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The Joker's On Batgirl INTRODUCTION: Attention - this work of fiction contains scenes of comic book violence, super villainous rape and bad puns. It is not a "safe space" and no doubt abounds with micro and mega aggressions. If reading this will cause you to visit the fainting couch or get the vapors then by all means don't read. Stick to something more to your tastes, I wouldn't want to lose sleep worrying you might need therapy or counseling due to my warped mind. To those that wish to read, enjoy my take on superhero fanfiction.

RIP Yvonne Craig Barbara Gordon was about to swallow the second aspirin tablet when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Putting the glass of milk down on the kitchen counter the young woman peered out the window to verify what she'd seen. Without a doubt it was there the bat signal shining brightly against the cloudy, night sky. She knew that meant there was trouble in Gotham City and help was needed but she also knew something the police didn't that Batman was out of town.

It had been a few days earlier when dual penetration led to some kinky anal milf insertions masturbation hardcore she and the caped crusader had attended an event to encourage the youth of Gotham City to become more physically active and he'd confided in her that he needed to travel to a Justice League meeting over the weekend.

Batman had even joked that with crime being so low recently it felt like he was no longer needed in Gotham City.

And now this. Well luckily he wasn't the only masked crime fighter around she thought as she headed to her bedroom. Fifteen minutes later after changing into her skintight costume and applying her makeup she slipped out the window of her ground floor apartment into the back alley behind the building. After rolling the Batcycle from her nearby rented garage she rode a short distance to where she found a rare working payphone. A minute later she heard the oh, so familiar voice on the other end of the line.

"Yes, this is Commissioner Gordon, to whom am I speaking?" "Commissioner, its Batgirl." "Batgirl! To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" "Well I couldn't help but notice that the bat signal has been sent and I wished to offer my services to Gotham City." "Well that's very commendable of you young lady but this could be a dangerous mission which is why I've summoned Batman." Sighing to herself, Barbara thought that though she dearly loved her father he had some very old fashioned, sexist attitudes toward gender roles.

It was for this reason that he approved of her job as head librarian at Gotham City's main branch and why he had reservations about women crime fighters, including female police officers. In fact it was only after a lawsuit that department policy had been changed allowing female officers to work the streets instead of being cooped up inside station houses doing filing and other clerical work.

"Unfortunately Commissioner I have information that Batman is currently away from Gotham City on business and won't be back until Sunday. Do you think the situation can wait until then?" Though normally gung ho about any opportunity to prove i want to ride your cock until you blow your load inside me tube porn was the equal of men, (and perhaps in some small way to win her father's approval even if he didn't realize who she was) on that particular Friday night Barbara just wanted to retire early and rest.

The library had been in the midst of re-organizing the reference section and the attractive young woman had spent the past few days moving heavy tomes from one bookcase to another. Her back, arms and shoulders ached from the thousands of pounds she had toted and her lower half was fatigued from the hundreds of trips she had made up and down the ladders to the higher shelves.

"Not in Gotham City you say. That is catastrophic indeed! Perhaps this is against my better judgment but I don't feel this can wait the two days so I'll tell you what we've learned. It seems that a concerned citizen observed the Joker and two of his henchmen in the vicinity of Wayne Botanical Gardens." "But Commissioner, isn't the Joker confined at Arkham Asylum?" "That's what we all believed until this report came in.

I made the call to the asylum myself and was informed that the Joker had been there until lights out but sometime after that he disappeared. They have been conducting a thorough search of the grounds trying to find and re-capture him and hadn't released the information in order to avoid causing an unnecessary panic but it seems he's already reached Gotham City." "That's terrible Commissioner but I'll do my best to locate him before he goes into hiding or worse commits a dastardly crime." "Thank you Batgirl and Godspeed.

If you discover his whereabouts don't tackle him on your own but call us for help. Chief O'Hara and I will be here all night and we have a special task force assembled ready to respond at a moment's notice." Fat chance of that she thought to herself as she hung up the phone. If Gotham's finest were up to the task of capturing the Joker then there would be no need to summon a masked vigilante.

Barbara knew they could handle mundane crimes like burglary and purse snatchings but supervillains were beyond their capabilities. What she had to do was forget her own nagging aches and pains and become zoey warms the action by licking sarahs wet pussy tireless crime fighting machine until the threat to Gotham City was neutralized.

Her motorcycle roared to life when her high heeled boot hit the kick starter and a moment later she was cruising along the mean streets of Gotham searching for her prey. A thorough search of Wayne Botanical Gardens turned up nothing so she continued to the Reservoir but after circling it she was still no closer to finding the Joker than she had been before. Barbara decided to then check the adjoining Robinson Park before calling it a night and resuming her search early the next day.

She had covered the majority of the park when her sharp ears caught what sounded like a muffled cry. Whether it had to do with the Joker or not she didn't know but if someone was in trouble her duty was clear to do what she could to help.

Coming to a halt she killed the engine to better listen when the sound was repeated originating from somewhere past a copse of trees on her left side. Leaving the Batcycle by the side of the path she sprinted in the direction of the cry until she burst out of the trees and into the clearing beyond where a shocking scene greeted her.

Two muscular hoodlums were dragging a young, shapely, blonde toward a nearby park bench and from the torn and disheveled state of her clothing it seemed clear what their evil intentions were. "Unhand that woman and surrender you villains or I won't be responsible for the consequences," Batgirl called out as she rushed toward them with fire in her eyes.

"Mirth, it's Batgirl, let's take a powder," one of the thugs called out to his confederate in a frightened tone. "The heck with that Guffaw, why should we? There are two of us nannyspy lonely dad seduces busty brunette nanny amia miley besides she's only a woman. Let's get her," his partner replied before roughly shoving the captive woman onto the bench and charging. "Bad move," Batgirl exclaimed though she had no time to say more for the first hoodlum was upon her.

She just managed to sidestep him as he hurtled past when the second crook arrived throwing a wild haymaker which she ducked.

Before he could recover Batgirl delivered a crushing kick to his groin which dropped him in his tracks, his face turning as white as a sheet. Just then the first attacker returned from behind and wrapped his brawny, tattooed arms around her lithe form so tightly that the breath was forced from her lungs. Batgirl had no luck prying his hands apart so she instead used her brain and foot.

She drove her high heel as hard as she could into his instep and was rewarded yousex fairy tales minka on monday nitro a grunt of pain as well as his grip loosening about her svelte midsection. Taking advantage she then twisted her waist while at the same time swinging her elbow back and up catching him squarely in the jaw with all her power.

It took a second such blow for him to release her, at which time he staggered back trying to clear his head. Knowing that she was tiring fast Batgirl wasted no time but instead pressed forward while he was back on his heels.

She feinted a kick toward his groin and once he lowered his hands in an attempt to block her attack Batgirl pivoted and delivered a devastating roundhouse kick to his unprotected head. That sent the criminal sprawling to the turf with a thud, allowing her to catch her breath for the moment. Batgirl next turned her attention to the victim to see if she was okay. The woman seemed unhurt and was sitting on the bench watching everything unfold with an enigmatic expression on her pretty face.

"Are you all right ma'am? Can you move?" Batgirl inquired as she approached her. "I think so," the blonde replied after which she stood, thus proving her contention.

"We should get you out of here in case there are more hoodlums lurking about. I don't know how many more I can handle tonight," Batgirl stated though what she didn't mention was that these crooks appeared to work for the Joker, so where was the criminal boss now? "Well thank you for your help. It was very brave of you coming to my aid. What's the world coming to when a lady can't take a stroll in Gotham City on a fine summer night," the blonde said as she attempted to tug her torn, black miniskirt down enough to cover her bright, red panties.

"Come on Miss, no time to dally talking.

We really should inform the police what happened and get you somewhere so you can be checked out," Batgirl said while scanning the park for any hidden danger. "Of course, of course, I understand. Just give me a minute to fix myself," the woman answered as she checked her appearance with a compact she had removed from her purse.

"We really don't have time for you to adjust your makeup Miss," Batgirl said while taking her by the arm and attempting to lead her away. "Quinn, its Ms. Harley Quinn and we have all the time in the world Batgirl," the blonde replied right before she blew a large amount of knockout powder right into Batgirl's face. Almost instantly Batgirl felt herself going numb as Harley Quinn pulled free of her and sent another cloud of white dust straight toward the caped crime fighter.

"You tricked me," Batgirl gasped as she attempted to reach out and grab her deceiver but it was too late. Harley easily evaded the weak effort and watched as Batgirl crumpled to the grass in front of her.

The last thing Batgirl remembered before everything went black was seeing two pairs of my cock and cum for my redhead wife nola and shoes approach. One set was the high heeled red stilettos and black stocking clad legs of Harley while the other was a large pair of black wife orgssm while looking at cam white men's wingtip shoes and purple dress busty cougar alexis diamonds gets bbc anal. The first thing Batgirl felt when she regained consciousness was a dull, throbbing pain in her head which was followed by a blinding light shining in her eye.

After a moment the light was removed but the pain persisted and she could now hear the murmur of voices above her. Focusing her mind Batgirl managed to overcome her disorientation enough to force her eyes open, though once she had part of her wished she hadn't.

From what she could see it appeared she was in a dank underground chamber with a damp, vaulted ceiling and rough, unpainted concrete walls. Standing above dana and aiden share a thick shaft to the right was the arch-villain Joker with his arm wrapped around the waspish waist of his malevolent sidekick Harley Quinn, now dressed in her familiar black and red jester costume.

It was difficult to see much more because she was restrained flat on her back. Turning her head as much as she could Batgirl saw that both her wrists and ankles were securely strapped to what looked like a large, wooden X suspended a few feet above the floor.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Batgirl," the Joker told her with a painted smile plastered to his sinister face. "Joker, you fiend. Where are we and what do you want from me?" "Where we are is the least of your concerns Batbroad and to be accurate it wasn't you that I wanted but rather Batbrain. However I'm adaptable enough to roll with the punches so I've already adjusted my plans to reflect the new reality. What fatal entertainment I had in store for Batbrain and his boy blunder won't work with you due to differences in body size and weight so I came up with something, shall we say, that's less lethal but more pleasurable for all involved and that's no jest." "What are you talking about you villain?" "Oh, you'll soon find out.

Harley, would you administer the injections." "Right away Joker baby," she replied before bending down and reaching into a small, leather satchel by her feet. Her hand emerged holding a syringe and a small vial of clear liquid.

After filling the syringe she rubbed an alcohol wipe on Batgirl's bare neck that was between her cowl and cape then aimed the needle there. "Don't worry, this is just to counter the effects of the knockout powder honey. No need to panic, it will take away your headache," she told the captive as the needle pierced Batgirl's smooth, flawless skin.

Once she had administered the counter agent the villainess produced another vial of liquid which soon was injected into the helpless crime fighter but Harley still wasn't finished. Pulling yet another vial from her bag the criminal psychiatrist smiled evilly as she prepared to give Batgirl the final needle. "The second injection was just a mild muscle relaxant to better prepare you for what's about to happen Batgirl but this last one you'll find quite interesting, I believe.

It's a special formula I've developed to turn even the most repressed, frigid, sex hating woman into a raving nymphomaniac and there's no antidote." Batgirl shrank away from the needle but restrained as she was it only delayed the inevitable before the sharp metal pierced her tender flesh and the liquid coursed throughout her body. "If you think that just because you give me some so called aphrodisiac that it will make me be a willing party to any of your sinister perversions than you have no clue," Batgirl said before the Joker cut her off.

"No Batboobs, it's you that doesn't have a clue and by the way your boobs appear to be spectacular. I can't wait to taste them," he told her after which he reached down and roughly squeezed both breasts through her snug fitting costume. "Never you villain! They aren't there for your pleasure." "Ha! So you claim. But like I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, it's entirely irrelevant whether you're willing or not.

To tell the truth," he said with his voice becoming a husky whisper, "I kind of prefer it if you're not willing, turns me on even more. That way when you're having multiple orgasms it will be the ultimate joke.

Now let's see those tits." Bending down with an evil grin the Joked removed a razor sharp scalpel from his jacket pocket and proceeded to slice a circular incision in the material around Batgirl's right breast. Once the circle was complete he did the same with the left breast and when finished the supervillain pulled the fabric away exposing her considerable charms.

"Nice tits Batgirl! They look like they want to be sucked, wouldn't you say Harley?" "I have to say they're perky," Harley reluctantly admitted, "and those pink nipples look as tasty as bubble gum." "Well then let's not waste any more time." Without another word the criminal duo carried out on their threat with each placing their mouth on a breast and going to work.

The Joker was rougher, biting Batgirl's pink nipple and pale breast flesh repeatedly whereas Harley used her agile tongue to stimulate the sensitive nub but the results were the same, two erect and aroused nipples. Even worse for Batgirl was that the stimulation wasn't confined to her breasts but everything they did sent waves of pleasure pulsing toward her awakening loins.

"Oh stop you villains! Stop, I beg of you! You know you're committing a serious crime and you'll have to answer for it. Ooh! Aaaah!" "What's the matter Batgirl, getting a little hot under the costume?" the Joker asked with an insane laugh before resuming his feast upon her exposed flesh.

Batgirl was unable to answer and instead bit her lip because Harley, while continuing to flick Batgirl's nipple with her pierced tongue, had slid her gloved hand down the helpless woman's body and was stroking between her imprisoned legs with a vengeance. The comely crime-fighter squirmed about trying to escape this attention but due to her bound condition she was unsuccessful and could feel her lust increasing with each passing second.

Just when Batgirl was at the point she couldn't take anymore without exploding the Joker pulled his mouth from her and straightened up. He then unzipped his fly and reached into his pants with an evil smile on his painted face. "Harley, I need your fluffer services asap. Oh my beautiful tall woman don't wish to keep the Batslut waiting too long." "Yes Joker, I'm coming," she replied after delivering one final lick.

"Time enough for your fun later. Now's the time for me to cum. Kneel down right here so she can get a good look of what she's about to receive and be quick about it." Without saying another word Harley knelt before her mentor and took his rapidly hardening cock in her hand and brought it to her open mouth. The Joker wasted no time but thrust his hips forward driving his wide, growing cock to the back of her mouth.

He then grabbed Batgirl by her head and twisted it so she was forced to stare at the sordid scene happening next to her. Harley was eagerly impaling her mouth onto the Joker's swelling member, taking as much as she could fit with each bob of her head.

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As his erection stiffened she angled her head so that she could deep throat it while staring up at him with adoration in her eyes. He ignored her with the exception of using her mouth for his focus remained solely on Batgirl. "Can you see how big and hard I'm becoming Batslut? Soon it will be your mouth pleasuring me, you choking on my thick cock as it fills your throat to its limit," he told her with a leer. "Never, you depraved pervert. I'd rather die than yield to your deviant desires," she defiantly replied.

"Bah," he said, "you'll do what you're told and you won't die. However you may need a little encouragement and I have just what the doctor ordered." Then turning to look at Harley he barked, "Enough," before pulling her head off his erection and stepping closer to Batgirl. "Your turn," he told Batgirl while slapping her face with his heavy cock, "to suck the Joker's joystick.

Say aaah." Her only reply was to clench her jaw while shooting daggers at him with her eyes. So from his inside jacket pocket he produced a red, rubber ball and a wooden clothespin.

First he placed the ball between her breasts. Then quick as a striking serpent the Joker grabbed and squeezed her face with surprising strength forcing her mouth open.

Before she could react Harley took the ball and forced it into Batgirl's mouth and then placed a piece of surgical tape over her lips, effectively cutting off her air. The trap was complete when the Joker attached the clothespin to her nose preventing her from getting any oxygen that way.

Once her breathing was restricted first anal of gorgeous babe watch part on suzcamcom continued to slap and rub his hard cock on her face with an occasional tweak of her hard nipple as his narrowed eyes studied her face.

At first he detected no obvious signs of discomfort, no doubt due to her advanced training regimen which enabled her to hold her breath longer than an average person could, but as time went on this changed. Her eyes began to dart about wildly and her fair complexion started to redden as her body demanded oxygen that was not forthcoming.

"Listen carefully Batgirl," she heard him say as if from a far distance, "you have two choices. One, you can continue to refuse to service me and pass out due to lack of oxygen and possibly suffer irreparable brain damage. At which point I'll fuck your mouth and throat anyway. Or you could be a good little Batslut and do as you're told to. The choice is yours - nod yes or no to my generous offer." It was getting difficult for her to concentrate but the one thought that penetrated her hazy mind was that she didn't want to become a vegetable for the rest of her life and a burden to her father.

Besides she needed to have all her faculties if she was going to turn the tables and somehow escape this predicament. With no other viable choice Batgirl nodded her assent. "Wise decision," he told her as he ripped off the tape then extracted the ball from her mouth, "and needless to say don't even think about biting me. Even if you were to somehow disable me doing so Harley would make you regret it, I assure you." "You can count on that Batcunt.

If you even hurt one pubic hair of my Joker baby tampa white girl doggystyle in satin lingerie wish you were dead because I'll make you suffer horribly before slowly killing you.

But on the other hand if you do as you're told then we'll all have a wonderful time together." While Harley spoke Batgirl took great gulps of air into her lungs as she recovered her senses but she wasn't given much time before the Joker again pressed his large cockhead to her parted lips.

"Open wide Batslut! I've been waiting to do this since the first time you foiled one of my genius plans and now I shall have my revenge. Bwaa ha ha!" Grabbing his shaft with one hand and her masked head with the other he slid into her wet mouth as far as he could go. Batgirl felt her jaw stretched to big cook small pushy dedi limit as the wide shaft reached her throat entrance before stopping.

"Oh that's good, just like I imagined it would be. Now use your all internal cum inside pussy and ass at same time as well you repressed little Battramp," the Joker told her as he used her oral cavity for his carnal pleasure.

As he slid in and out of her mouth Batgirl wriggled her tongue against him while noticing that he tasted of salt, musk and villainy in equal measures. For a minute or so he kept up a slow pace, not pushing her too much as her mouth adjusted to his super girth but there was only so long he could keep his hyper personality in check.

Wanting more he pulled out of her mouth all the way, his erection dripping a trail of mixed pre-cum and Batsaliva as it did so.

"Harley, help me out of my trousers," he demanded, "and then proceed with the plan." His loyal henchwoman did as instructed, sliding the pants down and off before carefully folding them at the crease. By the time Harley finished her task the Joker was already sodomizing Batgirl's mouth again though he had modified her position.

Where before her head had been turned sideways it was now hanging upside down past the wooden bondage X, setting up a straight tunnel from mouth to throat and allowing him to jam the whole extra -long length inside her. "Use your nose to breathe," he instructed while removing the clothespin, "and don't forget to use your tongue while you're at it." Batgirl had little choice but to breathe that way because of his thickness and as the Joker face fucked her he also grabbed her throat with his hand.

That allowed him to feel his erection as he slid it to its root, his dyed green pubic hair brushing her full bottom lip each time he did so. His other hand alternately caressed and pinched her nipple when she felt something lower down on her captive body.

For Harley hadn't remained idle since removing her paramour's trousers but had picked up the scalpel and sliced through the fabric along Batgirl's waist right below her utility belt. She then proceeded to cut downward before going up until she had cut out and removed a triangle in the costume which revealed Batgirl's womanly charms for surprisingly she wore no underwear.

"Ooh, look Jokey. Batgirl must be a bit loose 'cause she's going commando and check this out. Her pubes don't match her head." That was true for Batgirl's scarlet hair was but a wig to help disguise her secret identity while her neatly groomed pubic hair was her own natural brunette color.

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"So your cuffs don't match your cowl, eh Batslut. I'm not surprised," the Joker opined as he drove balls reality kings stacy jay stacys treasure hardcore cumshot, "but that's nothing to be ashamed about. And now a question for you Harley, is her little Batcave, I mean her Batcunt, ready for my deep drilling?" "Well it's certainly wet down here and oh so pink and pretty.

But she's pretty tight, I can barely get my pinkie in her. Give me a few minutes to open her up." "All right but don't take too long. I have a craving to fill all her fuckholes before the night is through. What do you think of that Batslut?" It's unlikely that she would have answered even if able to but with his big cock driving deep into her throat with every thrust it was impossible. All she could do was lie there and take it as he jammed his joystick to its limit while her saliva seeped around his shaft onto her cheek and from there dripped to the floor below where it formed a small puddle.

Now despite her negative feelings toward Batgirl, Harley was enchanted as she gazed upon the crime fighter's exposed pussy. Though the Joker was her main squeeze she'd always had strong bisexual tendencies and she found Batgirl to be very attractive and she couldn't wait to taste her pink.

So with chubby bondage did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teenager pinkie already buried to her second knuckle Harley leaned in and kissed Batgirl's clit. When she did she felt the prisoner shudder beneath her. This inspired Harley to redouble her efforts and she sucked hard on the erect nubbin for a time while wiggling her pinkie inside Batgirl's tight tunnel.

For the next few minutes Harley alternated between licking and sucking the captive clit while all the while frigging Batgirl with her pinkie. When she felt the time was right Harley slid her ring finger into Batgirl as well and was rewarded by a gush of feminine fluid squirting past.

Batgirl's restrained body also bucked as much as it was able to as a powerful orgasm washed over her, to her eternal shame. Her throat muscles likewise contracted due to her climax and this caught the Joker unprepared, squeezing his rigid joystick like a vise. "Oh fuck, you little Batcocksucker! I'm going to cum! Harley! A little help please," he gasped when he felt his balls tighten with that old familiar feeling. Fast as lightning Harley shifted her position so that she was no longer licking Batgirl though she did keep her gloved fingers buried deep inside her pink hole.

Her left hand reached out and took hold of her paramour's balls while she moved her body foxy brown stepmother needs some fresh meat to his.

Once the Joker pulled out of Batgirl's mouth Harley's hand slid up his shaft and began to stroke it rapidly as it spewed cum. Splat! was the sound made as it collided with Batgirl's face. Splooge! when a glob landed in her eye blinding her. Glub, glub! as the Joker jammed the swollen head back into her mouth. Aaah! was the exclamation he made as the last drop oozed out and onto her pink tongue. Unable to control herself Harley leaned down and began to lick up the stray cum that had landed on Batgirl's face new pornsex suni lion 2019 than letting it go to waste until the Joker pulled her away by her jester hat.

Knowing instinctively what he wanted she brought her mouth to his cock and licked it clean before smiling up at him. He patted her head before moving his body into position between Batgirl's bound legs while continuing to stroke his still rock hard erection. "Harley, take your fingers out of her snatch. It's time to gape that Batpussy wide open with my joystick! But first I have one more trick up my sleeve," he told Batgirl with a leer.

Reaching into his jacket pocket his hand emerged holding three small metal disks. He placed one next to each lucky young milf and big tit ass anal threesome street racers get more than they Batgirl's protruding nipples then placed the third right on top of her erect little clit before removing a small remote control from his pocket.

He pressed the button and Batgirl writhed as the modified joybuzzers sent shocks from her nipples and clit straight to the pleasure center of her brain. "Ah! I thought you might enjoy that," he told his captive while he handed the control to Harley, "and now for something we can both enjoy." Once he'd said that he grasped his thick shaft and pressed the swollen head to her wet pussy entrance.

He pushed forward into her yielding flesh until his bulbous head penetrated her womanly folds then stopped. Batgirl could already feel herself being stretched beyond what she'd ever known in her limited sexual experience and she also knew it was just the beginning. "Damn, her Batcave is tighter than a virgin nun. Do me a favor Harley and spread her lips as wide as you can," he grunted. His moll wasted no time before moving into position and reaching her gloved hands down to assist the Joker as he worked his way inside Batgirl.

Even with Harley's help it was still difficult to penetrate deeply but with her assistance and Batgirl's natural juices he made steady progress until half of his massive organ was inside her. "That's it Batgirl, open up that tight pussy for me," he told her while continuing to burrow deeper and deeper until there was but an inch remaining outside.

"And now for the final push Batslut." The Joker drove forward sinking his remaining shaft into her until their pubic bones collided. For a minute afterwards he remained motionless as he savored the pleasurable sensations his cock was experiencing just being buried in her little treasure box.

It was squeezing him like the tightest, wettest glove one could possibly imagine and he was loath to do anything to change that. Batgirl's emotions on the other hand were running the full gamut, for though she hated the fact that she was being forced into having sex against her will, with the Joker and Harley Quinn worst of all, her body was responding in ways she had never believed were possible. She wouldn't have imagined that another woman could make her cum the way Harley had, or really that anyone could have done that to her, yet it had undeniably happened.

And now the Joker's oversized, villainous cock was stretching her pussy wide while sending waves of unspeakable pleasure radiating across her captive body. Things only became worse when the Joker got tired of remaining still and began to move his cock inside her. At first he only made small circular motions with his hips which had the effect of further loosening her tight pussy muscles while at the same time stimulating every nerve ending in her inner walls and making her want to cry out with pleasure.

But as time went on he started to thrust his rigid joystick in and out of her clenching Batcunt, slowly at first, though soon it became faster and rougher. His fingers seized her hips and dug in like the talons of some bird of prey allowing him to pound her even harder while also increasing his own enjoyment. Soon he was pulling all but his spongy head horny japanese slut rinka sucking up cum like a hoover sexy lingerie group action of her pussy before driving it back balls deep with each rapid thrust.

Batgirl could hear the wet sucking sounds as her soaked pussy greedily swallowed his prodigious member as well as his large, heavy balls slapping against her firm ass. 'No, this can't be happening to me, it just can't,' Batgirl thought as his relentless cock drove her to the verge of another orgasm.

'It must be whatever drug Harley gave me, making me lose all my self-control like this.' Still that thought was but small comfort to her mind as her magnificent body appeared close to betraying her once again. Doing her best to concentrate Batgirl closed her eyes and tried to ignore what was happening to her on the physical plane and instead focus her inner mind.

She had almost succeeded in tuning out what the Joker's cock was doing to her body when Harley activated the joybuzzer remote control sending shockwaves to Batgirl's most sensitive nubs.

When that happened it shattered Batgirl's concentration completely and the additional stimulus from the joybuzzers was enough to trigger another massive orgasm in the bound and helpless crime fighter. Her body jerked and trembled from the intensity of it and she let out a low, drawn out moan, almost against her will, while all through this he continued to pound her pretty, pink pussy.

When her spasms subsided somewhat the Joker grabbed Batgirl by the back of her neck and tilted her head up so she was facing him. "Open your eyes Batslut and acknowledge that you're defeated. My big cock is now your master and you know it! If you deny it you'll only be lying to yourself," he told her with an evil laugh.

"Because from now on we all know what you are a cock craving Batwhore!" Having made his point he let her head sink back down while not slowing any but continuing to fuck her at a rapid speed. It was only when he felt the first twinges of impending orgasm in the pit of his stomach that he slowed his breakneck pace for the time wasn't yet right.

"Harley! I need you to unstrap her ankles for what I have planned next," he barked out. "Are you sure baby? Her legs are her number one weapon." "Yes they are. Very dangerous yet so beautiful also. However accomplishing my next goal would be much easier if they were unfettered. Besides I have you here to assist me if needed so get moving." Once Harley freed Batgirl's first leg the Joker took hold of it right above the knee and lifted and pushed it until it was pressed against her chest.

He did the same with her other leg once it was unshackled after which he pulled his thick joystick out of her box. "Since you were so worried about her using her legs then you keep them in this position," he ordered Harley, "while I go in for a closer look." After Harley did as instructed the Joker bent down until his face was only a few inches from Batgirl's pussy. Using his thumb and finger he spread her juicy, pink petals wide.

He then removed the joybuzzers from Batgirl's breasts and with a wink to Harley he inserted them one at a time into Batgirl's open box. "Let's see what her reaction to this is," he told his moll.

"Harley, would you do the honors please." "You bet Joker baby," she replied while grinning ear to ear and a second later she pressed the remote.

Even after seeing Batgirl's earlier responses Harley was totally unprepared for what happened after she triggered the joybuzzers. Batgirl's powerful legs thrashed about so violently that Harley was unable to maintain her hold on them and she also dropped the remote which landed on Batgirl's flat stomach. Meanwhile the Joker only avoided being kicked in the head by bounding backwards as fast as he could yet his shoulder was still grazed by her boot.

"Harley!!" "Sorry, I wasn't expecting that much of a reaction Joker. It won't happen again." "It better not, if you know what's good for you. And to make sure let's take no chances. We need to secure her legs while keeping them out of my way." "I understand and I have just what we need, leave it to me baby," Harley said as she rummaged through her satchel.

With a triumphant cry Harley produced two brightly colored bungee cords and in no time she had wrapped one around each of Batgirl's ankles and after pulling her legs back to her chest she attached the end hooks to the wrist restraints.

Then after picking up the remote Harley took a step back model babe in bikini sucking stud dick admired her handiwork. "Whadya say now baby, I have her trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey." "Very nice Harley but I assure you that stuffing a turkey was never half as much fun as stuffing the Batslut. And now that she's properly restrained you may resume testing her limits," he replied while making a triggering motion with his finger.

"My pleasure Joker baby or is it Batgirl's pleasure," Harley said while giggling at her own pun and a second later she pressed the remote button.

So sticky and warm jizz gets into sneaky haileys crack

"Please stop! Oh my God, I can't take it anymore! Nooooo!" Batgirl cried out as Harley jolted her overwrought senses with the joybuzzers. Her desperate plea fell on deaf ears as Harley continued sending signals to the joybuzzers every few seconds until Batgirl thought she'd go mad from the constant stimulation.

By this time Batgirl was leaking so much pussy juice that it had reached and saturated the wood beneath her pelvis. "Now let's see if you can handle what I have in store perkosa ibu mertua sedang tidur you next Batslut. You might not realize it but I've only been toying with you so far. From here on in the kid gloves are off," the Joker informed her with a leer. He leaned in and blew his hot breath over her trembling pussy making her shudder from the sensation and causing him to chuckle at her reaction.

Hot arab couple black vs white my ultimate dick challenge the Joker's tongue began licking its way from her dripping pussy and down across her perineum until it reached her puckered brown hole.

The Joker lashed it repeatedly until it began to relax from the attention which allowed him to force the tip of his tongue just inside her back door.

"W-W-What are you doing?" she cried out in alarm as she felt his tongue probing her uncharted territory. "I'm prepping your tangy little butthole for imminent invasion Batslut.

Why? What did you think I was doing?" he replied before his tongue resumed its movement. "No you can't. I've never done that must watch black chick gets destroyed by white man and I don't want to. It isn't even an entrance, that's so perverted." "Oh he knows it's perverted but duh he is a pervert.

Besides I think he prefers to fuck ass anyway so you better prepare yourself for what's coming your way, a huuuge cock," Harley informed Batgirl. "Correction, I prefer the tightest female hole possible on my cock and in most cases that's the ass. I can't help it that you women guard your assholes like they're the crown jewels." "Well not all of us do. Some of us are all access granted." "Not many are your equal my dear. You truly are the exception. On the other hand sometimes it's nice to fuck repressed little bitches like Batslut for a change to open their closed eyes to a more sexually enlightened way of life.

Besides since her Batcunt was so tight I can't begin to imagine how much tighter her virgin Batbutt will be at least until I'm done wrecking it." "You fiend, haven't you humiliated me enough? Isn't it enough that you've forced yourself on me?" Batgirl protested.

"In a word no. Besides, no matter how much I enjoy humiliating you I'm enjoying using your sweet body even more. If you think about it you should really thank us Batslut, we're helping you to broaden your narrow horizons while also showing you a good time. Tell me the truth, if you weren't here what would you be doing? Washing your hair because it's a Friday night?" the Joker asked with a diabolical laugh. Batgirl didn't reply because just at that moment Harley had again triggered the joybuzzers causing her pussy muscles to spasm from the vibrations.

Meanwhile the Joker began working his index finger into her tight sphincter, aided by a combination of her plentiful juices and his saliva. She groaned as his digit penetrated her virgin ass and began to probe her anus. Within a minute he was jamming the full length all the way in and out of her clenching ass while Harley continued sending signals to her overstimulated pussy.

Meanwhile the Joker took full advantage of the natural lubrication that was copiously flowing by coating his fingers with her abundant juices until they were slick. Once he was satisfied with their slipperiness he forced a second finger into her tight rectum and after a minute of ass frigging he jammed in a third. Batgirl groaned from discomfort though she knew compared to what was coming that his invading fingers were but a walk in the park. Still they had the effect of loosening her to a point where the Joker felt she was prepared for what would follow.

"Okay I think she's ready now to have her booty plundered or at least as ready as she'll ever be," the Joker exclaimed as he withdrew his fingers from her now slightly distended back hole.

"Here you go Harley a little treat," he told his henchwoman as he offered her his hand. She wasted no time but immediately began to suck on his flavorful fingers while at the same time he guided the tip of his prick up to Batgirl's ass with his other hand. Finding it too tight to enter he redirected his joystick up a few inches where the large mushroom head slid into her pussy opening. He didn't go deep, just far enough to coat it with her secretions though it also had the effect of forcing the joybuzzers deeper into her channel.

Harley wisely refrained from triggering them during this time for she understood his mercurial nature and didn't wish to trigger his wrath. "I might need some help fun movies amateur german mature grannies fuck teen vaginal masturbation and threesome plug her butt because it's so damn tight.

What I want from you," he told Harley as he eased out of Batgirl's pussy, "is to grab hold of my joystick and aim it at her poopchute while I spread her just so." His hands took hold of her ass cheeks and pulled them as far apart as possible while at the same time Harley guided his throbbing meat to Batgirl's puckered back hole.

He pushed his hips forward and with Harley's hand keeping his cock steady the large, mushroom head breached her defenses and forced its way inside. Batgirl let out a low moan of pain as she felt the Joker's thick joystick inch its way deeper inside her while his fingers dug into her firm glutes. "Her ass is incredible Harley and I don't just mean how tight it is though it's plenty tight, I assure you.

Maybe you should ask Batslut about her exercise routine when I'm finished using her. I've never felt such a combination of shape, size and suppleness in all my life," he grunted as he continued sliding deeper up her rectum. "You don't like my ass anymore?" Harley asked with a hint of hurt in her voice as her eyes gazed back at her own lush posterior. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, I like it plenty but it is getting a bit sloppy lately.

Maybe you need to cut down on the bon bons or do some more squat thrusts or something, I don't know," he answered as his last few inches sank into Batgirl's ass. "Now don't be getting mad at me and take it in the spirit I intended. Most people can't see their own flaws and can benefit from friendly advice." "Yeah I can think of someone that applies to," Harley muttered under her breath.

"What was that, did you say something?" "No Joker baby." "Uuhh, I didn't think so. Damn this ass is so tight. It feels like it wants to break my cock," he groaned as he began to slowly pump the comely crime fighter's ass. The pain this caused was clearly evident on Batgirl's face so in order to counteract this Harley started sucking on her nipple while again activating the joybuzzers. While this didn't stop the burning in Batgirl's ass it did distract her a little bit and when Harley squeezed the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger she let out a little gasp.

It turned to a loud groan of pain when the Joker increased the speed of his thrusting with his heavy balls now slapping into her firm ass cheeks. "Oh your ass feels so good Batslut, I don't know how much I can take. Oh fuck yes!" For the next couple of minutes the only sounds were their comingled grunts and moans with both becoming louder as time went on until he let out a yell as he grabbed the base of his thick shaft.

His intention had been to stop or delay his orgasm but it was too little, too late. "You're making me cum again Batslut! Your ass is just too tight. Here's your reward," he grunted as he pulled his cock from her backdoor. A second later he erupted like a volcano with his cum spraying all over Batgirl. His first shot reached just below her breasts while the rest ended up on her pelvis and legs.

Harley had a bird's eye view as she sucked on the captive's nipple and she watched with fascination as he painted Batgirl's pink lips with his cream. "Well that was enjoyable," he said as he squeezed a last drop out of his joystick onto Batgirl, "but I need to set things into motion.

Harley, would you mind prepping her for what's next and don't forget about retrieving my joybuzzers. We won't be using them anymore tonight, I suspect. And now to proceed with my brilliant plan." "No problem baby, leave it to me," Harley replied as she gave Batgirl's pussy one final shock before sticking her fingers into Batgirl's cave and removing the devices one at a time.

Unable to control herself Harley licked the pussy juice off them before handing them and the remote to the Joker right before he departed.

Once the Joker left the room Harley stretched languidly before stroking Batgirl's cheek with such tenderness that the captive was momentarily taken aback. Harley then proceeded to peel off her clothing until all that remained on her lush body was her jester hat, gloves and black and red boots.

"While we wait for him to return we might as well have a good time," she said as she positioned herself over Batgirl, "and I know just the way to do it. Just follow my lead and do what I do." With her legs straddling Batgirl's head and her neglected pussy just a few inches above the captive's face Harley bent at the waist until her mouth was by the crime fighter's well fucked holes. Harley's tongue first licked up a stray drop of cum before burrowing deep into Batgirl's wet cave.

Batgirl let out a moan and a second later her own tongue darted out and tasted another woman for the first time. "Ooh, that's it honey. Lick my pussy good!" Harley gasped as she lowered her hairless pelvis onto Batgirl's face. At first she was tentative in her actions but as her own arousal increased Batgirl's agile tongue snaked its way deep into Harley's quim. For the next few minutes the only sounds were slurps and muffled moans as they explored each other's muffs to the fullest.

Despite the unusual and criminal circumstances Batgirl realized that she enjoyed the taste of pussy and she mentally kicked herself for not having acted on earlier opportunities.

Back in college more than one member of her sorority had attempted to initiate her into the Sapphic sisterhood only to be rejected out of hand. If only she'd realized how pleasurable the possibilities could have been she would have had a much more fulfilling college experience. Still nothing could be done about the past but from this point forward Batgirl decided not to forgo life's sensual pleasures but to embrace them fully, albeit in a law abiding manner.

So when Harley slid her tongue out of Batgirl's cave and started to lick her clit instead Batgirl followed suit without prompting. After a minute or two Harley upped the ante by jamming two fingers into Batgirl while continuing to lick her clit. Due to her hands being restrained Batgirl was unable to slide her fingers into Harley's quim so she increased the speed of her tongue until it was a blur.

To Batgirl's surprise it was Harley that came first, her thighs clamping onto the crime fighter's head as a powerful and overdue orgasm overtook her. "Oh that feels so good Batgirl," Harley cried out as her juices dripped onto Batgirl's face from her climaxing pussy, "you're a natural at eating pussy." Batgirl was about to reply when the sound of clapping and cheering came to her ears.

Due to the position of Harley's body she wasn't able to tell who was applauding at first but once the villainess shifted so she could take her bows their identities were revealed. The Joker stood there leading the cheers and he was now wearing a red beret though he still had on no pants and standing behind him were the two henchmen Batgirl had earlier dispatched. Neither of them was clapping for each was holding an icebag one against his swollen jaw while the other was holding his considerably lower where he had taken her kick.

"Bravo my dear. It seems that you've converted Batslut to your way of thinking but there's no time wacky lesbo stunners are stretching and fist fucking butt holes rest on your laurels yet. We still have the final act of our little drama left to unfold and I need your help. Would you mind helping Mirth and Guffaw set things up while I check for the proper angles?" "Sure Joker, now that Batgirl's tongue has taken the edge off a bit I'm ready to go." As Batgirl watched Harley, Mirth and Guffaw brought in and set up some lights on stands before carrying in two high tech video cameras on tripods.

Finally the henchmen carried in a piece of weight lifting equipment used for bench presses which they placed next to the bondage X. "All right let's transfer our star and no slip ups this time boys. Luckily for you Harley bailed you out in the park but we don't want a repeat performance." For this task they took no chances. First one thug attached a handcuff to Batgirl's right wrist and only then did he release her wrist from the bondage X. The other end was then secured to the upright support tubing and only after that did they remove the bungee cords from casada daacute para pedreiro faz ele gozar e continuar fodendo legs and return them to their natural position.

Another handcuff was placed around her other wrist at which time she was freed from the bondage X. They then lifted her bodily and spun her around before placing her stomach down onto the weight bench. It took but a moment to fasten her second cuff to the bench at which time she was positioned to their liking, sitting with her legs straddling the bench and her feet resting on the concrete floor.

During this time the Joker and Harley had turned on the lights illuminating the room in their brilliant white glare. Next they positioned the cameras with one aimed toward the head of the bench and the other toward the foot. "All right everyone, silence on the set," Harley called out when everything was set up. "Now before we begin, a few words from our visionary director." "You forgot to mention that I'm also the producer and the cinematographer but that's okay.

Listen up cast, and especially you Batslut. As the director I expect you to fucking an old companion public horny towheaded wants to try someone little bit more my instructions to the letter and to ensure this I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

I know my trusted henchmen will do as instructed but in your case Batslut a little extra motivation may be required and I have just the thing." As Batgirl watched the Joker again reached into his inner jacket pocket and this time produced what appeared to be a black baton. However on closer examination she noticed there were two metal prongs protruding from the top of the cylinder. "I see that you recognize what I'm holding Batslut," the Joker said as his hand tilted up her chin so she was looking at his face, "so I'm guessing you know what it can do.

This cattle prod can deliver one million volts at the flick of a switch with no permanent harm done though I'm told it can be quite painful. I don't want to use it on you, especially with all that we've shared tonight, but that's entirely up to you. Be a good girl and do what you're told and we'll make movie magic. Otherwise I'll be forced to use this on some very sensitive places." "Joker you don't mean you'd zap her pretty pussy, do you?" Harley asked with a horrified expression.

"Don't tell me you're going soft on me Harley and siding with our sworn enemy to boot." "Um, well no, not exactly Joker. I admit I'm partial to her pussy but it's really about rough sex doggy style intimate family affairs the best performance out of her," Harley replied as she sat behind the captive crime fighter, "and understanding the best way to motivate.

Sure you can torture or threaten her into doing this but that will make for a less inspired performance. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Allow me to demonstrate." Harley pressed her body up against Batgirl's back as her hands reached around to the front.

One began stroking her me and my girl study together like while the other tweaked her rock hard nipple. Her lips found an uncovered section of Batgirl's throat and she kissed it passionately for a minute making Batgirl squirm. "Oh Batgirl, you are so wet," Harley whispered, "and so ready to be fucked again. Why not cooperate and make everybody happy. Do like Joker says to do. If it makes you feel better then blame me for giving you the aphrodisiac earlier.

Just do as you're told, okay? I don't want anything bad to happen to your sweet, tasty pussy." After one last kiss Harley released Batgirl and stood while winking at the Joker before moving into position behind the rear camera.

The Joker took his place at the number one camera while his henchman stood right in front of Batgirl. Both were fondling their crotches and Batgirl could see by their bulges they looked ready to go. "All right action!" the Joker yelled out. Right on cue the two thugs undid their pants and pushed them down to their knees exposing their rock hard erections. Mirth (the thug who had earlier taken a kick to the gonads) appeared eager to prove she'd done no lasting harm to his equipment as he pushed his stiff cock toward Batgirl's soft, red lips.

For a moment she hesitated as her conflicting emotions battled until lust overwhelmed reason and she opened her mouth wide. "Oh that's it, suck it you little slut!" he groaned as he slid inside her hot mouth. She did just that, bobbing her head up and down on his erection as her tongue moved side to side on the underside.

Not wanting to be left out Guffaw grabbed her shoulder with one hand as his other pushed his straining cock against her cheek. Batgirl slowly pulled her mouth off Mirth's prick with a popping sound before turning her attention to Guffaw. Her tongue darted out and licked the knoblike head before she swallowed it outright.

She didn't stop there but kept going until most of his member was inside her mouth and his head was tickling her tonsils. After a minute spent watching this Mirth grew impatient and pushed his cock toward her mouth. "Suck them both at once Batslut," the Joker called out and she did her kinky bitch masturbates with a sex toy to comply. Somehow she managed to take both in her mouth for a moment but she gagged when they became aggressive, with each trying to go deeper than the other.

That caused her to pull her head back releasing them both as she coughed out a gob of saliva. After first catching her breath Batgirl started to lick them, first one then the other. Her nimble tongue circled their purplish heads in turn like she was licking a popsicle before it snaked its way down each rigid shaft until reaching the hairy, cum laden balls.

She continued to service them like this until the director barked out new directions to the cast. "Mirth, it's time for a little of the old in-out.

Guffaw use her mouth some more." The Joker's henchmen eagerly followed his orders with Guffaw sliding his hard prick back into her warm, wet mouth while Mirth moved into position behind her. His hands took hold of her hips and pulled them up until she was standing and her pelvis was level with his cock.

He then tore at her already cut costume so that her full, white moon was fully exposed to his view. Now with her ready to be penetrated he aimed his cock at her pussy. His first attempt failed as he thrust forward and his head slipped between her trembling thighs instead of entering her slippery, pink Batcave.

"Stay still bitch," he grunted before delivering a hard slap to her upturned posterior leaving a red handprint on her fair skin. His hand then grasped the base of his cock and with its guidance he succeeded in burying his full length in one smooth motion.

Mirth began pumping her pussy rapidly while Guffaw was doing the same to her mouth and soon they built up a synchronized rhythm. All Batgirl could do was hold onto the steel tubing and take it as they double teamed her for all they were worth.

"Mirth, smack her ass while you fuck her," the Joker instructed his henchman, "and make sure she feels it." "You got it boss. It'll be my pleasure." Putting his words into immediate action the brawny thug began raining down blows on the helpless crime fighter's tush while continuing to jam his cock into her. Unable to do anything in response Batgirl took it, her only reaction being the muffled whimpers that escaped around Guffaw's thick erection.

Whether it was due to the stimulus of her tight pussy on him or the sadistic pleasure he received from spanking her toned ass Mirth was rapidly nearing orgasm. The Joker noticed his henchman's breathing becoming labored and the rhythm of his blows becoming erratic and rightly diagnosed the cause and therefore acted before it was too late. "Mirth, no matter what you're not to cum inside her. We need a money shot and it's still too soon to cum anyway.

If fucking her is too much for you then let Guffaw have a go at her. And don't worry, I'm still going to let you do what we discussed earlier, you just need to settle down a bit first." "Okay boss, whatever you say," Mirth replied as he delivered a final smack to Batgirl's now red ass before pulling out of her. Guffaw wasted no time in his eagerness to sample Batgirl's charms for himself. No sooner had Mirth stepped back then he attempted to take up the same position behind her.

That is until the criminal mastermind held up his hand in a stop gesture halting his flunky in his tracks. "What I'm thinking Guffaw is that we have enough doggy style footage for now. How about we let the Batslut showcase some of her talent? You've heard of cowgirl style well I suggest we modify it to Batslut on top style. Mirth, would you help get her into position?" "Sure thing Joker," he replied as he wrapped an hot babe loves to masturbate by herself around her waspish waist and lifted the lower half of her body into the air.

Guffaw slid his body onto the bench beneath her and helped to lower her back down so she was straddling him. No sooner did he guide his hard prick to the opening of her Batcave than Batgirl impaled herself on it, sliding all the way down until her pelvis met his.

She let out a gasp as his thickness filled her and with no prompting she began to ride him. With her eyes tightly shut Batgirl bounced up and down on Guffaw's rock hard erection at a rapid speed. The other villains could only stand and watch dumbfounded for it seemed she had lost all inhibitions in her eagerness to fuck. Her hands held onto the bench tightly which gave her more leverage to slam herself onto Guffaw's thick cock with all her might. The sound of flesh colliding came clearly to all in the room and the smell of aroused female sex became more pronounced by the second.

Batgirl was making little whimpering sounds but as time passed they turned to loud drawn out moans. Guffaw was the lucky recipient of Batgirl's newly cultivated carnal nature as her pussy squeezed his shaft with every motion.

His big hands kneaded her ass flesh as she rode him and this only spurred her on. It was the Joker who broke the spell they all seemed to be under when he barked out another order. "Mirth, don't just stand there like a slack jawed yokel. Have the Batslut suck you until you're nice and wet and then you know what." "Right away boss," he answered with a lascivious glint in his eye and seconds later his mushroom head was touching her full red lips.

Without missing a beat she began to suck him while not slowing her body at all. After a minute of her slobbering on his cock it was wet with saliva and ready for what was to follow. Batgirl let out a disappointed sigh when he pulled out of her mouth but she continued her rhythmic pelvic movement without slowing down any. Mirth had moved into position behind her with his legs spaced widely apart as he grasped his steel hard cock in his hand. Bending at the knee his free hand reached out and grabbed Batgirl by the shoulder preventing her from moving for the moment.

"A little help Guffaw," he said hoarsely. His fellow henchman complied, his hands pulling Batgirl's firm butt cheeks apart as far as possible opening up a clear path to her no longer virgin backdoor. Mirth wasted no time but slid his full length into her with a satisfied grunt. Batgirl let out a loud scream as both her holes were filled with hard cock at the same time.

Mirth's hands then reached around and squeezed her pert breasts while Guffaw kept his hands on her firm buttocks. "Come on Batslut it can't be that bad," the Joker opined as her face contorted in a grimace. "If you could take my joystick in both of your fuckholes then this should be a breeze.

No slight to the boys but I'm much larger and you enjoyed every inch. Just relax and start to move your hips, you'll see I'm right." Whether it was his words or just that her body adapted to being double penetrated who can say.

What was for certain was that after Batgirl resumed her riding the pain soon turned to discomfort and from there it changed to pleasure of a sort. There was no ambiguity in regards to what Mirth and Guffaw were feeling for both were experiencing sublime pleasure as she rode their stiff rods.

Meanwhile as the Joker filmed the threesome his own cock began to swell and grow for watching Batgirl in action was reviving his flaccid member. Despite having cum twice in rapid succession he was soon raring to go again. Though he initially had no intention of appearing in front of the camera as his lust grew the Joker altered his plans. First he adjusted the camera to the perfect height before taking out his phone and setting it to video mode.

"Harley, I'm going to make a cameo so make sure to catch it all for posterity," he told his moll as he moved directly in front of a bouncing Batgirl who by this time was emitting a string of loud moans as her holes were filled. "Okay Joker," Harley answered in a disappointed voice.

If the Joker noticed her unhappiness he didn't show it for he was so focused on grabbing Batgirl's (fake) hair and pulling her head toward his joystick he wasn't aware of anything else. Once Batgirl took his swollen head into her mouth he began to film it with his camera phone from above.

Having to stretch her body to suck the Joker caused Batgirl to cease moving her hips but Mirth and Guffaw took up the slack. They began thrusting their flesh rods into her as fast and hard as they could while the Joker started to drive his cock down her throat. With things as they were all Batgirl could do was take the pounding for with Mirth now holding her shoulders and the Joker holding her head she was unable to move in any significant way.

Her mouth made gurgling noises as the Joker's joystick jammed deep each time and her holes were making squishy sounds from the constant pounding she was taking while Harley captured it all on film. Now for Mirth and Guffaw all good things must come to an end and fucking Batgirl was beyond good. Her holes were so tight and hot to start with and with their thrusting erections only separated by her membrane it gave more stimulation to their sex tools.

So it was a foregone conclusion that sooner rather than later orgasm would come. They couldn't have timed it better if they planned it for both were approaching the finish line at breakneck speed with the only question which would pass it first. "Uhhn, I'm almost there," Mirth gasped as he slammed balls deep into her Batbooty. "Make sure you don't cum in her," the Joker said as he reluctantly pulled out of her mouth and headed back to the camera, "we need to film it." "Ooh I'm gonna cum!

I can't hold it anymore!" Mirth yelled as his cock slipped from her ass. Before his hand could even reach it, his cock exploded with a rope of cum shooting out and hitting Batgirl in her lower back. Mirth then managed to grab his shooting cock and aim it at Batgirl's she sucks and rides older man cock buttocks. Drop after drop hit her taut ass with a splat until nothing more remained in Mirth's spent balls.

Meanwhile Guffaw thrust in her a few more times before it was his turn to cum. He just managed to pull out of her Batpussy before ejaculating a fountain of white, sticky liquid onto her now gaping Batcaves. Harley was able to film it all despite her own body's squirming for watching them paint Batgirl was arousing her immensely and she wanted relief. Still she remained disciplined until both hoodlums were finished cumming.

Afterwards they were laughing and high fiving each other as they extricated their limbs from Batgirl's.

"Cut," the Joker yelled as he stopped the camera. Now that the filming was complete he looked down at the next order of business to take care of which was his rampant erection. Turning he saw Batgirl sinking down onto the weight bench in a state of physical and mental exhaustion now that Mirth and Guffaw were done. Looking beyond her his gaze fell upon Harley who was adjusting something on the number two camera.

"Oh Haaarley." "Yes Joker," she replied looking up. "Come here," he told her while curling his finger. Once she reached him he took her by the shoulders and spun her around so she was facing the bondage X with her back to him.

Without saying a word he then pushed down on her shoulders until she was bent over at a ninety degree angle prompting her to place her hands on the X to support herself. He paused just long enough to feast his eyes on her delectable hindquarters before jamming his wide cock into her wet, shaved pussy.

"Ooh yessss!" she moaned as she felt him enter her. Harley had no chance to savor the feeling for the Joker didn't even penetrate her fully before he slid back out prompting a disappointed whimper in reply. Ignoring that he aimed just higher and a second later his mushroom head pierced her ample ass. This time he kept going until every inch was buried and his balls were brushing her pussy.

Fhuta faith swansons anal cherry popped brunette teen he smacked her ass sharply before beginning to fuck her as hard as he could. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips as he worked in and out of Harley's ample posterior for all he was worth. "Since you said I prefer to fuck ass I'll make your words come true," he grunted as he thrust balls deep each time.

All Harley could do was brace her body to prevent from being knocked forward for it felt like he was trying to reach her throat by how hard he was driving his joystick. Since he'd already cum twice he was in no danger of cumming quickly, in fact as it was his balls were working overtime in order to produce more of the creamy white fluid. So he went all out with no stop until Harley's legs began to tremble and shake and she could barely stand.

Batgirl had watched this take place with undisguised lust but she was also fighting barbra sweet cassidy b ian scott to remain awake.

The combination of the physical work she'd done all week added to the unprecedented fucking she'd received was just too much to overcome.

More than once she had forced her eyes back open but ultimately it was a losing battle. The last thing Batgirl saw before unconsciousness prevailed was Harley lying on her side on the bondage X with the Joker holding her top leg up to his shoulder. His cock was still sodomizing her while at the same time he was jamming the electric cattle prod deep into Harley's quim while she squealed like a stuck pig.

Then she knew no more. EPILOGUE Batgirl woke alone with her body stiff and her private parts sore from the previous night's depredations. The eastern sky was brightening with streaks of pink and orange when she opened her eyes and sat up.

With a start she realized that she was sitting on the grass in the vicinity of where she'd first encountered Harley the night before.

Staggering to her feet Batgirl walked on unsteady legs until she reached the Batcycle which was parked right where she'd left it. Noticing her exposed body parts Batgirl first removed her utility belt and wrapped her cape around herself before holding it in place by refastening the utility belt above it. She then proceeded to ride through the still, quiet streets of Gotham City like a bat out of hell with the only goal to get home before anyone saw the disheveled condition she was in.

Despite all she had suffered the night before Batgirl could feel her body becoming aroused by the vibrating of the Batcycle between her toned thighs. In fact by the time she arrived at the bts glamour model audition only at xxx garage she'd had two orgasms and the leather seat had a large wet spot from her juices. Once in the garage she stripped down nude and concealed her mutilated costume before wrapping a blanket around her spent body.

After this she headed back to her apartment where she immediately collapsed into her waiting bed and let sleep overwhelm her.

It was already night when she woke famished and with her body feeling like it had been run over by a train. After raiding the fridge she managed to put together enough leftovers to fill her empty stomach after which she headed to the bathroom. Barbara filled the tub with water as hot as she could take before sinking in up to her neck and soaking. She remained until the water began to cool and it did wonders for her aches and pains, almost making her forget them.

It was when she began to dry herself with a cute brunette bbw is picked up and fucked, fluffy towel that everything came rushing back. For as the soft cotton made contact with her nipples a wave of desire overwhelmed her to such a degree that she needed to grab hold of the sink to prevent from falling. By the time she reached her bed Barbara's pussy was soaked and her nipples were puffy and swollen from lust. 'Is this feeling ever going to wear off or was Harley right about there being no cure?' Barbara thought as her frenzied fingers stroked her kitty rapidly.

An hour (and three orgasms later) Barbara fell into a deep slumber but even while asleep she was unable to escape her new overactive libido. Her dreams were filled with visions of hard cocks and wet pussies and after she woke up the next morning she was still horny. However she resisted the urge to touch herself but instead got dressed and headed to her local grocery store. She had a few close calls (like when she saw the bananas and cucumbers in the produce section) but she steeled her resolve and continued shopping for ingredients for the next few days meals.

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It was when she reached the checkout line that her world was turned upside down more than it already had been. For in passing she happened to glance down at the newspaper rack and what she saw almost made her drop her basket of groceries. Somehow she didn't but she had to place it on the floor as her heart pounded like a jackhammer and her throat became as dry as the playfellows step daughter strap on first time a magical misappropriation. SHOCKING BATGIRL SEX TAPE!

The headline practically screamed at her with a pixilated color photo taking up the rest of the front page of The Gotham Daily News. Her fingers trembled as she picked up a copy and put it on the counter followed by the rest of her merchandise.

Barbara ignored the foreign clerk's attempt to discuss the whole sordid affair and how back in his homeland that harlot Batgirl would be publicly stoned as a lesson to any female who would emulate her immoral behavior. In a daze she walked home where she left everything on the kitchen counter except the newspaper which she brought with her to the sofa.

The picture on the front page was heavily censored but it was from when Mirth and Guffaw had been double penetrating her. While all private parts were obscured her face wasn't and the wanton pleasure she had experienced was obvious. Turning to the story Barbara read how the website that the video was on had crashed from the unprecedented volume of hits it had received.

It was also reported that it had been traced to a corporation in the Cayman Islands called Felonious Prankster LLC and that it had already made in excess of one million dollars in the first twenty four hours since being posted. There was also an editorial condemning Batgirl in no uncertain terms for being a bad influence to Gotham City's youth as well as for tempting the weak flesh of the men of the municipality.

It concluded that it was a good thing for Batgirl that no one knew who she actually was for if her secret identity was known at the least she would be run out of Gotham on a rail, if not worse. The tears stung her eyes as they flowed when she realized that all the good works she'd done and all the risks she had taken over the years were so easily forgotten by the fickle public. Couldn't they see that she was restrained and unable to escape? Or was it that as a woman she shouldn't enjoy sex no matter the circumstances?

While others had no way of knowing that she had been given an aphrodisiac Barbara suspected if a tape had turned up chubby bondage did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teenager Catwoman fellating a bound Batman no one would have condemned him in such terms. Despite all this mental anguish Barbara found herself under a compulsion so strong that she couldn't resist it.

Dropping the newspaper onto the coffee table she headed to her computer located on a desk in a little nook of her apartment. It took but a minute to find the website through a search engine and unable to stop herself she typed in the address.

There she was greeted by a still photo of her sucking a cock, Mirth's she guessed for his was longer and thinner than Guffaw's. While she was unwilling to pay the $29.99 cost to download the full video there was a trailer link which she clicked on. It was only thirty seconds long and censored but it was enough and it had sound. As Barbara watched it again and again her hand crept between her thighs and got busy as she watched herself being defiled.

Meanwhile in a secret, underground villain lair the Joker sat staring at his own computer screen as Harley slurped away on his prodigious member.

"If things keep going the way they have then I'll make more money from this than any of my previous heists. Who would've thunk it. I guess one can never underestimate the perversion of the American people." "Does that mean that you're going to end your life of crime and go legit as a porn producer?" she asked as she momentarily removed his joystick from her mouth.

"What do you think Harley?" he replied. "Though from now on I may film my capers and charge to view them." "So Joker, when are you going to let Batgirl know that the injection was just a placebo and not a real aphrodisiac?" Harley inquired before resuming the blowjob. The Joker laughed long and hard before answering.

"Never, of course. Where would the fun be in letting the target know. It would no longer be an inside joke that way. Besides I say let her believe otherwise so she can enjoy her newfound sexual liberation. She'd probably feel guilty if she knew the truth. You know they say ignorance is bliss." FIN Comments and votes gratefully accepted.