Black babe plays with her wand amateur toys

Black babe plays with her wand amateur toys
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It was cold. There was so much fucking traffic I couldn't get the fuck home. It was impossible to move, and I was coming back from a day out with the girls. I looked up in the sky, sensing it was about to rain, remembering I had no umbrella on me. Shit, I thought. Car horns everywhere, I decided to take the risk of going through, "The Alley".

This apparently, emphasis on the apparently, was where girls got raped after their boyfriends had had enough of them. Ha! What a load of bullshit. I clutched my bag beside me, and made it to The Alley. The Alley was dark and gloomy, almost like hell really. I held my hair in place and started to run not looking up, and unaware of a young man coming up ahead.

We collided heads, me on the floor, him still standing up.

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I looked up. Gosh was he fit! He had brown hair, with a brown goatee neatly shaven, forest green eyes. "Gosh! I'm such a bastard, I'm sorry," I stammered blushing. He saw me and smirked in the most sexiest way ever. "It's OK, I guess I should have paid more attention," he replied. "I'm Jake by the way," he added, stretching out his hand for me to shake.

"Jenna," I smiled back. The sky began to open up to terror, thunder followed by lightning and rain. Jake took out his umbrella and pulled me to my feet. We both stood under it shivering. "So where you of to?" He asked me putting his arm around me. I felt quite safe, I didn't want him to let me go. "Home, but that's impossible what with all the traffic and rain," I sighed. "Did you ring anyone to tell them?" he looked at me, straight in the eyes.

I knew I shouldn't have lied, but I hadn't contacted anyone. Yet.

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"Oh yeah. my brother, he said make my way home on public transport," I replied, looking away. "Hey, it's OK, come back to mine, and don't worry, I wont rape you!" He laughed.

I laughed too, just for raunchy blowgang session with a black hottie fun of it. We were walking to Jake's house, as the rain decided to lighten up. We got to his door and wow was the front amazing. He unlocked the door and let me in first and then inside was just as wonderful. "Woah!" I said, mouth hung open. "You like?" he asked. "Deffo!" I replied, mouth hung open. "Hey Jenna, I'll be upstairs if you need me, make yourself at home," Jake smiled, showing his perfect teeth and made it for the flight of steps.

After a while of trailing around, I got a bit bored and thought of exploring upstairs. I walked up the stairs, holding onto the banister. I got to the landing to uncover six mystery rooms.

Each of them looked cool to explore but there was one which was half open. I thought I could hear a faint moan of pleasure. I sucked my breath in and held it. Yep, there it was again. I headed towards to half open door and peered in as much as I could before I revealed myself. It was Jake! He was laid backexposing a FINE 6 pack. Just below that, was his cock, hanging back onto his stomach.

He picked it up and started to slowly rub it back and forth, moaning. This really got me turned on. I tried to lean further but kind of tripped over myself and pushed the door further. I tried to make a run for it, barely got past the second door before Jake came up behind me and cuddled me. "Going somewhere?" He asked in a sly voice. I could feel his throbbing cock pressing against my back. "Erm.

the er. toilet." I replied back, not knowing what to say. "You sure?" he asked, turning me around until I was facing him. I could feel his warm breath on my face. "Awkward." I said. I was struck by something unexpected. He reached down for my hand and put it on his pulsing cock.

Wow! It was the best thing I felt so far. It was rock hard, but yet it felt so smooth. One thing that was for sure, was that it was huge. "Like it?" He asked smiling. I could only manage a nod really. "Suck it," he commanded.

I was stupid enough to give in, as he pushed me down by my shoulders, and I came face to face with Jake's cock. Slowly, I took it in my hands and started to toss him off.

"Mmm." He moaned. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it happily. He gently assisted my head in this movement and his moans became louder. I forgot we were on the landing, but he seemed to remember. He pulled out and picked me up, carried me to his room and shut his door behind him. He leant over me, undressing me slowly, licking my neck. I tilted my head, biting my lip. He got to my nipples and circled them with his tongue. I let out a long moan. "Ohh yeah that's it Jake," I pushed his head further down, leaving a trail of wetness.

Jake had got to my pussy, but it was already wet. He was so damn hot in action. He took his fingers and licked them. He traced the outside of my pussy with his wet fingers and slid one in.

Slowly, he fingered me, picking up his pace. It felt so good I could almost cum. "Uhh, Jake, FASTER! Bitch Faster!" And he sped up. After a minute or so, he stopped and licked me clean, fucking me with his tongue. He held his cock in his hands and rubbed the side of it on my pussy. He was clearly teasing me. "Noo Jake! That's mean slid the damn thing in!" I cried out. He just laughed, "You asked for it bitch," and He thrust it in with no warning.

It hurt so much, so I relaxed and the pain was over and I felt nothing but pleasure. My legs were spread right out as he fucked the living daylight out of me. "OH! JAKE HARDER!" I screamed out, grabbing his arm. Pretty baby gives a head went in deeper, and hit the G-spot.

In an instant I was like a volcano. I pulled out his cock and rubbed the head as drops of cum came flooding out. I licked my fingers. His cum tasted sweet, lucky enough. I pushed myself up against the bed post and he came closer to me, kissing me all over.

"I want you to be mine," he whispered, still rock hard with his chunky cock pressing against my pussy. "I AM yours," I replied back. He rolled me over and slapped my arse as a joke.

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