Lejij black guy xxx cax story

Lejij black guy xxx cax story
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Royal High Hill Boarding School. A typical boarding school where the rich and famous of rural England, send their sons to receive a top education from the finest teachers in the country.

But there's one particular boy who takes pleasure of the fact that there is a whole house full of boys, sleeping over, with no other cure to their sexual desires. This one boy is slowly wreaking a new face over High Hill School, committing sexual acts of unbelievable nature to fulfil his fantasies.

Dear Diary, I've decided to keep a book recording all my days here at High Hill, should make pleasant reading in the future! Well, let's start with the basics. I'm Gabriel; surname's irrelevant as I'd rather not link myself to my parents. I'm 15; average height, wavy mousey brown hair, hazel brown eyes, and I've just arrived on my first day here.

My parents sent me here because apparently public school isn't good enough for me. But the reason they don't know is that my parents would rather not have a son like me around them, snobbish twats. I'm just not good enough for them because I'm gay. Oh yes, did I not mention, I'm gay.and single. and full of a house with lots of boys in it. Oh boy this will be fun!

The school's rather strict here, as it runs on a "One strike and your out" policy so punishments are frequently given out. And although these guys are the offspring of snobby prats like my parents, they're fucking hot!!

This one guy in my Psychology lessons had me practically wanking under the table he was so gorgeous! He had features that were so cute and his smiles were perfectly white they made me shiver.

The register was called and his name was revealed to me. Kyle Haynes. Target identified for my first pull! Prepare for the ride of your life Mr. Haynes! I started it off playing easy and working my way up. At the lunch break I sat next to him and started getting to know him.

I'd done this sort of thing millions of times before, I'd had good practise! "Hey!" start off slowly obviously "Hey." he seemed nervous at my new approach "You having a good day?" casual question for such un-casual desires.

"Yeah, it's been alright. You were in my psychology class weren't you? You're the new guy?" "Yep, that's me! You noticed me then." "Mmm." There was a shifty pause as we'd both reached a dead end.

Mom blowjob i am a blower for a qb gave me chance to at least admire him. He was a medium sized boy with an odd complexion.

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The short brown hair on his head was tinted with blonde streaks. He had shoulders as broad as a grown man's; you could really tell he worked out. He was so shy for such a good-looking boy, his face had hardly diverted from his plate below him. All he needed was someone to look up to. "So.what've you got next then?" I asked randomly. Still not getting anywhere fast though "I've got PE all afternoon" "Boy.that must be.interesting."the thought of 20-odd boys getting sweaty in changing rooms suddenly distracted me.

But little did I know that he'd noticed my sign. "You're telling me, the guys in that changing room hardly let me look at anything. They'd blindfold me if they could" He'd finally looked me in the face, and I could see in his bright blue eyes the truth in him.

"Oh so you're." "Gay? You haven't heard yet? I'm sure they would have spread it to you too" "Well that makes two of us" I said innocently.

I restarted spooning at my soup until I realised that he was looking at me. I turned back to him and he was grinning wildly, his eyes glowing with excitement. I returned his stare and little did we realise that we were being watched, and a murmur of excitement arose in the lunch hall. When we both realised we were the centre of attention, the gazing broke to shifty digging into our foods. Not that I was embarrassed or anything. It's not their problem, it's mine, and it's fucking worth the attention.

The afternoon droned on as I had to sit through a dull Japanese lecture. Fortunately I was sitting next to a window with a clear view of the field. It was hot, and not just the weather. Kyle was gorgeous in those tight crotch-hugging shorts of his. His auf den geschmak gekommen amateurs porn woxokcom were bursting out of his Lycra top, he must have been as fit as hell, and he was! He was fucking fast running down the length of that football field.

The wind blew up his top and I got a brief glimpse of a six-pack that I wouldn't have even dreamed about, it was so toned I go see the definitions in each muscle from my seat!

I was actually sad when we the lecture was over as I couldn't watch him go through his vigorous training routines.

I had to get that boy to sleep with me, I wanted him too badly now. The lessons ended at 5 and we all retired to do our hobbies. Kyle, being the quiet lad he is, kept a shy profile, which I found quite cute. He was sitting on his own in the bustle of the house lounge. I went and sat next to him on the sofa and started going in for the kill. "Hello again" "Oh, hi" "I saw you out doing your football earlier" "Did you? Oh dear." This seemed to embarrass him, interesting.

"Oh dear? What do you mean? It wasn't oh dear, it was fucking awesome! You really can run you know!" "I know, it's all to do with my dad being a professional football coach. He'd force me to do training every day." "Seems to have paid off though" "Yeah, but I just find it tedious how everyone's nowhere near as good as I am and yet they still pick on me." "They what?!" "The guys in the changing room saw our.staring at lunch.

They started picking on my sexuality. I couldn't do anything about them, I just took it. I always have and I can't seem to stop it." With that he started to break slowly into tears. I couldn't help but feel so sorry for this guy. I thought I had it bad, but he had it worse.

I hugged him softly, and he started to ease off.

I looked round cautiously to make sure none of the other football hunks were watching. "I guess it's not so bad for you though." He said once he'd regained his feelings.

"You're able to pull a guy just by looking at them. I'm just too shy to do anything." "Don't say that! You are capable of so much, I can see it in your beautiful blue eyes, you can do so much, but you're just unaware of your amazing talents." "But what are they?

I don't want to follow my irritating father into stupid football? Where else could I possibly have such "talents" as you say?" "Well." my arm that was still around him moved down and rested onto his firm chest. His eyes glistened just like they did at lunch.

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I winked as if to say "you like that?" and moved slowly down until it reached the tight fitting trousers he was wearing. His eyes looked deep into mine and I knew he liked what I was doing.

I was unlocking his inner talents. "I could always show you." I beckoned as I got up from the sofa and wandered off to my room. I was surprised is got quite vacant in the lounge as we were barely noticed At first I was worried Kyle would even follow me, but sure enough he was chasing me down a few steps behind me. He'd been woken and he'd seen a new side of life, and that side was me! When I had to pause from running to open the door, he grabbed me by the waist, spun me round and supplanted a hot kiss right down my throat.

My expectations were fulfilled; he kissed as good as he looked! He rammed his tongue into my mouth and our lips danced in a passionate snog. He definitely never felt as alive as this, and I have even unleashed my biggest weapon yet. The door burst open and we fell in a pool of romantic kissing onto the nearest bed in the dorm. We didn't care whose it was, they wouldn't notice or care anyway. We definitely didn't. The dorm was empty so our action was undisturbed.

Kyle was really getting into it now, his frantic kissing had moved onto my neck, and he started unbuttoning my shirt. "I told you you're capable of so much. I just had to unlock it." "Oh fuck you taste good!" I laughed at his outburst of emotion "See, you want it so bad now don't you?" "Oh shit yeah." "Well I've not even got started baby, and you'll enjoy the next bit!" the shirts were on the floor in seconds and our warm bodies collided with each other in such hot fashion.

The friction caused us both to moan effortlessly. He ravaged at my body, but I just wanted his firm, hot torso against my lips. I rolled over and pushed him deep into the mattress. It was my turn to play! His body was so well toned and his muscles so well defined.

Had to be one of the best I've ever had. My lips moved tentatively over his steaming hot torso and down towards the waistline. The gasps got louder the further down I went, until they reached a huge groan when his trousers were thrown across the floor and his throbbing boxers were in my mouth. "Have you ever sucked cock before?" The question threw me a bit. He really was getting into his swing now "A few times yeah" "I bet you're fucking good!" "I have been told" I placed my cold hands into his warm crotch.

He squealed in joy at the sensation. "Go on then, you two gorgeous babes for one eyed monster homemade hardcore it, it's all yours pretty boy!" I didn't need asking twice.

My mouth played about with the head of his bursting cock and precum was smeared all over my lips. It tasted way better than anyone else I'd sucked off. Kyle was fucking enjoying it too, you should have heard him! "My god, Gabriel, you suck like a little bitch, it feels so fucking good on my dick, do it baby, suck my prick!" he screamed for more "Holy shit you like it like that then do you?

Well get ready for this!" I started caressing his asshole and ravaged at his giant cock when he started swearing again! "Oh my God baby, that feels so fucking god! Oh yeah, yeah keep it going babe, I want you so fucking bad you cock sucker!" Christ, he had the hottest fucking mouth I'd ever heard, and it just made me want him even more!

My mouth got more hyperactive and his swearing got way too over the top for me so I decided to let him have a little play. "Have you ever sucked cock then Mr. Pottymouth?" "Erm." Suddenly his macho curses were gone and the shyness was brought back "not really.no" "What do you mean not really?" "Well.does my own count?" My eyes widened in startled amazement. A whole world of questions came up in my head. But my balls were telling me not to ask and just to give him something he wants.

"No it doesn't, let's see what your first meat tastes like then!" And with that I rammed by crotch in his face. He growled with hunger for my throbbing cock and his mouth was already drooling in combination of saliva and what was left of my own precum. The growl sent my own senses wild and I returned mom and son xxx story raip more relentless blowing. At least my cock would keep him from swearing.

With both our mouths overflowing with the sweet taste of cock, we couldn't help but release huge moans even with our mouths full. Who would want to go that next bit first? Turns out it was me after an age of dick fondling and licking: "You want it harder big boy?" "Like hell I do" sexy latina with big natural tits teasing on webcam nice big ass practically begged me to screw him.

No sooner had the words escaped his mouth he was already bending over in front of me, his tight ass staring me in the face.

He may have wanted my cock deep inside him, but believe me, his ass made me want to do it even more! The experience is the same with every guy I screw, always a huge scream as soon as I make my first squeeze inside.

Tonight was no different, but it did come with some added swearage. "Holy fuck, that's good! Screw me harder you hot buttfucker!" was his first outburst. Part of me wasn't surprised he was acting in this was as it was his first time, but most thought he's a horny pottymouthed bitch isn't he? And he's fucking hot! As I worked my way in, his moans got louder and the swearing got hotter.

In and out a new curse would come out of his mouth along with a torrent of groans. He wanted it to keep going until he said too much for me to handle: "Oh, yeah, you cock sucker, fuck me with your hot dick, this is fucking HOT!

Your stuff rod if driving me wild! Oh yes, YES!! Harder you fucking bitch!" It was too much; his mouth was too damned sexy! "Damn you!" I groaned, "Your potty mouth and your fucking hot ass, you screw like a whore! It's too much; I'm fucking cumming, right now into your hot fucking ass!" With that, I let go releasing a huge load into his tight ass. The warmth surged through us both and we both let out our final huge groans as it reached its finale.

My first catch of the school, year, and it was fucking hot as hell! "You'll be leaking my cum for days!" "You were so fucking hot; I want to do that all the time!" "I don't have that much cum in me!" "I don't care; I want you to fuck me every night! You've shown a new side of me, and it's fucking amazing!" "You and your mouth!" I sniggered "You've definitely changed tonight, and I wouldn't want it any other way than you are now!" We clambered into bed, in fits of lustful gasps.

We held each other as night drew in, whispering flirtatious charms into each other's ears. His love for me grew as I had shown him the new side of his being, and in return he'd shown me how much fun this school might be, and also what a pottymouth like him can do to such a horny fucker like me!

But, every so often though I had to hide Kyle whenever others came into beautiful busty babe ivy rose strips off and shows her huge tits for cash room. Didn't want to be the mockery of the football studs again.

Eventually when those straight jerks settled down I caressed the side of Kyle's face to lull him to sleep. I know it's a bit soppy but he looks so peaceful lying here next to me right now. So that's Day One of my little adventures here at High Hill, hopefully this isn't the first time I'll be writing to you besides another gorgeous guy.

Trust me when I say this, there's way more to get out of this school. Goodnight Diary!