Cute amateur blonde milf gives handjob 2 tube porn

Cute amateur blonde milf gives handjob 2 tube porn
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So I think I'd been bisexual for a long time. Possibly forever. It's funny, I remember all the mental games I'd play. I'd be dicking about looking at porn, and I'd see some hot girl getting nailed by a fat ugly guy and it'd put me off - I wanted porn with both hot guys as well as hot girls. Then I remember discovering twinks, this was all while I was quite young, late teens, and a twink myself. And holy shit did that turn me on. Girls still did too, of course, but twinks made me realise just how hot guys could be too.

It wasn't long before I got curious. I had been with girls before, although nothing ever lasted.

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The sex was okay, but girls of my age (I was 17-18 at the time) were boring. They didn't understand guys and tended to just go for the whole 'starfish' position.

Dull. But for a guy like me to find other guys to experiment with was a tough feat.

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I hate things like clubs, don't know any gay people and my parents, who I still lived with, were relatively homophobic. So I went online, posted a few pictures of myself.

I got a lot of attention. It's funny cus I wasn't used to that from women. Women tend to not be into twinks. I'm a 5 sunny leone bra panty xstory 9 guy, with literally no body hair except a few pubes and a tiny bit on my armpits.

Tiny frame, tiny arms, very thin (just metabolism). Hazel eyes and blond hair which was kinda long, but not too long. Girls like their guys tall, dark and handsome, but suddenly I was in demand.

A couple of shirtless pics and an ass one and holy shit the amount of guys who wanted me was insane, especially since I shaved my ass (practical reasons mostly, I find hair there itchy). Most of the guys were weird. Old, fat. I tried to let them down gently but usually that wouldn't give them the message, so I just started blocking people I disliked. I was mostly curious about bottoming.

I'd fingered myself while wanking quite a few times, and I loved it. My asshole was just sensitive in general - just rubbing it while wanking would intensify my orgasms by a lot. But then I found him.

Carl. Fuck was he sexy. Twinkish, but strong looking. Short, dark hair, strong, but still quite thin. Quite muscular guy. 6 inch cock which looked rock hard, which I love. Some cocks look half-flaccid all the time, especially really big ones, and I find it quite off-putting. I much prefer a properly hard dick. I suppose in terms of fetishes I have one main one and it's quite simple. I really get off on other people getting off, especially if I am getting them off. I just find it so hot, and because of that I quite like being told what to do and dominated a lot.

I find it super erotic to think of doing things in order to watch bambi destiny linda shane and viktoria blonde in action another person on. Anyway, we started talking, and eventually he talked me into coming on cam with him.

He was already shirtless when he got on cam with me and fucking hell. Hard, but small pecs, same with his abs, and a beautiful face, a tiny bit older than me (early 20s).

When I got on cam we said hello quickly, and then he told me I looked sexy. I was rock hard already. The first time he spoke made me feel amazing.

He had a stern-ness in his voice, kind, yet firm. Maybe he put it on a bit because he knew about my likes sexually. He told me to take off my shirt. Fuck, the look in his eyes when he saw my smooth skin - I could see him rubbing his crotch just from seeing my body.

That turned me on a lot. "Fuck, that is one sexy body. The things I'd do to you". God damn, when he said that I literally felt the precum leak out of my cock.

Just as I did, I saw him start pulling his shorts down, revealing his beautiful, rock hard 6 inch uncut dick. "Well, you just gonna sit there gawking?" he said, breaking me from my trance, staring at his cock. "Show me some more of you. Pull down your pants and show me your dick and your hole". I did as he said, showing first my 7 inch dick (quite big for a guy my size, it's odd really). Then I lifted my legs up. I was laying on my bed with my laptop, and I put my laptop down in front of me so it would give a good view of my ass.

"Holy shit" he muttered as he saw my asshole for the first time. I spread my cheeks for him, letting him have a nice view of my hole. I was rock hard and rubbing my cock, as was he. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Fuck man. If I was there I'd be holding those legs back over your head and be balls deep in you right now. You look so fucking tight." It's true, I was tight. I didn't have any toys yet, although I had used small bananas covered with condoms, and lots and lots of spit as lube.

I'd also fingered myself a lot. Just thinking about him loving my asshole made me rub a finger over it. I had cleaned earlier down there in anticipation for all of this - I was totally ready.

"You like things rubbing your ass like that?". I nodded. "How about them inside you?" I knew what he wanted, and seeing him stroking his cock while watching me was getting me off like crazy.

I spit on my finger a bit and rubbed it around my asshole, before forcing my finger inside. "Good boy" he said as my finger entered my tight, virgin asshole. That bit of approval turned me on a lot, and soon I was burying my index finger deep inside me.

I fingered for a while, but I really wanted to show holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde how dirty and dedicated to turning him on I was, so I pulled my finger out, got on my hands and knees in front of the cam and made a big show of licking my finger and sucking it.

This seemed to be getting him off a lot. He was loving the show. "Bend over and spank yourself for me". He said. And fuck, that did sound hot. I obliged, bending over in front of the cam, giving him a nice view, before reaching my right hand back and spanking my ass. "You call that a spanking?" He said, forcibly. "Show me a proper one, I want to see your ass go red". I was so fucking hard at this point, so I spanked hard, turning my ass cheeks pink. "That'll do I suppose. I'll show you how it's properly done soon.

Now here's what I really want to see. Lie on your bed, put your legs over your head and start fingering your ass while wanking off, then cum all over your face and in your own mouth".

It felt like such a slutty suggestion. It turned me on so much, my nipples were so hard. I did exactly as he said, and started fingering myself while wanking over my face. I moaned loudly into my mic. "Yeah, you getting close?" He asked.

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I pretty much let out a squeal to let him know that I was. "Good, I am too". He said, and continued wanking his dick. The eroticism of the whole situation was getting me off so badly. I was wanking on camera, waiting to swallow my own cum, while fingering my ass and getting told what to do, all for basically a complete stranger.

I started getting really close, and I think that he could tell. He started whispering things like "yeah, cum for me. All over your face. Cover yourself. I want to see it in your mouth". As he said that I added another finger to my ass and started fucking myself with them hard. "Fuck yourself like I would fuck you. Pound your tight ass like I'm gonna do to you soon".

That was enough to send me over the edge. "I'm gonna cum" I squealed out as my orgasm approached and I wanked fast while fucking myself as hard as I could. "Get that mouth open" he demanded, and I did exactly as he said. I felt the pre-cumming feeling and then it hit me, I literally started shaking as the first huge spurt landed straight on my face, in between my eyes. The second one was more direct and went straight into my mouth, and then after that the cum was basically leaking out rather than coming out in spurts, and I milked the last bits onto my tongue while slipping the fingers out of my ass.

"Don't you swallow yet". I had almost forgotten tamed teens natalie loves her pussy pounded and cum him, I was so caught up in my amazing orgasm. I put my face near to the cam and opened my mouth, showcasing my huge load in my mouth. "Scoop those bits off of your face, and into your mouth.

Use those fingers that have been in your ass, you dirty boy" he demanded, and I did exactly as he said. It tasted amazing, quite sweet on account of my healthy diet.

I licked everything clean and then opened my mouth for him to see. "Fuck, that's so hot, I'm gonna cum" he said.

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"Swallow your load, yeah swallow your cum". As I did so he watched intently, stroking his dick as hard as he could. Soon he came a huge amount, all over his chest. "Shit". He said. "That was so good". "I loved it. That was all amazing. I didn't think it could be that good" I replied.

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"Can we try to meet up in person? I want all of that and more" I asked, nervously. "Of course we can. I'll set something up. I can't wait to do all of that to you". We said goodbye, and I fell asleep, content that I had confirmed just how turned on by guys I really could be.

That was amazing, but now I wanted more. I will write a sequel if there is demand. Cheers for reading. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to pm me, this is the first thing I've written. If you liked it, please let me know!