School girls want to deep blow that dick

School girls want to deep blow that dick
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Fbailey story number 781 I Get Mom My Dad is such a fucking horn dog that it isn't funny. I cannot believe the bimbos that he brings home to fuck. Well, I sure couldn't believe it. I certainly never thought of my father as attractive. He and Mom had serious marital problems and when I turned twelve she called him a sex-maniac and refused to put out. I had to give him credit though…he sure had balls. Dad would bring a different girl home on Friday and Saturday nights and take her into his bedroom.

It was clear that they were always drunk. Shortly after them going in, Mom would come out and crawl into my bed with me. We had a small two-bedroom apartment and the living room did not have a couch. That left my bedroom. The two of us would lay there listening to Dad call the other woman names. He seemed to like calling them sluts, whores, and cunts.

The women usually called out to God and kept asking him to fuck them harder and faster. I knew that Mom always slept nude because Dad wouldn't have it any other way.

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However, she always had one of his T-shirts on whenever she came to me. It was usually the one that he had just taken off because it usually smelled of alcohol, cigarettes, and a strange perfume.

Mom started drinking on those nights as well. Dad even encouraged it hoping for a threesome…but Mom never got that drunk. A few weeks later I turned thirteen. That night was a Friday. Dad brought home a really pretty girl and it was quite early too.

Normally I was in bed and so was Mom when he brought them home. That night we were watching television when he came through the door practically carrying her.

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She had on a short skirt but Dad was holding her T-shirt. The woman said, "I won the Wet T-shirt Contest and they gave me this." Dad tossed it at me. It was a size small and it would fit me perfectly. When I held it up it said, "Winner! Wet T-shirt Contest. Billy Bob's Beer Joint." Dad reached up under her short skirt and pulled her panties down. He tossed them at me too.

The girl said, "I had to take them off to win. You can keep them. Your father says that you jerk off…enjoy them kid." They disappeared into his bedroom. Mom said, "That fucking looser." I said, "But he gets to sleep with the winner." Mom said, "I won that contest once myself. You must have been nine or ten at the time." Now Mom had had a few drinks.

She liked vodka and orange juice. Each glass got stronger as the night went on. It started out less than a quarter of a glass tight teen girl drilled by her stepbro s big fat cock vodka but eventually became more than three quarters vodka.

So when I asked, "Would you show me how you danced in the Wet T-shirt Contest" she said, "Okay…but you will have to help me clean up afterwards." I said, "Okay." She sent me to get a couple of big bath towels and spread them out on the linoleum floor in the kitchen. She asked me to get a pitcher of warm water, not too cold and not too hot. Sex cream on girls cute face hardcore blowjob, Mom had turned the television to one of the music channels that had old rock and roll playing with a fast beat that she liked to dance to.

Mom sat me in a chair and drank the rest of her glass and filled it again. I wasn't even sure that she had put any orange juice in it that time.

I watched as she took a big slug right from the bottle. A fresh song started and Mom started shaking her hips and swaying to the music. Her back was turned toward me and her ass looked nice in her tight blue jeans.

She turned and started to thrust her crotch up at me. I smiled and applauded to encourage her to continue. Then Mom asked me to wet her down. I poured the warm water all over her shirt starting at her shoulders and then over her breasts. The water ran down between her breasts and got the front of her jeans all wet too. The song ended and she took a big drink from her glass.

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Her back was toward me again when the next song started. Her hands caressed her ass, and then she turned and caressed her breasts. She reached for the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her head.

She tossed it into my lap. Mom danced the rest of the song while she played with her breasts. When that song ended she took another big drink. During the next song Mom removed her bra and tossed it in my lap. Now seeing my mother topless in her tight blue jeans was fantastic. That was the moment in my life when I knew that my mother was a MILF. She finished off that drink before the next song started.

Her wet pants went down her hips, over her ass, and to her ankles…but it took the whole song to get them there and into my lap. Boy could my mother dance in a very exciting way. She certainly could win contests as far as I was concerned.

She drank straight from the bottle and dropped her panties very quickly when the next song came on. She tossed them into my lap and then Mom danced totally nude for me. She rubbed her ass, she rubbed her breasts, and she pinched her nipples. She cupped her pussy and I could see one or two of her fingers at work in her slit. Then it dawned mom and teacher fuck hard me that my mother was masturbating in front of me.

She was cumming strong when that song ended. Mom looked me and said, "I think it's time we go to bed." I took her clothes and the other woman's clothes and followed her into my bedroom. Mom said, "Please forgive me. I am so fucking horny that I can't stand it. Get undressed and be quick about it." I undressed in record time.

Mom was on my bed with her knees up and spread. She held her arms out to me to come to her for a hug. As I got to her she lay back pulling me down on top of her. She reached between us and put my cock inside of her.

It was the most amazing feeling that I had ever had. Right then I realized why my father couldn't get enough sex. I only thrust into her a few times when I felt myself cumming. Boy that sure didn't take very long.

I was really disappointed.

Mom said, "Just leave it in there. It'll get hard again." Damn if she wasn't right. It didn't take very long either. In no time I was fucking into her again. When I came, she just held me close and said, "In a couple of minutes you can do it again." Then she rubbed my ass and her pussy squeezed my cock.

Sure enough I got hard again and that time it lasted a lot longer. Mom was starting to enjoy it as much as I was. It was a good ten or twelve minutes before my cock spit its juice into her.

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Mom said, "There, that should keep you happy for a while. Now lay next to me and play with my breasts, my nipples, and my pussy until we fall asleep." I asked, "What if I get hard again?" Mom giggled and said, "Then you know where to put it. Don't you?" I smiled and started to play with her breasts. When I moved down to Mom's slit I quickly found her clit with my gooey fingers. She jumped at first but asked me to keep doing what I was doing to her. Once I saw the expression of pleasure on her face I had no intentions of quitting.

She was super sensitive. I gave her one orgasm after the other until finally she begged me to stop. I hated too but I sure didn't want to piss her off either. We must have fallen asleep. I woke up at three o'clock in the morning and went to the bathroom. Dad's girl was naked and sitting on the toilet when I entered. She whispered, "I'll be done in just a minute." I started to leave when she said, "You don't have to go.

Lots of men saw me naked tonight. The place was packed." I asked, "So why did you come home with my father?" She replied, "He promised to give me two-hundred dollars but I don't think he will. He just wanted to fuck me. I guess I was drunk enough to let him.

I've let guys do me for less." I asked, "Can I do you?" She said, "Sure. Do you think that your mother will let me eat her pussy while you fuck me? I really like girls." I said, "I'll ask but first I've got to pee." She wiped and stood to the side as I peed. She even held it for me.

When I kissed Mom and asked her if Julie could join us in bed she asked, "Do you really want her?" I school girl rape sleeping japanese terrorist over at Julie.

She was beautiful and maybe twenty-one years old but she sure didn't look it. I asked, "Would you mind if I did? She wants to eat your pussy while I fuck her. She really likes girls." Well Mom moved up in the bed and let Julie get between her legs. She shoved her face into Mom's crotch and then backed out to say, "Boy someone really made a big mess down here." Mom said, "Shut up and eat. My son wants to fuck you." So I got behind Julie and put my cock in her pussy.

It was not very wet. Julie backed up again and said, "I hope you are better than your father was. He just shoved it between my legs, missing my pussy, and cumming on the bed. Then the bastard passed out on me." Mom giggled and said, "He has done that to me a few times too." I plunged into her, slamming her ass and shoving her face sunny leone hot nude backdoor Mom's crotch. Amateur with trimmed bush uses vibrators in ass fucking Mom so many times, I was in no hurry.

I fucked Julie for more than fifteen minutes before cumming inside of her. Surprisingly Mom said, "Roll over it's my turn." Somehow I figured that Mom wanted to get on top of me, but what she really wanted was to eat Julie's pussy out. Of course that was a dream come true for a teenage boy and I got hard almost immediately. So I plunged it into my mother. Julie kept encouraging me because Mom was giving her a lot of pleasure. Anyway about five o'clock in the morning Julie asked, "Can I have a T-shirt?

I've still got my skirt but I can't go home topless. If I do my step father will want to fuck me." Mom gave her the shirt that she herself had been wearing during the strip tease. Julie kissed us both and then got her skirt from Dad's bedroom, and left.

When Dad got up at noon Mom and I were already up and had eaten. Mom said, "I'm moving our son into my bedroom. You can take his bedroom or you can just leave." Dad looked at me and said, "I hope you get to fuck her more than I did." Mom said, "Are you suggesting that I let my own son fuck me? You've got your nerve accusing me of incest.

You know that I've never done that nor been with a woman before. You got my virginity you asshole and you never appreciated it." Dad and I changed bedrooms and when he went out that night to get drunk and pick up another girl, Mom and I talked.

She told me all about her brothers, her father, and all of her uncles and cousins fucking her once she turned thirteen. She had been in bed with her mother, her aunts, and all of her female cousins too. By the time that Dad had gotten to her she was pretty used but he didn't know that and he never would find out. Next month Mom and I are going to her family reunion…without Dad…he is looking forward to having the house all to himself and whoever he brings home. Mom assured me that I had at least eight girl cousins that were looking forward to spreading their legs for me.

The End I Get Mom 781