Busty babe gets a mouthful of cum

Busty babe gets a mouthful of cum
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I have an amazing sex life, sometimes howevere you need to expermiment a little. My name is Lucy and I love sex, when my fella Stu, suggested we try bringing a third person into the bedroom I was a little usure but very tuned on, we discussed it at length also fucking whilst fantasising both of us exploring a new friend.

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Few months later we were soaking up the sun on holiday, my bikini was very tiny and I could see my boyfriends cock getting hard so he flip himself over still keeping an eye on my body. I admit I did teas him a little with playfull stroking here a moan there but had to stop as another couple sad next to us. It transpired that Megan and Rob were both 19 and on their first trip together, they told us they were childdhood sweethearts and seem'd quite shy.

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Robb was a builder so his body was very toned, Megan worked in an office and admited that she did find it quite boring as most off her collegues were much older. A couple of hours passed by and Robb decided it would be nice to get us all a cold drink, he wonderd off to the barr and I hate to admit I was sneakily watching him as he walked away, he had a nice backside. Megan and I hit it off right away, we chatted about the different things we had found about the local area what we thought of the people, our eyes fell on a bronzed body walking alonge, he was tall, bronzed and obviousely worked out.

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You could also see how big his cock was under his very small shorts and we started drooling. Megan blushed when she realised that I had noticed her noticing too.

I laughed and told her not to worry that every hot blooded female would get turned on by the thought of that cock, I also confided in her that Stu's cock would give the guy a run for his money, she looked over at stu blushing and stu rolled onto his back just to show her what I meant, Stu's cock although not totally hard was half way there so it was impressive.

Robb came back with our drinks, this is how we spent the next couple of hours chatting, drinking and enjoying the hot sun. I had to excuse myself at this point as nature was calling and as our room was closer than the public toilets I excused mysef, Megan at this point asked if she could use our toilet also, Megan brought up the subject of the "god" We'd seen earlier and said he got her quite turned on, Robb it seem'd wasnt really blessed in the cock department and although she loved him she seem'd very curious about the other guy amazing mature bombshell gurgles a massive load Stu.

we were both I think getting turned with the conversation. When we returned to the guy's they told us it had been decided we'd all be going clubing that night, as it turned out it would be a great idea and the start of something new for Stu and I. That night whilst I was getting ready I told stu about Megan's curiosity That she had never been with a well endowed guy befor I noticed the twinkle in his eye and remember'd the conversation we'd had months before, the seed had been sewn.

I'd decided to go all out I wore a black little tube dress, high heels and kept my long blond hair down, after applying a little makeup I felt good, Stu came up behind me as I stood at the mirror and pressed his cock agains me which I was please to feel was quite hard, just at that there was a knock at the door, Robb and Megan had arrived, Stu and I would fuck later the wait would only intensify what was to cum.

At the club we danced and drank all night the more we drank the more relaxed Megan became, it got quite heated we did seem to be paying more attention to her, she was looking hot, she has long red hair and had a very skimpy white halter top and tiny skirt, her breast's jiggled whilst we danced and it was hard not to keep watching, I'm not too sure if she noticed but as we were quite typsy I'm, not sure she cared infact I think she seem'd to be enjoying it.

I'd never been with a woman but I'd been curiouse when we'd been watching porn and the sight of two women really did turn me on.

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Stu had mostly kept Robb at the barr all night so as a result Robb was a little worse for wear although he seem'd to want to carry on partying after we left the club, we reached our room first and as we had plenty in the way of alcohol carried on the party, Lucy and I danced to busty hottie rides on a big shaft big tits cumshot raunchy music, I was so close to her and could see Stu watching, Robb was too drunk to notice and was falling asleep.

I caught Stu's eye who looked very very interested at megan and myself, so I thought I'd tease him a little, I wispered to megan that it looked like Stu was getting hot under the collar and should we have a little fun with it, Megan giggled, I lifted my hand and started to strok her arm putting my other hand around her waist, she put her had to the back of my head and gently pulled my lips to hers, my toungue slipped into her sweet mouth oh god her mouth felt so good that's when I totally lost all thought, I felt her breast's agains mine, her legs again's mine, we started kissing passionately, fuck I was horny at that we moved to the bed, it was hot and I just wanted to fuck.

I laid her down kept kissing her but also remembered Stu, it was about to get hotter. I hovered over her kissing her, stu was joining in, touching her breast's pincing them she was moaning so sweetly I wanted to make her hotter that she had ever been, I needed to see Stu fuck her.

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I lifted myself up took her panties off, Stu moved. he knelt with his face at her crotch, lifted her leg's and nearly had her doubled up, I could see his toungue at her slit, flicking, probing, she was moaning so loudly, Robb stired on the other bed but he just lay and watched brunette girlfriend sucking bfs cock and gets fucked dude ends on seemd too far gone to move, I moved up to Megans head put my crotch to her face, fucked her face, ohhhh my she had an amazing mouth, I rubbed my crotch right onto her open mouth, oh it felt good, Stu watched this and coulnd't hold back, I held onto megans leg's pulling them back and open, I could smell her pussy it was intoxicating and her hole was open to him, Stu kelt up took his cock out of his pant's he rubbed it up and down megans slit all the while keeping his eye's on mine, I saw some of his dick slip up her pussy and felt her breathing change, I leant forwards and Stu kissed me as he started to fuck I could feel him humping her, I started to rub her clit while I was fucking her face, she wimper'd wriggling at Stu's 8 and a half inch thick cock opened her up her breathing was changing, I didnt care I was still fucking her face, stu fucked harder I rubbed harder, she was cumming long and hard I felt myself go, Stu was fucking her so hard I could see he was close I heard his moans and my pussy gushed all over her face, she licked and sucked me so good, ohhh.

The beat of the music still played, the smell of our recent activities lingered, we were sprawled out on the bed, Stu lay on his back his cock still at half mast.

Megan seemed like she was falling asl**p, I was still horney. My eyes fell on Robb, he was stroking his cock, he'd obviousely gotten horney while watching the show, he stared at me while masterbating, I couldnt take my eyes off him, my pussy still craved fucking, I moved over to the other bed, crawled between Rob's open legs, it was true his cock was maybe 6 inches but it had girth, I licked my lips and slowley opened my mouth, it felt soo good, hot and hard, I slowley sucked and licked the bell end, making my mouth circle him hard while I lowered my head back and forth slowley, I had half of him in my mouth and I needed all of him in me, I lowered my head so his cock was all the way in, I held him there my nose being tickled by his hairs, one hand was busy with his balls the other busy with my pussy, I was fucking my pussy, the juices making my fingers wet and slippy, I started fucking Robb with my mouth at that moment I heard a groan from the next white wife black husband cries with pleasure, Stu was pumping his dick while he now watched the show, I wathed as he stood and moved to megans pussy again still pumping, he knelt down put her leg's over his sholders and started eating, I watched and listened to the slurping and sucking.

MY lips were still hard on Robbs cock when he suddenly lifted me off threw me on my back and slamed his cock into me.

it was soo good, I was being fucked while I watched Stu with megan,by now she was moaning and asking him to fuck her he knelt up and put his cock into her pussy, I watched, my pussy was getting a pounding, Robb was like a battering ram I felt my pussy clench his fat cock I could feel it cuming, I lost all thought I was shouting, "fuck me harder fill my pussy with your cummmm", shouting at Stu to batter megans pussy we were all panting, moaning, my pussy exploded gushing over Robbs cock he screamed his cock pullsing in my pussy filling me over and over with cum, I could feel it, Stu lay over Megan, his arse pounding her and clenching while his cock pushed into her cervix filling her full of his seed, I lay there Robb's cock still in me.

Hope my story in enjoyed. Please excuse any and all spelling mistakes.