Touch on the train xnxx

Touch on the train xnxx
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Alyssa wakes up as the car continues to zoom down the dark highway. She kinda wipes her face a bit as she pulls her phone out to see thats it three in the morning. She looksup at the front nice looking brunette luscious girl rides up fat weenie the car where her dad is driving and her mom is sleeping.

Hey dad are we almost there? Alyssa asks. Her dad yawns and glances back at her from his mirror, nope not for awhile. I think i'm going to pull over at the next rest stop and sleep for a little while.

Great! Alyssa thinks to herself, she hated traveling to see her family. Her family all live in New York as to where the rest of her family all live in Oregon. Alyssa kinda throws her head back and stares at the ceiling of the inside of the GMC Yukon. It seems like ages before her dad finally sees a sign for a rest stop and turns to the right going down a long road to one of those rest stops you'll find on the highway with a bathroom and vending machines. The usual stuff. After taking forever to pick a spot in an empty parking lot he finally pulls into a spot and turns the car off.

He looks back at Alyssa and smiles. I am going to get some sleep sweety, if you get out of the car to use the restroom or get something to drink just be quiet and try not to wake your mother up. He says. I'll try not too, goodnight dad.

Alyssa returns the smile. A few hours pass and Alyssa is the only one awake in the SUV, she is on facebook and listening to Ellie Goulding with her headphones in.

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She looks out the window at the small little doorless building where the vending machines are. Better grab a drink real quick, she steps out into the cold and her little nips instantly get hard. Regretting not grabbing a jacket as she folds her arms around her chest area and begins to head over to the vending area quickly in her small denim short shorts.

She reaches them only to see that they are all out of order.

Fuck.she says under her breath as she kicks one of them forgetting that she is wearing sandals. Damn. she thinks as leans up against one of the machines rubbing her small toes. Also admires the pink toenail polish shes glad she decided to go with the last time she was at the nail salon.

It must be the cold breeze hitting her because she feels the sudden urge to pee. Looking over to the restrooms. Before going in she looks out at the parking lot. Her parents SUV is the only one there. It's very creepy amateur blonde milf fucked in the fittingroom of a clothing store here Alyssa thinks.

Looking around at the surrounding wooded area, thinking this would be the perfect time for Leatherface to come out and mutilate her organs or whatever it is he does. She hears a chainsaw in her head at the moment, like her brain is just tying to freak her out!? After scaring herself a bit she decides to make a quick break for the restroom, the cold air feels even worsee as it touches her body while running.

She makes it in and closes the door shut quickly. She looks around at the filthy bathroom.Sink looks like it has never been cleaned, chipped and staind walls. Eww.she makes a grin as she steps in looking around. It's just as cold in there unfortunately, she walks over to the stalls and picks the ones that was the least dirtiest.which was still pretty dirty and she opens it. Not wanting to catch something she covers the toilet with toilet paper before she sits down.

She unzips her shorts and slides them and her turquoise panties down. Sitting on the toilet and playing with her phone. As she finishes her business she grabs some toilet sexy gorgeous girl shows off her milk sacks but then she notices a hole in the stall wall with duct tape all over the inside of the hole and a little piece of paper on the other side of covering it.

Is that?.oh god thats real classy. She says as she realizes how disgusted she is with this place. Suddenly the restroom entrance door slams open and she hears footsteps, she assumes it's her mother. Alyssa stands up and begins to pull her panties and shorts up when she hears the stall door next to her open and close and she looks down at the stall wall to her side to see a big pair of boots sticking out into her stall.

Who.? She thinks as she hears pants unzip on the other side. She looks to the hole and her jaw drops at what she sees go through it. A fat limp black cock that looks to be 7 inches without even being hard. She covers her mouth In utter shock at what shes seeing. The person on the other side knocks loudly on the stall wall and makes his dick move up and down a bit.

Alyssa knows its time to make a dart for the SUV but she cant stop looking at the huge black cock. She's never seen a black one before. Only one white one, she steps closer to it and kinda rubs her finger down it. The dick reacts to her touch and she pulls her hand back from it. The man makes it move around again, Alyssa puts her hand around it slowly, she cant even wrap her tiny hand around it. She starts to stroke it slowly.

She doesnt know why but she attempts to talk dirty.

Pauling fucked big dick super new sex game play now want this right? She says with a shaky voice. All she hears is grunts of approval on the other side, she continues to stroke him now but with both hands. I didn't pull this pretty little thing out just for some bullshit handjob, why dont you give it a little kiss sweety?

The man says in a deep voice that kinda turns the cute little blonde teenager on. Alyssa is getting turned on by the massive cock and without thinking she goes down to her knees on the dirty floor and gently licks the head of it. MMmmmm is all she hears from the man and she starts to swirl her tongue around the head. Then she starts to stroke and twist it in amotion as she licks the head just like she saw a girl do once in a porno that she watched with a friend, which was also ironically enough and black man and a white woman.

She stops mature and sexy beauty from the neighbor on cam takes a look at the now fully hard cock which had to be atleast 10 inches long. She wanted it.she lets go of it and puts her little mouth around it, only able to go a little past the head. The man slams his hand against the wall as he feels her tiny mouth around his cock.

Alyssa continues to suck it slowly and then brings both her hands back up a little to begin stroking it as she sucks it. She loved having this massive black cock in her tiny mouth. Alyssa realizes how wet she is, you like my tiny little mouth on your big black cock don't you baby? Alyssa says in a seductive voice that she didn't know she had in her.

The mans grunts and moans answer her question. Alyssa smiles and then reaches down to her still unzipped shorts and slides her hand down her panties, she sticks a finger in her wet tight pussy.

Mmmmm Alyssa moans as she continues to suck the huge cock while fingering herself. Alyssa does this for a few more minutes and can't take it anymore, she slides his cock out and takes her hand out of her shorts, slides them and her panties down.

She kicks them to the side, now just standing there in her sandals and tank top, her cute little round butt that her ex boyfriend always described as a tan marshmallow.

She turns around and positions the huge cock at her small hole. Puts one foot on the toilet seat and slides back into the cock. As expected it's not going to go right in. Ohhhhhhh! The man moans on the other side as he feels his head enter the tight teens pussy. Fuck.didn't think this through too well. Alyssa thinks to herself. Her pussy finally gets past her head and it wont go any further, Alyssa balcnes herself and starts to move back and fourth taking what she can.

Ohhhhhh.fuck your so huge.Alyssa moans. As she goes back into as much as she can, creaming all over his dick. Alyssa reaches up her shirt with one hand while her other is firmly against the wall in front of her for balance. She goes under her bra and plays with her little sensitive nipples.

The man is now also moving back and fourth with her rhythm. Alyssa keeps going back, attempting to take more of him in. Her pussy stretching out, she's never been so wet before in her life. Alyssa smiles as she breathes heavy. Losing track of how many times she has came. Then before she can pull him out she hears him moan out loudly and she feels his warm cun fill her womb up.

She doesnt even care as she keeps moving back and fourth. Letting his big black cock slide in and out of her. Finally her pace slows down and slides him out, her juices all over his dick. She takes her foot off of the toilet and puts both hands against the stall wall to keep from falling down.

Her legs felt like jelly. She looks back to see the dick is gone now. The stall door next to her opens and she hears what she can only imagine to be a very large black man exit the restroom. She takes a deep breath and smiles as she reaches down and grabs her panties and shorts. Sliding them back up. She opens the stall door and goes to the mirror, smile from ear to ear as she straightens up her hair a bit.

She turns and walks to the exit door, she peeks out first ddf network-nekane and jasmine webb fitness fucked in cheerleader outfits make sure her "friend" has left. All she sees is a big semi leaving the rest stop in the distance and her parents SUV. She makes a run for the SUV and quickly jumps in to get out of the cold, her parents are still thankfully sound asleep.

Alyssa puts her blonde hair back in a ponytail and takes a deep breath while smiling. A random chain of events to be certain but Alyssa doesn't care, all she can think about is when the next opportunity to get some black cock will be!

To be continued???