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Blonde teen fucked hard rough brutally and tutor bondage first time poor callie calypso
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I sat around my lunch table facing all my friends from last year. It was the first day of 10th grade for us and everyone was busy talking about there summer vacations and what they did. Just catching up. "Steph are you listening?" I turned my head around and remembered that I was supposed to be listening or even aware of my bestfriend Kristy talking to me. "Oh uh yeah sorry zoned out. But go 'head I heard you." Kristy continued like she never stopped and I shook my head at the correct times like I was listening.

Its not that I didnt care. Okay its totally cause I don't care. But its only because I've heard all of these stories before. About the boy she met over the summer. And lost her virginity to. Blah blah "I'm still with him" blah blah. So metimes I just can't listen anymore.

I'm the only virgin left between me and my other bestfriends and all I hear is about how I need to loose it but then they talk about how much it hurt and it makes me even more scared to do it.

I turned my head to the side and sighed. I looked at all the people talking with there friends all faces similar but looking the other way until my eyes passed a pair that were looking back. They were a pair of ice blue eyes surrounded by a flawless tan face with long dark shaggy brown hair. The boy smiled at me and showed the perfect set of white teeth. Aiden. He was hands down the cutesy boy between 9th and 11th grade. I looked shyly away and peeked back.

He was still smiling at me. His friend punched him in the arm and he looked away continuing to smile. He looked back at me one last time than followed his friend back to there table.

I suddenly jumped as the bell rang telling us to go to class. I grabbed my bag and left the cafeteria still thinking about they way Aiden stared. I sat silently doing my work Mr Winters gave me before he sent me out of the room. Kristy and I were passing notes and he caught me passing it back to her and sent me to the "Time-out room" yes I am totally aware of the name. I was writting my essay about the stupid story we read when the door opened and caught my attention.

I looked up to see who it was and my heart skipped a beat. Aiden looked at me smiling while giving the teacher the note. I like this teacher a lot. I forgot her name already but she let us talk if we were quiet.

I was quiet because no one else was in here. Until now, anyway. Aiden came to the seat next to me dropping his stuff and sitting down. His jeans brushed against my arm and made me jump. He must not have felt it thought because he sat down facing me. "Hey." He said almost in a whisper but not quite. "hey." I said my voice almost breaking. He was making me nervous. "well first day and I'm already in here. Probably will be tommorow.".

I cracked a smile and finally loosened my fist and dropped my pencil. I leaned down to get it the same time he did and we smacked heads. We both started cracking up. I looked at him still laughing.

"sorry." I said between giggles. "it's okay." He leaned down again and grabbed my pencil. "here." He held the pencil out and I reached for it. Our fingers brushed together and he looked me with a smirk on his face. "thanks." I looked back down at my work and was about to start writting but his voice stopped me. "so. I'm Aiden by the way." He said sticking his hand out "Steph." I said while taking his hand.

"nice to meet you" He said and gave me a big smirk. "even if it leaves a bump on my head." "you to" I said giggling. "you have a cute laugh." I started blushing and looked away smiling slightly. "thank you" I spoke quietly. "so uhm I have a game tonight. I know its the first day of school and we have a football game. Im still wondering why we started on a Friday but it would be cool if I could see you there. So are you going?" "yeah I think i'll be there." "Alright I hope to see you then." As he finished the bell went off symboling the time for fourth block.

Ismiled as I gathered my stuff and watched him as he walked out of the room. "Ladies and gentlemen The Cougars have just won there first game of the season." Krist and I jumped up clapping. Our team won 21-3. And Aiden scored two of the three touchdowns. I looked over towards the bench and saw all the guys clapping helmets together and listening to the coach.

After the coach stopped talking my eyes wandered around searching for Aiden until finally Rimjob and anal with sexy blonde ass licking stockings found him and he was looking back. He smiled at me and waved. I did the same back and watched after him as he walked off the field to the locker room. "he totally liked you Steph. You can tell." "can I see you mirror?" "yeah." Kristy looked down searching through her bag looking for it.

"here." I took the mirror and looked into it, staring at myself. Its not like I was ugly but there was definitely prettier at school. Why did he choose to talk to me.

Or he bootylicious babe tina hot enjoys intense anal fuck treat wants to be friends. I mean I'm ordinary, I have seafoam green eyes and light brown straight hair. Im pretty pale but have clear skin and no freckles. Ordinary.

While Aiden is like a god. The perfect body,muscular, and perfect tanned skin with piercing blue eyes with this dark chocolate colored long hair. Not like creepy ugly long but like cute long just a tiny bit below the top of hi ears. I heard footsteps on the bleechers and looked up to see Aiden and his friend Derrick coming up the steps. Aidens hairwas wet and he was in cargo shorts and an Abercrombie shirt. I smiled at him. "I'm glad you came." "good because I said I would." "good point.

But do you want to go down to the mcdonalds because were starving.

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Ya know football does that." "kris do ya care?" "no of course not. Let's go." We all walked out to the parking lot just following Aiden. Finally he stopped at a little mustang and we all climbed in. I didnt know he drove. We all went in side, ordered and were now sitting at a little four seater table eating fries. Kristy kept staring at me and kicking me under the table. Everytime I looked at her she'd start pointing at Aiden with her head. She wouldn't stop so I threw fries at her. Some missed and his Aiden and Derrick.

Auden picked up some fries and threw them at me to. I started cracking up laughing and the cashier started yelling "I've had enough of these damn kids get out!" We all started laughing again and drove back to the field but it was all dark and the gate had a locked chain around it.

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Aiden walked over to the gate and pushed it. It opened enough to duckand squeeze through. Derrick went through first than Kristy followed by Aidenand than me. Aiden grabbed my hand and pulled me through. He continued holding it and we all walked towards the center of the field. Derrick threw the football to Aiden and then Aidenthrew it back. Kristy and I stood there watching and laughing as they tackled eachother. Aiden looked at me and came running towards me.

Before I could react I was lying in the grass with my arms pinned down under his hands. His knee was in between my legs and we were so close I felt the heat radiating off of him.

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He stared into my eyes I wanted his lips on mine so bad it was as if his eyes were teasing me. His eyes slowly closed and then his lips crushed against mine. His lips were soft and warm. I parted my lips some and I felt him do the same. His tongue slid into my mouth and our tongues met. Our tongues danced around eachother while he held himself up with his knees and put hands on the sides of my face. Now that my hands were free I tangled my fingers into his hair holding his head closer to me.

"Kristy I don't want to be a cock-blocker but its 11:00." I pulled Aidens head back. "shit. I gotta be home at 11:30." Aiden climbed off of me and stood up while pulling me with him. I kissed him again and then pulled back. "bye." I said smiling at him. "bye." he breathed. And I walked away smiling non stop.

It was Monday and I was in 2nd block. This class room was kind of down a little hall. It was our science room so it was odd enough already. I was looking out the doors window i could fuck him all the time about Aiden.

I didnt get to see him the rest of the weekend because I got home late, when suddenly his face appeared. He motioned for me to come out into the hall with him.

"mr sunn can I go to the nurse." "sure. Go right ahead." I walked into the hallway and closed the door.

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I looked down the little dark hallway but didnt see him. "Aiden!" I whispered loudly. I felt two hands on my shouders and then I was pressed against the wall. Aiden had his hands on both sides of my head and he pressed his lips too mine.

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I grabbed his shirt with my hands and pulled him against me. I could feel the desire between the two of us as he slid his lips down my jaw too my neck and kissed there. I wrapped me right leg around him as he wrapped his arms around the small of my back and pressed me against him.

I had a tank top on today considering its Florida and still considered summer. He went down my neck to the top of my tank still kissing me. I shut my eyes as he ran his lips back up my neck to my lips and started kissing me while running his tongue along my lips.

He ran his hands down my jean skirt and ran his fingers along my sunny leone hot nude backdoor shaved legs. He pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes while running his two fingers up and down my spine.

I stuck my fingers in his belt loops and pulled me to him again. In the middle of our kiss we heard the bell ring and the doors start to open. I pulled back and smiled at him. "see you later." I walked away swaying my hips knowing he was watching and went into the class to grab my books.

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