Public8 sex for money in public

Public8 sex for money in public
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So it was the best summer of my life, i had gone out basically everyday with my friends, made a huge circle of them too, got my first smoke of weed and loved it, made trouble around the area, skateboarded around town, enjoyed the dying days of sun and the warmth of the twilight air.

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Yeah, these were the best days of my life and yet i still found nothing. As my friendships grew and grew others just disappeared without a trace, I had noticed tat some of my closet friendships were dying, and yet i didn't even attempt to rescue them, i had other things on my mind.

About two months later i was still friends with my oldest buddy's and i was OK with that, i had good old Mary Jane to keep me comp[any if i had any worries and that too was alright, only if i ran out that is. I had only just turned 14 also, and my friends had gone into all that 'online community' shit and i didn't really like it specifically 'my space', well anyway i made an account and got on with it.

So I was browsing through it on a Monday and all of a sudden i spy a friend request, from Alex Henshore, this is why i wasn't into online friendships because of all the crime and sexual harassment you hear about in the news, but i decided to click on her name and sure enough, it was a gal, that lived very near me. To begin with i was very cautious of letting any info slip, but i gradually got more and more fond of her during very long I'm sessions as my damn my space, was rather public!

I didn't really bother with getting too friendly as, although my real physical friends were plentiful, i dint want to seem a sad and get a cybersex life or anything. Well anyway i spent the next year and a bit just keeping our friendship minimal, anyway i wanted to be out and enjoy friends company, especially Mike's, oh god, i loved Mike, we met so early on at high school, and grew closer and closer, some even said we would make a really cute couple, looking back we did, I was bi, i knew that very early on but Mike wasn't, he knew my sexuality mother i would like to fuck adores fucking around a lot hardcore and blowjob didn't mind.

Anyway, dammit ! So Mike was a good pal, always there for anyone, he was always lucky, bastard. I never seemed to be bothered about girls, i don't know why, maybe school was more of my current specialty, i don't know, but yeah sure i spoke to them. I remember the same summer i watched Mike and Annie making out, damn i wish i could do that i thought as (OMFG first sexual term coming up) my cock started to bulge, Jesus, was it over Mikey or Annie ?

I cant remember, but at least i was sexually active, involving myself at least. Meanwhile as my MSN contact list and my myspace friends list both overpopulating at the same rate, a little face on the last page reminded me of someone.

SHIT Alex!

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I forgot all about her! Aw man, i felt guilty, so i started up our conversations again, and began to get more friendly once again. 4 months on Fuck all that what i said id never do, I turned 15 in the months since gone. And all of a sudden i became that sado i didn't want to be, i ha Alex's mobile number and all of that stuff. We talked more on the phone, the ultimate came. I asked if shed want to meet up and we did. It was a cold Wednesday afternoon, i walk up to the park gates, 'oh shit' i thought, this is it.

"Hi ! I'm Jonathan, er wow your even more cuter then i anticipated-" I was cut off by her abrupt hug, a bit foward, but i was cold, and got near a beautiful full rounded rack, a bit large for a 14 year old, i accepted it hey, like i wouldn't say no. "Hey, I'm Alex then!

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Thanks, i try to be a cute emo chick!" "You try and succed my freind, may i say thanks fot that hug!" And she did, wearing a tight pair of jeans, and a cute spotty emo shirt, in which her tits bursting out of, not to mention a pair of converses i had never seen before.

"Nah, its OK! Lets go somewhere warm!" "Whe-" "The cinema ?" 'Holy Shit. The cinema ? is she gonna, that's a bit too foward, meh fuck it, Jon this may be your first and only chance of getting a blow job, or some pussy even !' I hesitated but i welcomed the concept and said sure so we went to the cinema.

We got into some real Gothic shit film, nice and dark.

At the back row, we were holding hands, and hugging, i was so fucking nervous. She turns to face my face and a sudden bright scene in the movie, and all i see is her beautiful sillouted face.

"Hey ! Lets make out!" "Wha?! I don't know, Ive nev-" She did it, her mouth, a god damn girls mouth was in mine, her tongue, also exploring my mouth, i didn't care now I just let her do what she was doing, god how that was enjoyable i didn't know, but it was. We continued for ages, then her hand was approaching my zipper, i couldn't be bothered to worry, or hesitate.


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