Horny bitch fucks her ass and pussy with big fat black dildo

Horny bitch fucks her ass and pussy with big fat black dildo
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Sweet, sticky and moist. Heavenly is how I would describe the air in this place. How I came into being Mia khlifa full movi prons do not know, but I was borne of space with a vision to create such an environment where life would thrive.

I strove to direct energy into coherent patterns, and shapes that would make sense to the beings that I envisioned living in my world. Sadly, I did not foresee my world of sensuality, natural order, soft shapes and curves being redirected by the very life I in essence created. Being run down and taken over by sharp edges, clean lines, driven to control rather than let events unfold.

I cry, watching my flowers, trees, waters, and life be destroyed by the human race. Known by many names; Gaea, Akka, Danu, Jord, Neith, as well as a host of other words all roughly translating to Mother Earth. I am patience embodied, relaxation personified. What you see around you would not exist save for me, and my creation of your planet. Humans are both the best and worst forms of life occupying my world, as they provide endless sources of sensuality.

Even as they strive to destroy me. It is rare that a human being truly catches my attention, and then it's mostly the women I like to observe. Soft and curvy they are better suited to my original ideals as I brought the Earth to shape. One though, has my attention riveted to the point of obsession.

I've nicknamed her Elly, were I to take a human form myself, it would be a replica of her. The first time I came across her was as I was soaring through the skies in the form of a majestic Eagle over a meadow in what is known as the southwestern US. I noticed a young woman picking her way through my favorite meadow.

A particularly lush meadow, so dense with flowers and tall grasses not even rabbits dared to enter. I was slightly enraged that this creature would dare desecrate such a wholesome and untouched space, as such is rare for me to find these days. I took a steep dive into the grasses and immediately took the form of a wild cat, so as beautiful gals do their superlatively good at the casting hardcore blowjob get closer to her without her aware of my presence.

Across the tops of the flora came such a melodic tune, I felt myself being drawn nearer to her. The tune had no name for it was wholly her own, and the emotions evoked from me were a mixture of sadness, joy and love. Apart from her voice came a faint rustling noise which drew a profound sense of curiosity in me. Picking my way over the damn earth towards Elly, placing my massive paws carefully so as not to make a noise and startle her.

Peering through the grasses I discovered her in a small clearing just large enough for perhaps 2 persons, fully naked. Her thick hair hung in loose waves to the lower back, such a deep brown it appeared black in shadows. The soft flesh of her neck met gracefully with her shoulders, followed by such round and full breasts. Firm arms revealed soft hands with long, graceful fingers and rouge nails. Her ribs melded with her stomach in one even pane, a small thin strip of hair leading from her navel her most private area.

Voluptuous hips lead down into lean thighs and shapely calves. Her ankles were slender, with perfect toes ending in rouge colored nails. For a second it seemed she knew I was watching her, because she began to spin in slow circles, every movement seeming carefully planned for the precise effect of capturing my gaze. Circle after circle left me more in admiration of her perfect form than the last. Ellys' long hair tickling the tender skin just above her gorgeously rounded and perky bottom.

Elly slowed her circling as her tune changed, evoking the sensation of lust.

With her delicate hands, she began feeling her body beginning with the slope of her neck and shoulders. Caressing so lightly she gave herself gooseflesh and I shivers. Taking her time working over her upper and lower arms, she splayed her fingers across her belly and spent some time fingering each rib, always teasing the flesh.

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Reaching the underside of her breasts Elly ran her fingers in circles, spiraling ever closer to her nipples. The gooseflesh preceding her touch, Ellys' nipples were already buds by the time she reached them, and broke her tune then with a small gasp as to their tenderness when her fingertips brushed them. Enjoying this sensation, Elly ran her hands over her nipples in widening circles as sunny leone xxxstory with condom sex moved from the palms of her hands to the tips of her fingers.

Pinching her nipples elicited an almost inaudible moan and made her body tremble. Leaving one hand to torment her nipples, the other made the journey back down her stomach to the soft folds of her pussy. A sudden sense of urgency and need over came her as she ceaselessly pinched and pulled at her nipples, her other hand parting the flesh to grant her access to the bunch of nerves in her clit.

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Sexy gorgeous girl shows off her milk sacks two fingers to delve into her dripping pussy for lube, she conducted fast, tight circles with her fingers over her clit.

Memorized by the sight before me, I found myself wanting to go out there, and make myself part of her love. Remaining hidden, I watched her continue to work her nipples, the circles on her clit becoming more rapid. Elly's breath coming in great gasps, she groaned loudly as her first climax struck her, bringing her to her knees.

With her hand soaking in juices, Elly trailed her fingers back up her body to her mouth, when she tasted herself. Smiling slightly, and licking her lips I saw the flash of something shiny in her tongue. Intrigued ever more, I watched helplessly as she lay down on her back, knees bent, providing me with a most intimate view of her.

If only she knew how vulnerable she was at this moment, I wondered how she'd react if I were to reveal myself to her now. My pleasant train of thought was interrupted when her hands resumed their caressing of her breasts. Squeezing them, mashing them together, separating them, jiggling them, pinching and pulling at the nipples. Working herself to the point where her breath became ragged, her hands raced down to her pussy where she spread her lips with one hand and tapped her exposed pussy with the other.

Gasping and moaning Elly inserted her fingers into her sopping hole while the other pinched her inner thighs.

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Almost to the point of climax again, Elly resumed the circles on her clit, furiously stimulating it. Staying hidden was almost unbearable at this point when I heard a primal scream rip from her throat as her body writhed and convulsed on the damp ground with the power of her orgasm.

That was the first time I "met" her.