stopped sucking her tits and said "Now take of your skirt. I want to see you're pussy" She stood up and dropped her skirt and panties to sex stories xnxx xxxxx sxse storys play floor.

I slid off the couch and buried my head in her crotch just as I'd seen Amy do and started to lick her pussy.

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The taste was amazing, I couldn't get enough. She moved over and laid down spreading her legs apart so I could get better access to her pussy. "Go slow baby" she said as she grabbed my head and maneuvered me into a position over her i could fuck him all the time. "Now lick the little nub and suck it in your mouth" she said and I did just what she told me.

She started to moan and move her hips as she pushed my head into her pussy. "Yes baby keep doing that and make mommy cum. Oh fuck that feels soooooo good" she said as she gave out a little squeal and started to shake all over.

Fluid started to pour out of her pussy and I swallowed down as much as I could. It was great!!! As she was coming down from her orgasm I moved up and slid my cock into her pussy. With one thrust I pushed into her and started to pound my cock into her fast and hard.

She opened her eyes with surprise and said "Oh know baby you can't do that. I'm not on the pill and I might get pregnant." She tried to push me off but I held her hands down and kept pounding my cock into her. She struggled less and less until she reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper inside her. "Oh yes baby, fuck mommy, fuck me good Oh God keep going baby I'm going to cum" she said as she moved her hips in rhythm with me and then arched her back and started to shake all over.

"I'm cummmmmming please don't stop fuck me, fuck me" she said as her pussy juice covered my cock and I could hear a squishing sound as I moved my member in and out of her. I started to shoot inside her and she must have felt it because I think she had another orgasm and she wrapped her legs around my back and held me there. We stayed in this position for a while and when we moved, she got down between my legs again and licked and sucked all of the juice off of my cock. She looked up at me when she was done and said "I know I should be mad at you baby but that was the best sex I've had in years, maybe ever.

Come on now mommy needs to get cleaned up" she said as she took my hand and the two of us went to the bathroom to take a shower. From that night on, I started having sex with my mom whenever I wanted and she would come to moka mora in love is a workplace bed when she needed a good fucking. She never asked about the tape again and I never brought up the subject.

The tape came in handy about six months later when I used it to convince Amy that she might want to give me the same kind of attention that I was getting from my mom.

But that's another story