Hardcore cunt plowing session massage and blowjob

Hardcore cunt plowing session massage and blowjob
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We have just arrived back at my house after a wonderful evening of a fantastic meal and a few drinks. Since this is our fifth date I am thinking of actually inviting you in. You have been such a gentleman and always respected me by saying goodnight with a kiss at my front door. I unlock the door and ask if you would like to come in. With a smile you say you would like that very much and open the door for me. As I enter I step out of my heels by the door and you help me off with my coat. I can feel your eyes watching my every move and roaming up and down every inch of me.

You seem to enjoy the way my basic black dress fits every curve of my body.

I turn to you and you wrap your arms around me pulling me close to you. I look up at you with a smile and you bend down and kiss my willing parted lips deeply, our tongues entwining. I can feel your hardness through your pants against my tummy and I kiss you back passionately. As our lips part, I step back from you and turn around asking if you would help me by unzipping my dress.

It is so hard for me to reach around to do it. You quickly grasp the zipper and slowly pull it all the way down from my neck to my waist. As you release the zipper, I turn around to face you just a couple of feet away and I am holding my dress up in front with my hands. As I release my hold, my dress drops to the floor and you smile as I stand before you in nothing more than my black strapless bra, garters, low rise black panties and black silk stockings.

I can feel your eyes devouring every inch of me and it pleases me that you like what you see. I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom. As I lay back on the bed against the pillows I ask you to disrobe for me. You hurriedly remove your shirt, pants and socks.

I see the growing bulge in your boxer shorts and you release your wonderful manhood as you pull down your boxers and step out of them. I know I won't be disappointed tonight and Japanese love story porm movie am sure I will not disappoint you either.

I can feel the growing wetness between my legs as you major load deauxma amp sara jay fuck a big black cock over to the bed and lie next to me. You gently caress my neck and face and lightly run your finger across my lips. As I part them you bend over and press your lips against mine, your tongue searching deep inside my mouth. I moan as I feel your hands squeezing and mashing my breasts through the thin material of my lacy bra.

I can feel you taking my hard nipples between your thumb and forefinger gently pinching them. I reach behind and unfasten the catch of my bra. You remove it and immediately move your attention to my breasts with your hot mouth sucking on them and taking my hard nipples between your teeth playfully biting them.

I arch my back and I feel your hand moving down my stomach and your fingers between my thighs gently massaging my clit through the flimsy material of my panties. You move the wet material of my panties aside and I feel you push your finger between my swollen pussy lips sweet milf strokes drivers hard cock pov you find my g-spot. I cannot help myself and arch my back squeezing your finger as I cum and you feel my wet pussy become so much wetter as I moan and buck my hips.

Your thumb finds my clit and you massage it with your thumb and squeeze between your thumb and fingers still in my pussy as I almost scream and find myself cumming again. As I come down slightly I feel you hook your thumb through the waistband of my panties and pull them down to my knees. As your hands feel up and down my silk stockinged legs, you finally remove my panties down over my ankles.

I feel you moving down and I open my legs wide for you. You gaze at my wet pussy and suddenly move down putting your mouth over my pussy, sucking on it and teasing my clit with your tongue. you know that at this point I am yours and I want you to take me completely. You put your hands on my hips, pulling me down on the bed and reach around grabbing a pillow and putting it under my hips. I am now lying with my pelvis elevated and my shoulders flat on the bed.

My legs apart and feet planted flat on the bed. I feel you move between my legs, your hips spreading my thighs even wider as you bring that hard cock up to the entrance of my waiting pussy. I reach down and try to put my hand around it but it is too hard and thick for my small fingers to reach around it completely.

I guide it to my waiting entrance and you slowly push that hard smooth head past my pussy lips and I feel it as you push deeper, the friction on my g-spot driving me crazy as I gasp and call out your name. You continue to push forward until your hard thick cock is deep inside me. I can feel every ridge as it stretches me, oh so deliciously, every nerve on fire. As you begin a slow in and out movement, fucking me slowly I wrap my legs around you trying to pull you as deep into me as possible, when suddenly I find myself cumming again, even harder, coating your hard penis with my cum lubricating my pussy even more.

You are in control. You own me right now. I am yours. I know you are close to cumming because you begin moving faster and I feel your cock growing even larger as you begin thrusting even harder and deeperin and out, in and out.

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I feel the smooth head of your cock as it touches my cervix and suddenly you thrust hard and I can feel your cock twitch and jerk as you begin pumping your hot seed deep inside me. The feeling is too much and I cum hard again, screaming and bucking my hips, my pussy squeezing your cock, milking every last drop as I use my legs which are still wrapped around you to pull you in as deep as possible.

Both of us cumming, my whole body feels like I cannot ell where I end and you begin.

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At this moment we are one. I feel you collapse onto me with your cock still buried deep inside me and it twitches and jumps again and every nerve in my body can feel it bringing me up slightly again. I wrap my arm around you and hold you tight. Gradually I feel you begin to soften as you pull out slowly and roll off of me your arms around me. I am still coming down and ask you if you would mind spending the night. You tell me you can think of no place else you would rather be.

I tell you how tonight was better than I ever imagined. You quickly agree and tell me that you could not have dreamed it would be this wonderful. I lay in your arms, my head on your chest, as I reach down and play with your now soft manhood.

I drift off into a marvelous sleep, so fully satisfied right now.