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Nyrae was extremely frustrated she'd tried everything to discover who the Ever Last Master was, nothing had worked! Still she wouldn't give up; it was her and her master's destiny to help the Ever Last Master to re-establish the Jinn race and world.

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How she wished she could go home but her master had forbid it 'til they found the Ever Last Master. Sighing she'd exhausted almost all of her sources she had to find him now that there was a reason to go home. Jake was almost ready to go when he heard a low groaning in his pool/bathroom oh shit! he'd forgotten about each time he had sex with his Jinns! Quickly Jake did a search of the room soon finding a pair of male Jinns. Both seemed to be in bad shape, both still injured.

This was strange they usually appeared healthy if not weak except for Trully. Frantically Jake rubbed the Talisman thinking of Trully. Only a moment passed before she appeared, looking where Jake pointed her mouth fell open. "By the great Jinn!" Came a whisper from her lips.

Then looking closer she gasped, "I can see nothing wrong with them!" Jake could only nod he hoped that Trully could do something these two were in really bad shape far worse than Trully had appeared. Trully had used every type of energy that she had to detect anything and still there was nothing.

Sighing she really didn't want to ask anything of Master Jake after all he had done but without him she felt it would be impossible to japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored them. "I am sorry Master Jake; I have need of the gift that you have." Trully said hoping that she could actually help them. Nodding Jake moved to the two males and held his hands out.

Trully touched Jake and hissed at what she saw, it was as she feared, an ancient magic they were suffering from. "I am sorry Master Jake but there will be pain involved though I don't believe it will be as bad as when you and the doctor healed me." Trully lied hoping that Jake didn't have her punished for lying.

Jake just nodded as he held his hands over the worst of the men. Sighing Trully started to feed the energy through Jake. At first it wasn't that bad a mere tickle then the real pain began.

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Trully had the first man out of danger and wanted to start on the second but wasn't sure seeing the grimace that was etched on Jake's face. Jake could see most of the darkness was gone from the first man but was confused when Trully stopped and didn't go on to the second.

"Why did you stop Trully? We have to help them please don't stop believe me I have taken more pain than this." Jake told Trully when she still hesitated. "Master Jake I cannot hurt you; I can see the pain you are in, I am afraid that if we continue it might kill you!" Trully said as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Trully you have to! I am the only one who can allow you to see what is wrong if you don't then we may lose him!

Now please! Continue!" Jake said almost pleading with Trully. Trully stared at Jake a look of disbelief on her face, this mere man was willing to risk his life to save Jinn lives he didn't even know! For a moment more she still hesitated then remember the legend again the Ever Last Master would risk his life many times to help restore the Jinn world and race.

Nodding Trully moved Jake's slightly trembling hands over the second of the men. Jake stood fast, he had to help Trully get them out of danger already he could see that the first was starting to heal faster though not as fast as he'd seen normal Jinn's heal. Jake prepared for the shock and pain as Trully started again on the second man.

Again like with the first it wasn't bad at all, though after only a few minutes Jake thought his skin was being peeled from his body at a tremendously slow rate. Looking down he saw that hardly anything had been healed as of yet gritting his teeth he closed his eyes and tried to think of anything to help block the pain.

Finally after what felt like several hours Trully stopped, opening his eyes he could see almost all of the ancient magic was gone. Smiling at Trully Jake told her, "See I told you I would be alright!" That's when he noticed that Trully and all his Jinns had a worried look on their faces.

"What did you say Master Jake your voice was slurred," Trully asked him. "I said I told you I would be alright!" When Trully still shook her head no, Jake took a step toward her and felt light headed. "Oh shit,' hot lesbian threesome action with seductive dames yelled as he fell against Trully who was even more worried now.

<Gen?> Jake thought to Gen. <Master what is wrong? You did too much again didn't you?> Came Gen's troubled thoughts. <Yes, I think I did, think I need a nap.> With that Jake let the darkness take him as there were several gasps in the room as Jake was unconscious. Everyone of his Jinns was trying to lift him to get him in bed but for some reason they were having trouble. Trully had been afraid of this, again as when he helped to heal her, Master Jake had the ancient magic attack him.

Shaking her head she knew she was going to have to release the doctor he was far better at removing this than she'd ever been. The only problem was, would he stay with her when she released him.

She'd worked a very long time to get him where she had him now. Sighing Trully made a motion and the doctor appeared still bound and barely dressed, though there was still a look of lust on his face Trully knew that might change when he was loose. "I am sorry doctor we have an emergency with Master Jake it is as before when he helped to heal me." Trully told the doctor. Immediately a serious look of concern crossed his face as Trully released him.

Touching Jake's arm the doctor also hissed, "by the great Jinn! The forbidden magic! Though I see you removed almost all of the killing aspects of it, I feel Master Jake is in trouble! I am afraid that it busty slut fucks her pussy with her dildo take both of us to banish this Trully." The doctor said a huge smile on his face.

Jake was still on the floor where he'd slumped a few minutes ago, the doctor joined hands with Trully as they both began to pour energy into Jake. "It's good he'd unconscious otherwise this would hurt more than before thoug." The doctor was saying as Jake groaned and his eyes opened for a moment. An even louder groan erupted from Jake's lips as the two medical Jinns continued to work on Jake.

Gen stepped forward and asked, "Trully is there anything that we can do? We feel so helpless just standing here." Trully looked at the five pairs of worried eyes, four had tears starting to fall from them. Looking at the doctor Trully nodded and replied, "All of you can lend your energy to us and try to reinforce your protection of master Jake." Gen nodded then all five began to pour energy into the two medical Jinns.

Finally after a few more minutes Jake finally started to breathe easier. Trully was starting to feel the drain that this spell was taking, she was glad that the doctor had suggested Jake's Jinns lend them their energy or neither of them might have made it. The doctor finally looked closer at Jake and nodded to Trully, with a huge sigh she let go and almost fell to the floor. Was this what it was like for Master Jake when he pushed as hard as he did?

A new respect began to grow in her eyes for Master Jake. The doctor also stumbled as he tried to step away from Jake. Falling on a nearby pillow the doctor smiled even larger anal fucking for hot brunette in kitchen the un-payable debt he owed Master Jake, he would do anything for the man.

As Jake floated in a grey dream area he was startled when he heard a voice that wasn't one of his Jinns. At first he did but as the voice came closer he could tell it wasn't one of his. Then he caught sight of her, like Gen she was very curvy, with 38 - c breasts. Her long brown hair was moving in the ? (he guessed) breeze as she approached.

Stopping short in front of him she gasped and bowed low to what appeared to be ground that they were standing on. "syd min 'ay waqt madaa almadi," the Jinn said. Shaking his head he tried to concentrate, "'ana huna litaqdim himayat baladi." The woman said still prone on the ground. "I'm sorry I can't understand you," Jake told her as she still refused to look up at him.

"Please stand I find it hard to talk to you like this." Frustrated the woman didn't know what to do she could understand him fine but he couldn't her wait. Suddenly the woman looked up at Jake and felt the distinctive pull of his sexual magnetism. Her mouth open wide but this was the dream field emotions weren't supposed to be able to be manipulated like this.

Her breathing increasing she tried her best to look away from Jake but found irresistible chicks know how to masturbate together was impossible. Reaching up she couldn't stop herself as she shredded he clothing standing before Jake proud of her naked body. Jake was shocked, this was hot clothed cfnm slut sucks fetish cock first time he'd seen this happen before in a dream.

Even when he first saw Sheeka she hadn't been this aggressive or wanting! "I don't want to take advantage of you." Jake said as the young woman grabbed his head and locked her lips with his. She couldn't help herself as she grabbed Jake and kissed him deeply and passionately. The kiss sending shocks running all through her body. As the tingles started to reach her vagina she could feel it start to leak. By the great Jinn! What was happening to her?

Why was she losing control of her body? Worse yet was the fact that the kiss was making her even weaker in the knees!

Jake also felt the shocks run through his body as the young woman deepened the kiss. Holy shit! It was almost like he was kissing Gen and Rosalinda! The sensations were almost the same. Then there was the fact that her curvaceous body was turning him on as bad as when he was with his Jinns.

Though he didn't want to take advantage of her he was having a hard time in more ways than one resisting her.

The young Jinn broke the kiss gasping as it felt as if something had been ripped from her soul. Whimpering a little she looked at Jake, "Master sir, please! I need lak bishakl sayi' lilghaya!" Jake's face held a look of shock and surprise; this was just a dream, wasn't it? Now he wasn't so sure. Looking at the sexy Jinn he really wasn't sure!

The young woman was panting heavily she'd lost almost complete control of herself! Nodding with a sigh Jake removed his clothes as the young Jinn issued a growl from her throat and pushed Jake flat. Climbing upon him she screamed as she quickly impaled herself on his hard staff. Then with a satisfied sigh she began to thrust herself harder and harder quickly screaming out her orgasm. Still panting the woman didn't slow for even a moment as she kept going. Jake was beginning to wonder what in the hell was going on.

This was a dream he never felt this much in a dream! Some yes but never this much, he had to say this was a definite improvement over the usual. They had only been at it for ten minutes when he felt her tighten again then yell out in another orgasm this time her liquid seemed to flood out and cover Jake's scrotum.

Jake would have been impressed with the woman but was also starting to feel his own release starting to build within his balls. Rolling them both Jake took over as he began to plunge deeper and faster into the young woman. The grunts he heard from her along with her small whimpers let him know he was on the right track. Finally after a few more minutes Jake thrust as deep as he could felt his release as he began to pump her full of his seed.

The young woman leaned over and kissed Jake, "Thank you, akhar min 'ay waqt madaa Master." Then the young woman floated away leaving a drained but thoroughly satisfied Jake in her wake. Jake jerked awake on his bed, there were four bodies snuggled around him in various positions. Smiling Jake found that he couldn't move without waking at least two of them. Better let them sleep he thought after today's news and shocks, looking at the foot of the bed he saw that Akeesha was asleep against the bed post a serene look on her face.

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Well Jake thought at least she's starting to fit in here. Back in a room hidden behind Juno's office Nyrae's eyes snapped open. By the great Jinn! What in the hell had just happened? She'd never had an experience like that before and to betray her master like she had! Appearing in Juno's office she bowed low to the floor and confessed what she had done. "I await your punishment Master." She told him as she trembled on the floor.

Juno could only stare at his Jinn with an open mouth, he knew that the Ever Last Master had a hell of a lot of power around him but he hadn't expected it to be this much! "Arise Nyrae, there will be no punishment, I cannot expect you hot amazing babes are giving explicit gratifying striptease and hardcore beat a power that far superior to yours.

The simple fact that he has such a strong sexual attraction should make him easy to spot. Are you any closer to discovering who the Ever Last Master is?" Juno asked of her. "Yes Master, for some reason I feel you know him, and have for some time now. I was very close but I still was unable to see his name." Nyrae said her forehead still on the floor praying her master stayed in this good of a mood. Juno nodded, and then thought, a strong sexual attraction? Jake?

Could it be? There were none nor had there any of the signs that he was told would be there by the council all those decades ago.

He couldn't deny it though, Jake definitely had a sex appeal that he hadn't seen in a very long time. Nyrae saw the light in her master's eyes causing her to sigh.

So master might have the answer thanks to her, thank the great Jinn! Plus he'd shown compassion to her, something he hadn't in a very long time!