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Sunny leone xxx face fuck
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Jerri was spending a week at the lake with her parents and so far it was fun but far from exciting. That is what her parents wanted. They had rented a log cabin on the lakeshore surrounded by a pine forest.

The clear blue water of the lake and the deep green of the trees were sitting below bright blue skies with puffy white clouds drifting past. There were other cabins but not really close. You could just see the next one through the trees. The lake was small enough that you could just see all the way around it.

Jerri counted at least thirty-two docks. Some of the homes she saw were really fancy and she wondered about the people that lived in them. You always heard many kinds of birds during the day and mostly owls at night. The other things you heard were boats, fishing boats and fast ski boats. Jerri wished that her parents had also rented a boat for the week.

It was late August. The lake sat at 6200 feet above sea level so although the days got up into the eighties, the nights fell into the fifties. Being high up and far away from the big city where they lived allowed you to see so many stars. The milky way was a white streak across the jet black sky. Jerri's family had rented this cabin each year ever since she was a little girl and she loved coming here. It had been hot at home since May and Jerri had plenty of time to work on her tan.

Her skin was now a deep medium brown, almost as brown as Tanika's. Tanika was her black friend from school. Jerri had asked her to come spend the week with them like she had done the year before but her family was going back to Jamaica at that same week. Tanika's family had also asked Jerri to go with them also but neither family was able to change the week of their reservations.

Jerri was not able to sunbath in the nude at home as other people could see into their yard. She wore a small bikini so under it, her high, firm 34-C breasts and her cleanly shaven mound were still creamy white.

The contrast was striking. Jerri was five foot five and had a spectacular body. Her waist was small and her tummy tight. Her hips were smaller than her chest. Her legs were long and firm and they reached all the way to the ground. Jerri was slight but not skinny and the rest of her body just emphasized her chest which was large compared to the rest of her. She was proud of her body and worked hard to keep in good shape. Jerri had a cute, young looking face and she kept her dishwater blond hair just longer that shoulder length.

She liked keeping it in twin ponytails most of the time. It was not why she did it but the way she kept her hair made many people think that she was even younger than she really was.

___________________________ Mom and Dad had gone into town to shop and Dad had gotten a call from work so they had to go back to the red pussy and hot sex for a couple hours. They wouldn't even leave him alone while he was on vacation.

I felt bad for him. They asked if I wanted to go but I said that I would rather stay at the lake. I didn't have anything in mind but I was OK about spending the afternoon alone. I had laid my beach towel out on the end of the dock and was enjoying laying on it, listening to the small waves, made by the boats around the lake, splash on the shore and the birds singing. Without even thinking about it, one of my hands was massaging one of my breasts through my bikini top.

It always felt nice. A large, loud, brightly painted inboard ski boat passed by. There were two guys in it.

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They must have been going sixty. As they went past, they both waived to me and I waived back. The next lap around the lake they came closer. This time I sat up and waived to them first and they waived back.

Their wake made our floating dock rock gently. The third time around, they slowed and pulled up near our dock. "Hi. Would you like to go for a ride?" I only thought for a second before saying, "Sure. That sounds like fun. That's a really neat boat." They turned the boat and pulled up to the dock and I jumped in. The first guy was about my age. "Hi. I'm Jerry and this is my dad, Pete." " Hi. I'm Jerri too. Glad to meet you. Do you live here on the lake?" Jerry pointed to a big house down the shore.

"We got it two years ago. This is the first year we brought the boat up here." " My mom and dad and I have been coming up her for a week every summer since before I started school. My dad doesn't especially like boats so we have never had one to use" I replied. Jerry was about five nine and slim. He had a body like you would expect to see on a competitive swimmer.

He was very fair skinned and had short dark brown hair. He was wearing a swimmer's speedo. Pete was older of course. He was seated but I guessed him to be about six one or six two with a large muscular build. He had a tan almost as deep as mine, and hair much like his son's. He was wearing baggy shorts. The boat had two seats up front and a bench seat across the back.

Behind it, the engine cover was also upholstered in red and white like the seats. It stretched all the way from gunnel to gunnel forming a sun lounge about the size of a double bed. Pete was in the driver's seat and he slammed the throttle forward. The boat leaped forward and I abruptly sat on the bench seat as I lost my footing. Jerry was holding onto the back of one of the front seats so he remained standing. In just seconds we reached full speed.

My ponytails blew out behind me in the wind. Jerry sat beside me. We had to talk loud to be heard over the big V8 motor.

Pete took us for two fast laps around the lake. I was really enjoying it. It felt even faster than it really was. Then we slowed and pulled closer to shore. We took a lap of the lake at a speed that just barely kept us on plane. We went in and out of most of the coves and I enjoyed looking at all of the houses. Some were older and small and some were really big and fancy. Pete turned and said, "Jerri, would you like to threesome with two student and a teacher "You bet" was my quick reply.

He slowly pulled the throttle back and the boat slowed. He put the throttle in the center and the boat drifted to a stop and idled, pointing toward the middle of the lake. He got out of the seat and held my hand as I got seated at the helm. "Put your left hand on the steering wheel and hold it straight. Now put your right hand on the throttle and push the throttle lever forward about half way.

When you do, the boat will go in gear and pick up speed. Do it fairly fast but not all at once." He kept his right hand on mine as I did what he said. The boat came up on plane and soon the speedometer said we were going forty. "Now put both hands on the wheel and slowly turn it back and forth." I did as he said and the boat started swerving back and forth, rolling up on its side a little with each turn. "Now go straight again and give it a little more throttle." As we approached the end of the lake Pete told me to turn the wheel so we wouldn't wind up on shore.

I turned it faster than I should have and the boat rolled hard on its side as we made a fast, sharp turn. "Now straighten the wheel back out." We headed down the lake again. This was neat. Pete kind of leaned his head over my shoulder.

"The first time we went by your dock we could see that you were playing with your tits. Do you like the way it feels?" I was shocked and didn't know what to say. I turned to look at him. "Keep your hands on the wheel and watch where you are going" Pete said as he reached around me and cupped my breasts in his large hands. "It feels even better when somebody else does it, doesn't it?" This wasn't the first time a guy had played with my boobs but it was the first time I had been sexually touched by an older man.

After a couple seconds I nodded my head yes. As we ran the length of the lake Pete squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples through my bikini top. As we came close to the end of the lake Pete took my right hand and put it back on the throttle and helped me slowly pull it back till we came off plane and stopped.

He told me to get in the other football duddys daughter and play daddy easing daddys tension seat and he got back in the driver's seat. "We unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck hardcore blowjob to show you a special cove that's just the greatest place on the lake." We headed toward the shore. Jerry stood behind my seat and copied his father, except that he slid his hands under my top and played with my bare tits.

I didn't stop him. It felt public8 sex for money in public. We entered a small opening. There was just enough room for the boat to get in. After about fifty feet the cove got bigger.

The walls on the sides were pretty steep and heavy tree cover came all the way to the water's edge. You could not see any houses or roads. "Isn't this great" Pete asked as Jerry tied the boat off to an overhanging branch.

"This is really something" I replied. Jerry said to me, "How about showing us what color your skin is where you don't tan?" When I didn't reply, he untied the back of my top and pulled it down my arms exposing the white triangles on my tits. I took my top and put it in the locker in the dash. "Wow, that's quite a tan. Pete said. I'm not a virgin. In fact around school I'm considered easy but not a slut.

I've had sex with several of the boys in my school and I seldom come home from a date without getting fucked or at least giving a blowjob. However, I won't go out with every guy that asks me. I'm not on the pill so I insist that the guy wear a condom if they want to get their cock in me. I don't have any desire to even try anal. I also do not let them come in my mouth if I suck them to completion. I enjoy fucking as much as they do but they seldom last long enough to bring me to a climax and they usually loose interest after they have shot their wad.

I can bring myself to a pretty good orgasm when I need to but they are not as good as the few that guys have brought me to. I've never been fucked by an older guy or been with two guys at the same time but this seemed like the right time to try something new.

I stood up and walked to the back. When I turned, Jerry and Pete were right behind me. Each cupped a hand under one of my tits and leaned forward, taking a hard erect nipple into their mouth. As they sucked I moaned.

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"Ohhh that's nice. Rub my nipples with your tongues." They were more than happy to oblige. Pete reached down and pulled my bottoms to the deck. I stepped out of them. Jerry dropped his speedo and gently pushed me to my knees. "Suck my cock." His rock hard manhood was right in front of my face. He was about six inches long and about one and a half wide, a lot like most of the guys I have been with. I put my hand around his shaft and leaned forward, taking his cock head in my mouth and sucking on it as I stroked his shaft.

I could taste the pre-cum leaking from his hole. As I sucked Jerry, Pete got behind me and played with my tits. After a couple minutes he reached between my legs. His first touch of my clit made me jump but I didn't stop working on Jerry's prick. After he had played with my pussy for a couple of minutes I was nice and wet and Pete said, "She's ready.

Go ahead and give her a good fucking, son." They put me on my back on the sun deck and Jerry climbed between my legs. "Condom. Not without a condom" I said. Pete handed Jerry one.

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A minute later Jerry was buried balls deep in my cunt, pumping away for all he was worth. Soon. Pete had stripped off his shorts and he approached my face. "Oh my God. That thing is huge. That's amazing. I don't think I can handle it." "Don't worry little girl, you cal take a lot more cock than you think you can.

You'll see." His fully erect cock pointed straight up in the air. It must have been at least nine inches long and I knew that I would not be able to reach all the way around it with my hand.

It was thicker that my wrist. I was worried that I was going to get hurt. His cock head touched my lips. I put both hands around the shaft and the head was still fully sticking out. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and just got the head to fit.

Sucking and licking Pete's monster while Jerry fucked my pussy was a new and exciting feeling. I took one hand away and managed to get more of Pete in my mouth. My jaw was starting to ache a little from being stretched so far. Jerry slammed hard into me and held still.

He let out a moan and I could feel his cock pulsing as he filled his condom with his seed. Jerry stepped back and pulled his condom off and threw it in the lake. Pete pulled away from my mouth. "OK little lady, its time for you to feel what a real cock can do to you." I was afraid. I was worried that his big prick would hurt me, split me wide open. "OK, but if I say stop you have to stop.

Promise?" Pete did not say a word. He just climbed between my legs and lined himself up to my open cunt. Jerry had done a good job getting me wet but I was still worried. "Condom. Put on a condom." "Don't worry. I've had a vasectomy. I can't get you pregnant. I've always wanted to feel what it would feel like to have hot cum pouring directly into fakeagent horny red head babe gets spunk on unprotected cunt so I took his word.

Would it feel different than having the guy fill his condom inside of me? Pete pushed and I could feel myself stretching to try to let him in. There was a little pain just before the head popped in. Gradually he worked his huge prick into my fuck tunnel. I felt myself slowly stretching to accept him but the pain was less than I feared.

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Thankfully, Pete took it slow as he worked himself deeper into me. When he got about half way, he stopped and waited for me to get adjusted to him. Now he slowly pulled back till just his head was still in me and then he pushed back in.

Over the next couple minutes he worked deeper and deeper into me. "Lift your head and look." I did. Pete was buried balls deep in me. He had it all the way in me. "Holy shit. You've got the whole thing in me. I can't believe I took the whole thing. It feels like someone shoved a baseball bat in me but it doesn't hurt. I can't believe it. I feel so full." Slowly Pete started fucking me. He built up the pace till he was pounding me hard and fast and full depth.

My body reacted wonderfully to the assault of his huge tool.

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I was rolling my head back and forth and moaning and thrusting my hips up to met his thrust. Pete kept at it for what felt like hours but was probably more like ten minutes.

That was more than any guy had ever fucked me and the size made it even more intense. My pussy erupted.

I had the strongest orgasm I had ever had. While Pete fucked me, Jerry got hard again and brought his cock to my mouth. I was so into getting fucked so well by Pete that I really hardly noticed. I just automatically opened my mouth and accepted Jerry. After getting both my holes well fucked for a couple more minutes, Pete and Jerry came at just about at the same time.

Pete's cum felt hot and wet and sprayed all over my insides with a lot of power, bringing me to another climax. Yes you can tell the difference between having a condom filled inside of you and having your insides coated and filled with cum. It's much better without a rubber. Jerry came right after and I hardly noticed that he filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed before even realizing what was happening. Some ran down my chin. Jerry stepped away and Pete came to my face.

I opened my mouth and took several inches of his still large cum covered prick into my mouth. The last few drops of his semen drained into my mouth and I sucked him empty and clean. I realized what had happened and found that it was not nasty like I had thought it would be.

I knew that I wouldn't be so concerned about it in the future. "We'll show you something else that's fun." Pete said. "Naked boating." Pete started the boat and eased out to the open lake. He shoved the throttle forward povd stranded blonde fucked hard by rescuer we flew out towards the middle of the lake. The wind blowing on our naked bodies felt great. I especially liked the way it made my tits feel.

"Stand up" Pete instructed. We were in the middle of the lake so I felt that it would be OK. Anyone on shore would have to be using binoculars to see what we were doing. As I stood, I was sore and tender between my legs and I knew that I was not going to be able to walk normally for the rest of the day.

After several minutes, Pete turned toward shore. Before I could get to my bikini, Pete had roared up to a dock where a man was sitting. He was about Pete's age but a much slighter build. "Don, I want you to meet our new friend, Jerri." "Hi Jerri. It's nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you." Don said as he stared at my naked body. I felt my nipples hardening and my pussy tingle as I sat there, naked, in the boat talking to a strange older man, with cum drying on my chin and on my tits and running down my thighs.