First sapphic experience in front of the camera pantyhose lesbians

First sapphic experience in front of the camera pantyhose lesbians
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The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 Chapter One: The Dance Instructor Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Whitney Spietz Paris, Texas I stretched my back, working the kinks out as I carried the mop bucket back to the supply closet.

It was the last bit of cleaning I had to do for my dance studio before I could go home for the night. My muscles were sore, and I was looking forward to a nice soak in my tub, with some scented candles and a glass of red wine.

I grabbed my purse, slinging it over my shoulder, and walked carefully around the edge, not wanting to tread on the damp floor and ruin all my hard work—the studio was my pride and joy. It had taken years, and a lot of my parent's money, but Beauty in Motion was finally making a profit. As I was locking the front door, Darleen Cummins, one of my dance students, walked out of the alley, an odd, hungry look in her eyes.

And were they silver? What was— "Oh, Lord, what happened!" I gasped.

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Her leotard had been ripped and her breasts were exposed. I clapped my hands over my mouth; something white ran down her leg. The poor thing had been raped behind my studio while I was inside cleaning. Oh, Lord, what was happening in this town. I threw my arms around her. "I'm so sorry.

But we'll get the bastard." "Such a familiar manner," purred Darleen. "Do you know my host?" Lord, she's had some sort of mental breakdown. "I'm your dance teacher, Whitney," I told her. "Come inside and we'll get you some help." "You have a pretty mouth," Darleen said. There was something wrong with her words. Her accent was gone, and she sounded almost continental, a refined quality Darleen, despite being the Mayor's daughter, had never possessed.

"Come on, sugar. You're in shock. Let's get inside and I'll get you some help." "Yes. Your mouth is quite perfect," Darleen continued. People were walking past, staring at my student's disheveled state. "C'mon, sugar. People are watchin' you." "Have you ever pleasured a Goddess?" "What are you talkin' 'bout?" "Fall to your knees and pleasure me." Her eyes were silver and so deep, like pools of starlight.

So bright and deep and ancient, full of beautiful majesty and terrifying power. Something lurked in Darleen's eyes, something so far beyond me as I was from the ant I stepped on. Those eyes commanded me, reaching into my soul and wrenching me to her desire. I trembled and fell to my knees. Beneath her tutu I could see the torn crotch of her leotard and her sex, surrounded by platinum-blonde pubes, was matted with cum.

I couldn't seem to help myself, not after looking into those silver pools. I leaned in; a spicy musk filled my nose. My tongue licked out, salty cum and and spicy pussy coated my tongue. "Yes," Darleen purred. "Pleasure me." The passing pedestrians gasped with disgust and surprise as I pleasured my dance student on the sidewalk. I was going to be arrested for committing such a lewd act on a sidewalk—not counting the fact she was underage—but I couldn't stop.

I stuck my tongue deeper into her, gathering a mouthful of the mix of fluids. "Dykes!" a woman snorted. "Ain't that the mayor's daughter?" a scandalized gal asked. "She must be on that ecstasy." "Ooh, this is gonna be a talked 'bout for years." "Revel in my beauty," Darleen cooed.

"You are in a Goddess's presence. On your knees in worship!" I didn't know if they obeyed her, my face was buried into her wonderful pussy. The more I licked, the more I came to love the taste and the feel of her. She was warm and wet and soft, silk on my lips. I drank her nectar, savoring it. Darleen stared down at me, her eyes almost glowing in the darkness, her platinum-blonde hair almost seemed like a halo around her head.

"Such pleasure you are gifting me," purred the transformed girl. "That's it." She shuddered and smiled "Worship me. Show me how much you love your Goddess." Her hips moved, and a low groan issued like a song from her lips. I worked my tongue deeper into her pussy, sensing her impending climax, and eager to deliver it to her. Her fingers wrapped through my hair, and she ground her pussy harder and harder into my face.

Her moans grew louder, sweeter. I found her clit, nursing at her nub, eager to give her all the pleasure I could. She came, juices flooding my mouth, and then she moaned in a strange, rhythmic chant: "Your life shall number thirteen, To the north will your blood be spilled Full of anger, full of grief Wormwood will slay your love Lilith's daughter will slay your life." Darleen looked down at me, slutty curvy milf tiffany blake picked up and fucked by bbc full of pleasure, staring into my eyes.

"Enjoy your time with him," she whispered, stroking my face. With whom? "Such a pretty mouth," she purred. "This body has needs, and you seem perfect to accept them." Her hand tightened on my hair, pressing me into her pussy. What needs was— Acrid urine flooded my mouth. Darleen's eyes fluttered, and a soft, relieved sigh escaped her lips.

I wanted to pull away, but she wanted me to drink her piss. I opened my mouth, feeling like such a worthless creature, and swallowed the warm, disgusting fluid.

More and more streamed in, overflowing my mouth and running down my neck to soak into the top of my leotard. "That's it," she cooed. "Drink every last drop down. That's a Goddess's precious fluid you're drinking. Savor it." I did. Large shapes merit hard fucking hardcore blowjob was wonderful.

I couldn't wait to drink more. I held it in my mouth until I was as full as possible, then swallowed it, delighting in the urine that escaped to run hot down my body.

I could smell it, salty and acrid, heavenly. Her stream slowed, dribbled, and then died. I held the last mouthful, luscious babe is pounded so well girlfriend and homemade it about my mouth to savor that wonderful gift for as long as I could before I swallowed it.

I needed more. I explored her pussy, licking up the little drops that clung to her petals. Her hand stroked my head. A huge crowd was gathered around us, people called me such disgusting names as I lapped my Goddess's pussy clean.

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"Miss Whitney?" a girl gasped. I recognized that voice. "What are you doin'?" another girl asked, sounding almost the same. "Your teacher is pleasuring me," Darleen answered the Myers twins. They attended my jazz dance class. I could see the two twins, holding hands, staring at me in awe. Marissa's auburn hair was in a French braid and Rhonda-May's fell loose about her shoulders, streaked with blonde highlights.

"Why are you doin' that, Miss Whitney?" Rhonda-May asked. "You're in the street. You gonna get arrested if you keep carryin' on like this." "How long have you and your sister been intimate?" Darleen asked. "Your forbidden passion wreathes you like the sweetest perfumes." "Uh, since yesterday," squeaked Marissa. "We, uh, had a ghostly encounter." "Yes. He gets around.

You may approach me." Darleen pulled my head away from her pussy and turned, presenting her ass, cum leaking out of her tight cornhole. I didn't need to be told what to do, so I buried my face between her cheeks and sucked the dirty cum out of her sour ass. My tongue worked past her hot sphincter into the hot, tight depths of her bowels searching for more cum. "You two are quite beautiful," Darleen continued. "Thank you," Rhonda-May answered.

"I have always enjoyed having twins serve as my handmaids. Disrobe and attend me." Clothes rustled; I couldn't see anything but Darleen's ass cheeks pressed around my cheeks. "Hell yeah," a guy in the crowd cheered. "Let's see some twincest!" "Very nice," Darleen praised and one of the girl's gasped. "Umm, you taste sweet, almost like strawberries.

How interesting." "Thank you," squeaked Marissa. "You may pleasure my nipples. I require another climax." "Yes, uh." "Goddess." "Yes, Goddess," Rhonda-May breathed. I could hear their loud sucking, and I pictured their innocent, freckled faces latching onto Darleen's budding breasts, sucking her hard, pink nipples between their lips.

Darleen would wrap her arms around their auburn hair, holding them against pretty girlfriend shares bf with her bff as they worship her as eagerly as I did. "Worship your goddess," she gasped. "That's it. Hurry. Interference approaches." Sirens blared off in the distance.

I worked faster, knowing I would soon be arrested for such public, lewd behavior. But it was worth sunny loney red xxx vdo to taste her wonderful ass, to press my tongue deep inside her and worship her.

My pussy dripped into my leotard, and I ignored my own longing, only wanting to satisfy my Goddess. "Oh, yes!" she purred. "Such wonderful worship!" Her anus clenched around my tongue, her cheeks squeezing my face, all her muscles clenched and her orgasm roiled through her, forcing the cum buried deep in her ass out into my mouth.

"Together you came into this world Together shall you depart, arms entwined Life dedicated to one man For your love shall you die, The drink shall be bitter, but eternity shall be your reward." "Together?" Rhonda-May asked. "And who's this man?" "You know him already," Darleen answered. The sirens were close, a car pulled to a stop.

"Come, we must attend to the rude defender." "Out of the way!" a man yelled. "You four women, against the walls!" Darleen moved away, and I saw a Paris Police Officer pushing through the crowd, his hand on his weapon.

He was handsome, with steely eyes and a rugged chin—my heart beat faster. Whether with fear or excitement, I wasn't sure. I stood up and moved to the wall, followed by the two scared looking twins. "Dispatch, I'm going to need backup. I have four women committing a lewd act in." Darleen touched his arm.

To be continued.